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· Tarot of the spirit

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Thoth- 3 of swords-sorrow

The 3's of Tarot belong to Binah who is the Trinity Goddess and the 3rd Sephiroth called Understanding. She is also named the Sanctifying Intelligence and the Parent of Faith by Dr. Paul Foster Case, the founder of B.O.T.A.. Here is the implication that any religion of any sect, could not have a "church" without this underlying structure of Sanctifying Intelligence.

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As Mary is the Church, in Catholic doctrine, so is Binah the Parent of Faith, not the faith itself, but its parental intelligence that is the foundation of organization, structure and sanctity. She is the Will to Form, and your body is the church/temple of your spirit; a church you wouldn't have without the Trinity Creatrix-Binah, whose feminine aspects are Maid-Mother-Crone.

You may ask, "What has the Trinity Goddess to do with sorrow?" To make this simple, she is the Crone in this card, and the Crone is the death of the “you” that you think you are and the "Wise Woman" that knows who you really are.

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As the concept of Virgin, we have Binah as High Priestess, as concept of Mother we have Binah as Empress and here She is as the beginning of Crone which forms in Geburah.

Let me explain: many of us think that “freedom of choice" is happiness, but we forget that in order to have "freedom of choice", we must have a beginning and an end. As Spirit, we just Are, there is no up, no down, no in and no out; we are here and there. But as a Spirit who runs a material body as an avatar, we have the freedom to choose up, down, in or out. This freedom of psyche is really free-doom (Anglo-Saxon root word of freedom meaning,” I choose my own death”) for we also get to choose our body-death. Be it ignorant or intelligent choice, it is still our psyche’s choice. Therefore, freedom of choice also brings great sorrow and great joy, love and sadness etc. With the Divine Creative Mind of Imagination, this freedom also contains the burden of insanity, where we use our creative ability against ourselves. Again, we have bodies so that we may form the necessary intimacy, that is a discerning personality. Spirit doesn't discriminate-----it just is the One Energy!

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As Mustaffa Jahaladine Rumi, the twelfth century Sufi master and poet said about sorrow; "Sorrow prepares you for joy, it violently sweeps everything out of your house, so new joy can find a space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place."

What many of us forget, to be the Only One creates a process of awareness that One is all there is and One is alone, unable to share, to express to itself as “another”, or in any way able to define existence. The “I” needs the “Am”. Therefore, a great sorrow of loneliness was realized before the WILL TO FORM (“Am”-Binah who is understanding) was thought of and thus creating from EXISTENCE, self-awareness.

This card is gloomy because the storm of repressed emotion breaks out and destroys the balance that one has tenuously made for themselves. However, since the storm ultimately comes from within and forces us to grow beyond our own form, no matter how painful, revealing that a release of energy (Energy-in-Motion= emotion) can be a logical part of our own development. Hence, the 3 of swords also symbolizes the pattern of action that follows the thought pattern of I AM a man made title/description of words. Therefore, one can only move within this world by acting, albeit, we can only act consciously within the images of the world that we have made for ourselves. As I think I Am, is the foundation of our "world images". We have accepted the Patriarchal "words" as identity, building for ourselves a disillusionary developmental process of painful perceptions. Never fear, the Crone will cleave from you the lies that you think you are. Per

This card is a 3, the number of the major arcana--key 3- The Empress and to her the great Sorrow of the Mother is felt. For she has given birth to Beautiful Children who often think themselves into acting as Monsters. This hurts a loving mother. Also the fact that those beautiful children must end because to begin is to end and to have freedom, is to be the cause of one's own end. Because of the need to transform we know that sorrow arrives with every loving attachment in this world of matter. To receive is to lose. To begin is to end. To love is to expand and liberate the mind from the body, yet needing a body to be felt; the mind must return to sensuality in order to develop discerning and empathetic thought. Hence, we are in all reality-Souls/Psyches not of bodies but the mental-energy that manipulates them. Many of us know that to love is to end in loss...but we will love after loss anyway. Love is our nature and loss, is the beginning of a new gain. This understanding, doesn't lessen sorrow, it just helps us move forward with tears running down our face. Thus there is strength gained in understanding sorrow, whereas, fear of sorrow weakens us.

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Is also called the Lord of Sorrow, so once again we get confused by sexual connotations. But energy is male in expression and female in reception. This confusion of male and female as a sex, goes a long ways back into the history of myth and religions. For at first, Juna, was the 2 faced goddess (face in the present and a face in the past). Later, the Romans turned her into Janus, the 2 faced god. Juno the Roman Great Mother, was derived from the Sabine-Ethuscan Uni, the 3-in-one deity cognate with "yoni" and "Uni-verse". Juno had dozens of titles/attributes which are sometimes erroneously viewed as separate Goddesses.

  • Juno Fortuna was the Goddess of Fate (Crone). 
  • Juno Sospita was the Preserver (Mother).
  • Juno Regina, was Queen of Heaven.
  • Juno Lucina was Goddess of Celestial Light.
  • Juno Moneta was the Advisor and Admonisher (Geburah).
  • Juno Martialis was the virgin mother of Mars.
  • Juno Caprotina, or Februa, was the Goddess of erotic love.
  •  Juno Populonia was the Mother of the People.... there are many more Juno's. 
  • Juno had her formidable aspects too. As a battle-goddess, she represented the fighting spirit of a mother defending her offspring, the epitome of bravery by Roman definition. Hence, Juno Seispitei Matri Regina (Juno the Preserver, Queen of the Mothers) was regarded as the spirit of war.  She was also the Hindu war-goddess Durga the Preserver, Leader of the Mothers. 
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Among Juno's sacred symbols, were the peacock, the cowrie shell, and of course the lily, or lotus both of which are the universal yoni symbols. According to legend, with her sacred lily, Juno conceived Mars without any assistance from her consort, Jupiter;Therefore, she was the Virgin Juno. The 3 lobed lily that used to represent her parthenogenetic power was inherited by the Virgin Mari (Mary), who still retains it. We all live as Mother's creative children in her "Yoni-verse".

Interestingly, every Roman woman embodied a bit of the Goddess's spirit, her own soul a juno, corresponding to the genius of the man. Latter Patriarchal vocabularies dropped the word juno but retained genius, and therefore, deprived women of their souls-----which may be why church councils of the Middle Ages, sometimes declared that women were soulless. Another example of words as propaganda. Thank Goddess that Reality is not supported by words, for your identity is "wordless". It is 0=2. Here, the Orphic egg made itself into 2, She/He, it made them; Anima and Animus, are we.

The Planet attributed to the 3 of Swords is Saturn in the sign of Libra. The Angels of the Decan are Hayayel and Hoquiam.

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Also we have the influence of Binah in the Astral World of Yetzirah. The Power of Saturn is destructive and initiatory bringing a presence of pain and hardship as Saturn is also Chronos, “Grandfather Time”. But as we may know, hardship and suffering are often where we learn life's greatest lessons. So the Dark Sterile Mother, is not evil, she is a Sanctifying Intelligence. In the 3 of Swords, Saturn unbalances the Scales of Libra, in order that they may be rebalanced in an improved way. So the Crone is the perpetrator of "Tough Love, "and for a Mother having to use tough love to teach her beautiful vulnerable children, brings a sorrow as well. This is implied as the Rose of Five Petals illustrated in the Thoth Card. Her heart, if you will, is torn apart by the piercing of the three swords. This card suggests the Dark Sea of Binah, a Womb of chaos, where things are deconstructed to be reconstructed. To have to later destroy what you have created is the Universal Melancholy of All Creator's.

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the tarot of the spirit- three of wind-recognition

The Tarot of The Spirit-Three of Wind-Recognition, acknowledges the fact that one must give up to gain; surrender in order to achieve and we should also recognize that all we label as good, had the potential for evil and vise versa. Here Saturn is also in Libra.

On this card, the blades of the Two have become lights and pencils; lighting the way. The right and left blades are wet bodies of the butterflies of transformation who have escaped the cocoon in order to dry their wings; ready to emerge from the dark. The wings are the wings of immortality, the light of knowledge has dried them and made them ready to fly. Hence, the blades represent one's will to fly is present. The hilt indicates that one possesses the understanding to fly in the right direction.

When the Three of Swords-Sorrow is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is experiencing thoughts of sorrow.
  • Recurring thoughts of sorrowful past events.
  • The sorrow of a triangular relationship that is out of balance.
  • Disappointment and heartbreak.
  •  A type of recognition where one must give up one thing to gain another.
  • Releasing; a gift of sorrow, allowing the querent to release and let out the pent up stress of feared emotions.
  • Here difficulty precedes power.
  • Also, for initiates, who travel to the abyss, this sorrow is soul deep, for it is of the Sorrow of the Creatrix, who has to destroy her precious forms to rebuild, which will also happen to the personality that succeeds in traversing the Abyss.
  • Perception. 
  • Purpose in life.
  • Wholeness.
  • The present though renunciation. 

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Disruption.
  • Separation.
  • Estrangement.
  • Self-delusion.

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