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Thoth- ATU 15- The Devil

The Devil represents a concept that is so subtle it is easily misunderstood. In fact, the early Christian theologians, so misunderstood this concept that it is now considered synonymous with evil.... like the Evil Twin of a One or Monotheistic God... or some such nonsense. As modern people who know the first law of physics, we know there is only "one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed [and transmitted]". Therefore, evil is not a separate form of energy, it is a form of upside-down thinking, which is often depicted as an upside-down pentagram. It is live spelled backwards.

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The Hebrew letter Ayin, shown bottom left on the Thoth card, is attributed to this card, meaning Eye, which is a metaphor for "I": the "All Seeing Eye", which is the All Seeing Identity shown on the Thoth- goat's forehead. Capricorn is the Zodiacal attribution and that is why we have illustrated the Goat of Capricorn, an earth sign, as a full body figure on the Thoth card and is usually shown as a being with a Goat-Head as a traditional depiction of the Devil .

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On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, we see that Key 13-Death and Key 15- The Devil are symmetrically placed; they lead from the Hu (Tibetan for-God) man (Manas-mind) consciousness, Tiphareth the 6th Sephiroth, to the spheres where Thought, on the left, and Bliss on the right, are developed. Between them, Key/ATU 14-ART leads similarly to the sphere which formulates existence.

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Here is something arcane for you to ponder: When the physical brain's personality leaves behind the Splendor of Words, as a false form of self-awareness, the self-conscious leaves Sephiroth #8-Hod, and it begins to climb the Path of Ayin (Devil) towards the Chris/Buddha Consciousness (Adam Khadmon consciousness) Tiphareth-Sephiroth #6; However, the devilish part of this climb is the "personality survival ego" and/or survival mind, who will constantly try to blind your "I" sight with the splendor of praise and rationale. Therefore, tempting the personality to stay "manmade" rather than go to the Soul who made the Original Persona of I AM. This story of temptation is a common one in the Bible, commonly referred to, as the Temptations of Christ in the desert:

[Form Wikipedia the free encyclopedia]The temptation of Christ is detailed in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. According to these texts, after being baptized by John the Baptist, Jesus fasted for forty days and nights in the Judaean Desert. During this time, Satan appeared to Jesus and tried to tempt him. Jesus having refused each temptation, the devil then departed and Jesus returned to Galilee.

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The moral is, the "I" (identity) of our I AM, must be open to the Real and not the rhinestone splendor of reality, which is obviously relative and based on survival thinking of the individual's reptile and mammal intelligence of the body, what I call the "survival mind". The Human consciousness is the God Mind for the Hu is Mandarin for God, and the word man comes from the Hindu Manas-meaning Mind; Hence a god-mind has been joined with the reptile and mammal brains. In order to understand the animal brain, we must first not believe everything we think! Therefore, the smirking goat image on the Thoth Card, reminds us to take all our "serious thoughts" with a "grain of salt".

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The symbol for the animal mind, is not only the Goat image, but also the little blue forget-me-not, flowers arrayed between the goats' horns. These serve to remind us that, the animal personality (small ego or self-conscious and/or "child within") is founded on the concept of "fear of rejection" (forget me not), the first real emotion of a baby. From the crying, squalling young, who do everything they can to be the forefront of their parent's attention, comes our small ego's beginning. From then on, most everything we think and do is about being "accepted" and all about "me", even long after we've left the parents behind. We just "transform" the parental image to "peers", country leaders, law enforcement, our "best friends" etc. I call this the "human stain". Yet when all the transformations of worry, concern, and emotional outbursts are removed, we see only the culprit of our stress, fear of Rejection. To many, fear of death, is just another form of "fear of rejection" from our imagined creator, and now this fear produces imagined hell's and heaven's in our descriptions of the "after life". What is a problem with this foundational formative of the animal mind, is that it "closes the eyes" (I's) to any other perspective, never allowing the Real Person/ Soul/Psyche to communicate through the miasma of fear based thought that bedevils them.

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Adam Khadmon-The Heavenly Human archetype.

The Adam Khadmon Mind is vibrating to the frequency of Buddha or Christ consciousness and is not normally tuned into by the mundane person who is trained only to use the animal brains to describe a two-dimensional reality of a "good and evil" world, created by survival thinking. Everyone's very own Devil is trained thought, i.e. your manmade logic and rationale thinking induced by "pleasure/pain training"!

You may notice, that when you try to Meditate, or concentrate on a ritual that elevates your awareness, that your brain keeps trying to interfere with thoughts of "you must", "you Need to do this" and/or "You better do this first...". That's your Devil thought process, reinforced by fear of rejection, interfering with your Will to expand and liberate your mind. Now the indoctrinated brain knows it can't defeat the Will of Spirit, so it confuses it with the splendor of words, which are definitions supplied by "your betters"; "Your Betters", is another false concept as they do not exist. For as the Qabalist knows, If you know thyself, you know the Divine Creative.

Hence, we all are Children of the Divine Creative. Each of us has the same potential, whether we use that potential equally, is up to the individual, as each of us are not slaves to anyone and/or any "outside authority". Each of us has Divine Freedom of Choice to imagine ourselves as we will, making our authority an inner one of "I" sight. Hence, "To Be or not To be" is indeed our plight. We are free to be ignorant of our truth because of "Pleasure Pain" training that is ruler enforced identity or go beyond and liberate our I-dentity from indoctrinated limits, thereby becoming " a Tree of Knowledge". Rather than a weed fearing the gardener.

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However, it isn't enough to know that you have a be-deviling program of "thought-ware" or brain-software running in your head all day, and thereby becoming a artificial will (intelligence) based on errant animal-self concepts of rejection; you also have to begin exercising the Spiritual "I Will-BE", which is based on the foundation of Loving-to Be. This is a process where One begins by loving the inner animal "under will". "Above All Things Know Thyself", implies that we know that we are the Master of our masterpiece. I mean "really", look at this cute pup; He's dirty, mischievous, and a adorable "little devil", just like the human body I have inherited. But then so is your "outer animal" and/or the "alive"; your inner self is the Life of the outer forms that are alive. Therefore, your animal body has a life only supplied by the Real Soul Persona, that you really are! Since most of us can love a dog, then why, as a parent of Creative- sensual "self-image", which it is our purpose to be, can't we be the "best parent" of our dual- personality of "spirit and animal"; a marriage of Heaven and Earth, that we came to be? As Psyche, each of us must take charge, and not let another raise our animal- child! We are the Psyche's (Sun/Son of God), born of the Divine Creative, who came to expand and liberate the animal survival mind of earth. We must love our own human animal body, if we are to operate this "new" sensuality of Spirit and Body union, as a Real Persona of the Divine Creative, i.e. "child of god"! Whole Spirit is Eros-love of body, Philos-Family love or brotherly love, and Agapé-spiritual love.

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To reiterate: On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, The Tarot-Devil-Key 15: is the Path of Ayin, connecting the Sephiroth of the Solar Logos-Tiphareth, Beauty, with the Sephiroth- Hod, Splendor, which is the sphere of Mercury and intellect.

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The Path of Ayin (meaning Eye, which is a symbol for the "I"), is the Twenty-sixth Path and is formative. In the terms of Self structure, it is the bridge between The Solar or Soul Personality and individuality. As I have stated before, in many blogs, the Solar Logos, is the Original Persona of the Divine Child of God, i.e. the Son/Sun.

Note: this is not a gender description of a species, which is a definite propaganda misdirection, rather it is an Energetic one, For the Christianized "Son of God" is about the Solar Logos; a Central Galactic Photon Sun that sends "solar flares" (Divine Yod Energy) outward as individual expressions of It's own Self (individual selves or Personalities); from Self into selves that circumnavigate, through the many myriad of experiences of self-awareness back to Self, i.e. from Tiphareth to Malkuth and back up the Tree to Tiphareth again.

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 Not only does the Hebrew letter Ayin mean -Eye, it is also a simple letter that  means -Mirth. This double meaning  may invite confusion; However, rest assured, that this Path of Ayin is one of the most difficult for western people to understand, for interpretation flies in the face of Christian cultural definitions that have been misapplied to the Devil. The "All Seeing eye" is really the I  (the symbol for Original Identity is an "all seeing Self perspective") of the First Identity which later with "realization" became I AM, which is the duality we now call sexual Identity...for I is Kether/Eheieh (I will be) and Am is the AllMother who is composed of the 2 who are simultaneously- 1. These being the Sephiroth of the Supernal Triangle, the Masculine- Chokmah-"Will to Force" and the Feminine- Binah, "Will to Form", which are inseparable from "I Will be".  This is the Qabalistic Trinity of Creation that  I call the -Divine Creative.

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In Barbra G. Walker's Book [ THE WOMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS AND SECRETS] which has been honored by the London Times Educational supplement as 1986 "Book of the Year", the provenance of the word devil is noted as Persian. She states." The Words "devil" and "divinity" grew from the same root, Indo-European devi (Goddess) or deva (God), which became daeva (devil) in Persian. Old English divell (devil) can be traced to the Roman derivative divus, divi, meaning gods. Thus, it seems that, from the beginning, gods and devils were often confused with one another. She goes on to explain such enlightening scholarship that I highly recommenced this book to anyone who seeks an honest education.

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There is another fact here that may hide from reason, and that is the combination of the words Devi (Goddess)and Lingam (Male phallus), is Divya Linga (Sanskrit word for Divine- lingam) and has also been interpreted by propagandists of Christian past, as the word Devil: which actually bespeaks of the "Son of God" as the Solar Phallus. That is why the Hermetic Thoth Card shows testes (ovals full of white humanoid shapes) and a large Golden- Universal-Solar- Phallus penetrating the Dark Energy of Universal Womb.

Once again, we understand The Devil to represent the "score of the forms and appearance of relative existence", a description supplied in various Mystery Tests. Another ancient description is that the Devil is "Lord of the Gates of Matter and Child of the Forces of Time," which indicates a phallic energy state, Lord being husbandry, as the gateway to form is Yoni or Womb.

To the Hermetic Qabalist, the Devil is not viewed as an evil entity (lived spelled backward), having its own god-like existence, rather it represents a special mystery (Arcana) that must be experienced and understood before we can hope to directly know the Higher Self.

The Devil is the intelligence that is Master of Manifest form (the Survival Mind), which we meet on the Path of Ayin, and must face and conquer. The Path of Ayin, takes the traveler into an understanding that we are entering  a transition between the intellect of mortal consciousness (individual conscious) and True Spiritual Immortal Conscious.

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Three Mental Paths lead directly into Tiphareth: THE DEVIL (key 15), ART (key 14 called Temperance in Golden Dawn, Barbara Walker, Night Sun, Babylonian and other traditional art Decks), and DEATH (key 13). Now each of these paths represents a special trial for the initiate; However, each student is not required to travel all three Paths.

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  1. One way to experience Path Travel within the Psyche, is  the Devotional Path of the Middle Pillar, where one need only experience the Path of Samekh (meaning- Prop) or the Art Card-key 14 (Temperance in other decks), leading from Yesod (Foundation ) to Tiphareth (Beauty). This is more of a gentle path of the Mystics  and demands less mental and emotional will from the Student.
  2. The Magi's way of following each and every Path, means the acquisition of control over Forces which each Path symbolizes: every Path confers a unique power ( "magical abilities"). A Magus is an active Force of Creation, rather than a Passive one. Therefore the difference here, is that the Traveler of the Middle Path does learn to balance and understand within the Self, the forces of  the thirty-two Paths (combination of the 22 paths plus the 10 Sephirotic Intelligences), but understanding these conceptual states of conscious energy does not necessarily develop the ability to manipulate them, which is an art necessary in the development of  a "discerning Personality"; the Spiritual purpose for the human body!

Now I know, that some students of the Occult (hidden mysteries) enter into the studies seeking a type of "Raw Power", hoping to control others and circumstances to avoid pain and "doing unto others before they can do unto them", a process of thought from the Survival mind. Such misinformed students soon learn that if such Power is acquired and then misused, there is a devastating price to pay. So there is no question that for the timid, and doubtful, the Middle Path is much safer than facing and conquering the temptations of the Magical Path of the Serpent.

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Serpent Path (up the Tree)

THE DEVIL Tarot card represents a Raw animal Power (Mars), it is the Survival-Force reflection of "I Will Be", that brings about the transmutation of THE TOWER (key 16) and is in the sign of Capricorn (also shown as the Goat on the card), which is where Mars is exalted. Capricorn, is a weighty, even blind sign of Earth and symbolizes the highest and lowest states of individual personality. Yet it is considered a sign of initiation, or release from matter formed limitations. These material limitations are suggested by the astrological ruler-ship of Capricorn by Saturn, the Planet of Binah, The Great Mother (Imagination) that governs the limitations of form, as does Saturn/Time. These limitations are of both the enclosure of matter or of time, the artificial system by which we meter and enclose all activities and our own self definitions. Thus, THE DEVIL also represents the average person's misconception of "reality"; a perceptive belief that the material-sensual condition is "Real". The Qabalist knows the physical-material world as the "1%" world, and realizes that the other invisible "99%" (often called "the other side of the Mirror") is the Real.

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THE DEVIL representing Saturn in Capricorn, brings up an interesting point. The Ancients stated that "Saturn eats its own children", implying that time destroys its own creations. There is another meaning to this "eating";  for Spirit ( I AM), the need to create the illusion of being "alive" (Me) is necessary to produce the sensuality of the material form, and that the dissolution of these forms (Me) is essential to the Path of Return. In reality, Life eats itself to stay alive and to the Alchemist dissolution means analysis, which is the precise application of separating the component forces of ourselves and our universe into twenty-two paths on the Tree of Life. The next part of the process is reintegrating these forces through the understanding of their operation. Eliphas Levi called THE DEVIL--The Path of Ayin---the "Great Magical Agent" this process of manipulation as, to dissolve, to consolidate, to quicken, to moderate, i.e., dissolution, re-integration, activity, and grounding. Thus we have the same qualities as described to Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

The misconception of reality is symbolized in two ways on the Thoth DEVIL card;

  1. The smirking mouth.
  2.  The Goat represents the humorous figure of the childhood nemesis the "Bogey Man"  (Christianized devil image).

This Card then emphasizes the knowledge that our belief in the illusion of matter, i.e. mortality, (Matter is only .4% visible as our bodies are 99.6% space!) is actually laughable to us "Suns of the Divine Creative" and/or immortal Psyche/Soul, while implying that laughter and a humorous approach to our lives is a tool which will help our consciousness to transcend the illusion of "seeing it to believe it" and becoming "Knowing it by Being it".

Mirth is the first great corrective toward realizing what is real and what is reality, and therefore, helps us not to take our perceptions of the material world seriously, which only means "fearfully".  It pays to remember that the Survival Mind of the animal, is our Devilish tempter that tricks us into believing we are as Moons who are at the mercy of  Solar-Forces rather than the Magus (The Sun) who manipulates them.

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The difference between a comedy and a tragedy is that in a comedy the characters figure out reality in time to do something about it.

--Bennett W. Goodspeed

The Universal Principle of mirth combined with stability. This tarot card image in the deck has gone through a transformation within itself. Greek Mythology described the half-goat, half-man, as Pan, the sensual god of Merriment which also latter became the god Bacchus of merriment and wine. In traditional tarot art, these two represented a man and woman chained to earth by their primal desires. However, it is the Souls Blessing, from the Christos/psyche that created us. What we forget is that in Qabalistic numerology, Gematria, 15 is 1+5=6, 6 being the number of the Sun/Son of God Sephiroth-Tiphareth known as Beauty. So, behind the façade' of flesh that the body, of the earthly world provides; a mask, that disguises your Real Self, resides the Blessed Sun of the Divine Creative, who has been masked and divided, in terms of a species sex, gender, and theological doctrine. Truth being, the He and She of Creation are not ever separated, there is Only One I AM. This One is shown as "One Hearth" on the book of life, (Book of Time) that resides on the Devil's altar, which in Christian terms is earth itself.

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In Egyptian mythology, the Son god- was Ra, a sun deity symbol of Life Force and Energy. During the middle ages, the inquisitional backlash to the panistic cults, caused the Devil image to be created. 

Interestingly, the Devil spelled backwards is Lived, and shows the obvious reason for this backlash-propaganda for "backward thinking" that is against "living-it-up" which was considered hedonism. According to man-made theology, we must now consider the body a burden, that Nature somehow imposed on us, and that the resulting sensuality is improper and a shame unto god(?). If that be so, then the Devil, "the evil twin", created us rather than the All Perfect Father God, of Christian dogma. However, the Christian dogma got around this reasoning by saying that it is freedom of choice, a Divinely granted grace, that is our down fall. Which goes a long way in proving that being a "free thinker", is very anti-Christian.

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 All superstitious ensconce aside, the Devil/Pan archetype represents the need to face whatever "bedevils" us. It reminds us to handle life from a place of humor which gives us the sure footedness of a goat  ( Capricorn) and the humor of Pan (the smiling goat). To avoid the ensnarement of fearful chaos (the web image of spider like veils),  we must hold on to our sense of humor, mirth and stability which centers us when we face real or imagined problems. It's okay to laugh in a traffic jam!

In astrology, Capricorn, the goat, is able and willing to look at internal issues (third eye) and external bedevilment with both eyes wide open and focused straight ahead. The Egyptian Eye of Horus staff , as shown on the Thoth Tarot card,represents our vision and intuition that protects us from peer pressure and other peoples reaction to our creative motion. Busy bodies, are just Myna birds, and can't hold a candle to self-knowledge---they have none that is why they try to "do unto" everyone else! It's okay to smile at Myna birds, they just mimic intelligence.

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The male figures and female figures represent the creative power ability to combine male-electric and female-magnetic forces within our natures to create unlimited self possibilities. Mirth allows us to be able to break the bondage of self definition supplied by culture, society, media, theology and peers. The Mirthful creator identifies Himself/Herself and therefore, you, ("created in god's own image") are free to define yourself as you will. This is the Freedom of Choice is called I Am Me; me being the Divine Child of I AM. Creation is always about polarities, i.e., the Law of attraction and resonance.

The rings of Saturn are seen at the top of the Thoth card, as Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn.

One primary statement of the Path of Ayin (meaning-Eye) is that the ignorant, superstitious person, sees the world in an "upside down" vision. Thus the upside down or inverted pentagram is associated with the Devil. The Qabalist knows that "all things were from One by the meditation of One," [from the Emerald Tablet], stating the obvious, that there is nothing in the Universe that isn't of The One Divine Creative, including the bogey of the ignorant, the Devil.

The intelligent state of energy known as Devil has also been called the "Prince of the Powers of Air", (therefore the traditional tarot depiction of wings) implying that this energy state is meditating in the flow of the Astral currents. In this context, Air is understood to be the whole of Yetzirah, the Astral Plane, which controls the ebb and flow of matter.

The ability to reverse the ebb and flow of Astral light, requires meditation, intellect and discipline, all of which are achieved by conquering the Path of Ayin. One must begin this process of discipline with the intellect of Hod, traversing into the intuition of Tiphareth, The Christ or Buddha state of intelligent energy. As I stated: Even the scriptures talk of Christ's  passage through the temptations of the Devil, i.e. his own illusions brought on by sensual matter .

As one can see, there is represented an understanding of the intercourse of Forces and Form, attributes to the understanding that "God is sex"; another reason for a smirk on the goat's face. In truth, The Creator, who is One that is Two, knew that It needed a mirror to see itself. The material world is that which reflects from the mirror of Divine Creative consciousness and that one that reflects this material world, is known to most of us as the Soul/Psyche. The I AM can only be aware of Itself, as a Me, a self-reflection.

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What the understanding of The Tarot Devil card produces in us, is the knowledge that the illusion of Form, is the same as the illusion of mirror reflections, its all reflected backwards and not a true state of Being. Turn your mind around, and know that you are a Spirit who owns a body (which is a power tool for discernment), and not a body that is seeking Spirit.

The analogy that I like to use when describing the common perspective, is that of a "fish in the ocean, seeking water". Not only is this a accurate description for a body seeking spirit, it is also a mirthful one that describe the illusion of form, as the fish-form can be stated as "The Ocean experiencing itself".

Besides the obvious clue of the word Devil being Lived spelled backward, this card represents the Reverse of Truth that a Reflection in a Mirror gives us in a world of Reflected light. Here we may even understand that Words, are in themselves, merely Reflections of individual observation. This may seem a stretch, but if we realize that the "Power of Words", is merely individual interpretation as they in themselves are not a Power but a Color of Power; color being a reflection of light and words being a reflection of vibration. To illustrate this phenomena of  seeming word power, you can yell at the floor the words," Grass, let there be grass", until you turn green, but grass will not be created on your floor. There is no power to create an image by words, unless you are indoctrinated into understanding their meaning by a culture. This being so, words are indoctrinated definition which leaves them subject to interpretation----especially if the means of indoctrination is enforced by punishment! Punishing us to understand a definition, means we define it first as Pain, which ends up making it a "bad thing".

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The Devil Card represents the illusion of Worded Thought as Truth. It is a Trick of "smoke and mirrors" [time/space], for only Manifestation defines Truth, and words are not manifestations, but only interpretations of definitions of manifestations.

The Path of Ayin therefore, connects Tiphareth [Sun/Son Consciousness] with Hod [ a sphere of Mercury]  with the Active Splendor of Intellect helping us  understand that Splendor is the domain of color. Therefore,  Hod represents the  COLOR OF INTELLECT.

Many of us personally have experienced the "Peacock" spread of Words by those who think amassing words is intellect, but it really is a propagandists paradigm of "baffling them with BS". That is also the process of our brain who is programmed into believing that thought is from words even though intuition is the flow of knowledge from the Inner Self connected to the Universal Collective Unconscious, that "thinks" as Image. Words trick us into thinking that we "know something", without being able to create it into manifestation. Words basically serve survival thinking, they describe to us What is food--what is not food, what is good and what is bad, according to personal likes or dislikes etc.. To describe the Real of something requires mathematics and lab work, the drawing of structures etc., trying to recreated what has been already created, in order to truly understand it beyond its worded definition.  Hence, with the Splendor of words, we can interpret a universe that is already created by Something Beyond Words. This is great, as long as we remember that words build a reality---not the Real and that as Spirit, we are "Something beyond words". The Real is already made, without ever asking us to assist. I AM never asked the Me, if it was okay to build it. THE ME (self-reflection) inherits what the I AM produces (Identity). Imagination is the Intellect/Womb of Spirit-----but in our worded thought, imagination is a "not real" since thought as words are the power of fantasy.

If we realize that reality is merely reflections in a mirror of our own self-interpretation/reflection, we won't be tricked by the Devil in our head! The Brain is a Mirror of our own imagined Self! If properly used, the Brain/mirror assists us in seeing the error of our self  awareness in retrospect. If not properly used, we think that we are the Brain, and cannot afford to ever be in error----for that means "bad" and that is Pain! Therefore, the brain can never be wrong, and believes everything it "thinks" which is the paradigm of righteousness and as history has proven, guarantees genocide.

In Summary, the trickster software, is a cultural soft-ware program of "good and bad" divisionism that has been enforced/indoctrinated into our "Wet Ware" (brain) by pleasure/pain stimulation and media-controlled word hypnosis. No matter how many "selves" of the One energy exist, Self is all that you see. Hence, separation is impossible as the One energy Sees Itself as you and is hidden in all the transformations of the ONE I [eye] (selves) who uses the phallus of "Will to Force" and the Womb of "Will to Form"-- I-Magi-nation--to define Self Awareness in the multitude of "selves" and/or mirrors! Therefore, the One "I" is on the forehead of the Goat image on the Thoth Devil card, showing us that the "divided" thought is the Master of Manifestation...the Worded Brain, that we must face and conquer to find our Real Self. This may sound funny, but in truth, we are not a Brain, we are A Spirit, that is Life and never have we been "the alive", which is a product of our Creative Self-Imagery and a mirrored division of the One Life!

The Devil Card represents a mystery which we must penetrate before we can directly know the Higher Principle of the Self. This card is the symbolic veil for the greatest practical secret of occultism; the veil of reflected light, and the "masking" of  thought with words.

The axiom of "above all things, know thyself" again applies here and we must understand that the world of Physical manifestation is A Spiritual Activity and we are the Active Spirit here and that thought is merely a mechanism for self-reflection! Hence, The Devil card also represents the illusions of the physical eye, where we accept what the reflectors [human eyes] tell us, placing ourselves into the mental/emotional bondage of reversed perspective of "AM I?", rather than expanding and liberating the body from the rule of The instinctual-survival mind as I AM. We are the "Sons" of The Divine Creative [middle path Tiphareth- the Sun center whose light the body reflects] and the Devil is a reversal of our expanding awareness---it is lived spelled backwards! This means that through meditation and disciplined Intellect, we can reverse the flow of Astral light downward , and advance ourselves/personalities, upward to the Christ/Buddha conscious state of energy. In the Hermetic Qabalah and Tarot, Down is Outward and Up is Inward!

Thus the Devil is both tempter and redeemer by understanding the "Lord of the Gates of Matter and the Child of the Forces of Time" our servant  who manifests our wishes as "sensual feelings', we become immune to being our feelings and examine them before enacting them. We are Spirit, the Master of Time/Space of whom the forces of Time serve! The Trick here is that we think that our Servant--Thought--is us, rather than Serves us in the matters of experimental self-awareness!

Tarot Correspondences: Key 15-The Devil & Key 21- The Universe (The World card in other decks).

The word devil derives from the Greek diabolos; di meaning "to divide", and/or two, Abolos meaning to "abolish'.

The word archetypes are: evil (live spelled backwards), lived (devil spelled backwards), deus (two), divide, diverse, die, deva (Goddess), dervish, deviate, devious, diabolic, and diablerie (black magic).

The Tarot Universe or World card, is associated with Saturn and Capricorn (December 21- January 20), in which falls the Winter Solstice; Christmas Day. Before December 21-24 is when the Sun is farthest from the Earth. Christmas Day is when the Sun begins to rise again from its deepest descent, i.e. The Sun (son) is born again. There are many Gods and Goddesses born at Christmas, such as, Buddha, Tammuz, Mithra, Quetzalcoatl, Frey and Freya, Attis, Saturn, Adonis, Herne, Pryderi, Persephone, Baalim, Dionysus, Osiris, Horus, and Jesus. Christmas is also known as Candle Mass, the lighting of candles to honor the birth of the Sun's light---a custom still honored in many Christian churches on Christmas Eve.

For Further Understanding-A Tarot Card Comparison:

  • The Tarot- Devil--Capricorn (Goat)
  • The Tarot-Universe (The World)--Saturn.
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The Devil's rune is, Nauthiz, the rune of constraint, necessity, and pain.

  • The Universe rune, is Wunjo, the rune of joy and light, the absence of sorrow and suffering.
  • The colors for both cards, -Violet (indigo); secondary colors- navy-blue, black.
  • - Both cards correspond to the fifth chakra ( Throat Chakra) which represents expression, communication, creativity, media, inspiration, mantras, sound, devotion, spiritual expression/understanding  and also religious inspiration. 
  •  Stones and Minerals: Sapphire, sodalite, lapis lazuli, tanzanite, blue-violet fluorites and chalcedonies. Hematite, smoky quartz, onyx, jet, coal, and all black stones.
  •   Musical notes: The Devil-A. The Universe/Word-A
  • Devil-Simple letter- Mirth. The Universe/World- Double letter- Power-Servitude.
  • Devil- Path Ayin, The Renovating Intelligence.
  • The Universe- Path Tau, The Administrative Intelligence.
  • Symbology-Devil- Eye.
  • The Universe-Tau Cross (equal armed "T" cross)
  • Devil-Clary sage, Patchouli. 
  • The Universe- Vetivert, oakmoss, myrtle.

Magic abilities developed by scrying ritual:

Clairaudience. This psychic attribute is known as "clear seeing" which is the ability to "hear" without regard to time/space or the use of physical ears.

The knowledgeable student of the Qaballah knows that the Devil, Key 15 is about the illusion of Division---where as "The One Energy" seems to become two---He and She. She is Magnetism and He is Electric. United, they make all life possible------separate they cannot "give birth" to life. In the Universe Card, The One energy is also shown as The Goddess and The Serpentine God (electric force) with the "All seeing Eye of Horus---The son (sun) which represents ( among other esoteric ideas), clairaudience.

If the Key 15-The Devil card is thrown during a reading:

  •  The querent is being tricked by the illusion of an issue of perception.
  • The querent is experiencing states of materialism, and/or material force.
  • Temptation of the flesh, sometimes obsession, all associate with the "Trickster" god images of the past which is the principle of mirth.
  • The querent may experience humor over their material circumstances, or over what "bedevils" them.
  • The advice is to view your emotions humorously, which will free you from the illusion of their seriousness.
  • There is a warning here, that even the best of intentions, may do harm .
  • Accept the presence of paradox and realize your own truth.

It reminds us to stop struggling for truth amid seeming contradictions.

  • We must accept the presence of paradox and realize our own truth.
  • Celebrate life, laugh. play, and dance upon the Earth---Why else create a sensual body ? 
  • To own the brain, rather than have it bedevil the Psyche.

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