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· Rider-Waite-Tarot

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rider-waite-smith- two of pentacles

The Rider-Waite Two of Pentacles suggests the more mundane underlying pattern of alternation in all matter by showing us a juggler of two Pentacles surrounded by an infinity symbol and/or juggled pattern of the Pentacles. Here, is the symbol of the Infinite Feminine and the Infinite Masculine as One Energy, the O-Fool, is "turned upon itself": 0=2 .

A further suggestion of this profound relationship of opposites is depicted in the background as two ships ride the waves of a high sea. Chokmah, the Second Sephiroth, is Wisdom and is the governing factor and/or intelligence behind the four Twos and the Four Kings.

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Chokmah is:

  • The Active Supernal Father, as Kether is the One Energy, the Observer, who is inactive.
  • The Will to Force, combined with Binah the Will to Form, making the Divine Marriage of Will to Be.
  • Dynamic outpouring Energy. (Vital Force)
  • Unorganized and Uncompensated for organization happens in Chesed the 4th Sephirotic state of conscious energy.
  • The Great Stimulator

The First Positive.

Chokmah's symbols are:

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The Line, the Yod (meaning, hand) and the Phallus. Chokmah is also called the Sphere of the Zodiac and the color is a grey made of a swirling of all colors that have not yet been organized.

Here the Mystery of Sex, and/or "The Law of Attraction", is apply termed and begun. The Mystery of Positive and Negative polarities, of Electric and Magnetic Force. The Universal union of opposites, the Will, and the Word, that makes motion possible, that is why Chokmah is the Great Stimulator. Chokmah is a Hebrew word that means WISDOM, as does the Greek word Sophia, the goddess of wisdom. Therefore, Chokmah is the unorganized sexuality, where the two sexes haven't yet become individuals.

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Thoth- 2 OF dISKS-cHANGE


Known also as the Two of Pentacles in the Rider-Waite deck, the 2 of Disks represents the Lord of Harmonious Change. Astrologically, the 2 of Disks is Jupiter in Capricorn. The Angels of the Decan are Lekabel and Yeshiriah.

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The 2 of Disks represents Chokmah influencing the Material World known as Assiah to Qabalists.

Traditionally, Jupiter is known as a benevolent planet but is not well placed in Capricorn where it's only positive influence can be exercised in organization. Thus, the harmonies of dual interactions which are inherent in Chokmah are assured in earthly application.

As One Energy in Atziluth (Supernal Triangle) , the Duality of Energy (He-She) is now completely expressed in duality and/or polarity making a circle into a Figure Eight; a symbol that also represents infinity. This figure eight is shown as A Large Serpent on the card, the Uroboros which also represents wisdom. As you may know, Serpentine Force, is waves of frequencies of the One Energy. Uroboros is also a very ancient symbol for Wisdom which is the English name of Chokmah. Chokmah being a Hebrew feminine noun that is interpreted from the Greek word for Wisdom, Sophia the goddess of Wisdom. Thus, the Two of Disks also suggests the underlying patterns of alternation in all matter and the profoundly powerful relationship between opposites as shown in the use of the yin yang symbol and the element symbols within the Chinese idiom, on this card. However, in divination this card represents the harmony of change.

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  • A transition or transformation in the physical.
  • A juggling of affairs to balance material life.
  • Cause and effect. Recognizing the infinite process of yin yang.
  • Handling inner growth and outer achievement at the same time.
  • Keeping several propositions going at once. The flow of movement made by skillful manipulation achieves success.
  • Time to reflect on the situation and balance both sides most often with unconsidered action.
  • This is a card of Change, the most important corrective in the Universe, as it keeps transformation going and thus Life moving as "Alive".  Plus, the combining of opposites makes diversity possible, as it annihilates the individual, forming yet another. For example, if you combine blue with blue, you only get blue. But Blue with Red makes Purple, and the Red and Blue colored individuals are now annihilated. Color is now diversified. Energy alone is just everywhere and nowhere at the same moment, but energy combined with Magnetism is form/information and thus the measurement of time space.

If ill defined by surrounding cards (Thoth) or reversed (Rider-Waite-Smith) it implies:

  • Instability.

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