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dreams of Gaia tarot-VIII of water

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot-8 of Water, represents gratitude and appreciation. It symbolizes how a positive state of appreciation and gratitude for what we have, can influence our lives and environment for the better. Gratitude opens the mind to receiving even more than before.

Because of the survival mind, resides in the body as an "small ego", we often look to life as if it is threatened every minute. Stress runs our life as even time is seen as a threat to survival. Such thinking closes one's mind to happiness, and good vibrations. It is important to approach everyday with laughter, delite, and joy for then you "own the day" and are not owned by it. Be grateful for another day, appreciate the fact that your presence means more to experience and learn from. The Soul knows that knowledge is Power, and power is the ability to do work; the Soul's work is to expand and liberate life while bringing the Greater Self of Spirit-Mind to the body of earth. To season the receipt of the day with a dash of murth , and a appreciative approach, keeps one's balance in the chaos around them.

It could be seen as unrealistic to be happy all the time, and in matter of fact, many mental institutions are titled with "happy" , such as "happy valley" or the "happy farm" etc. . However, taking the time to appreciate the people, beauty and abundance in our lives, we create moments of positive good in our lives. One remembers that happiness isn't outside of self, but rather deep inside of Self. Happiness is a balance of 3, the balance of Spirit-Mind-Body. When the Mind appreciates, the body feels blissful. Spirit is Will, so will yourself to see what is good in life and both mind and body will know a moment of happiness. After all, life is but a collection of moments in time. These moments are called the "eternal now" in quantum physics and we are specially skilled in observing the moment and by observation, we also change what is observed. Therefore, the day will be changed by what you observe it to be. The observation of gratitude and appreciation for even having a day, can really brighten the day, no matter how cloudy it appears. After all you don't "have a life" you are Life observing itself! Spirit is your beginning, and spirit's appearance in the body is called "breath". Even the word "spirit" comes from the Greek word Spiro, which when translated into English, means "to breathe" and/or breath. Take a deep breath, from the diaphragm, hold a few seconds and then exhale. Spirit is with you, little ego, so carry on for your most beloved is inside of you and is the Life of you!  

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Because of this magical union of Spirit- Mind- Body, we have a menage é trois , which is French for "3 in a house". The House being physical matter and/or the body, who has Spirit-the Greater Ego and the little ego residing in it as energy, emotion and thought. It is the Will that is Spirit/Eheieh (I Will Be) that began all this creative dreams of Self, so by using the Will one is observing from the level of Spirit. Hence, by mentally declaring: I Am the Will, I Am the Way, I Am the Wealth, I own the Day! Will really change your focus, and also allows you to claim your divine inheritance of free choice.

When the 8 of Water is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • A positive state of appreciation.
  • The attitude of gratitude.
  • Create a positive environment.
  • Be prideful,not boastful.
  • Cherish what you have now. 
  • If you already are unhappy, more will not make you happier. 
  • Focus on the good in your life.
  • Question an unnecessary desire for more.
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Thoth-8 of cups-indolence

Attributed to the Thoth 8 of Cups-Indolence card is the planet Saturn in the house of Pisces. The Angels of the Decan: Vabaliah and Yeshivah.

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Here, Hod is in Briah, the Mental World.

The 8th Sephiroth- Hod is the splendor of the concrete mind; However, with Saturn in Pisces the 8 of Cups, being a Water sign doesn't balance Saturn's heavy energy well.

With Saturn in a water sign, a certain amount of introspection, manifests as disinterest with material conditions. The effect, is discontent or a decline in interest in anything. Thus, one's tendency is to abandon success.

The interpretation of the 8 of Cups, is based on the fact that Pisces, is calm and stagnant water that is completely deadened by the heavy influences of Saturn. We know Water, is the element of consciousness, so what is going on within one is a deadening of interest, a complete lack of wonder.

Therefore,the Thoth 8 of Cups, is The Lord of Abandoned Success. Attributed to this card is Saturn in Pisces. The Angels of the Decan: Vabaliah and Yeshivah.

The lotuses of enlightenment are shown drooping for lack of sun or rain. The Sea of mind has become little stagnant pools, in poisoned soil. All the cups are old and broken, symbolizing "an old and worn out" way of thinking. The Sun of Spirit, is a pallid yellowish light barely shining through the leaden clouds of indigo. Therefore, the 8 of cups implies that the mind and emotions are on autopilot; thought process is not conducive to expanding and liberating the Life of the person. The blood in the body is moving like molasses. This person needs stimulation! Time to appreciate the life you are and to be grateful for the abundance that surrounds you.

Not my favorite card, but this dullness of mind, is often necessary to warn us that it is time to evaluate our feelings

When the 8 of Cups or 8 of Water is thrown during a reading the querent may be experiencing:

  • Exhaustion, being overly tired, drain and dull emotionally.
  • There is an unconscious change taking place, on a deep inner level of feeling.
  • There is a warning here to Pay attention to yourself...stop and examine your perspectives, this is the end of something and the beginning of something new!
  • The emotional state of stagnation and stillness. This could go on for 8 weeks or 8 months, depending on the querent's actions.
  • There is a need to focus and consolidate your emotions in an humorous manner.

When ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Depression.
  • Suicide.
  • Self-pity.

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