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The Starman Tarot- 9 of Wands

I am willing to face the darkness and negativity.

The Starman Tarot- 9 of Wands, depicts the strength, courage and self confidence of the individual to manage the pain, and weariness endured in the ongoing battle with ignorance, judgment and hostility found in ourselves and others. The journey of self-knowledge, in this modern world of media induced indoctrination is one of endurance and just plain "do or die" determination to battle through the mental trash of indoctrinated identity theft, and find the real you that is the Soul's personality. What is required is the mental, spiritual and physical fortitude to see things through when others would abandon all hope and give up.

The Starman-9 of Wands, depicts a powerful street fighter, battling something dark and foreboding, with fiery wand in hand. Throughout history, religions and myths have taught us of the "dark forces" that launch demons and bogey men at us to tempt us away from goodness. However, all is mind, and it is in our mind that these demons of detriment exist. The Mind is One, but of many dimensions. The animal part of mind, is the one of fears, monsters and demons, for it is the survival mind of earth and fears greatly what is unknown. It takes a trinity of Spirit-Mind and Body, to chase the demons and negatives out of the hallowed halls of Self, for when the body tires, the Spirit must ad more fiery energy of passion, and when the mind tires, seemingly unable to accomplish anything beyond repetition, the mind and body must listen to the Spirit whose determination is without boundaries as it stokes the fires of repetition in breath and heartbeat. Only by repeated attempts is anything accomplished. There were thousands of attempts at getting anything heavier than air to fly, but repeated attempts put us on the Moon. It is in the dark recesses of our imagination, that lurks our dark one that we must do battle with, if we wish to live fully expressed and fully present. This dark foreboding is shown as a dark menace with a hand out stretched to launch a bolt of malevolent energy at our street fighter.

The images of golden teeth on this card, represent a time when a man bought his freedom by displaying how many gold teeth he had in his mouth. Hence, these teeth represent the possibility of freedom from enslavement of the mind. The emerald crystal, connects this card to the Emerald Tablet, describing this card as another gate way to the secrets of prima materia, the first matter that is known today as "dark matter", as well as , the secrets of chaos, space and the abyssal womb of life. Today, astrophysicist tell us that 73% of the material universe is dark matter, and that 23% of energy is dark energy. Yet there are more secrets here than answers.

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In his Alchemical Dictionary, published in 1612, Martin Ruland the Younger, wrote: the prima materia is comprised of all colours and potentially, all metals. There is nothing more glorious in the world, for it induces itself and gives birth to itself. As in the works of alchemy, we too contain the potential for every colour, every sound, every form, every sense, every feeling and beyond. For Self, is the One who sees itself as many selves. We too carry that same directive, to give birth to ourselves.

Therefore, this card represents the possibility of our personality to overcome the most corrosive and debilitating force which stops us from achieving our fullest potential gain: "Above all things, know thyself". The Inner- self-knowledge which is hidden by the shadow in our minds. We all have a personal shadow, but it is the offspring of the "Homo Sapiens" shadow, of species, culture and race. The shadow of being eaten, preyed on by unseen forces, the fear of death. Here the fear of treachery, of torture and violence that reside in the collective unconscious, was always transferred and/or projected onto the Gods and movement of the stars. This greater shadow goes beyond person, and sculpts and shapes the personal shadow misgivings and fears with its own gleaned since the dawn of mankind. It is the unknown force that drives us to nightmares of being alive. It is an inherent, animal data base and a instinctive response to existence . The Survival mentality of being predator or prey. Something that the Spirit must deal with in each form. For energy, never dies, nor is it created, it merely transforms. but flesh, in a world that eats itself to stay alive, knows its beginning and end, thinking that nothing resides after end or if it does, it is unknown and to be feared. Hence, religion is man's defense against the knowledge that there is a god; unseen, and therefore, one whose actions are not entirely predictable.

Therefore, the 9 of wands invites one to know "the voice in the head", is not yours but handed over to you in the act of birth;its in the DNA of earth that your body has inherited. As Spirit-Life, your are journeying into this world to uncover this voice and make it conscious. When conscious, the last dark bits of pain, and restriction that this shadow causes can be resolved by the Greater Self. Here, the Devil within is recognized for its falseness, by tracing its origins and then with the grace of love, releasing and cleansing yourself of it, no longer trapped in a prison of negative thoughts.

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Thoth-9 of Wands -Strength

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The 9 of Wands represents Yesod in Aziluth; it is The Lord of Great Strength. Its Planet is the Moon and the sign is Sagittarius.

Angels of the Decan are: Yirthiel, and Sahiah.

The 9 of Wands-Strength, is the influence of Yesod in the World of pure spirit. The Lunar powers do acquire great strength in Sagittarius, but being the Moon/Instincts, there are two sides to this "coin". Meaning, that successes are usually acquired by strife, apprehension and moments of insecurity.

The 9 of Wands also emphasizes the influencing strength of Woman/ Moon/Imagination in this card. The Thoth Wand is a stylized Sun-phallus/rationale. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Moon pulled the Sun across the sky. In other words, the rational mind is lead by the Imagination.

The good health and strength of this card is certain, but it harbors doubt about the later course it may take. It is best to know the aphorism: "Change is Stability", when viewing this card.

The 9's may be considered the best that can be obtained from the type of forces involved, when regarded from a practical- material standpoint.

The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Wands, shows 8 background Wands as Arrows (Sagittarius influence) and one Master Arrow in the forefront, sporting a Sun at one end as a driving force, and a Moon at the other end as its point. This implies that Sagittarius joins the Sun and the Moon, and that the Greatest Strength is the Balance of this coupling flow. The flow of Electric Male conscious and Magnetic Female unconscious- receptivity. Together, all that is Living Form, is from this flow and reception.

When we, as Magi, hermetically marry both the Male Will to Force of consciousness and the Female Will to Form of the imagination, it is called an "Oneness" and it reveals all the 4 Worlds in a communion of the Sun (Father) and the Moon (Mother) that never ceases. The Tenfold flames of the card, imply that the Energy of the Solar Logos, is directed down ward into the "reflection of being'. In other words, Spirit reflected in being.

When the 9 of Wands-Strength is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • Internal strength, recovery from illness, potency and spiritual force.
  • Yet, it is Moon in Yesod, so one may have to defend their ideas, but because of Sagittarius, will not lack the strength to do so.
  • The 9 of Wands also implies that energy is brought back into balance, thus health restored.
  • Creatively, this card implies a peek experience in ability were one sees clearly and accurately, leading to solid creations that will have the strength to endure over time.
  • Here the Energy of the Spirit is rapid, interchanging both electric and magnetic energy, taking whatever action is necessary to restore balance and thus enable the Mind. (Moon is ruler of the Sub-conscious).
  • Marriage between the Mind of Heaven and the mind of earth.
  • Inmost sincerity.
If ill defined:
  • Contradictions.
  • Psychological injuries.




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