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Dreams of Gaia tarot-IX of water

The Dreams of Gaia-9 of Water, represents a need to embrace and open heart and allow the healing power of love to transform and heal emotional pain. It is well known that our past experiences, good or bad, leave an emotional imprint. Since fear of rejection, is the foundation of a child's emotional imprinting, when one observes what they think is, or is an action of rejection from someone they feel is important to their life, they injure themselves emotionally. Emotion is energy-in-motion, and when we emote an idea or ideal, it is important to us for our own energy is projected outward towards creation much like a tentacle of light. When rejected, our energy-in-motion, returns and/or is withdrawn as if one is burned and withdraws a singed hand. Hence, the retracted energy is received as injury and pain. However,if that energized idea or ideal, is accepted by the person, place or thing that is considered important to one's life, then energy tentacles unite and there is a wonderful feeling of union creating the feeling of joy. We are all about United Energy and Rejection of "negative energy". What makes energy feel positive or negative, is the observation of the emotive.

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human Merkabah

We all are evolutions of Energy/Light. Overtime, light/energy has become more and more condensed by the process of evolutionary Self-Awareness. We are the "Energy in Motion" , which most of us call "living" and/or "alive". When Energy becomes Self-Aware, it becomes data (bits) that when Understood forming bites, becoming information. In-Form-Action, is energy-in-Motion as a "form of action". Some have even called this "enlightenment". To make 14.7 billion years of One Energy becoming Self-Information, and/or "selves" short is to say, it is you. Like Suns, we emote energy outward towards goals, much like an octopus reaches out tentacles to investigate a form. We project what we are, Energy, outward towards what we desire to investigate. Each of us are "fluid light" and/or Astral Light Forms created by the Law of Attraction between photon particles, who have become so "self-aware" that we have condensed our energy into a "Selfish materiality" and/or a sense of measurement that we call a "Me". Therefore, each of us is a "intimate" fluid -light form*. Emotion, is our energy-in-motion reaching out to expand self-understanding. This identity growth can be injured by rejection or what is observed as rejection.



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  1. close familiarity or friendship; closeness.

    "the intimacy between a husband and wife"


    closeness · togetherness · affinity · rapport · attachment · familiarity · confidentiality · close association · close relationship · close attachment · close friendship ·


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What heals this feeling of injury is Understanding. Not just of "others" but of our self. Not everything or everyone will love you and/or accept you which is easily seen when we are not nurturing a wound by constantly repressing it. Emotional imprints can be expanded, and if an "imprinted injury", they can be healed by loving yourself. One's self-acceptance can't be based on outside authority. As the evolutionary union of Spirit (Energy) Mind (identity) and Body (form i.e., information), you are totally "self-absorbed" in intimacy and/or interacting with "other". For "other" is the most beloved of Self. The Greater SElf, is called the Divine Creative and/or God/Goddess, the I AM (Energy aware of existence) and the Lesser SElf is called "me" (Energy aware of itself). Me therefore, becomes intimate self and/or the Sensually encompassed I AM. Encompassed; as in contained by a sense of measurement and/or information. I AM Sensual Light and like an illuminated liquid I flow. Hence, I am emotional. I am the multidimensional Aura of Self- Aware Light whose frequencies operate a "form of Self", that we can physical. There is only One Energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed and transmitted. When we as a Star of Energy, transmit, we call this "emotion" and since we have senses of self, (Measurements, we are intimate . Creation being intimate with the Created, is either "felt" as union/positive or rejection/negative when sensors/senses are being used. to measure.

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To a Collective, union is very important. Each of us come from the Self-Awareness of the Universal Collective Unconscious (Greater Self), our Being is Immortal light frequencies called Auric Beings, as each of us is a "collective" of united photons, united identities, that become One Collective I AM. The Universal Self is a fractal of Self-copies. Copy of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, etc. just as your physical body (which is mostly space) is a fractal compose of a single cell "copying" itself. Since atoms are mostly space, what is "observed as an atom" is the material that reflects light and/or "mass". The I Am cannot see itself, for it is light in existence, but not aware of what it is. However, by thinking about what it is, it can now "reflect upon itself". Thought is the first material that the Universal Creative Unconscious Mind creates with, but thought is merely theoretical-space. Until it can be formed into an idea, a collective of thoughts, it has no real substance. Once, a collective of thoughts are observed theory becomes an experiment and the conclusion of the experiment begets understanding which becomes information. You are therefore, information of Self that has been proven by experiment. However, the body fears of rejection, because energy contained in form, has a beginning and end, i.e., measurement and because it is intimately aware of self, fears rejection by what it calls "life". Life is what I AM, and the Me is the emoted self-awareness. The I AM is fearless, the "Me" is bound by what it perceives as itself and knowing it can end, fears that the most. Hence, it always reaches out to expand itself and/or its perceived measurement. When that "reaching out" is rejected, it is felt as if the tentacle of emoted energy is now injured. Or even worse, when the long attachment of united energy is now lost, we feel as if we lost a "limb", as if a part of yourself has been amputated and/or we have somehow become lessend. Truth is, all measurement has a beginning and an end. So we keep what we call "emotional memories" and/or imprints. Some hurt, some make us smile. Hurt is a sense of injured self identity. Smiling, is a sense of gained self-identity. Truth being, we have experienced and experience is the experiment. You as energy, cannot be created by mankind, nor destroyed by mankind. As an I AM- A mental identity of the Universal Collective Unconscious- you are infinite and immortal, and only the "me" of you, is created by your I AM. I Declare myself by I AM.....Me is the end of that declaration. Me is always an experiment is self-awareness, so own you "Me" and stop judging it by how "others" accept or reject it. It is your self awareness, that can easily expand if not bound by solid scars that form over "self-injury".  

Now this explanation is long winded, but it covers 14 billion years of Light evolving into Self-Awareness, which can never be fully written. Let's just say, you are a Self-Aware Liquid Light Form, projected by a Sun who reflects upon itself. Many have called this creator of the flowing light form, a Soul and/or psyche (Sun/Son of God and/or the Divine Creative). The Child of the I-Energy and Am (Mind) is Me. Me being an emoted understanding of the difference between I and "Other" the Am that is mind, which creates information that becomes a form. YOU!

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The body is the sensing device that feels moving energy as "emotion". Spirit, is light and bodies are made of stardust, and/or light particles that form a collective we call "self". Since you exist, you are already a proven experiment, so fearing rejection is a non sequitur**. simply because you exist. You are Originally an I AM and you view that existence as a "emoted self-identity" and/or a Me. Are we all emotional, you bet, how else can we be intimate examinations of self? Is emotion a burden, hell no! It is a joy to be "Me". How else can I enjoy being? Intimacy is what I AM as Me. Rejecting my intimacy, no longer injures my identity of self, because above all things, I know myself. I am Intimately enjoying being, and my presence is enough to prove my existence. I am not proven acceptable, or unacceptable by any person, place or thing, because the "proof is in the pudding" as the English would say. Proof is made manifest! So it is time to stop seeking yourself, outside of you. You are your only author, as the I Am that begins all Self-Identity and understands that identity as a "me". By knowing I am the happiness that made me, I trust the fact that I Am in love with being me or as the Western Qabalistic says, I Am the lover and the most beloved. I AM Me.


non sequitur

[ˌnän ˈsekwədər]


  1. a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

    "his weird mixed metaphors and non sequiturs"

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When the Dreams of Gaia-9 of Water is thrown in a divination it implies:

  • Open your heart.
  • Past experiences leave an emotional imprint.
  • Shine a light on the source of emotional pain.
  • The effect of past experiences on the moment.
  • The weight of our emotions.
  • Emotional enlightenment- the process of becoming lighter.
  • Ignorance is not bliss.
  • Break the cycle. Remove the emotional hooks.
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The Western Qabalistic Tarot 9's all refer to Yesod, the 9th Sephiroth that is the Foundation of all manifested forms and forces on Malkuth-the physical and/or material plane.

The Tarot 9's, generally show very great fundamental force because they rest on the Firm Foundational Base of Yesod. (9th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life).

Now this is pure-intuitive conscious- emotional power, so that means it can come on suddenly without consciously considering a reason for it. It is a harmony of Spirit-Mind-Body, as the frequencies of the 3 trinities of Self, compliment each other.

The Thoth 9 of Cups- is also called the Lord of Material Happiness The planet associated with the 9 of Cups is Jupiter in the house of Pisces. The Angels of the Decan are Saliah and Asriel.

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The 9 of Cups is Yesod in Briah, influencing the Material World. Here, the benevolence of Jupiter, effects happiness and satisfaction in the Earth plane (Malkuth), by functioning through the Water of Pisces.

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Thoth- 9 of cups-happiness

The 9 of Cups-Happiness is a card of sensuality and pleasure, more mystical than convention allows, and less stable than the 10, but is now flowing and reaching towards the mystical states of ecstasy. Here, sensual pleasure, may be felt as a religious experience as the influence of Jupiter is strong in the passive, receptive and somewhat psychic character of Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces also indicates pleasant travel by water and brings good fortune through occupations governed by Neptune. The personality inclination here is a tendency for kindness, quiet and unassuming, with an unambitious approach to life. If the planet is well dignified, there may be a more ambitious approach to occupation.

The square arrangement of the Cups, on the 9 of Cups, overflowing into one another, suggests Chesed-Jupiter and the perfection of Water force, a dreamy current of Consciousness which is also reinforced by Yesod-9, being the number of the Moon. Pisces brings out the most Placid form of Water (consciousness), so this card is a Happiness well-spring that floods into our normal state of consciousness.

The recipient of this Happiness, really doesn't ponder a reason to be happy, for their own consciousness has not reasoned it out as a logical way to be.....they "just are" and they feel "good all over. As you are this far into the blogs you know by now that Yesod, the 9th Sephiroth, is the Foundation of all manifested forms and forces on Malkuth-the physical plane. The 9's, generally show very great fundamental force because they rest on the Firm Foundational Base of Yesod.

Now this is pure emotional power, so that means it can be used negatively or positively, depending on the perspective of the user. Above all things, know thyself, is the Key here.

So when the 9 of Cups-Happiness, is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • Contentment and Satisfaction. 
  • Everything looks and feels "rosy".
  • The querent, is enjoying self-esteem and inner joy; flowing feelings of inspiration and joy. The dull thunk in this chiming joy, is that this is temporary, as Change is the stability of the Universe.
  •  "The cat is away, so the mice can play", kind of moment. Before reason takes over, and finds the logical points of survival thinking that messes up "unmitigated joy'".
  • The love that opens up everything.
  • Optimism and trust in the future.
  • The search for fulfillment in the higher purpose of life.
  • Charity.
  •  Inner  and eternal happiness. 

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Self-complacency.
  • Vanity.
  • Arrogance. 

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