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Thoth-Atu 14-Art

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Tarot Card Comparisons:

This key is the Path of Samekh, which leads from Yesod (Foundation) to Tiphareth (Beauty); from the Moon to the Sun or from the Personality to the Higher Self.

  • Primary color of Path: Blue
  • Musical Note: G#
  • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
  • Meaning of Samekh: PROP
  • Hebrew Simple letter: Anger
  • Esoteric title: The Daughter of the Reconcilers, the Bringer Forth of Life.

The Thoth Tarot- Art card, key 14, is an Avant- garde artistic expression of Spiritual Alchemy in its purest form. What is problematic for most modern people is that they believe alchemy is an outdated or ancient form of Chemistry. To an alchemist, chemistry is about dead things, while the Art of Alchemy is creating'" living things". In the past, because minerals and metals did not grow, they were consider excrement by the Fathers of Science. For the Alchemist, the problem then was to elevate metal to vegetable, thus making metals alive. The robe of the Androgynous figure on the Thoth Tarot card, is green as vegetation, symbolizing this alchemical allegory. Royalty Authority, is also shown on this garment as the "royal bee" and the figure eight symbol of the Magus, known as infinity.

Studying the Art of Alchemy, albeit often "hidden" by mystical language, is recommended if you are to understand the subtle meaning of the combination of opposites, to get "living things" out of the dead; purity out of putrefaction.

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In Tarot, The Key 14 Art/Temperance card is the completion of the Lovers- Key-6, Gemini, the divine twins. Sagittarius is attributed to The Art card, and is the Zodiacal opposite of Gemini, and therefore in alchemical terms, "after a manner, at one with it". Sagittarius, is known as the Archer, so a primitive form of the goddess Diana "the Huntress" and also a lunar goddess (Elaine), is illustrated on the Thoth card. The connection between the Huntress and the Moon is illustrated in the shape of the bow on the figure's shoulders. You may have noted that this figure is depicted as having two heads which symbolizes the completed Hermetic Marriage of the Twins illustrated on the Lovers- key 6, as the black and white figures are blended into one androgynous figure. Also, the Goddess Juno, who latter was re-named the god Janus by the Romans, who had a face on both sides of the "mirror"; the faces of Life and Death.

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The Red Lion illustrated on the Lovers card, has become an enlarged White Lion and the White Eagle had become an enlarged Red Eagle. This illustrates a very advanced knowledge of Alchemy, where the Red Lion has exchanged his red blood for her white gluten (the theme of opposites counter-changing, continues as the Eagle turns red). In alchemy, gluten is not of organic wheat, it is a very complicated scientific formula that often takes a laborious deciphering of "mystical words" to explain.

However, some alchemists have named gluten- “white magnesia.” One philosopher translates this as “magnet of Jah,” or, the attractive principle of Divine Wisdom. This magnet is the power of attraction which establishes the orbits of the planets and the astronomical order of the heavens. It is the flow of the Magnetic-Feminine Principle of "Will to Form". It is even called the Universal action of the "Law of Attraction". To further illustrate this equilibrium and counter-change of opposites, on key 6, the white woman has a black head and the black King has a white head. She wears a golden crown with a silver band, and he the silver crown with a golden fillet. Silver represents the Moon and Gold represents the Sun.

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The white head on the right, is extended in action by a white arm on the left which grasps a cup containing the white gluten. The black head on the left, is linked to the black arm on the right, that holds a lance which becomes a torch pouring forth its fiery-electric blood. Thus, the fire that normally burns up the water and the water normally puts out the fire are combined by equal mixing. This equal mixing can be compared to a water injection system that enhances the performance of a combustion engine. Yet again, illustrating the counter-change of opposites. This counter-changing of opposites can also be illustrated in our common lives by the marriage of opposites in husband and wife, and how after time, they both modify and begin acting, "after a manner", like the other. This is similar to the alchemical distillation process, which is done by the slow process of time, as nature does it, rather than under the agitation of extreme heat, as modern chemists do it.

Hence, at the bottom of the Thoth Art card, water (Divine Formative Feminine) and fire (Creative Father) are harmoniously mingled, illustrating a crude concept of the Spiritual idea, which is, "the satisfaction of the desire of an incomplete element of one kind to satisfy its formula by assimilation of its equal and opposite".

The Art of this stage of the great work, is the mingling of opposites in a cauldron of the Sun (gold) which represents the "Human body", also known as the "Golden Child"; the Sun presides over distillation.

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Most of us know that the fertile earth is maintained by rain and sun. The process of rain is formed by a slow process of evaporation, which is carried on the air (which is itself a marriage of fire and water) and engineered by the Sun. This also illustrates the formula for continued life, part of which is death or putrefaction , creates purity, which is represented on the cauldron as a Raven and Skull ( caput mortuum). In this card, the representation of the Alchemy of Life, the union of opposites, by the heat of the Fiery Passion of Spirit (I Will Be) is stated over and over again.

Thoth Tarot-Key 14-Art & is traditionally called-Key 14- Temperance:

At first, many students find the symbolism of the Thoth Major Arcana complicated; However, the principle of the Path of Samekh or Art, is to produce a consciously controlled vision that is limited by will. This inner path, leads from Yesod-Foundation, the 9th Sephiroth to #6-Tiphareth-Beauty.

The purpose of Hermetic, Qabalistic, Alchemy, Astrology and Gnostic symbols is to furnish descriptions that most anyone can relate to. They are not remote or really complicated, if you focus on one at a time. In fact most of the symbolic language of the Mysteries, has been superseded by the language of Carl Jung and other psychologists. To Carl Jung, this ability to consciously control Visions, would be called "lucid dreaming", a process of active dreaming which is known to help the individual correct personality disorders. In truth, there is Only One Mind "dreaming this Universe", and we are the lucid children of that dream.

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Robert Wang goes on to explain, in his text book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT," It should be added that the Metals described in Alchemical literature are the same as the Seven Chakras of the Hindus, the Seven Planets and the Sephiroth of the Microprosopus [lower seven on the Tree of Life.]. These words have been used as codes over the centuries, meaning seven distinct levels of objective consciousness. Thus, when one speaks of a Planet ruling a sign of the Zodiac, what is meant in the relationship of a Sign to a given center of energy both in the Greater Universe and in the Human body." (the brackets are my own explanation).

The Art of awakening these Psycho-dynamic energy Paths in the Human Body, is the Qabalistic initiates goal. Hence, "To Know Thyself", is to know the "As above and so below" nature of our Whole Self.

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The Art/Temperance Card, is the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter, meaning the Sephiroth- Chesed (Wisdom). Here, we should remember that Chesed is the architect of all manifestation, working with the "will to form" and/or "potential to form" of Binah (Understanding).

As explained before, Art-Key 14- The Path of Samekh, is an actual physical process, and a metaphysical process known for centuries by Gnostic, Mystics, Tantric yogis, Alchemists, and , as it is a willed process of directing the communion or interchange of opposite energies. The beginning of this process is begun by the Higher Self; a process which is instituted in the Sephiroth Chesed, the most refined, point of Microprosopus, to which the Higher Self is central.

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Chesed the 4th Sephira-Mercy, is the enacting " will to force" (phallus) of the Great Mother Binah's, the third Sephira-Understanding, process of  "will to form"(womb).

Until the initiate accomplices this psycho-physical process of the Path of Samekh, the Higher Self (Shown as an androgynous figure on the card) cannot be "known", in the waking self-consciousness.

Therefore, key 14 is often described as the Art of "Spiritual Alchemy" and the whole process as a preparation of the Personality, and its physical vehicle to deal with the Solar Forces (influx of Spiritual Fire) which would devastate a "normal" system but becomes a "philosophers stone", in a Magic body.

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This is an ongoing process of tempering, measuring and testing, instigated by the Higher Self, to see how much the physical body can bear. Which is why the traditional title of key 14 was Temperance. For when properly tempered, in Water -emotion and Fire-spirit, the body-cauldron can handle the stress of such energy. Once could say the arrow of Sagittarius is then released (Kundalini rises) causing a vibrational surge in the body. Remember, the human form is the "Golden Cauldron" of Psychosomatic chemistry.

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Once contacted on the Path of Samekh, the Higher Self will regulate the flow, so the individual isn't harmed. Often, a great jolt of energy, will tell the individual to "back off', and relax. Because this is a Passion so overwhelming, it is often described as Divine Anger, which is apt if we realize that anger is for self-motivation; to get off of one's butt and do something. It could be said that Divine Anger is the motivation for Sagittarius to launch his arrow. Therefore, we are not only to be Moons, i.e., reflections of The Real Person (Soul), but also the Solar Personality, the Golden Person known as the Christos or Buddha consciousness, the combination of which makes the Divine Child that radiates Universal persona from inside our DNA. There is an alchemy of inner chemistry, started by the fiery Kundalini force, as it seems to awaken "sleeping chromosomes of Divine inheritance".

Now don't misunderstand, the Art card demonstrates how the experience of rebirth is brought about, which is to say, through the exchange and equilibrium of opposites which can only be symbolically described, but it does not demonstrate the birth itself. Thus, the symbolism here is not to demonstrate a "deep Mystery", rather this symbolism demonstrates how limited and inadequate is our language to describe the process. That is why the Qabalistic Tarot Reader, is not one who thinks that by memorizing descriptions and numbers of the cards they are a Tarot Reader. Rather, it is by skrying, and subjectively "walking the Paths", turning subjective into objective sensation , i.e. the process of actual experience begins to Understand the Tarot. When one enters the card, and mentally "walks" the inner plane, then one can know, rather than think they know.

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The Art Card is not nearly so symbolic as some believe, it symbolizes the Alchemical Art where Fire becomes Water and Water becomes Fire (...."When the male is no longer male and the female, female." : Gnostic Gospel of Thomas from the Nag Hammadi Library). This psychosomatic process is describing an actual event/process that happens in the initiates material body, i.e. an actual physical/chemical/psychological transformation. Thus, Crowley presented on this card a Androgynous figure, combining the Water (unconsciousness with Lightning or Fiery Father-consciousness) creating in the Golden Cistern (the Human body) what is known as the Living Water and/or the Spiritual V.I.T.R.I.O.L.. The Thoth Art card represents the whole hidden quality of the Orphic Egg shown on the Lovers key 6, it is the same formula but in a more advanced stage. Here, the Original Duality (electric -male and magnetic- female- force) has been completely compensated; but after birth comes growth; after growth, puberty; after puberty, purification. This card then is a foreshadowing of the Great Work.

Around the Rainbow Solar Cape of the Thoth- Divine Androgyny is an alchemical Latin glory; VISITA INTERIORA TERRAE RECTIFICANDO INVENIES OCCULTUM LAPIDEM. [ "Visit the interior parts of earth; by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone."] The initials of this glory are, V.I.T.R.I.O.L, which is known in alchemy as the "Universal Solvent". Also, vitriol is also called the "Universal Medicine" which is sometimes a stone (Philosopher's stone), a powder or a tincture, according to ancient writings and is very toxic. It is because the Alchemists were dealing with substances on the "borderland" of matter that makes them difficult to understand. The "Hidden Parts of Earth" are occult code for the Inner Parts of your Body and awakening an archetype chromosome that links our mind with that of the Galactic Solar Core.

This "borderland" can be found also in Physics, where Quantum physics is involved with describing the "Quanta" which is the "borderland" of matter, in modern science. The Alchemist knew/knows that the difference between living things and dead things, is their behavior. The Vitriol, mentioned in alchemy, is a combination of Mercury (Magus), Sulfur (Emperor) and Salt (Empress) but in a higher-living nature rather than the vulgar nature of chemistry. In fact, the word Rectificando implies the right leading of the new substance in the path of the True Will, vivified by merging with Fiery/bright and warm Soul. By bringing the Original Psyche into the body, the Golden Child's fiery nature not only tempers the solar- consciousness, one also tempers the dreams of the Unconscious with consciousness, and the balance of chemicals in the Soma, thus forming "something more than the sum of its parts" and with the addition of sensual discernment that supplied by the body. A union of Master and Masterpiece! What is arcane here is that this "Universal Solvent" is released by the union of consciousness and Kundalini fire in a human body, whose "interior parts of earth" are Chromosomes, using the True Will of the Soul to rightly lead or rectify this new body- substance towards states of "Higher Consciousness".

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This alchemical process is often describe by Qabalists as a personal application of the Yod (fire) and Heh (water) uniting in the body to produce Vau (Air) within the individual crucible of form which is Heh-final and Earth. This is described as a "Spiritual Orgasm" or "The Ecstasy" which is a process demanding inner manipulation of sexual forces (He-" Will to Force" and She, "Will to Form") and is shown as an golden energy (in the shape of a stylized arrow) firing  upward and across the shoulders of the Divine figure in the Art Card. Even the often flesh-o-phobic Christian iconography, has accepted this Spiritual Orgasm. For instance, the ecstasy of the 16th century mystic, Saint Theresa which was described as an angel thrusting a flaming arrow into her heart . Justifying the Traditional Tarot card depiction of an Angel on the Temperance card.

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The symbolical of the piecing arrow that brings ecstatic enlightenment is  actually an archetypal, and mufti-cultural accepted description of a real process of physiological transformation! What happens is a rhythmic, pleasuring motion of inner spiraling energy, an ebb and flow that is confined (shown as the figure eight and/or lemniscate, associate with the Magus) in very specific perimeters (oval or womb shaped) but which is taken in either direction at will.

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The Adept, knows that by changing the vibration of inner energy, one raises or lowers the level of consciousness, moving from Chakra to Chakra or Path to Path. Simply stated: the Kundalini (serpent energy) acting upon consciousness produces astral images; the pictures that form our minds.

The Path of Samekh: Key 14-ART (Temperance). The path that leads from the Moon to the Sun. The Hebrew story that goes along with the letter Samekh starts on:

Har Sinai ( Mount Sinai)

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On the third day when it was morning, there was thunder and lightning and a heavy cloud on the mountain and the sound of the shofar [ram's horn] was very powerful and the entire people that were in the camp shuddered. Moses brought the people forth from the camp toward God, and they stood at the bottom of a mountain. All of Mount Sinai was smoking because God had descended upon it in the fire: its smoke ascended like the smoke of a furnace and the entire mountain shuddered exceedingly. The sound of the shofar grew continually much stronger. Moses would speak, and God would respond to him with a voice.

-Exodus 19:16-19

  • I know that many comfort seekers will not venture out into space on this short excerpt alone but I know of many more from the Bible including the Angels that "fell to earth" and married the "women of men" and Ezekiel's wheel and the older stories on clay tablets of the Annunaki (those who from the Sky came) of the Sumerian's and so much more evidence, including the fact that the human homosapiens species, when compared to the evolution of species on this earth, was a sort of instant evolution, that just exploded upon this planet like no other. Also the fact that Human kind knew Quantum Physics (Subtle energy-Dark light) as the writings of the  Qaballah, Hindu, Chinese and many  philosophies of many thousands of years ago.  Proves to me,  that we are just caching up to their knowledge even now. I propose the hypothesis that our bodies and minds, are part alien and part earth species, a peculiar tempering of opposites done in the "cauldron" of geneticists.  
  • [Exodus 19: 16-19] explains in detail to anyone who has witnessed a Cape Canaveral Rocket launch,  a loud fiery rocket ship landing on the high ground of the Mountain Sinai, and talking to its "Genetically Modified Organisms", i.e. human species. The earth is covered in proof that we have been visited over and over by our "Alien Fore Fathers & Mothers"-often known as the Elder Races, who came from the "Sky". This has been reported by eyewitness accounts from the Dogon of Africa to the  Aryan/Hindus of India,  the Sumerian's of Mesopotamia,  the Mayan's of Central America, all of which is spanning their written histories for thousands of years. The only way to deny the obvious, is to say that everything written by the human scholars of the past, is simply "fairy tales" for children or limited to metaphors. This of course is obvious error, for scholars tend to be academic----which means they are very literal and they don't offer opinions without  belief in facts, usually facts gained by being there, which is what scribes record. Hence, fairy tales are not scholarly scribes witnessing history. So, besides the ignorance that arrogance of academia excuses as "Truth", we should remember that all of our "Modern Science" comes from the Past! {Ancient Greeks and Arabs such as Archimedes, etc.} Therefore I dare say that, we are galactic children whose genetic inheritance comes from the Golden Cauldron of the Galactic Core
  • The purpose of the Divine Creative is obvious...It's "To Be"!  The disturbing fact that mankind has been Homo-Sapient, only for a very short time of 200,000 years, compared to  earth who has had life on it for 3.8 billion years. There is also the fact that Astrophysicists have stated that the Universe is about 14 Billion Years Old, making our Milky Way galaxy a very old Lady, who most likely had life within her Star System, if earth is any example, at about the same time in her existence, say about 10.2 Billion years ago. Plenty of time for very advance beings to become "expression of the Divine Creative", long before earth had her first bacterial burp!
  •  Then there is this very old story of the "Great Flood", found in ancient writings from India, Sumer, Mesopotamia and finally in the Bible. All of which talk about a Man who built a big ship, stuck his family on board, along with "Two of every kind" of critter, in order to survive the flood and repopulate the earth after it dried out.  Anyone with an ounce of sense would know this to be impossible and therefore, a misidentified technology , "a painted picture", done by someone who saw something inexplicable but had to relate what they were seeing to their everyday life. Also, since we have found through centuries of experience that the wooden ship limit to be about 400' before the wood could no longer hold its own weigh and therefore collapse in half, a broken pile of drowning rubble. Plus, there is the fact that there is no way to have two of every species and the food, fodder, fresh water etc., necessary to feed them nor the massive amount of fresh water for them to drink, which alone would be in the thousands of tons, for one day let alone "40 day's and 40 nights", as Noah was said to be adrift on the sea! Not even a continent on earth can supply fodder, water etc. for" two of every kind". 
  • Being modern people we should realize what science, developed by a genus-Homo-Sapiens- that has been on this earth for about 200,000 years, can do today... we can freeze the egg and sperm of every species on this planet and place them on a modern internally powered- refrigerated truck let alone a ship! And we have yet to physically travel beyond the moon!  So I will go out on a expanded and liberated mental postulation and say that "Noah was a "family of peoples" that traveled the Great Sea of Space and when in this solar system, sent out a scout ship (Dove) to find a suitable planet to land on. Now many say that Divine Creative can do anything--It's all a miracle etc. Then I ask, " Why have Noah build a Ship which could not possibly do the job? For even if "god" miraculously gave them eggs and sperm from every species, there was no internal power nor refrigeration in which to keep them suspended in. Thus, the eggs and spermatozoon would experience death in minutes and spoilage in a day. Plus, as it was depicted as having no power, not even sails, it was adrift which would be very unstable and dangerous as even modern ships capsize in heavy seas when adrift. Also, one cannot maneuver an adrift boat. So faith, be it religious, or belief in ones engineering, has nothing to do with the ancient story of Noah.  Besides, the Swedish ship builders who built the 17th Century battle ship the- Vasa, had faith it would float, rather than sinking immediately in its own harbor...they went beyond the 400 ft. limit. Although the sinking of the Vasa shown the limits of size a wooden ship could be, it was nowhere as big as the ship of Noah would have to be.... like maybe the size of earth itself! 
  • Now that I have had fun starting a few arguments about our "genetic splicing" or genetic- alchemy with those who the Sumerian's called the Anunnaki- "those who from the Sky came", or the Christians call the "angels that fell to earth", I will leave you adrift in a sea of questions. So, for more info, you'll have to do your research, and as I have said, the proof of our Alien Elders, is throughout our early history---but is usually denied by "explaining" it as "religion aphorism", or Shamanic drug dreams, fantasy story telling etc.  or some magic architecture.  I think we are the genetic children of the "angels that fell to earth" ! There seems to be much knowledge to support this and knowing doesn't require "faith" requires diligent "work" which may be uncomfortable to many but rewarding to the few. The Story of Samekh, is very intriguing.
  • The Tarot-Key 14- Art/Temperance.

Esoteric title: The Daughter of the Reconciles, The Bringer Forth of Life.

As you can see, the Esoteric title....fits very well with "those who from the Sky came". This is not a "coincidence", as that word just excuses ignorance or denial. The Qabalist know that the path of Samekh, is about safety and protection.

To enhance this image of safety and protection, let me explain another alien presence in the "modern day".

There is a military base in the area of Great Falls Montana, that was/is stocked with ICBMs, during the late 60's and early 70's ( Look this incident up) they had a visitors In "saucer shaped" flying objects, neutralize the 12 missiles that were brought on line for a "test" firing. The offending Saucers swooped down and passed over every missile silo and instantly every missile became inoperable, probably by using some kind of EMT device.----This is documented---everyone on and in the base, both military and civilian, witnessed this. In fact, almost every nuclear test on this planet was witness to a "UFO" incident. Craft were seen that were beyond the technology of every nation on this planet. It would seem that we are being watched and protected form our own idiocy. We seem to be very important to someone "off Planet" and they are watching and protecting us!

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Again, both Plato and Qabalah state the necessity to "Know Thyself". Part of that knowledge is that we are the evolutionary Children of the Highest States of Energy-Conscious in this universe. It's time to personalize the Highest States of Mind by Being them! This requires " Spirit's LOVE OF BEING" to release a hidden substance in our bodies, so that our brains "tune in" a Universal Mind! So, know that you are a continual action of the Universal Unconscious collective's "Love of Being". A knowing that requires you to realize that Love begins with your-self....for we cannot give what we don't have! You are not alone and you have been "loved into being, worshiped into manifestation, and adored into presence" by "those who from the Sky came", who seem to be just doing, " The Great Work" by bringing the "above to the below", i.e. Eld life to new life. Hence, we are made in "their own image" as Adam Khadmon the Archetype! I think that once we begin treating each other as we wished to be treated; a very evolved state of mind, we will be welcomed into the Galactic Family and landings or "fallings", may become normal commerce. Think of how long we have allowed our most paranoid thinkers, to rule us...It's time to switch from the ignorant behavior of the Survival Mind (animal predator mind) to our Solar Minds, (Souls). We are Stars and as an Auric Seer, it is easy for me to SEE That!

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The Art of awakening these Psycho-dynamic energy Paths in the Elder Race chromosomes genetically spliced into the Human Body, is the Qabalistic initiates goal. "To Know Thyself", is to know the "As above and so below" nature of our Whole Self. The Art/Temperance Card, is assigned the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter, meaning the Sephiroth- Chesed (Mercy). Let me remind you that Chesed, the Sephirotic Being called "mercy", who is titled the "architect of all manifestation", is a Universal Galactic Creative, not an intelligence of earth and therefore, is an Eld of our creation.

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Adam Khadmon-The Heavenly Human Archetype

As explained before, Art-Key 14- The Path of Samekh, is an actual physical process, and a arcana for centuries of  Gnostic, Mystics, Tantric yogis, Alchemists, and Qabalists, and is a willed process of directing the communion or interchange of opposite energies. The beginning of this process is begun by one going into deep meditations, physiological yoga's, skrying, reading and study Qabalah, tarot divinations etc.

Until the initiate accomplices this psychosomatic process of the Path of Samekh, the Higher Self (Shown as an androgynous or Angelic figure on the card) cannot be known to the personality anymore than a radio not tuned to a certain radio station, can pick up that station.

All in all, the Art Card key 14, is the consummation of the Divine Marriage, depicted on the Lovers card, Key 6, here the Orgasm of Spirit has been reached within the Anima and Animus chemical forces of the human body.  There is a perfect interchange of chemistry, as the Red Lion has become white, and the White lion has become Red. The Art card shows Water being poured on Fire, and Fire is merged with Water, the red blood of the white lion and the white blood of the Red Eagle are also dripping within the purified physical vehicle, shown as the Golden Cauldron, i.e. the Master's body. Get and read the Text Book, The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang and the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley for further mystical explanation of this coded process.

When the Art or Temperance Tarot card is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing or will soon experience:

  • A combination of forces effecting realization and action.
  • A blending of all circumstances in order to achieve balance.
  • Trials and tribulations that lead to the "middle path", arriving at a profound realization.
  • That one is blending all circumstances to create balance.
  • Balancing the opposite and different conditions of life. 
  • One is either seeking or has at one's disposal the knowledge to blend different  life aspects, thereby creating harmony.
  • One has a lot of knowledge to inherit from the Divine and must have active balance to receive it!
  • This is the Law of Creativity.
  • The Angel that we are must unite with the Animal that we have enlivened in order to be the Divine expression of now!

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations!

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