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· Rider-Waite-Tarot

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rider-waite-smith-Ace of Wands

The Rider-Waite-Smith- ACE OF WANDS keeps with the traditional wooden wand, and the Hand of God(Yod) holding a obviously phallic Wand whose leaves are also shaped as the Hebrew letter Yod. Both the Rider-Waite and Thoth Card imply that the Ace of Wands is the source of All Energy. The entire Tree of Life is the glyph of the power of Fire, of Kether, the Crown on the Tree of Life.

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Thoth-Ace of Wands

THE ACE OF WANDS, of the Thoth Deck, shows a flaming club/Wand with flaming Yods (meaning-hands) going in the directions of the individual Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. The All Powerful name of God in the Qabalah is Tetragrammaton and the Yod is the first Hebrew letter, of the Hebrew spelling of that name (you may look all this up in the book QABALISTIC TAROT by Robert Wang). The Yod, is associated with the English word, "Father".

When you look upon the Ace of Wands, you are viewing the Fire (Father) aspect of the One Energy that is in all things, as well as, in all Sephira on the Tree of Life. This Fire is obvious when looking at the Thoth Ace of Wands, but suggested as the life force in the sprouting wood wand of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck.

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The Fire, also represents Spirit which "Knows Itself through form/measurement", and thus is loosely explained as the underlying Fire in all things (Sex energy). However, this is in no way a complete understanding of the Spiral Energy {Spirit} that is all around us, in us, below us and above us, and unseen by us; However, deeply felt by us as " Inner-Self". The Ace of Wands is the invisible "movement within all motion", i.e. "Will to Force", which is about as clear a understanding as we can get. The Qabalah, calls it, "....the primordial Energy of the Divine manifesting in Matter", yet it is at so early a stage that it is not definitely formulated as Will (Conscious Spirit) and has no form until Binah, Understanding, who is the Great Mother, begins form/measurement, by "Understanding" it.

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Please note: The small cards, known as Minor Arcana are not Divine Persons as are the Atu (Major Arcana). Rather, they are sub elements and/or "blind forces" under the Demiourgos (Creative Intelligence), Tetragrammaton. These "blind forces" are ruled by the Intelligentsia, in the Yetzirah World, who go forth from the Sechemhamphorach (Lord of the Universe). Lord being an Anglo-Saxon word for Husband or Husbandry, and means that he is "keeper of Her Forms". In other words, "There was no Father 'till she Named Him Father" (Gnostic Text), simply stating the Form of Father (Fire-Light) belongs to Her creative Dark-Womb. This is one of the many mysteries studied by the Qabalist and theoretical quantum physicists. A study just too lengthy and in-depth for this one blog excerpt but one that enhances self-knowledge, for this implies that we are not "light'" but have the power to form it into "information" and manifest it as "ourselves". Thus we are Space/Spirit who forms Time/Light, as first "self-image".

Before you pass out from over extension of your reasoning processes, it is enough for now, that we understand that the Element of Spirit (Fire) has its own Lords of the Atu or Major Arcana, (Magus, Emperor, Hermit etc.) . and each Atu possesses it's own private, personal and particular Universe, making an "multi-verse", with all Demiourgos complete, just as EVERY MAN AND WOMAN is a complete composite of the 10 dimensional Universe depicted by the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life!

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Now all of us are taught that we are built "incomplete" and must seek Goodness (God-ness-----Demiourgos-ness) in order to "make it to heaven".  Yet most people actually believe they are in the image of God/Spirit, and/or made by God/Spirit and have inherited the Divine Creative mind of Imagination (making you a Demiurge), but somehow, this Divine All Knowing, All building, All Creating Power, has judge you a sinner and/or an error;  An image of the Divine, created by Divine Will, would not be created as dysfunction, simply because The Divine Creative wouldn't create what it wouldn't want to be. You are made in a completeness, a Wholeness collective of tens of dimensions of intelligence that must always progressively identify Itself as evolutionary Self-Awareness through creation of  "self-image", for the infinite cannot measure itself! The Qabalistic World of Assiah, the Physical world, has been created to give Self-Measure! You are the Child of The Divine Creative and what you are taught to believe as sin, or incompleteness, is the unending potential of "free thinking" (freedom of choice) that empowers progressive creation! This understanding is lost to you because you are taught to belittle your identity, or are belittled by cultural definitions that make you believe someone else has rule over you, even though you are made "in Gods image" and have that freedom of choice that is manifesting as any perspective of Self you choose. In other words, you allowed someone else to measure you. How ridiculous! Because of this assault on your self value, you may have forgotten that Goddess doesn't build what Goddess doesn't want!

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There is a divine fire within you, and this Ace of Wands- Demiurge, that drives you over mountains, into the deepest seas, and towards the void of space, creating always creating, because you are the child of the Divine Frenzy of "I AM ME" that is of infinite possibilities and whose measurement is every expanding, ever changing, ever creating and every experiencing that which you create as you- measurement and/or perspectives of self.

"ABOVE ALL THINGS, KNOW THYSELF".....YOU ARE A Demiourgos OF YOUR OWN UNIVERSE. The Goddess of Macrocosm made you the sun of goddess of your own Microcosm. It is time to know that we didn't come into being as a delusion of God or Goddess; we came into being as a Self-Reflection of Goddess/God and/or the Divine Creative. The Phallic-God that is expressive creative energy and the Womb-God that is receptive creative energy. The Fire of Passionate creation, the burning need to be, is that Fire felt, and the Mind is the vessel/womb of idea and thought. Hence, you are completeness, as Spirit-Mind-Body (Will-Understanding-Measurement).

This will take some meditation on idea and thought, which is the "purpose" of the Tarot and the Qabalah. You are blinded by "man-made" definitions of yourself, the Universal Collective Unconscious creates "Self Image" and the- Picture Language of the Tarot and the Qabalah, help you to "see again" the I Am that is forms/measures, its self-awareness as "you".

Our mental blindness, is an illusion created by the Military Industrial Complex of Rulers, who know the art of "divide and conquer" so that One's collective can be "man-made", which is to be divided, spirit from body, mind from soul, by placing the definitions of religion and/or "right and wrong" in between; dividing mind from Soul-Psyche- energy by believing you are not energy nor intelligence, but seeking it. Therefore, dividing personality from purpose, by training one to believe our purpose is some service of the State or corporations and we who are spirit, are to seek "spirituality". Idea, is not Form. Idea is Formless, and comes from the Greek, I Dea, which means "I Goddess" who is "Will to Form". Hence, thought is a first measurement of form. Hence, it is the "first material". Thought is justly untrustworthy, for it is anybodies fantasy of definition and excuses ignorance as "virtue" (just as religions do). That is why "Truth is made Manifest". For example, yell the words "grow grass, or become grass" at your table. You will find that no matter how forceful your tone, the thought of the definitive word grass does not build the form of grass. Grass is an idea and not the completed information of Form. The word Grass is merely a thought and or a definition of this green leafy being and not a truth to you, as you cannot build it as form yourself. Therefore, take no word of man seriously, it isn't a truth until it is made manifest... and the only place it is being made "manifest", is the brain of the person speaking! Remember, we are Psyche and Soma (body) and therefore, Psychosomatic in operation.

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You are an Idea of Divinity, not a definition of thought, a word or any combination of words, made by mankind.

Any division between Spirit, unconsciousness (Imagination), consciousness (self conscious) and subconsciousness (body intelligence) causes Weakness, confusion, division, and separation due to errant communication between our "Sephirothic energy collective conscious" by destroying a "path of communication" between dimensions; our Tree of Life Paths called "Atu". Strength requires Union. In the world made of seekers, there aren't a multitude of I AM's, there are Rulers (I Am your authority) and Slaves who are considered "I Ain't s" and therefore are those who must seek happiness, love, value, definition,etc, all of which is supplied by "somebody else" (Saviors), because somehow," God had a "bad hair day" when God created you as It's own Image!"

Sorry people, but this is thoughtless ignorance, for the Divine Creative has day's only when the Divine has Form! Because "Days" come from Time/Space and not from the Infinite and Endless! "I AM God's Day" a far more intelligent way to understand who you are ! "I Am the Love of You", is a far greater understanding of Creation.

The Thoth ACE OF WANDS, and that of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, as stated by Israel Regardie of the Golden Dawn,:(Regardie, The Golden Dawn, v. IV. 'Book T'): "First order of appearance are the four Aces, representing the force of Spirit acting in, and binding together the four scales of each element and answering to the Dominion of the Letters of the Name in Kether of each. They represent the Radical or Root Force. The four Aces are said to be placed on the North Pole of the Universe, wherein they revolve, governing its rotation, and ruling as the connecting link between Yetzirah and the Material Plane of the Universe."

When the ACE OF WANDS, of both the Thoth and Rider-Waite decks, is thrown during a Divination, it implies:

  • Having a new thought or new idea.
  • Great energy of new beginnings where one has discovered a new source of trans-formative power.
  • The querent is planting the seeds for a new public identity.
  • Inspired Consciousness, a desire for self-growth.
  • The passions are aroused and creativity is assured.
  • A gift of great sexual energy, strength, power and the love of life.
  • Expansive energy and will-power for whatever one's goals dictate.
  • The first impulse and passion will begin.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards (Thoth) or reversed (Rider-Waite-Smith) it implies:

  •  That chaos begins.
  • Destruction through exaggeration.
  • Failure through arrogance.

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