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The Starman Tarot-10 of Wands

I carry the burdens of life.

The Starman Tarot-10 of Wands, depicts a waste land, under the gaze of giant Starman statues, with the Mother Tree hovering about a graffiti covered wall-staircase whose steps lead to nowhere. The same is repeated in the back ground. This symbolizes the necessary effort needed to achieve a goal and the fact that those goals don't lead to a fantasy land of total happiness. The twisted wands of the Starman Tarot are a gift from the Mother Tree. These wands can be a gift of hope, a flaming weapon, and attraction of abundance or a symbol of togetherness and stability. Here, the wands are the gifts of burdens that we must carry. The master's journey is one of Strife and burden, such as the way of the cross. Here, a cycle comes to an end, only to begin another one.

The star marked scorpion represents the sting of life as it skulks along behind us. The animal skeletons that move along the sands, suggest that life will erode everything. Time is the greatest predator of all.The struggling and battered figure is bending to pick up a wand, and is surprised by a beautiful rose blooming at the end of the chains, suggesting a moment of wonder and beauty, of sadness and joy. For the Truth of Life, is not the pursuit of happiness for there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The fairy tale happiness of consumerism that is purported by the Corporate run world, is just a dead end. For as we achieve one hard won goal, we find that we are on the bottom staircase of yet another. Change, is the universal constant, and life is but a journey form moment to moment. The gathering of experience, enlightens us, and then we transform, and/or die. Life is a self-discovery and is about the joy of experiencing intimacy with creation, and with "other" of Self. With gain comes loss, with love comes sorrow, with happiness comes the burden of sadness. For this is a journey of "Above all things, know thyself", a master's journey of Wisdom. Life will soon show us that Wisdom is 50% error while the other 50% is correction of that error. When we correct our errant assumptions, actions, and/or issues, we have become wise and loosen the burdens imposed by ignorance. For the burden of the Ruled-Man's world of "not enough to go around" is not a burden of the Spirit. The fact is that there is enough. If most of us would stop striking out at others to slow them down, as we run in hot pursuit towards a fantasy goal of golden happiness, we would find that we belong to each other, and must walk with time, arm in arm, until it stings our bodies into the organic star-dust they are built from. For life is a measurement of Self-identity, and measurements require a beginning and an end and each of us is a copy of the Great I AM and/or Child of the Divine Creative. Happiness is a love of being thyself, not an anguished pursuit. Burdens, are just an accumulation of "stuff", hoping that in that humongous pile of effort, of sweat and toil, that the end sum is happiness. The wise know it is not a sum of effort, nor accumulation of stuff, but rather the knowledge of Self as Life's very vigor and intimacy with Itself. I Am knows itself as Me and Me is many moments in time.

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Thoth- 10 of wands-oppression

Therefore, mankind is ruled by his/her own freedom to choose which is a very painful burden to those who don't practice self-rule or "Above all things”, know themselves. The Thoth 10 of Wands, is called Lord of Oppression, and is Saturn in Sagittarius. The Element of this card is Fire. There are Angels attributed to the Decan, Reyayel and Avamel. Angels are really another angle of evolutionary Intelligence...but alas, one we are not subservient to as we are antithesis to rule, as we have freedom of choice and must Master ourselves as Time-Space. Saturn, is Cronus the Grandfather Time of myth and Qabalah's Tree of Life- 5th Sephiroth-Geburah.

The Whole of us (the invisible 99.6% -Space and the Visible.4%-Time) is called the "Divine Child" and/or Son (Sun) of God. The Angels are servants to the Laws of their structure; their motion has been decided for them, while we can bend or change the laws of self-identity. We are endowed with freedom of choice or as quantum physicists state, by observation we build reality. We are thus our own Divinity or our own Satan. Since mankind is ruled by his/her own freedom to choose what to observe and since indoctrinates tell you what to observe, life can be a very painful burden to those who don't rule their identity or "Above all things”, know themselves.



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The ancient Greeks called us Daemons, (God Men- the Children of Annunaki and human mating). Daemonic, because by our own perspectives and observation, we can change reality....No other manifestation of the Divine can do that! Before Latin became the official language of the Patriarchy, the Word-Human , begins from the Mandarin word- Hu-meaning God, and ends in the word- Man- which comes from the Hindu word-Manas- meaning -Mind. Hence, you are called a "god mind" before you were enslaved by the Patriarchal indoctrination. So, when the Hierophant, the Demiurge, says to you, "If you wish to speak to me, you must stand." He is not just stating "tough love", it is also a statement of equality for we are made of all the mental, emotional, and spiritual power that ever was or will be-now!

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Adam Khadmon- the heavenly human

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The 10 OF WANDS-Oppression; is Malkuth in Aziluth and is the influence of Malkuth in the world of Pure Spirit. Where upon the destructive powers of Saturn (Geburah-Severity) are amplified by the swiftness of Sagittarius, leading to selfishly applied material force, and often cruelly. On the Thoth 10 of Wands, the suggestion of the crude club like wands, and the Dorjes (Tibetan spear- like symbols of Thunderbolts) suggests,cruelty, malice, overbearing force and energy that can be injustice. However, one must understand that a certain amount of energy must be oppressed at all times, for form to exist. Energy must be contained in a "Thought Form" before it can become manifest. Then again, too much oppression of energy-in-motion (emotion) leads too disaster Like electricity, Water or Fire, energy known as "life force" and/or Sex Energy, resists this oppression, and will "slip its bonds" at any sign of weakening. Sometimes destructively so.

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Often the oppression of our own ability to act, is because of our own self-perspective, most of us tend to be crueler to ourselves than to others, because we often fear ourselves as some sort of weakness more than others. We can escape this cycle of destruction if we understand that the oppression we feel, is often the Lesser ego being told by the Inner Self, to change perspectives. We feel oppression so we can identify the burden and then act to change it. So let's remember that it's better to pop a balloon, than an over pressurized steam boiler and stop oppressing our emotional-sexual creative energy. To know happiness, is to be it and not a seeker of it. For the seeker will find what they think will do the job of happiness, only to find that this is a falsehood and after enough falsehoods, they will realize they are the Happiness of Creation, as it dances intimately among it's many selves. I Am the Lust of the Divine Creative; The Fire that burns brightly, fueled by the Wonder of Being Me. I am the infinite, who has condensed its "I" sight to such an extent, I can view the eternal now, as a moment in time. Since each of us is the copy of I Am, there are many different moments in the now, each to be individually enjoyed.

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One of the secrets to enjoying life, is often achieved , by not taking things too seriously When serious, we fail to use the power of mirth that cracks the veneer of perspective, so that we can see beyond our self-made prison of "I can't". Truth being, "I can’t", usually means "I am afraid to" and/or "I don't want to”; However, "I Can't" becomes a statement of low self-value when believed. So just say," I don't want to" and get on with your motion.

For as we all know, with impassioned focus, we can accomplish anything. That's the beautiful side of "freedom of choice". So remember this, we use "thought" to oppress energy into form, for creation's sake----including our own, but eventually, because change is the only constant in this energy Universe, that oppression will end whether voluntarily or by emotional-explosion. Be sure of your intent, and walk the Hero's walk through the wasteland of human dreams, to the isle of paradise, only to find that once reached , paradise is just the beginning of the journey.

Energy will free itself, and move. Those who are freely changing their perspectives, will find that "the once feared end" we call death, is merely a movement towards another perspective and will experience what the Tibetan's call "reincarnation", which is simply expanding and liberating one's personality by change of perspective, i.e., transformation. By fearing an end, you have one, by not fearing and end, you consciously experience transformation.

When the 10 of Wands is thrown during a Divination, the Querent may experience: If Ill dignified by surrounding cards:

  • Cruelty and malice towards others.
  • Oppression
  • Injustice and over-bearing strength being applied for selfish and material ends.
  • Sometimes shows failure in a matter, and opposition too strong to be controlled arising from the person's too great selfishness at the beginning.
  • Ill will, envy, slander, obstinacy and swiftness in evil
  • Dogmatism.
  • Fixation.
  • Authority problems.

However, if well dignified by the surrounding Cards:

  • The querent is being generous or experiencing generosity from another.
  • Self-Sacrifice as in the form of oppressing one's wants for another's.
  • Disinterestedness in a situation.
  • Energy being condensed for a great push forward.
  • Intellectual distinction of matter.
  • Crystallized deepening of reality.

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