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dreams of Gaia tarot- VI of earth

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot-6 of Earth, represents responsibility and duty to the family. Here, we are reminded to take good care of the little ones, be selfless and in service to those who depend on us for love, care and support. On the card, the satyr is shown bearing a yoke of responsibility and smiling because of it. In his hands are a good harvest and the harvesting tool. The lock and key, indicate that at any time he may remove the yoke if he wants to, so he obviously has chosen to wear it. 

As parents, it is our responsibility to provide for our children, love, play, and teach them by our example. This card reminds us to lead by word and deed. If one is not a parent, they are reminded of the family of Mankind, of which we all belong. We all belong to each other and the earth. Time to take care of Gaia, as well as work within the society, help when you can within your community. Be the best "you" you can be. The animals and planet belong to us, so we must become the good guardians of the flora and fauna. Otherwise, by our very industriousness, we will destroy the future of our world and the future of our children.

When the 6 of Earth is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Responsibility to family.
  • Give love, care and support.
  • Lead by example.
  • A time of sharing.
  • Important matters need attention.
  • Protect the forest, animals and oceans.
  • Help for the right reasons.
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Thoth- 6 of disks-success

As always, the Tarot 6's are about a balance of trinities which makes them powerful and stable in dynamic movement.

The Thoth 6 of Disks card represents physical attainment, accomplishment and success. This is the harmonious energy of Earth, the balance of polarities have made fruitful the Son, Father, and Grandfather aspects of electric force and the Maid, Mother, and Crone aspects of magnetic force; It is Born! It is important to remember that this is earth, and gravitational forces will pull this successful creation down into itself, where everything becomes slow and heavy---so this success is temporary but enjoyable just the same. There is a great beauty here that comes from the balances of mental, emotional, and physical energy enhanced by the higher conscious states of self. Being Beauty---feels great! Beauty is not determined by fashion, nor culture, this is the Beauty that created me so it could be me! The great inner beauty this is the synchronicity of Spirit, Mind, Body.

Generosity is shown here, as you now have enough success in physical health, finances, and emotional balance to assist others in their success. Astrologically, this card is Moon in Taurus, which suggests productivity (Taurus) and a deep inner satisfaction (The Moon) or a deep desire on the subconscious level. The foundation of creation vibrates from the deep passion and desire of Will-to-Be and the deep satisfaction of I AM Me! This being so, often to achieve success in any endeavor means that we must be in union with our inner master (Soul) who built us as its masterpiece. There is only diligence and doing indicated here. This is where the axiom," Above all things know thyself" really comes into its own.

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The formula for success is indicated in the six planetary circles shown on this card:

1. Saturn represents success through discipline.

2. Jupiter reminds us that success is achieve by being open and flexible to options that may present themselves.

3. Venus reminds us of our beautiful heart and follow what has heartfelt meaning in our life.

4. The Moon indicates success attainable through following the truth of ourselves, by being authentic.

5. Mercury reminds us about how important organized well timed communication is important to success.

6. Mars reminds us to express continually steady energy into our professional or personal issues in order to achieve success.The Tortoise vs the Hare scenario, where rapid spurts of energy do not achieve success whereas, steady on does. Success comes from deep within rather than the superficial without, which is symbolize in this card as the joining of the Western Cross (deep inner self integration) and the opening and blooming of successful achievement ( the Eastern symbol of success- the lotus).

However, 6 is not only a number of accomplishment, but also that of **Christ, Buddha consciousness, that is the True Person of the Soul. Thus a certain sacrifice is made for the Number of the Dying gods (the Soul is a "dying god"), means a definite personality deconstruction in order for reconstruction that brings success.

**Development of the concept[edit]

The term "dying god" is associated with the works of James Frazer,[4] Jane Ellen Harrison, and their fellow Cambridge Ritualists.[16] At the end of the 19th century, in their The Golden Bough[4] and Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion, Frazer and Harrison argued that all myths are echoes of rituals, and that all rituals have as their primordial purpose the manipulation of natural phenomena.[4]

The Osiris-bed, where he renews the harvest cycle in Egypt

Early in the 20th century, Gerald Massey argued that there are similarities between the Egyptian dying-and-rising god myths and Jesus.[17] However, Massey's historical errors often render his works nonsensical, e.g., Massey stated that the biblical references to Herod the Great were based on the myth of "Herrut" the evil hydra serpent, while the existence of Herod the Great can be well established without reliance on Christian sources.[18] Massey's scholarship has been widely rejected by mainstream academics, including, among many others, Christian Evangelical writers such as Stanley E. Porter.[19]

The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung argued that archetypal processes such as death and resurrection were part of the "trans-personal symbolism" of the collective unconscious, and could be utilized in the task of psychological integration.[20][page needed] He also proposed that the myths of the pagan gods who symbolically died and resurrected foreshadowed Christ's literal/physical death and resurrection.[20][page needed] The overall view of Jung regarding religious themes and stories is that they are expressions of events occurring in the unconscious of the individuals - regardless of their historicity.[21] From the symbolic perspective, Jung sees dying and rising gods as an archetypal process resonating with the collective unconscious through which the rising god becomes the greater personality in the Jungian self.[9] In Jung's view, a biblical story such as the resurrection of Jesus (which he saw as a case of dying and rising) may be true or not, but that has no relevance to the psychological analysis of the process, and its impact.[21]

Bronze figurine of Osiris

The analysis of Osiris permeates the later religious psychology of Carl Jung more than any other element.[22] In 1950 Jung wrote that those who partake in the Osiris myth festival and follow the ritual of his death and the scattering of his body to restart the vegetation cycle as a rebirth "experience the permanence and continuity of life which outlasts all changes of form".[23] Jung wrote that Osiris provided the key example of the rebirth process in that initially only the Pharaohs "had an Osiris" but later other Egyptians nobles acquired it and eventually it led in the concept of soul for all individuals in Christianity.[24] Jung believed that Christianity itself derived its significance from the archetypal relationship between Osiris and Horus versus God the Father and Jesus, his son.[22] However, Jung also postulated that the rebirth applied to Osiris (the father), and not Horus, the son.[22]

The general applicability of the death and resurrection of Osiris to the dying-and-rising-god analogy has been criticized, on the grounds that it derived from the harvesting rituals that related the rising and receding waters of the Nile river and the farming cycle.[19][25][26] The cutting down of barley and wheat was related to the death of Osiris, while the sprouting of shoots was thought to be based on the power of Osiris to resurrect the farmland.[19][25][27] In general rebirth analogies based on the vegetation cycle are viewed as the weakest elements in the death-rebirth analogies.[9]

In Greek mythology Dionysus, the son of Zeus was a horned child who was torn to pieces by Titans who lured him with toys, then boiled and ate him.[28][29] Zeus then destroyed the Titans by thunderbolt as a result of their action against Dionysus and from the ashes humans were formed.[29] However, Dionysus' grandmother Rhea managed to put some of his pieces back together (principally from his heart that was spared) and brought him back to life.

Dying-and-rising deity

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The 6 of Disks-Success, is aptly named The Lord of success, as the Moon is exalted in Taurus. Here the charm, subtleties, ebb and flow of the Moon are merging with the hard work and deliberate earth qualities of Taurus, ensuring success in business and other earthly matters.

The colors on the Thoth Card, are somewhat muted in this rendition (due to over printing); However, the center glows in dawn's light of rose-madder, surrounded by 3 concentric circles of golden yellow, salmon-pink and amber. Suggesting Tiphareth fully realized on earth, i.e., the Soul's true Persona operating the body. The usual arrangement of the Planets, as disks, are being irradiated by the Sun at the center. Again, Tiphareth is the Sun/Son and is here, idolized as the Rose and Cross. This is a 49 pedaled Rose, implying the interplay of the 7 with the 7, (the sacred hexagram of 7 planets and Venus-the "7 pointed star")...The Feminine is never separate from the Masculine, it is their interplay that makes Life.


When thrown during a reading, the 6 of Disks implies:

  • Material attainment and accomplishment, but with a caveat dealt out by the law of Karma; you'll have to put out effort, to receive back success. 
  • The successful cycle of income or security is steady and predictable. 
  •  That the querent is also generous, sharing the wealth, giving people what they are willing to receive.
  • The Six of Disks also suggests that money owed will be paid and the querent shall receive what is rightfully theirs. 
  • That in the next 6 weeks or 6 months, you have the opportunity for success if you follow the formula for success as represented by the 6 planets presented in this card (the Sun/Son central is the Soul). 
  • That in the next 6 weeks or months, you will experience being successful in producing something deeply satisfying and important to you. 
  • That success is only temporary moment of repose and we must be flexible to new options to keep on succeeding in our life motion.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Dissipation- the golden goose of the fairy tale.

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