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Thoth- ATU 17-The Star

The Thoth Tarot, created by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris, is a renowned and influential deck in the world of Tarot. It was designed between 1938 and 1943, with Crowley providing esoteric knowledge and Harris bringing the artistic vision to life.

  1. Symbolism and Imagery: The Thoth Tarot is rich in symbolism and esoteric meaning. Each card is a visual representation of Crowley's teachings on Hermeticism, Qabalah, astrology, and various mystical traditions. Lady Harris's vibrant and detailed artwork captures the essence of these complex ideas.

  2. Qabalistic Influences: Crowley, being deeply involved in Western Hermetic Qabalah, infused the deck with Qabalistic principles. The cards are interconnected with the Tree of Life, and the symbolism reflects the spiritual journey through the sephiroth and paths of the Qabalistic tree.

  3. Astrological Correspondences: Astrology plays a significant role in the Thoth Tarot. Each card is associated with specific astrological attributes, allowing for a deeper exploration of cosmic influences on the human experience.

  4. Thematic Structure: The Major Arcana follows a specific thematic structure, representing the Fool's journey through spiritual development. The Minor Arcana, divided into four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Disks), explores various aspects of daily life, emotions, intellect, and material concerns.

  5. Crowley's Thelemic Philosophy: The Thoth Tarot is also infused with Crowley's Thelemic philosophy, emphasizing personal will, spiritual evolution, and the pursuit of one's true purpose. This adds a unique and individualistic dimension to the interpretation of the cards.

  6. Controversy and Mastery: The Thoth Tarot has faced controversy due to its esoteric and unconventional nature. However, many practitioners appreciate its depth and consider it a powerful tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth when mastered.

In conclusion, the Thoth Tarot is a masterpiece that blends mysticism, symbolism, and artistry. Its complexity and depth make it a valuable resource for those seeking to explore the intricacies of the human psyche and the mysteries of the universe through the lens of Tarot.

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The Thoth Tarot-Key/ATU 17- The Star: The Tarot Star, traditionally refers to the zodiacal sign Aquarius, the Water Bearer. The picture on the Thoth Star ATU 17 Card represents the Egyptian Goddess Nuit, the Lady of the Stars. Nuit is rarely shown in colors other than Black or Dark indigo, because She represents "Before the veil of Light was created" other words, she is the Dark Womb, the Dark/ Alma-Mater/ Matter "from whose breasts flows the Milky way". The fact that the Ancient Gnostic knew there was a Dark Force that birthed and nurtured the Stars should pique the interest of any quantum physicist who has discovered that the "Quanta"(subatomic particles) have an intelligence.

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The Star card figure is shown as a human figure, to verify through anthropomorphic art, the fact that She is depicted as a Macrocosmic manifestation (Dark Energy) rather than a just a mythological concept, for we are both her Macrocosmic (Photon Soul) and Microcosmic creation- "Horus in manifestation", as we connect both the Quanta and atomic, or as often stated in Qabalah, "Above and Below".

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On the Thoth Tarot Card, she is shown as bearing two cups, one golden cup held high above her head from which she pours the "ethereal water" upon it (in ritual this is symbolized by a mixture of milk, oil, and blood). The other cup is Silver, from which She pours the *Amitra, the immortal liquor of her life, pouring it into the Great Sea of Binah (3rd Sephiroth called "Understanding") that is illustrated as conjunct to a shore of fertile earth.

*[ Amitra of the Indian philosophers, the Nepenthe and Ambrosia of the Greeks, the Alkahest and Universal Medicine of the Alchemists, The Nectar. The Mother of the Blood of the Grail.

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The concept of the Alkahest, often referred to as the "universal medicine" in alchemy, has its roots in the mystical and philosophical pursuits of alchemists. The term "Alkahest" is derived from the Arabic word "al-kaṣṭ," meaning "the solvent" or "the one that dissolves."

Here are key aspects of the Alkahest in alchemical tradition:

  1. Universal Solvent: The Alkahest is envisioned as a hypothetical universal solvent capable of dissolving any substance, including metals, minerals, and other materials. Alchemists sought this substance as the ultimate tool for transmutation and purification.

  2. Philosopher's Stone: In some alchemical traditions, the quest for the Philosopher's Stone is closely tied to the search for the Alkahest. The Philosopher's Stone is believed to have the power to transmute base metals into gold and confer immortality. The Alkahest, as a universal solvent, plays a crucial role in this transformative process.

  3. Symbolic Meanings: The Alkahest carries symbolic significance beyond its literal interpretation. It is seen as a representation of spiritual enlightenment, purification, and the dissolution of impurities or egoic aspects within the alchemist. The alchemical journey is often regarded as an inner transformation paralleling the external transmutation of substances.

  4. Paracelsus and Alkahest: The Swiss alchemist and physician Paracelsus (1493-1541) is often associated with the concept of the Alkahest. He believed in the existence of a universal panacea, which he called the "Azoth" or the "Alkahest." Paracelsus considered it a substance that could cure diseases, purify metals, and serve as a transformative agent in both the physical and spiritual realms.

  5. Metaphysical Interpretations: Beyond the laboratory, the Alkahest is seen as a metaphor for spiritual enlightenment and the dissolution of the "lead" of earthly existence into the "gold" of spiritual illumination. The idea of universal medicine reflects the alchemist's pursuit of holistic well-being on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

It's essential to note that the Alkahest is more of a symbolic and philosophical concept in alchemy, and historical alchemists failed in creating a literal universal solvent. The pursuit of the Alkahest remains an intriguing aspect of alchemical philosophy, representing the alchemist's quest for transformative knowledge and the secrets of nature.

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You may note that the Thoth cups represent the shape of breasts. The two breasts or cups is tradition tarot art, because the ancient astronomer priests or priestesses, believed that Stars were formed from the "milk of her breasts" and it is written: " The milk of the Stars from her paps; yeah, the milk of the stars from her paps." Because of our edge on view, the Milky Way galaxy was seen as a river of sparkling life-giving Goddess milk, by the ancients. To the Egyptians it was the out flowing milk of the Heavenly Cow, i.e., Hathor. Here we see a blending of the Goddess Hathor, "The Cow Goddess", into the later goddess's name of Nuit. The Goddess Nuit has also been called, "Nothingness with Twinkles....".

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To the ancient Greeks, the Moon Cow was Io, Europa, or Hera. The Greek word gala, meaning "mothers' milk", is the root word for galaxy.

The 4 rivers of paradise copied in the bible as 4 streams of Eden, which emanated in 4 directions, where first known as the 4 Rivers of Paradise that flowed from the 4 teats of the Moon Cow. The Arcadian name for the milky way was Hiddagal, meaning "river of the Divine Lady", became the stream Hiddekel, (Genesis 2:14). The 4 rivers in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:10–14): Pishon (the Jaxartes or Syr Darya), Gihon (the Oxus or Amu Darya), Hiddekel (Tigris).

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What is attempted in illustration on the Thoth Deck Star card, is to show the universe in its ultimate elements. The Celestial globe is behind the Thoth Tarot-Goddess figure showing a prominent 7-pointed star that represents Venus, declaring the principle characteristic of Her nature to be love, the 7-pointed star is also shown as an {7/2} acute heptagram, and a [7/3] obtuse heptagram which is also shown spinning in the night sky background, swirling the "dark material" in the art of the Thoth Tarot

In general, a heptagram is any self-intersecting heptagon (7-sided polygon).

There are two regular heptagrams, labeled as {7/2} and > {7/3}, with the second number representing the vertex interval step from a regular heptagon, {7/1}. [From Wikipedia]

The Thoth Star card shows the manifestation of Nuit on a lower plane as the Qabalistic Binah the Great Mother - The Sea of Life. The fertile Earth, nurtured by the Ocean of Binah, is shown as supporting Roses in the right-hand corner of the picture but between the Sea and the Land is the Abyss, which is hidden by the clouds, that whirl as her hair.

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The Lady of the Rose, the Rose-Mari, is another aspect of the Fertile Goddess and during the Matriarchal age, there were Priestesses of the Blood Rose who were in direct representation of the Great Fertile Mother and stood for the Wellness of the people. This goes all the way back to Lemuria and/or the Land of Mu, which has been illustrated on ancient Chinese maps as shown on a map from

The Left-hand upper corner of the Star card shows the 7/3 heptagram that Crowley called the " Star of Babalon", Crowley's Gemantic spelling, which represents yet another aspect of the "All Mother goddess", that of the Scarlet Woman (Blood Rose) the Lady shown in Key 11, Lust, as riding the Lion-Serpent. Form her star issues the curved light of Spiritual/Spiral rays (Spiral and Spiritual are both from the Greek word: Spiro. which means -Breath.}. She is the Dark matter, and Heaven itself is no more than a veil before the face of the immortal Goddess.

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The goddess of the Blood Rose

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Interesting to note here, is that every form of energy depicted here, is spiral (Spiritual). This is known as a "Spiral Universe"...we live in a Spiral Galaxy which we think we discovered just recently. Yet Zoroaster is quoted as saying," God is he, having the head of a hawk; having a spiral force." Hawks spiral in the sky as they hunt and symbolizes the ancient Egyptian Hawk Headed God Horus. Spiral is also the mathematical conception of the Universe by the renowned physicist Albert Einstein. It seems the Metaphysics of Hermetic Tarot, Gnosis, Alchemy, Qabalah, Tantra etc., are the Quantum physics of today!

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The viewer may note that on the Thoth Star card depiction, only in the lower-silver cup, is the flowing water of life, shown as rectilinear forms, rather than the spiral flow from the upper golden cup. This is because of mankind's insistence on a linear view, which forms a blindness to the wonder and beauty of the Spiral (spiritual) Universe. We know that Euclidean geometry depends on the conception of straight lines, but Riemann, Bolyai, and Lobatchewsky, (Mathematicians) have mathematically proven that the Parallel Postulate is found to be incapable of proof. Thus, the straight line has no true correspondence to reality. I would highly recommend that the True Student of Western Hermetic Qabalistic Tarot get the Book of Law by A. is more than significant in aiding understanding the Occult metaphysics which can be compared to the quantum physics of today. Even the "New" String theory, was foreseen as the "serpent force" of the ancient metaphysicians.

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THE Tarot-STAR is known on the Tree of Life, as the inner Path of Tzaddi. The Hebrew letter Tzaddi means fishhook and the Path is the Path of Meditation. Meditation is the fishhook on this path that properly attaches us to The Divine Collective Unconscious, using our imagination. I-magi-nation is than being the proper approach to this Divine Intelligent Energy for she is the All-Mother Intelligence-the Creatrix that makes and nurtures all image and speaks to us as Intuition. The viewer may note that the Hebrew letter Heh is shown on the bottom of the Star card, myself, Paul Foster Case and Robert Wang, amongst others disagree with this lettering. You will find a supportive argument on the Thoth Emperor blog.

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As we can see on the Thoth Star Card, there are two streams of Divine Energy:

  1. One from the Golden Cup (Solar womb).
  2. One from the Silver Cup (Moon womb.

The Divine Energy flows through the Divine Mother to us by the integration of Chokmah- Will-to-Force- (intuition/feelings for he is Wisdom a feminine noun in Hebrew) and Binah-Will-to-Form(intellect/consciousness).

Many of us forget that the Imagination is a "Womb-with-a view"---and is the Consciousness of the Divine Mother of all Forms and our Creatrix inheritance. This forgetfulness is because we have been taught by our Patriarchal society that imagination is a world-wind creator of fantasy and to be considered beneath our rational-worded-linear thought. We have somehow forgotten the meaning of Image-maker-conscious (imagination)."It's Just your imagination," is a common "put down" theme and uses denial to ignore the fact that: Every thought is a fantasy until it is made manifest. Also, it's "just" The Divine Creative's Imagination that created all that you can see, hear, feel, smell and touch including YOU! Other than self-reflection, what else do you think a Self-Image is? It behooves us to remember that we come from the "Spooky Universe", which is the "other side of the Mirror" we reflect in.

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Water is a symbol for the ebb and flow of consciousness, and Binah, is the Vast Sea of the Unconscious (meaning "not of consciousness"), which by meditation, we cast our consciousness into and thereby find a understanding of the process of life and death.

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In the Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom, by Dr. Paul Foster Case, The Path of Tzaddi is described as the Path of Natural Intelligence. To the Student of the Hermetic Qabalah, this suggests that the primal forces of nature attributed to Netzach (Victory), the sphere of the Elohim who are synonymous with nature itself. You'll need to study the Hebrew word Elohim to understand this in greater detail, but they are called the Gods of Netzach....which means ruling forces. That can be ruled by Man, who is the Elohim Malachim (sons of the One God) Which is whom we are as the Soul or Real Person that radiates from the 6th Sephiroth-Tiphareth. As physics has proven, by our observation alone, we change the observed behavior of electrons! This is because we are of the Quantum Universe, the "spooky universe" as Eisenstein said. We are Quantum Mind, and/or Photon Mind of the Celestial. Hence, just by observing a thing, we add Photons to a thing, thereby, influencing it's behavior by our imagination.

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To aid further understanding, the Number 17 reduces to 8, which is the Lust Card-Key 8 in the Thoth Deck, which represents the conscious control of the Kundalini, which is both solar and sexual force. I call the Lust Card the image of the Goddess Kundalini " Riding the Dragon" ----being in conscious union and thus control of the Divine Frenzy of Light that is your life expression. In other words, the Impersonal Celestial Power of I AM becoming a conscious manifestation of an Earthly Me... a personal expression of Solar Power. The Horizonal Figure 8 is the magical symbol for infinity, where 0 has become 8, which looks like 2 from an unbroken spiral of energy. Universal 2, Binah and Chokmah, are both the Fool, who is 0.

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This trinity of I AM ME, is all part of the Greater Mysteries of Tiphareth, the Solar Logos which is the central Star of our Existence (our Solar Core/Psyche). Only by controlling the Sexual/Spiral energy in ourselves---the Kundalini [Lion-Serpent] can we travel the path to Tiphareth. However, this fact has been perverted by believing that Sexual energy, must be oppressed (made celebrate) to approach our Christos. This celibate practice is a perversion of the truth as the function of the Divine Creative as 2=1 and the practice of tens of thousands of years' worth of Shamans, Tantric, Western Magic practitioners, and mystics, suggests otherwise.

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We must combine, through communion of He and She the flowing serpentine force with willful union of intuition, feelings, and intellect to flow to our Solar Core and stand a True Power of influence in the realm of Alma Mater.

This Union is the mystery of Tantric, Gnostic and Qabalistic practices and what some may call "Sex-Magic"----or "Sex-Magi". Which is really the Divine's technological breakthrough of Sex where 1 becomes 2 and joins to become 3! (Such as, color becomes red, then blue, then joins to become a color called purple-making 3 colors). 1 is always one, but 2 and 1 is Three. Three is a plane, from which Self can reflect! Therefore, the Triangle, in its many forms, is deemed "magical".

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Our ignorance of the Sacred Sexual Communion is not only showing us how the great Mother is disabused by fear based Patriarchal rule, but that all sexual perversion diverts us from the path of Tzaddi, and we are unable to control the lust filled passions of the Divine Frenzy that is all around us and within us, and therefore become mental, emotional and physical deviates of a psychosomatic -chaos perpetrated by divisive thinking, which makes us powerless to gather and use our scattered creative forces. Just what the bullies of "Divide and Conquer" want, i.e., "those who rule definition" and/or "The Military Industrial Complex".

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Great enlightenment comes to the student who studies this Path and as many before, we realize that by not understanding the Divine Frenzy within the figure 8, laid horizontally as the symbol of infinity----we become "drama queens" and in worst case, rapist, violent criminals etc., where violence becomes our sexual activity.

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The Process of approaching the Solar Center, is a yoga (yoga means--communion), involving the enervation of centers of energy (Chakras--means "spinning wheels") which open our Energy Centers through the process of meditation, both internal and sexual. Our body is a magical device of the Solar Logos and the Son, the Soul. And as magicians, we as consciousness, must learn to operate this device. The first knowledge should be that energy flows from positive to negative poles. Male is positive polarity in this world, and female is negative polarity, so once again the figure 8 shows up to show us the necessary flow between the electric male and magnetic female. This flow is shown on the Thoth tarot as the flow from the Golden cup of the Sun (he) and the silver cup of the Moon (she).

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A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook----By Dr. John Mumford.

As Paul Foster Case stated, about the Path of Tzaddi, "Through it is consummated and perfected the Nature of every existing thing beneath the Sun".

Hence, we can't consummate our perfected nature until we are the perfect marriage of anima (Latin: Spirit) and animus (Latin: Soul) on Psychic worlds above and Psychic worlds below and/or as above, so below.

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When meditation is successful, we find that we don't meditate, but rather we are the meditated image! We may understand better if we think of Tiphareth, The Higher Self/Solar Logos, as a kind of fisherman, who by angling with the Fishhook of meditation, pulls our personality/self-conscious up into the Solar Self. From that Higher Perspective our personality can see that the self-image of form is meditated into existence from Briah, the Creative World of the Soul.

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The formation of the individual consciousness from the Divine collective unconscious begins from the point of Netzach, which is the highest level of "personality" while Tiphareth is the highest level to be reached by intellect. The object is to hold a "Holy Mass" where the Personality and the Intellect are joined in Communion, within the honeymoon suite that is The Human body.

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The Tarot Star Card figure represents the purest manifestation of the Great Mother Binah at the level of Real Creatrix Persona, preceding enclosure in matter. She is the Same figure found in The Empress, in her royal regalia; The High Priestess and in The Universe cards, The Scarlet Woman in the Lust card; However, here She is unveiled, a naked virgin, further representing Her Venusian purity.

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Saturn and Aquarius.

The Star is associated with the love and inspiration sign of Aquarius. In the ancient world, Saturn was said to govern Aquarius, referring us to Binah/Time and The Universe key 21.

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Because the Star card represents the universe resolved into its ultimate elements, it relates to many more Paths than any other card in the deck. Thus, I recommend getting the textbook by Robert Wang---The Qabalistic Tarot (A textbook of Mystical Philosophy) and studying the many path- Charts on the Tree of Life that he presents in the book.

To the Hermetic Tarot Qabalist, the Star card represents the "Lower Eden", from which the Personality originates, and the emperor represents "Upper Eden" where the idea of Fiery Higher Self originates i.e., The Solar Logos. Here to, we see a relationship of The Star Path (Tzaddi) relating to another Path, that of the emperor (Heh).

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The Star card also relates to the astrological Planet Venus, which to the ancients was seen as the "Morning and Evening Star", also referred to as Lucifer, the Most beautiful of all Archangels, referring to the Sephiroth Tiphareth-Beauty, which is the Solar Logos and/or Light Bearer which is what the Latin Word Lucifer means! In Enlightened circles, Lucifer is not seen as a underworld figure but rather the Higher Self and/or Lucifer Daath (High Priestess-invisible Sephiroth) and or The Higher Self; However, with proper enforcement of propaganda, you can be made to believe that "The Higher Self" is a "Savior" who is separate from you; a "you" who are but a slave to definition supplied by your cultural rulers whose rule is evilly satanic, as it depends on the shedding of innocent blood. Satan, used to be the name of the Arch-being who enforced Jehovah's (The Archon) rules. Christian propaganda later changed this to some Shadow God who lusts after your soul Yet, your Soul is The Light Bearer!

After the " War Lord religions" (Patriarch) took over cultural programming, the meaning of Beauty (Synchronicity) became a Underworld Angel who was so narcissistic that he challenged God; as did the Titans, the children of women and the "gods who from the sky came", challenged the gods of Olympus. We all must study history and mythology to see how the Jews, Muslims and Christians took the names of gods and goddesses of other religions and demonized them, which only contributed to ignorance and lost self-awareness. The truth is that the Latin word Lucifer (Morning Star and/or Light Bearer) is like the Greek Christos (Sun, also Zeus Christos or Sun of God) ----both relating to the fiery Sun/Son of God....The Solar Logos and/or our Higher Self/Psyche/Higher Self/Soul.

To aid one in their scrying and/or meditation, it is found more power is gathered when one uses the corresponding things in nature.

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It may be interesting to note that in ancient text, the "Holy Ghost" was feminine rather than the masculine concept of masculine, and she was/is known as Sophia, The Mother and Beloved of the Father. The Star card promotes the image of Sophia, while the Fool promotes the image of the Father. To the ancients, the Fool (The Green Man) was both wise and "innocent as the children". He is Joker (Trickster) and Wisdom.

Thoth Tarot Correspondences: 0-The Fool & key-17-The Star.

  • Astrological Sign: The Star-Aquarius
  • Astrological Planet: The Fool- Uranus
  • Key 17-The Star has the astrological form: I know.
  • The Fool has the astrological motion: I seek myself through what I don't know.
  • Rune-stones: STAR- Lagaz, the water stone that flows and conducts.
  • There are two Rune-stones for the Fool: Mannaz, the name of mankind, humanity, and the self. The other is the blank rune, called "the unknowable", the name of destiny. That is also why the Fool is not a key---it is 0, the symbol for infinity, which is indeed unknowable and has no gateway to unlock. The Fool card can be placed at the beginning of the Tarot deck or at the end, as can the Blank rune.

    Mannaz is one of the runes in the runic alphabets used by the Germanic peoples, including the runic systems like the Elder Futhark. Additionally, the concept of a blank rune, often referred to as "the unknowable" or "Wyrd," has been introduced in some modern runic systems.

    Mannaz (ᛗ):

  • Symbolism:

    • Mannaz represents the sound "M" and is associated with the concept of "man" or "human."
    • It symbolizes humanity, social connections, cooperation, and the communal aspect of human existence.
    • The rune is often seen as a reflection of self-awareness, and the importance of relationships with others.
  • Divinatory Meanings:

    • In divination, Mannaz can indicate a focus on social interactions, partnerships, or the need for self-reflection.
    • It may suggest a time to consider one's place in the community, the dynamics of relationships, or personal growth.
  • Magical and Spiritual Significance:

    • Mannaz can be used in runic magic to enhance communication, understanding, and harmony in interpersonal relationships.
    • It is linked to the idea of collective consciousness and the shared human experience.
  • Blank Rune (The Unknowable/Wyrd):

  • Introduction:

    • The concept of a blank rune is a modern addition to some runic systems and is not present in historical runic alphabets.
    • It is often called "the unknowable," "Wyrd," or simply "blank."
  • Symbolism:

    • The blank rune is seen as a symbol of the mysterious and the unpredictable aspects of fate or destiny (Wyrd).
    • Some interpret it as the void or the potential for the unknown.
    • It doesn't have a specific sound or letter associated with it.
  • Divinatory Meanings:

    • In divination, the blank rune is often considered to represent unexpected events, hidden influences, or situations that are beyond one's immediate understanding.
    • It encourages adaptability and an open-minded approach to challenges.
  • Controversy:

    • The inclusion of the blank rune has been met with controversy. Traditionalists argue against its use, as it deviates from historical runic practices.
  • It's important to note that interpretations of runes, especially modern additions like the blank rune, can vary among runic practitioners. Some embrace the blank rune as a valuable addition to their runic readings, while others prefer to stick to the historical runes without additions. As with any form of divination or symbolic system, personal intuition and connection play a significant role in the interpretation of runic symbols.

  • Primary colors: Violet (purple, lavender).
  • The associated Chakra is the Sixth chakra or the Brow Chakra, which is intuition, light, color, seeing (also color-seeing as in Auric Seer) thought, information, meditation, visualization, imagination (The Womb with a View), spiritual perception, dreams, ----the Chakra of purpose and patience.
  • Stones and Minerals: Amethyst, sugalite, charoite, siberite (violet tourmaline), chalcedonies and fluorites of violet hues.
  • Musical Notes: Star-A# and for the Fool- E
  • Hebrew Qabalah letters: Star-Simple letter- Imagination.
  • Fool- Maternal letter- Air.
  • The Path of the Star--Tzaddi, The Natural Intelligence (Mother Nature)
  • The Path of the Fool-Aleph, The Scintillating Intelligence.
  • Plant essences: The Star-Eucalyptus, Fir, Lime, Blue Chamomile.

       The Fool- Fennel, Niaouli.

Often the Star card is associated with the "Mother Nature" of the Universe (The Universe is Natural----in fact there isn't any Supernatural---there is just parts of the Universal Collective that is Nature, that we don't understand yet) and the Fool is The Green Man-or Father Nature. It may help our understanding if we remember that Male is Electric Force and Female is Magnetic Force, so we are dealing with Universal Magnetic and Universal Electric forces as the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. When both are united in harmony----We have Sophia, "the whole of spirit".

The Hebrew story about the letter TZADDIK (Tzaddi)--Meaning; fishhook.

The Path of Tzaddi-Key 17-The Star.

So, God created man in His Image, in the image of God He created him; male and female; He created them.

Genesis 1:27

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In this short story of the first of two descriptions of human creation, God (dess) made male and female at the same time. This is true for time/space and electric-magnetic. All of us are subtle androgyny, rather than the obvious single sex, as we all are composed of the energy that flows between and through the polarities of electro-magnetic (electric is male and magnetic is female). Also, the brain itself has "male and female" lobes. Since there was only One (Kether on the Tree of Life) when two were created from the one (Chokmah-Male electric/spiritual fire and Female Binah--Magnetic-spiritual water) both "became" at once, just as the figure eight is drawn from one line. The "Image" of God has been argued by the best, but it can also mean extra-terrestrial "DNA" bonded with the natural mammalian DNA, a G.M.O. operation done by the "angels that fell to earth" and/or "those who from the sky came". [I know that was unnecessary to bring up, but I just love a good debate!] However, there is no debate about our imagination, it is as a creative Womb and obviously an active Creative Conscious nestled in our passive "Unconscious"---the Universal- Collective-Unconscious being attributed to natural inheritance, i.e. created before us by Mother's experiences, but ours to be at one with.

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  • All of us know that particles of quantum energy became Stars, then planets (Star detritus) and all were the process of "Energy Conscious" (God) Self-Awareness. Since we have " Solar-Force Fields" around our bodies --called the 7 bodies of the human aura and their subtle energy entry points in the body called -Chakras, we know that we were Solar Conscious states of quantum-particle- energy (souls), before we became the operators of a physical state of atomic- energy/ matter body. We call this Solar Presence-Spirit and Soul. It is a State of Energy Conscious, Psyche, of the Eternal One Energy. That means we are much more than we think we are. And if you have read my past blogs, you know that thought itself is a delusional- trickster as it is all theory and not reality. Before Thought we were "I Will Be"! And with this giant roar of will, space swirled, and existence was born as "I AM", which became "I AM Being" and/or "I AM ME"!  
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Hence, becoming the self-conscious Image of the Divine Creative, (accessing our Solar Conscious state---enlightenment) is the purpose of the Qabalah (kabala). In other words, claiming our inheritance from our Solar Being.

  • We are the combination of both Solar (fire-Kundalini) Evolution and Planetary Evolution (water)-----we are Divine Children of the Serpentine Fiery Father and the Serpentine Watery Mother (made in the Divine's Image). This is usually shown as a red and blue serpentine energy going up the spine.  The Divine Creative obviously thinks we are Great, and I often wonder why some people spend all their lives seeking greatness when Greatness built each of us as Itself? It seems to me that "greatness seeking" is like a fish in the ocean looking for water? Sounds----like mental blindness to me. It is easy to declare our Greatness; just say "Greatness built me to express Itself" and then "above all things know thyself", which is a process of stimulating solar- memory (not in the brain) by studying the Qaballah or any other mechanism for "enlarging self- awareness". We are not "brains"....we build them as "wetware" for "software"....not as "I Am" but rather as "I translate myself into Material Experience" (Me) and I dare say, something is lost in that translation.
  • The I Am already exists as immortal-infinite Energy Conscious . That is another reason why we are created in the Image of Divinity-We are Solar-Self united with Planetary-Self. We are the Nature of Stars united with the Nature of Planets! We are Spirit first and bodies (power tools) second! "I" don't Live in my brain, "I Am Life"---my brain is "alive" and/or a "Me" but Life is beyond its function, for being a "self-reflection" of Life is its forte. Life is the product of "I AM Goddess/God", a Union of "Will-to-Force" (God) and "Will-to-Form" (goddess) creating microwaves of Spiral Energy (Kundalini) often called the serpent force, which is Spiritual (From the Greek Spiro as is spiral) "Life-Force" . The symbol of the Fish is the representation of "the first Matter" which we know as "thought"! The Hook is a fastener, the physical matter fastened to the Divine Creation and/or Imagination!
  • In Qabalah, Water is consciousness and Fire is the Solar Logos or Spirit. We are an amazing creation of  "I AM Me"!  The Path of Tzaddi, is about the Mysteries of Tiphareth---the mystery of Beauty and that Mystery lies in the Flow of Kundalini (Solar-sexual energy) in the Union of Polarities that exist in fire and water, of Motion and Form. It is my constant understanding, that, "Beauty built me to be Itself" and I know that as I look around, the Kingdom of Beauty is all around me. When you understand this beauty-filled sight----you will "know thyself" and you will appreciate all things and therefore lack nothing. You will no longer be "a fish (Spirit) in the Ocean (Goddess) looking for water" ). Rather you will be the Life-Ocean who is Alive as " I AM Me".
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When the Tarot- Star Card-Key 17, is thrown during a reading the querent shall be or will be experiencing:

Hope, faith and unexpected help for 17 weeks or 17 months.

  • Self esteem and confidence contributing to self-efficiency and talent. 
  • The querent, upon meditating, shall hear their own song (sound frequency), becoming harmony and then emoting  love, calm and peaceful agility.
  •   An expanded and liberated personality change is in the works.
  •  Hope, faith and expected spiritual help combine.
  • There is a principle of self esteem and confidence here, maybe even recognition of self sufficiency and talent from others.
  • In the next 17wks or months, the querent will be experiencing an upsurge in courage to be themselves and in so doing, assisting others in their self- esteem. 
  • The querent may be hearing their own song through meditation and moving with love in a calm and peaceful rhythm.
  • Opening to the Goddess within.
  • Contacting the Dark Universal Collective Unconscious which is the Ocean of Natural Intelligence.

If ill defined by the accompanying cards:

  • There can be the experiencing of  dreaminess, and deceived hope. This feeling of fantasy is rare, so basically the querent is or will be, experiencing freedom from all masks, illusions and restrictions while being replenished by the pure waters of the Universal Unconscious.
    There can be a state of dreaminess, and deceived hope, if ill defined.

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