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dreams of Gaia tarot- V of earth

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot- 5 of Earth, represents awareness, but as in "something is not right"-awareness. Some one may even be not what they seem, as they lie and deceive you. Hence, the devil image on the card. On one hand there is a gamble be presented and in the other is wealth and riches- maybe even the deception of easy money. Now not all deception can be coming from another, for you may be lying to yourself and therefore, those around you. Deception may not be deliberate, but it is still deception.

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Therefore, we have the "devil inside" and/or fear based survival thinking, who encourages you to take the easy way out and to look for options of instant gratification. Here one avoids the hard work that yields enduring success that requires a undaunted Spirit. It is time for discernment for if that voice in your head is inspiring you to risk everything for the chance of a quick dollar or a momentary thrill and you choose to take a gamble now, you risk losing it all. Beware the inner trickster, for it is fear based thought, and it caters to the weakness and addictions of the instinctual mind, which are all based on fear of death. Easy lies, are being dealt out instead of hard truths.

I find if I have to add excuses to my actions, then I am in error. To blame others, for all that is wrong in your life, such as, disappointments, heartache, past failures, and missed opportunities, instead of taking responsibility for your actions, or reactions, and/or choices and decisions, are some of the "inner devil's" favorite ploys. The Soul, doesn't fear life, for it is Life and knows that transformation, often called "death", is evolutionary steps forward and not the end of anything. Souls, don't die nor do they lie, for to lie, is to fear rejection and/or death. Life can have some very challenging moments, because you are worthy of the strength that meeting those challenges develop. To fear death, is to fear life and to exercise your mind, is to meet the unknown head and heart in full cooperation. To worry is to stop yourself dead in your tracks.

There can be a basis for doubt and concern, so look closer and see beyond selfish desires, blame and/or self-absorbed thoughts so you can unveil the truth.To expect others to have your "world view" and/or act the way you wish them to, leads only to disappointment. It is not your place to expect for others, they are free to act, just as you are. So let them be, and work on being the best you- you can be. Others are not subject to our dreams nor our goals. Everyone, is their own subject. So be honest with yourself, or heartache, disappointment and worry may follow. When we leave this world for the next, we should leave with a grateful smile for the great adventure it is, not a mouth frowning with apologies.

When the Dreams of Gaia-5 of Earth, is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Avoid easy answers.
  • Think twice about taking risks. 
  • Something is not what it seems.
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • You are accountable.
  • Are you gambling with another's future?
  • Look beyond selfish desires and blame.
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5 of Disks-Worry:

Since Disks are cards that represent the physical, this card represents physical worry, concerns, and rumination. It is a state of being conscious that dwells in the past and goes forward fearing the future and therefore doesn't live in the now. By not living in the now, we are not present today, which doesn't allow new perspectives or thoughts to change our mental emotional direction. This is a general effect of a long strain without action; a general state of inaction. Health, finances, work, relationships and/or creativity are the concerns here.The Thoth 5 of Disks, is called Worry, but also often called the Lord of Material Trouble. Here Mercury is in Taurus. The angels of the Decan are Mibahiah and Pooyal.

Astrologically Mercury in Taurus, also symbolizing communication worries. Worrying about whether your communication efforts are coming across correctly or if you even have the ability to communicate at all. By now we are familiar with the 5th Sephiroth- Geburah, a state of mental energy that is severe in its function. Geburah is a corrective state of intelligence, whose severity is an action towards self-assessment, rather than anything karmic.

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In the 5 of Disks, we have Geburah-Severity, influencing the Material World (Assiah)

"To Worry" something, is translated to English as the shepherds use the word, which is a type of strangulation a sheep dog does to a sheep. This strangulating is a biting and holding on to the Sheep's throat, which stops it in its tracks and is just for that purpose. Therefore, we understand that the 5 of disks is so named because it stops all material events, such as profession or monetary gain, dead in its tracks.

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Again, Crowley shapes this card as an inverted pentagram, which implies difficulties. He also placed the geometric figures of the Hindu five Tattvas in the individual disks, each symbolizing a Alchemical element of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit. In the Hindu system these are the underlying currents of matter.

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Mercurial energy is opposed in Taurian earth, simply because earth has a natural tendency to be stationary while Mercury is swift motion. Granted it takes a strong Mercury to influence and unbalance Taurus but Geburah is just that strength. In fact, instead of Severity, she is sometimes called Strength and causes instability in the 5 states of matter. This instability is vibration, much like and earthquake, yet the five states of energy (Five Tattvas) have enough attraction necessary to hold together on the lower planes forestalling complete disruption. So this is more like the dog holding the sheep at a standstill, a kind of intelligence applied to labor.

The 5 of Disks thus implies intense strain with long moments of inaction and therefore, implies that perspective makes our present state of being, and if our perspectives dwell in the past we are “up-side-down” ---we aren't living today as we are letting body fears overrun spiritual/willful action. Hence, the 5 of Disks card reminds us that we are presently inanimate, which is dead to action. We can change directions, be they physical, emotional or mental only by acting--moving! Begin with what you have even if your only action to hold out your hand for assistance, now and what-ifs are unimportant to motion as they only excuse inaction. It's time to break worry patterns by actively pursuing changes in communication patterns, financial, health, and in relationships with the Taurus people in your life. Worry is a type of mental lethargy whose chains are easily broken by activity. Live the now, you are not "a past person" you are an I AM Now person---an active and unique expression of alive motion.

When the Divination brings up the Five of Disks, the querent is going through a period:

  • Of rumination, anxiety or concern...maybe all.
  • Feeling left out of social events because of lack of money.
  • Of challenges concerning insecurity, deprivation, and even exclusion. 
  • Where the mind is focused on survival issues and thus stopping creativity dead in its tracks as a feeling of helplessness and inertia takes over.
  • There is a foretelling of material trouble for the next 5 weeks or 5 months. 
  • Of the next 5 weeks or 5 months, opportunities are presented to you for the release of worry about health, finances, relationships, productivity and to improve on your communication skills.
  • The past, let's say when you were five years old, is what produces worry.
  • Of intending to want to avoid discomfort, and try to compare present day events, to past ones.
  • Locked into past pain----does not help us live in the present and this card reminds us to forget the what-ifs of yesterday, or tomorrow and to be the I Am of now.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Failure.
  • Collapse. 
  • Despair.

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