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· Declarative -Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth- 9 of Cups-Happiness

Lord of Material Happiness.


#9. In thought, word, and deed, I rest my life, from day to day, upon the sure Foundation of Eternal Being.

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Heart (cups)-No.9-Elation

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"The 9 of Cups represents Yesod in Briah, influencing the material world. In this context, the benevolence of Jupiter brings happiness and satisfaction to the Earth plane, Malkuth, by operating through the waters of Pisces. The 9 of Cups, titled 'Happiness', symbolizes sensuality and pleasure—more mystical than conventionally perceived and less stable than the 10. As a result, emotion flows, gravitating towards the mystical states of ecstasy. Such sensual pleasure might even be interpreted as a religious experience given the pronounced influence of Jupiter in the passive, receptive, and psychic nature of Pisces. Furthermore, Jupiter in Pisces suggests enjoyable travels by water and augurs success in occupations steered by Neptune. The personality depicted here leans towards kindness, being quiet and unassuming, with an unambitious outlook on life. However, if the planet is well-dignified, a more ambitious approach to occupation might be present."

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"The square arrangement of the cups on the 9 of Cups, with each overflowing into the other, alludes to the 4th Sephiroth, Chesed-Jupiter, signifying the perfection of the water force—a dreamy flow of consciousness. This association is further strengthened by Yesod, with 9 being the number linked to the Moon. Pisces manifests the most placid form of water, representing unconscious emotions. As such, this card embodies a wellspring of happiness that permeates our usual waking consciousness. Consequently, those experiencing this happiness don't overthink this state; it seamlessly flows from the unconscious to the conscious realm without scrutiny."

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Heart-No. 9-Elation.

The Declarative Tarot- Layers of Heart-No.9-Elation brings up a challenging question that may be difficult to answer. " Are you denying yourself the pleasure of sharing your elating your life experiences with yourself or others?" Many of us are taught to be humble or manage our level of the inner dance of fun and play. The cultural meaning of being an adult is to be a common critter among the herd, and not the one that jumps and plays. Dare to step out of the herd!

On the lower right of this card is a smiling young ostrich who is radiating the inner joy of presence. Emerald, green tree frogs sit together creating a sonata of joyful song. Above all this elation, are two figures jumping with joy and play. Elation is an expression of happiness that rises even higher, expands even further, and brings a sense of energetic sparklers to the moment.

High above the ecstatic joy and dance, is a *sunflower whose heart center is a characterized face with its eyes closed in a moment of peaceful surrender, the feeling of elation. The mouth is smiling while the leaves reach out in an equilibrium of joyfulness. Are you allowing yourself to enjoy your presence and shine outward radiating a feeling of elation that infects others with a delight in being? Let others join in your elation and dance together under the sun!

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*Sunflowers, with their vibrant and large blooms facing the sun, have captured the imagination of many cultures and have been imbued with symbolic meaning in folklore and myth. Here are some of the common interpretations and beliefs associated with sunflowers:

  1. Solar Symbolism: Given its appearance and the way it turns to face the sun throughout the day (a phenomenon known as heliotropism), the sunflower is often seen as a symbol of the sun, representing warmth, fertility, and sustenance.

  2. Adoration and Loyalty: The sunflower's tendency to face the sun is often interpreted as a symbol of deep loyalty, adoration, and faithfulness. It is believed to represent unwavering faith and unconditional love.

  3. Happiness and Positivity: With its bright yellow petals, the sunflower is frequently associated with joy, happiness, and optimism.

  4. Growth and Nourishment: In some cultures, sunflowers represent human growth, nourishment, and harvest. They're seen as symbols of bounty because of their substantial number of seeds and the oil they produce.

  5. Greek Mythology: There's a myth in Greek folklore about a nymph named Clytie who fell in love with the sun god Apollo. When her love was not reciprocated, she was transformed into a sunflower, always turning her face to look upon Apollo as he moved across the sky.

  6. Christian Symbolism: In Christian symbolism, sunflowers are often used to represent God's love and the way believers follow faith, just as the sunflower follows the sun.

  7. Native American Symbolism: Native American tribes utilized sunflowers for food, oil, and medicinal purposes. For them, sunflowers symbolized courage and were used in ceremonies to protect warriors.

  8. Russian Folklore: Sunflowers play a role in Russian folklore where they're symbols of unwavering faith and good luck. They were also believed to provide protection.

  9. Chinese Culture: In Chinese culture, the sunflower is often used as a symbol of longevity, vitality, and good fortune.

It's worth noting that while these are some common interpretations, the meaning of sunflowers can vary between cultures and individual beliefs. Whether used in art, literature, or spiritual practices, sunflowers are versatile symbols that continue to inspire people around the world.

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The top figure has an aura of radiant waves of joy. With a beaming inner eye, the face surrenders to the bliss of the moment. The frequencies of Spirit-Mind-Body are in a beautiful harmony that sends notes of joyfulness into the environment. The moon cycle is peering down in a moment of light and shadow balance. As my muse (anima) has always told me when I worried about this or that, "Your presence is enough to create whatever you wish". Hence, celebrating your presence empowers you to achieve what many would think is impossible. We are Suns of Goddess/God and/or The Divine Creative, and as a Celestial Being we shine and forget the gloom around us, for the sun doesn't worry about the clouds, it just continues to radiate its presence while the clouds just burn away!

When the 9 of Cup-Happiness or The Declarative Tarot-Layers of the Heart-no.9-Elation is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • Contentment and Satisfaction.
  • Everything looks and feels "rosy".
  • The querent, is enjoying self-esteem and inner joy, flowing feelings of inspiration and joy.
  • The dull thunk in this chiming joy, is that this is temporary, as Change is the stability of the Universe; "The cat is away, so the mice can play", kind of moment.
  • Before reason takes over and finds the logical points of survival thinking that messes up "unmitigated joy".
  • The love that opens everything.
  • Optimism and trust in the future.
  • Charity.
  • Emotional breakthrough.

If ill defined by surrounding cards in the layout it implies:

  • Self-complacency.
  • Vanity.
  • Arrogance.
  • Faux happiness of materialism.
  • Stinginess.
  • Loss.

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