The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot- Two of Wands & The Thoth Tarot- 2 of Wands-Dominion.

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· Rider-Waite-Tarot

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rider-waite-smith-two of wands

Looking at the Tree of Life, we know the 2/ twos belong to the 2nd Sephiroth- Chokma --the 2nd Sephiroth of the Supernal Triangle.

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The Rider-Waite-Smith Card Shows two obviously phallic wooden wands, sprouting leaves, implying the vital male fire of growth, which destroys the old to build the new. The Rider-Waite-Smith card shows a man surveying his kingdom, as symbolized by the world globe in his hand. Again Waite shows only a mnemonic device intended to benefit the mundane diviner of Tarot, rather than the deeper magic of skrying and invocation that is illustrated in the Thoth Cards. The Red Rose, and the White Lily, sigil on the castle wall, implies the two aspects of the Western Goddess. The White Lily, is the sigil for the goddess Eostre/Easter . the Virgin Spring Goddess. The Red Rose, symbolizes The Great Mother of the Gods, and/or the Flower of Venus. Venus was known in Roman mythology as the wife of Mars. The hidden meaning here is that there is no male authority unless she grants it.

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The Two wands imply the dual energy of Mars and Aries, in a perfect balance. The Fiery Male Force of Mars rules Aries, and this perfect balance of Male force makes this a very powerful card. Chokmah is Pure Will, independent of any given object. Will without lust of result that is Will without the "to be" that causes manifestation. This is the Powerful Will that the Magi can channel into ritual manifestation, but only if the Magi has taken care of preparation so there is no lust for result in their psyche.

Mars, the planet of War, is in its own sign, Aries, the first of signs. and therefore represents Energy initiating a current of Force.

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Thoth-2 of wands-dominion

The Thoth 2 OF WANDS-Dominion presents an interesting illustration of the Tibetan Dorjes (Thunderbolts) crossed and crowned with the Angelic Tibetan Kha-Dro-Ma (Daughters of Kali). These thunderbolts are more destructive than constructive making this a card a symbol for balanced Destructive Force, such as Mars and Aries. Few of us remember that destruction is the first part of the creative process, but often to individual regret it is so. Even the Universe as The Singularity, destroyed a single state of Itself to become many states of Self in the Big Bang. To tell the Truth, any great accumulation of oppressed energy by any form, be it psyche or physical, will be destroy by it and if done properly, a phoenix will arise from the pieces as they are molded by the excess of Vital flame that purifies. Again, the Divine Feminine is presented as the Kha-Dro-Ma (Chanted as 3 syllables) implying that dominion of the male force (Will To Force) is only granted by the Divine Feminine (Will To Form). This is clearer, when one knows that the Third Sephiroth-Binah, means "Understanding", and the Invisible Sephiroth of Daath, that lies on the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, is the Priestess-the Divine Androgyny and means-"Knowledge". Hence, both are required for information to be created. In the Invisible World of the Upper Triangle, information, which is measurement, is created as forms in the the lower parts of the Tree of Life. Hence, she understands it, and then produces it as information/manifestation. He, as "Will to Force", gets to make the laws for the informations operation.

Unlimited Energy, is oppressed/limited in forms ; a necessary oppression to be sure, but sill in each of us, the Energy fights to join with the Totality. Invoking more of the One Energy, changes the form's Time/Space (we are space/spirit, which encompasses a measurement of information/time), too more energetic boundaries than before and the one who invokes is often accused of "insanity" because their reality (boundaries) has changed from the normal- form- boundaries of animal life, to that of the para-normal. That expansive perspective makes both genius and insanity seem to be one and the same. One must remember that the mundane form is bound by a lesser vibratory perspective of self absorbed behavior and fears the greater unknown and therefore lives a "scattered" life of "reaction". While often the "insane" and/or "meta-physical" have one powerful focus of action.

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Often, in those who seek "enlightenment" (Thunderbolts of energy---"The flow is in the Know") find that their balance "Will to Force" (emotions) and "Will to Form" (Imagination) creates a powerful Action state called "Being Present". Hence, their expanding awareness brings fear and repulsion from their "peers" and friends of the past drop away. These are the primary animal tendencies responses blamed on the "ego" as it sees its own smaller energy constructed vessel (mind is a vessel that contains thought) being stressed; self- destruction as being eminent. But then with understanding of the complete plan, as Qabalah study is wont to do, the student willingly surrenders, rejoices and co-operates in the "Purifying Fire" of which Saints are often accused of entering.

The Creative Will of the 2, is also represent by the 6 (number of Tiphareth-The Sun/Son) flames of the Sun in its exaltation in the sign of Aries, that radiate outward from the Dorjes.

When the 2/Two of Wands card is thrown during a Divination, the querent is being:

  • Overcome by boldness. courage, fierceness, and Shamelessness.
  • Generous and proud, but also a certain amount of revenge, and resolution.
  • There is a suggestion of turbulent energy, that seems to be beyond the "ego's" ability to control but it can also become sagacious, yet unforgiving and obstinate.  
  • Centering only on the love within, is the solution to this immense Power of Will, that is all around us, but of what we have so little contact with, as we have "given ourselves" to the definitions of "others".....and believe we have little, if any "Will Power".
  • This card is suggesting that the Spirit (Will) is beginning to rebel against its predisposed  boundaries...come "Hell or High Water"!
  • The querent is claiming and validating the Self and instigating new self-concepts.
  • Synthesizing their abilities producing a new powerful life.
  • The intuition is awakening and claiming the body as a Wand of power...the inner Dragon is awakening.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards (Thoth) or reversed (Rider-Waite-Smith), it implies:

  • Destructiveness.
  • The persona becomes baffled by the vital power unleashed without a "lust for result". 

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