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    The Tarot of Eli- Making Life More Magic and Less Tragic!



    Magic is the manipulation of harmonic forces and/or frequencies which exist outside of the measurement of sensory perception , thereby being beyond the pale of possible rational measurement.




    The Western Hermetic Magic of Qabalah ( Qabalah means-receiving) is vitalized in the Thoth Egyptian Tarot and revitalizes the inherited magic in you that allows the soul to communicate your individual power to the earth bound personality and give you a helping hand out of the rutted path of the many. Western Qabalistic Tarot, is not some hollywood rendition of superstition and voodoo nor is some Gypsy woman going to tell your future. It is a philosophy and messes well with modern and jungian psychology. It offers a perspective that your noisy self-conscious didn't see. Western Hermetic Qabalah, is not a religion, nor does it nullify religions. It will enhance the spiritual existence, as it communicates by the use of archetypal images to the subconscious, and the Universal Collective Unconscious, both filled with ancient and proven knowledge.


    If you need to know about your career, love life, prosperity, money or health? Even the next step in your spiritual path? What challenges you must meet? The next door that must be opened to achieve your goals? Tarot can answer all of those questions and more.


    The Inner Psyche language that is Tarot often has the answers to the deepest heartfelt questions, of money, love, family, and career; often eliminating the contest of inner battle. Just go to the

    Store Tarot Pricing-page to reserve your in-depth, online Tarot reading today or sign up for The Philosophy of Qabalah and Thoth Tarot Classes that give you mastery over your life.


    Don't forget to follow the blog for more insight into Qabalistic Tarot, for even more information, and the blog archives that goes on for about 13 yrs. If you want to be more confident in directing your life path, take my courses in Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-become the spiritual power that connects the Spiritual realms with the material realms of Self! Society practices "divisionism" and in so doing disconnects one from the Powerful harmony of Spirit-Mind-Body, the True Identity of yourself. Western Hermetic Qaballistic Tarot shows you how to reconnect to your True Self.


    The power of Self, is not in the Tarot: it is pointed out in you by the Tarot. It is a consulting device towards a more successful and appropo perspective of Self. Tarot states, "Above all things, know thyself"!



    Tarot blog posts: The website publishes daily blog posts that compare the Thoth tarot cards with other tarot decks, such as the Astromatrix tarot. The blog posts explain the symbolism, meaning, and interpretation of each card, as well as the numerical, astrological, and alchemical associations. The blog posts also include images and links to related sources. 



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    Award winning Blog

    Tarot Card Comparisons blog.

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    Many tarot card comparisons .

  • Eli Serabeth-The award winning Western Qabalistic Thoth, Tantric, Alchemical, Astrological, and Numerical Tarot Card Comparison. Learn a Tarot Card A Day! Just click! For deeper intuitive receiving (Qabalah) and Inner-Self exploration click on Store-Tarot-Pricing for Master classes.

  • See for yourself!

    Addresshathordirect@outlook.comMessage: I wanted to say that I have been taking lessons from Eli for over 5 years. He is an amazing teacher! I have not only learned to read the Tarot intuitively but have learned about Qabala, correspondences, astrology, myths and legends, as well as, all things esoteric. I highly recommend a class since there is no better teacher of the occult than Eli.

  • Hello & Welcome!

    My Tarot readings are not charged by the minute nor the hour, just one flat fee. If I find the need to answer more questions that the reading has opened up, I 'll lay-down another reading---no extra charge. I will get you your answers! So if it takes 30 minutes or 2 hrs. the charge will not change, its still one flat fee. Life is a daily stepping stone of motions, one step at a time. Tarot keeps one from stepping off into the abyss. You Will Get Your Answers Here! You may also choose the Tarot Deck you wish the reading to be done with. From the very esoteric of the Thoth Tarot to the Wicca meanings of the Tarot of the Old Path. Rider-Waite-Smith, will reveal traditional Tarot readings. Every Tarot Deck featured in my blogs is available for your reading enjoyment.

  • Make your own Life!

    The Pattern on the Trestle Board

    The Pattern on the Trestle Board

    Repeat this pattern once in the morning and before you go to bed at night. It will reconnect you to your Soul

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  • What We Do is contact the real You.

    Psychic readings by Eli

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    Besides Tarot Readings

    and Qabalistic Tarot Classes

    I am also an Auric Seer and use Pranayama, tantric meditations for daily centering. In Tarot, intuition, known as the real mind, is a large part of every reading. I have developed a strong intuitional contact with my clients, as all of us are quantumly entangled.

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    Or readings from your favorite Tarot Deck. You may choose from any deck I showcase in my blogs!

  • Tarot Readings and Live in person-Aura Chakra Readings

    Qabalist and Tarot Reader for over 45yrs.

    World wide live video readings.

    Celtic Cross Tarot Video-Readings

    all prices listed above in Tarot readings page.

    15 Card -Golden Dawn Tarot-Readings

    Giving one 2 possible future outcomes


    Aura and Chakra Medium- live in person readings  only.

    Teacher of the Hermetic Qabalah Thoth Tarot.

    log onto my world wide Tarot blog www.

    Teacher of the Hermetic Qabalah Thoth Tarot.

    On line Thoth Tarot Classes: Become a professional Qabalistic Tarot Reader and learn to "receive" from you Higher Self important information. Go to "Tarot readings and live" page.

    Due to scheduling of time zones, and popular demand, my time is very important. So when enrolled, make every effort to keep your scheduled time, for unless something unavoidable happens, and if you miss your scheduled time, which is what you are buying. you may have to waite days until I am able to schedule again.

  • Above all things Know thyself!


    only comes form self knowledge. .

    The Tarot is Psyche flash cards; depicting 78 states of your Real Self. You are a Spirit-Mind-Body and not a man-made description. You represent the Divine Creative Self and/or the I AM. You are a celestial being.

    Use a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore.

  • People & Places

    Find us all over the world wide web@

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    I Care about People

    We all belong to each other.

    I am Spirit. You are Spirit. There can be no greater value statement. Spirit is a Collective, and we all belong to each other.

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    I Am always answering comments to our daily Blog on Tarot and Metaphysics. just

    click on the Logo

    or go to our custom form and request a reading or email,

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    I Am always answering comments to our classes on Tarot and Qabalistic Metaphysics. Just comment!

    dbrEmail-comment: Message I wanted to say that I have been taking lessons from Eli for over 5 years. He is an amazing teacher! I have not only learned to read the Tarot intuitively but have learned about Qabala, correspondences, astrology, myths and legends, as well as, all things esoteric. I highly recommend a class since there is no better teacher of the occult than Eli.

  • Our Core Values

    are based on everyone I see, is

    another way to be me. The Law is Love.

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    Always Ahead

    Tarot, aligns the human aura and chakras.

    You are a Psychosomatic Creator. Meaning, your Psyche directs your energy as Chakras throughout the body/soma as a means of empowering and animating it in your name. The Tarot are 78 pictorials of your very own Psyche.

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    The feeling of  companionship.


    Hi, I am Eli, I am a very occult Soul and as a Psychic medium, I link soul to soul with those I give Aura or Tarot Readings to . This makes for a highly accurate and unforgettable experience. I know that everyone I see is another way to be me and can only treat you as I would myself. Qabalah is my philosophy and kindness is my religion.

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    Enjoy the Journey

    Be Present:

    Your life is your intent. Above all things know thyself, is your true journey. Your purpose is to be a unique connection of the "Above and the Below"! So let us work together to get this connection complete.

  • Links of note:

    These links help you find techniques of meditations, Pranayama breathing exercises for relaxation and sacred geometry.

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