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The Starman Tarot-8 of Wands

The Starman Tarot-8 of Wands, depicts 8 wands launched as if ICBM's, all approaching the same destination of an glowing energy circle. Here is the magical glow of visions heading for the stars. Each bristle cone pine wand has left a stump behind, as they were once grounded visions, but now enough energy has been focused to launch them towards a goal. The horse in the back ground, is the symbol of Sagittarius and the purple-ish planet is Mercury. There is a high energy and thrust depicted here, so it is no time to "rest on your laurels", for a lot of work is still needed to keep this energy focused on the goal. Loosing focus can cause this energy to go rogue, which means it scatters everywhere and becomes uncontrollable. Accurate geometry of your trajectory and enough propellant to reach your goal, are needed here. Hence, you must work with complete concentration, focusing your creative energy which will increase your productivity exponentially.

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The 8's deal with structure and the geometries of creation. Here, 0 has become the creative couple; the Divine Creative as 8, a unbroken circle of energy-force and form, that has become 2 individual circles. This inseparable divine couple is still One Energy that has become 2 forces-electric and magnetic. Hence, even in physics they are called the electromagnetic force. This is because if you have electricity, you have magnetism as well. If you have magnetism, you get electricity as well. In the world of concentrated light forms, it is called male and female. In the world of Western Magic this symbol of 8 is laid on its side and is called the Magicians lemnistrate and/or the symbol for infinity.

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The 8th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life is Hod, who is called Splendor and all language relates to Hod. All 8's are attributed to Hod that as the messenger Mercury, is the patron of Names and vesicles. Here resides thought.

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Thoth- 8 of wands-swiftness

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8 of Wands, Swiftness, is often called, The Lord of Swiftness and is Mercury in Sagittarius. The Angels of the Decan are Nithahiah and Haayah. The 8 of Wands, is Hod in Aziluth, the influence of Splendor in the World of Pure Spirit.

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The placement of Mercury in Sagittarius, mitigates and diffuses into a rapid expansion the energy of Mercury. Thus, the energy of Mercury in the Sign of the Archer, is shown as electric arrows, going in multiple directions, both above and below. This illustration expounds on the meaning of swiftness and rapidity. A lot of energy, going nowhere and everywhere all at once.

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The fiery colors invoke the concept of Fire as the element of this card, and we know that fire is the Vital Life Force, Spirit and/or Sex energy. Sex energy is the Swift energy that is used to create and achieve imaginings, goals or living beings. This sex energy is shown in the Thoth Deck 8 of Wands, Swiftness, as electric arrows, going in many directions. Here the energy is already going rogue. Rogue sexual energy is random fecundness, and can cause great harm.

However, these electric arrows of energy sustain and constitute the Material World representing the subtle energy of the Fiery Father, bringing down from Chokmah (wisdom), the message of the Original Will. Therefore, if one is focused on the "I Will Be" of the Original; in other words, "know thyself", all this energy will gather at their point of focus, creating spectacular results if one's personality acts as the messenger god, Mercury, who will go straight to the Creatrix/Imagination. Binah, will supply the correct form of magic geometry to the get the querent to their goal.

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The 8 of Wands illustrates the geometrical pattern of the restored Universe (constantly restored by this Electric Fire). The rainbow above the double pyramid of the 8 of Wands, depicts the division of pure light into 7 color rays of the light spectrum that exhibit interplay and correlation of the electromagnetic spectrum. We are visualizing energy of high velocity; light speed.

Here, electric energy, because of the principles of Hod, (making concrete that which is subjective), has created intelligible geometrical form.

When the 8 of Wands-Swiftness is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • Haste, swift acceleration meaning that the querent's ideas will very soon be in Physical existence and/or easily expressed in words.
  • This indicates a high energy period in which to initiate change, as in, a fast movement for spiritual growth.
  • Time to put on Mercury's winged sandals, and move rapidly along the lightning Path towards Greater Self Awareness.
  • A rapid descent of power to examine the self-identity, and thus expand its perspectives.
  • An expedient creating of possibilities.

If ill defined:

  • Vehemence.
  • Hastiness.
  • Superficiality.

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