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rider-waite-smith-three of pentacles

The Rider-Waite Three of Pentacles concentrates on the meanings of employment, business, and constructive building, by illustrating a medieval church scene while three artisans are at work. Some of the colors in this scene may have something to do with Mars, as in the red roses on the odd robe of one of the personages. Roses are sacred to the Goddess Binah, and red is the color assigned to Binah in her martial/active state. The Thoth 3 of Disks, is traditionally called the Three of Pentacles in many medieval art tarot decks. However, the Pentacle, fails to imply the spinning motion of all Atoms, the "Great Work" material of the physical universe. Hence, Crowley choose a disk (disc), for its stability and propensity for accuracy, depends on its spin. Crowley knew that there are really no "solids", as all things have more space than material, as well as, even the rocks have within them spinning atoms.

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Thoth-3 of Disks-works

The Thoth 3 of Disks is named Works, and also the Lord of Material Works. The zodiacal attribution to this card, is Mars in Capricorn.

The Angels of the Decan are Yechevah and Lehachiah.

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The 3 of Disks-Works, is the influence of Binah (Third Sephira-Understanding) in the Material world and/or the physical, that Qabalists call Assiah.

Capricorn (shown below the pyramid) is an Earth sign and the effect of Mars (above the pyramid) on Capricorn is to bring great discipline and control in material things, such as, employment, business, and building construction.

Crowley illustrated this card on the basis of 3, showing 3 wheels at 3 points of the pyramid. This grouping of 3, is shown in Alchemy as Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt; or in Qabalah as the maternal letters Shin (Fire) Mem (Water) and Aleph (Air) or in the Psyche as I, Am, Me. If you are interested in Hindu systems, the 3's are Sativas, Rajas and Tamas, respectively. In the Qabalah philosophy, The Great Work is to bring the conscious energy of the Above Supernal Triangle (top 3) or Atziluth, into the below via the ascended human. As a process, this action is called, "As above, so Below"; Which, by the way, has already been accomplished as I Am Me, but because of our enforced "amnesia" brought on by believing in the instinctual fears of the animal-self, our Soul is not known to our brains. Instead, superstition becomes our "god", rather than our Spirit, which has completed the "3" (a triangle is a plane- the information necessary for construction) as Spirit-Mind-Body. Yet, we wander around lost, in the amnesia of fear; starting with a childish fear of rejection, which becomes a collective of fears, such as fear of pain, fear of loss, fear of time (stress) fear of poverty, fear of ... etc. This forms a collective called "a mind". A mind based on "fear of death", is a survival mind and/or animal mind. The Soul is a collective mind of Creation, built by Spirit and it is based on "I AM Me", a fearless expression of Self. Therefore, the Great Work is to "Know thyself", and reclaim your Spiritual inheritance. This is an inheritance, so you need not earn it, just "receive" it by knowing who you are. Receive or receiving is the English translation of the word Qabalah.

On the Thoth card, the Pyramid seems to be arising out of a turbulent Great Sea, that represents Binah often called The Great Sea of Binah and/or The Universal Collective Unconscious. This card also represents the Material establishment of the Universe as determined by its basic form of 3 as based on the Trinity of the Supernal Triangle and the fact that 3 points make a plane. The influence of Mars is in the Red- tint.

When the 3 of Disks or Three of Pentacles is thrown during a reading the querent is experiencing:

  • A full commitment to a situation and is unconcerned about difficulties.
  •  Is aware of responsibilities.
  •  Is planning secure structures in areas of finance, physical security and needs.
  • Right effort towards a wise end in trade, skilled labor, Etc.
  • A basic form or structure may be completed , needing only finishing touches.
  • Approval from others who appreciate the hard work the success that the querent has achieved.
  • Material gain as a result of creative skills within a 3 wk. or 3 month time frame.
  • Love of one's creations, and nurturing others who assist in the work.
  • Being one's self, without fear of criticism. 

If ill defined by the surrounding cards (Thoth) or reversed (Rider-Waite-Smith) it implies:

  • Without direction.
  • Senseless fervor.

In a more spiritual reading, where the cards surrounding show a majority of Major Arcana

, the querent is engaged in the Great Work of "As above and so below", by expressing the Higher Self through paranormal skills, that are often called "magic abilities".

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