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Thoth- queen of disks ( Erda )

The 3rd Sephiroth on the Tree of Life is, Binah is the Divine Feminine- "Will to Form" and is a force that is imposed on the Pure Fiery Energy of Chokmah. She is known as Understanding, for an idea, once understood, can be molded into manifestation as information.

Again, these are not Persons, but States of Conscious Energy, called "Beings" in Qabalah. These Sephiroth/numbered circles, are parts of the Divine Collective Unconscious, meaning the deep Imagination, where frequencies are forms of ideas. However, images, such as Tarot Cards, are the only way to realize these deep inner layers of the Cosmic Mind and that before Mind. Tarot is one of the Image languages that has evolved over time, to explain the evolution of light-frequency that is our Soul/Psyche.

Binah is the 3rd Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, but the first concept of female, in the upper part called the Supernal Triangle/Trinity. She is the essence of Womb, and I often call this state of Mind a "Womb with a View", because she conceives by understanding.

The Queens all represent the Water/Unconscious Mind in each suit. Water being as all states of Consciousness and emotion, for it ebbs and flows and gets violent in storms. They are enthroned in the Element of Consciousness and as emotion make it bring forth the Force of the King, by realization and understanding that which develops that force. As consciousness does to emotionally charged idea. The Queen of Disks, often called the Queen of Pentacles or Coins, is also known to Western Magic as Queen of the Thrones of Earth; Queen of the Gnomes.

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Astrological attribution is last Decan of Sagittarius and the first two Decans of Capricorn. The Queen of Disks is Water of Earth, a specific consciousness in the Primal Earth element. Most of us call her "Mother Nature" and/or the modern Gaia.The Thoth Deck Queen of Disks is displaying her ruler ship over earth as Mother Nature is shown in the crystal cubed scepter that has within it a three-sided Hexagram.

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Her zodiacal attribute to Capricorn is shown by the image of the Goat. Her Throne is vegetation as she is the life of such. She is the Highest Aspect of passivity and this is shown as a winding passive river flowing through and fertilizing waste land. The Great Work is ultimately expressed in fertility, where the "As the Above manifests in the below'". She, as Queen, is the facilitator of such manifestation.

The Disk on her left arm is curved with loops and spheres interlaced, representing the ambition of matter to take part in the Great Work. This ambition is often described as fecund motion. This is also shown by the Spiral Horns on Her helmet/crown, as Spiral force which is both Spirit and Vital Life Force. The reptilian patterned armor of the Queen represents the regenerative force in nature as serpents shed their skin to become more. Here is Lady Frieda Harris's interpretation of the teutonic goddess Erda/Mother Earth.

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tarot personality birth wheel

The Queen of Disks/Pentacles, is a court card and therefore, represents the core of a personality born between December 13th and the 9th of January. The Core of our personalities, is not the whole of the personality, for they transform as we manifest into cultures and/or the material world. Usually this transformation is due to indoctrination and dogma. However, the personality is also influenced by environment and the events and issues of emotional reaction. Our original "Persona", is the Soul, which began as a Personality of the I AM and has gathered much data and information by manifesting as in-form-action, its self-concepts. Some of our Souls have personalities from many such experiments in self-awareness and the "new ager" often channels these as some "other than myself" authority, of which they are not. All of our past expressions of self, may go into the many thousands, and yet they are not ended, for energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed and all persona's are made of energy and self-awareness data. Hence, the Soul is a great library of all that it has done as a demiurge.

Just remember, your personal "god" is your Soul, it is the Master who built you as its masterpiece. So above all things, know thyself. For the you that you think you are, is not the YOU that came to earth and become a Soul's information/in-form-action. You are a Psyche of the Divine Creative and are really an immortal being who turns self-realization into in-form-action by building it as a "story you tell yourself" and/or and actor's mask. Hence, you are your story, and are free to transform that story as a "rewrite" any time you want.  

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Adam Khadmon

Persona, is the Greek root word of personality and it means "mask". The flesh is a mask, we wear so that we can "realize" self as an I AM ME. For the I Am, without a Me, is just many ideas without intimacy. Idea only becomes information when it is intimately Understood. That understanding can only be had, when it is acted out in sensual/intimate form. In this Universe, information becomes in-form-action and for us Souls, that is the homo sapiens sapiens form that gives us an intimate relationship with time/measurement. We are Spirit-Mind-Body, and therefore, the Whole Self, in in-form-action. You are the Tree of Life as Adam Khadmon or as Horus in Egyptian Tarot, are names of the "Heavenly Human". The Heavenly Human has come to be a homo sapiens sapiens, for the purpose of intimacy with its creations. To a Qabalist, the heavens are the upper triangle of the Tree of Life. And the word human, comes from the Mandarin root word Hu -meaning "god" and the word man comes from the Hindu root word Manas, meaning "mind". Hence, the "heavenly human" is the Above god-mind, who came to the below- animal mind. Which mind is running your persona? In the case of the Queen of Disks personality, lower primal animal survival urges or higher Mother Creative urges, run the manifested Self. Above all things, know thyself.

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the tarot of the ages- queen of coins

The Tarot of The Ages-Queen of Coins, depicts a bare-breasted female Dakini image, holding aloft a coin, which seems to be Vedic Astrology. She is between two bulls and/or sacred cows or one cow and one bull, as if she was the Goddess Bhoomi. Hence, she would be the Maternal figure of the Earth Mother. Normally, one would think that the bulls would symbolize Her consort, the God Varaha but he is usually shown as a Boar and/or wearing a boars head. The bull, however, is a western symbol of fertility and indomitable power, while the Cow is symbolized as the Egyptian Mother Hathor, whose milk overflows creating the Milky Way. Either way, we have a Mother Gaia image in Hindu/Western mix.

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    In Hinduism, cows are thought to be sacred, or deeply respected. They are held in high esteem and Hindus worship cows. Cows are seen as a 'caregiver' or maternal figure. One Hindu goddess, Bhoomi (ভূমি), is usually shown in the form of a cow. Sacred cow - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bhoomi devi also known as Bhu devi is the Goddess Mother Earth. Bhoomidevi is a combination of two words namely 'bhoomi' and 'devi'. Bhoomi refers to earth and devi refers to Goddess in english, thus Bhoomi Devi is Earth Goddess. Bhoomi devi is the consort of God Varaha, who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Bhoomi Devi - Goddess Mother Earth |

Therefore, since the Tarot of The Ages depicts Mother Earth in a Hindu symbolism, the divinatory meaning of this card is that of the Thoth Queen of Disks.

When thrown during a reading, the Queen of Discs represents:

  • A person interested in physical nutrition and health.
  • A shedding of poor eating habits for those of a new diet.
  • A shedding of old habits, or even the purchasing of new clothes.
  • the querent does all things she can do, well and it will be fruitful
  • One of a high level of compassion, nurturing abilities. Loving physical life and all it has to offer.
  • One who is exceptionally procreative and nurturing, as in the nature of Mothering.
  • Power of practical wisdom on the physical level and in the inner world, applied spiritual wisdom.
  • A dark woman of great heart and serious cast of intelligence.
  • Opulence
  • Generosity
  • Also implies presents from a rich relative or a rich and happy marriage for a young man.
  • Erda, the Teutonic Mother Earth seen as a warm and nurturing deity.
  • A rich person who is generous and charitable. 


If surrounded by ill defined cards:

  • False prosperity.
  • Suspense.
  • Suspicion.
  • Responsibilities neglected.
  • Distrustful person.
  • Vicious person.
  • Fear of failure.

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