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Thoth- 2 of swords-peace

The celestial attribution of the Thoth 2 of Swords-Peace, is the Moon in Libra

The celestial attribution of the Two of Swords, is the Moon in Libra implying, the need to bring about change in a harmonious, united and sociable way; the Moon is change, but Nature is inherently peaceful which enhances the balancing nature of Libra.

Overall, one would think of the disruption of Chokma (# 2 Sephira- Wisdom) in the suit of Air (Swords); air being a suit born from the conflict of Water and Fire in marriage. Air/Swords is subject to change as no other suit, not only from the fire/water parentage but also when Earth appears the suit becomes crystallized.

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In the Thoth Deck, the Two of Swords, shows two Swords of equal strength, crossed; they are combine by a 5 petal blue rose. The Blue Rose represents the Gnostic Sophia, and the Qabalistic Chokma) the Great Mother of Wisdom (Female aspect of Chokma), whose harmonizing influence, plus that of Libra, compounds the latent antagonism of the Suit of Swords. The pinwheel shaped white rays, are in a geometrical pattern that emphasizes the harmonic equilibrium of the 2. Peace is about the best word to describe this harmonic.

However, since the first motion of thought is from the bubbling springs of the Archetypes-the Ace-into the "Will to Force and Will to Form" giving definition of the two polarities, this card also embodies the calm before the storm(3's). Above, there is a small sword supporting the crescent moon, implying emotions. On the small sword below, is the sign of Libra, suggesting balance. The uniform pattern of white pinwheels streaming from the blue rose of Sophia (the unattainable) represents how-despite the apparent impossibility- the dualistic mind can create and safeguard a balance and harmony this is known as peace.

Therefore, in our personal relationships, the 2 of Swords, implies that previous differences and controversial standpoints can be united by wisdom, uniting the 2 at the middle point between 2 extremes and/or the middle point can be sought.

On a professional level, the 2's represent the polarization of thought that brings progress, thanks to clear and balanced strategies. There is a settlement of conflict here, or the well-considered and calculated planning of a new project.

In the individual, the imagination and the rational thinking self-consciousness, have reached an agreement and therefore, the subtle and the objective are at a harmonic balance, easing the progress of creation.

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the tarot of the spirit-two of wind-the crossing

The Tarot of The Spirit- Two of Wind-The Crossing, displays and artistic interpretation of detente; there is a sense of release from captivity. Here agreement is achieved that can maintain a gentle balance so that peace can continue. Therefore, it is a time to utilize all your wisdom and understanding to asses the situation at hand.

Here, as in the Thoth Tarot, the 2 swords are crossed, forming and X. On the right of this x, is the 2nd Sephiroth-Chokmah shining brightly. On the left, is the radiant darkness of Binah. Crossed in unification, Wisdom and Understanding have joined in peaceful balance.

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On the right is the equal armed cross of higher attainment and the balance of the universal 4 elements. Showing the highest function of this card. Butterflies abound, showing that these swords are not necessarily hard and destructive, indicating transformation on the Supernal (highest)level. The swords are both hard and soft, because all potential exists at the analytical realm. The power of analysis is the power to cut down into the smallest components in order to understand more clearly. Hence, the Manifestation of the Divine Creative Self as the most condensed component; a component we call material-Self and/or mankind. As mankind the Divine Creative is at the most intimate analysis of Self that is achievable.

The astrological meaning applied to the Two of Wind, is the Moon in Libra, implying, the need to bring about change in a harmonious, united and sociable way. Therefore the Thoth 2 of Swords and the Tarot of The Spirit-Two of Wind, carry the same divinatory meaning.

When the 2 of Swords or the Two of Wind is thrown:

  • The querent will be or has been, experiencing peace after a quarrel that began two weeks, or two months ago.
  • Peace is restored but some tension remains.
  • There are two actions here, sometimes selfish and sometimes unselfish action because of the contradictory characteristics in the same nature (Moon in Libra, Fire and Water).
  • There is Strength gained after suffering; sacrifice and trouble; strength arising from the effort.
  • The querent may often show sorrow and sympathy for those in trouble and champion the weak and oppressed while also giving aid to them.
  • There is an arrangement of differences that brings about justice and truth from untruth.
  • Reconciliation of differences.
  • All in all, the Two of Swords, is a balancing of two strong individual minds, who have found greater profit in agreement rather than in conflict.

According to dignity of the accompanying cards, the 2 of Swords or Two of Wind, could also mean:

  • One is lacking tact, often doing injury when meaning well. 
  • There is also an inclination to repeat pardoned affronts.
  • Unresolved conditions of tension (since there is a balance of powers, the tension cannot be diminished.)

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