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· Thoth tarot

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Thoth- ATU 16-The tower

The universal principle of renovation and restoration.

This card is often misunderstood and seen as a doom and gloom or an Armageddon end of an Aeon. It's actually more about your own man-made personality, and the institutions that helped develop it. The "man-made" self conscious, if firmly entrenched in fear of rejection, is static and has crystallized thought to the point where you repeat the same thoughts and expect different results. There is insanity in such a process; an insanity that feeds the mind virus call the Archon by Gnostics or the Wetiko by Native Americans.

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The Tarot-Tower, as seen on the Thoth Tarot, is a hallmark image of the Tower of Babel brought down by God the Destroyer (Shiva or Yama etc.). In less archaic language, the personality is deconstructed and reconstructed by enlighten thought directly from the "Sun/Son of God" and/or your Soul.

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  1. On the Thoth Tarot, Key 16, The fire breathing dragon at the base, is the Spiritual and/or Life force that transforms life constantly in order to keep evolving the living.
  2. The four figures falling out of the Thoth tower, symbolize the crystallized thought of the "wanna-be", i.e. yesterdays' thought formed people, who fear social rejection, who seek only comfort and fear change. These are thoughts that hold us back from our impeccable performance in life motion. Evolutionary Life is all about performance rather than conformance. Essential Self is progressive thought; not enslaved thought.
  3. The open eye at the top represents the Eye of Horus, the Egyptian god of perception; the perceptive state of awakening and seeing the deeper/inner authentic self that is not human defined but is the Soul's Identity. 
  4. Awakening people are required to come into alignment with the Greater Self, which is symbolized by the Oriental fire breathing dragon. We are Dragons not Humans, for humans are our avatars! Dragons are symbols for the union of Angel, animal, Daemon, and Spirit--i.e. "those of the Divine Creative, who are not bound by laws but expand and liberate laws from states of stasis by transubstantiation". Our Soul's are Photon constructs, collectives of the "first light", and therefore, they are from the Quantum Universe, which "pops" in and out of the Atomic Universe. Intelligence is developed from a collective, a collective of quanta, a collective of atoms, and most notably a collection of cells. The Universal Collective Unconscious is a collective of All other collectives.
  5.  The haloed serpent, on the Thoth key, reminds us that by shedding old ways of thinking we become expanded and liberated, and receive our Photon inheritance of Intelligence.   The very meaning of the Sanskrit word-Tantra is to expand and liberate, and the very meaning of the Hebrew word Qabalah, is receiving. Expanded consciousness requires expanded definitions of self and the "rising of the Serpent forces", Bio-Photons,  that are coiled at the base of our physical spine.
  6. The dove, again on the Thoth key, represents the inner peace that we have when we become the authentic god-made being which comes from shedding the outer definition of man-made being.
  7. The lightning flashing, is the traditional Tarot "forked Trident" of Shiva the Destroyer god.
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From :The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang;... it is the equilibrating Path of the Personality, related to Mars, and to the North, the quarter known traditionally in the Mysteries as "the place of greatest darkness" because it is said that the Sun never shone in the North of Solomon's Temple. Yet we are instructed that Light comes from Darkness, that "gold cometh from the North", and that "Enlightenment has its origin in the hidden sources of power which terrify the minds of the ignorant". 

Tarot-Key 16- The Tower:

  • The Primary color: Scarlet
  • Musical Note: C Natural
  • Astrological Planet: Mars
  • Symbol of Meaning: Mouth
  • Double Letter: Grace-Indignation
  • Esoteric Title: The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty.

From the text-

Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom

( Dr. Paul Foster Case): "

The Twenty-seventh

Path is the Active or Exciting Intelligence and it is so called because through it every existent being receives its spirit and motion".

The Path of Peh (The Tower), connects the center of the reasoning process (Hod) with the center of the intuition-desire nature (Netzach).

In quantum physics, we now know that from Dark energy comes light energy, through a invisible particle called a "Boson", this shows that light does indeed come from darkness.

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The Path of Peh is a Hebrew Double letter which designates it as one of the "Gateways of the Soul" with two possible directions of passage. The Hebrew letter, Peth, means mouth, which symbolizes the taking in of nourishment ( in this case taking in of higher energies to enervate the Personality) and the passing out of speech. A process utilized by the Prana Yamas (breathing exercises of Yoga, meaning: life-death) to expand and liberate the Personality through the influx of Prana (Spiritual Life Force) and the chanting of sounds such as "Ohm".

Those of us who have done esoteric work are aware of the abject importance of words and of the sounds that compose these words. The physical inner Vibration of a God Name, can have definitive effect on the physical body and even on the subtle energy patterns of the body- even if one is not consciously aware of it. Words of Power, that are words spoken with Martian Force, assist us in bringing down our personal Towers which are the false concepts and institutions which we believe to be reality. We are also aware that to tear something down is to make space for some new construction. Thus Mars is not only the god of War and Destruction, but also the traditional god that rules over the fertility of crops. Fasting also has benefits to the health of Mind, Body and Soul. To find out more about fasting just click on the above link. Also, the Logos is called-The Word, and is assigned to Kether the first Sephiroth, as the first "Sound" in the Universe.

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In the Thoth Tarot-Key 16, we can see the striking down of the Tower, and the Personality concepts of reality (crystalline forms falling from the Tower) and it looks like the destruction of evil. This is not the case as it show us the spiritual learning process of building up and tearing down of concepts (to expand and liberate the personality from false concepts of self) formed only as useful stepping stones into the inner worlds of our beginnings as spirit and/or microwave vibrations of Eheieh, meaning, "I Will BE".


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In the art of Tarot:

The Tower

is often shown in complete isolation, since most individuals perceive themselves as totally separate units of consciousness. This belief in separation, is an error of the self-conscious Personality and/or "small ego". When that Tower falls, we experience the True Ego, which is not ours alone, but a Divine Collective (

Everything I See is another Way to be Me).

Yet each Tower of Perspective we build is sacred as a construct of reality that leads us to the next construct.

Knowing this, we understand the underlying principles of each Path without being bound by their necessary artificial outward manifestation.

For instance, our physical bodies are outward manifestations of inner Spiritual awareness

and our spirit is not bound to that body ( a body is a Tower that falls also) and does move on! When viewing the Tree of Life, it is necessary to understand that the Sephiroth (circles) are the centers of objective energy while each path is our subjective use of that energy. That is to say, that all Sephirotic intelligence, flow subtly on all paths. There really is no division-ism anywhere in the Universe which is composed of One Energy, immortal, infinite and which is represented as the All Seeing Eye (I) in this card that is observing all as itself. Meanwhile another aspect of the Divine Creative,

Di, the Roman god of the dead, belches flames from the tower base.

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On either side of the Thoth Tarot key,

are the Serpent and the Dove depicting two forms of desire; the

will to live and the will to die . Hence,

this path is often terrifying and has been referred to as the

"Dark night of the Soul".

If the Dark night is true for you, then you are willing to transform by becoming desire-less and transformation is brought upon you by the Greater Ego. This is really an act of salvation and not dark at all. To be Transformed by Kali Ma (The Hindu Dark Intelligence of Dark Matter) is a Transformation of the Soul (The Original Personality) into Universal Real Awareness-----and that is scary only to the ego's/personality based survival mind, that demands domination and control.

I Am, is how you command your reality into being, for it is your inherited power over identity.

I AM Me, is how you exist as the "collective of self- ideas"!

Me-is and always will be a construct from the I Am. In Qabalah "I" is He the idea of Self and "Am" is She--the womb of understanding of the Self and the "Me" is the child born of understood idea. Some of our personalities become towering error of dysfunctional identity and since your functionality is in the "expansion and liberation of the Alive" (As above, so Below), your self-awareness must support the living; if not, a "hidden (occult) source of power" will step in and topple your tower of Me. This is not for reasons of your permanent annihilation, but for the purpose of reconstructing definition by purifying the dysfunctional dedicated energy that is no longer moving in progressive states of evolution.

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Somewhere, probably from Christianity, we got the idea that spiritual development (bringing the Above mind to the Below mind) is all sweetness and light; this is false. Enlightenment is a process of creation, destruction and recreation. A phoenix rising from its own ashes may set a romantic picture to some, however, ashes require a burning...sometimes a fierce fire of destruction! That is why on the Tree of Life of the Hermetic Qabalah, you will see Severity (Geburah #5) and Mercy (Chesed-#4) connected by the Path of Teth (Strength)...because Tempering of a soft-unrefined- mind requires, hot fires of Passion, and the Hard Hammering of Wisdom (experience), and enough mercy not to destroy the creation. All of this, in order to forge the Proper strength in a Divine Creative-Self Personality; in a Soul who expresses itself as a person. One could say that progress, requires tempering of the personal self-conscious, in the forges of heated passion and the cooling waters of mercy! This usually produces an empathy for others that comes from experiencing and recognizing error as sensual pain; empathy is something gained from experiencing life as a "limited sensual form"; something that being "alive" can only give the Soul. Remember, as a dreaming Spirit----any fantasy will do but Life is ordered by cause and effect. Creation is the effect of ideas generated by the Universal Collective Unconscious-mind, a union of Imagination and Reason. Spirit is Pure Will and has no empathy, just like a sociopathic scientist who experiences no empathy for his/her test subjects. Spiritual/willful ("I Will Be") creativity must be linked to sensual being, in order to know what thoughts, enhance the Living and what thoughts don't. Intimacy and Love is created by this Union of the Invisible I and AM and sensual identity-Me! Love, The Law of Attraction, is only understood by sensually experiencing " the Thoughts of Self- that we Love". Since Love, is a Powerful Will, on both sides of the mirror, what we willfully give our emotion to, is seen as "what we Love", and created for the individual who ordered it from the Universal I AM. As one can guess, what we think as Hate, is a powerful emotional focus, and is seen as "What we Love", and the Law of Attraction is invoked by the hater.

Therefore this world is not about the Visions of the Ambitious, as something being created for the Greater Good (Greater God) but rather the expansion and liberation of idea as The Living Presence of I AM (I AM the Universal Mind's Vision). Therefore, in a world of "living" thought, sacrificing the

alive for your visions, is dysfunctional. In the Living World, visions are to support the living individuals. Therefore the sacrifice of the "alive" to ideas, is no longer functional. Ideas, visions, are now to "enlighten" personal-life by raising it up out of the ashes of dysfunctional thoughts of self defeating definition. In our world, we often find that War is how we do this.

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Therefore, The Path of Peh, The Tower Tarot Card, is connecting Hod (Splendor) and Netzach (Victory), both of which are united in War.

For example, it was the allowing the vision of Splendor that masked the bigotry of Aryan purity, a peacocks vision of self importance, that had to be destroyed by the individuals who together threw down the Towering Nazi horror in the second world war. Death and Destruction was deemed a necessary severity for the victorious destruction of that false vision of separatist bigotry. For only after a battle against false knowledge and through, strife, and severity, are we to be Victors. Therefore there is another message from the Tower card; personal courage is required to become enlightened. This need for courage will be felt severely, when the towers of falsehood topple after all your years of hard work to make them stand on the sand of a ruler's vision. However, you must first identity the error (build it), correct it (tear it down) and then you must gather the rubble and rebuild. This is Experience, and this is how Knowledge builds Wisdom. Knowledge is built out of the rubble of failure, Wisdom is built out of the courage to rebuild correctly, after failure. The Mercy of God allows you to survive personality destruction, so that the Real-you (the on not man-made) can see error and correct it. We are Spirits whose Real Persona is a Soul (a collective of multi-dimensional experience)----personalities are the Towers we build!

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As in most Tarot cards of the Major Arcana, The Tower Card-key 16, has many layers of meaning. We have:

  1. War.
  2.  The Changing of the Aeon.
  3. Personality annihilation, reconstruction of the person via Soul "I" sight and even the deeper occult meanings of: Universal deconstruction as the dream of the sleeping God is abolished by the Awakened God.
  4. One interesting aspect of different creation stories is that sometimes Vishnu or Shiva are given credit for creating the world. It is believed that they dreamed up the creation of the universe, with Brahma doing all the heavy lifting in the dream, as if he were just following the blueprints laid out by the other two gods. Following this belief, is the rumor that if Shiva or Vishnu awaken form the dream they have created, the Universe will vanish.  Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma, are really just a trinity of One. As is the  Qabalistic Supernal Triangle, which is a trinity of Kether.


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The many symbols on the Thoth card represent all of these meanings. We have the All Seeing eye of the Awake Shiva, the Haloed Serpent Force, the Lion-Serpent Abraxas, the Dove of Peace that is the Holy Spirit (also the Venus influence) and the crystalline humanoid shapes of the falling figures, who because of their indoctrination have become indistinct geometrical expressions that are unrecognizable as individuals. The Lion-Serpent Abraxas (or Xnoubis) and the Dove of Peace, represent two forms of Desire" The Will to live and the Will to die.

There is yet another layer in meaning here, as the former is the Feminine and the latter is the masculine impulses. Some may see these two as in contradiction, but in all actuality,  "the will to live" and the "Will to die" are the inseparable "Wife and Husband" of all creation. Life and death are a single manifestation, Life/Death, of all Energy, just as Time/Space are one. It behooves us to remember, that no matter how great the creation, it is going to "proceed from order to disorder". Entropy happens to energy, when it is made to "manifest" as form. Form is a ruled and  time-controlled environment that causes a Static motion within parameters. Whereas, eternal motion, requires this stasis of parameters to move as a collective into motive energy as a Universal dynamic of Harmony and Balance.  Energy transformation requires transformation of transformations, in order to constantly transform. Hence the term, " life eats itself to stay alive". 


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The Tower, key 16, may seem complicated to the by now harried tarot reader,

, but in reality, our Soul is merely bringing us out of slavery to the definitions of self depredation (the Child of Man) and back into the Original Identity of our Creation, The Child of the Divine Creative. This may cause some "internal turmoil", but it won't be long-lived if you don't resist the change of direction for too long.

One may ask during skrying of this card,"

What must I free myself from to release the energy that I AM."

When the Tower card is thrown during a tarot divination, it usually means:

  • That the querent will be experiencing an ego- personal process of eliminating all that is artificial, false-to-fact, and no longer useful to them; usually in a 16 week or month process.
  • Healing, and restoration comes from this process. This is much like a doctors  axiom of ,"This is gonna hurt a bit, but it will feel better soon".
    • Ambition, war, courage and fighting.
    •  In certain card combinations the Tower can represent destruction, danger, ruin and fall.
    • However, it is mostly about the universal principle of reconstruction and renovation and is often seen  to mean that the Querent is a healer, restorer and renovator who aids in or is experiencing  the breaking down of the 'self absorbed individual self (often called Ego") and eliminating what is false-to fact (supported by denial), artificial and no longer of use to the progressive individual.
    •  A breakthrough in self thought that shatters the old structures of belief.
    • The deconstruction of  self-definition necessary for Enlightenment.

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