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Western hermetic Qabalah, astrological, alchemical, numerical, and Tantric Tarot Card Comparisons.

· Tarot of the ages

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Thoth-knight of disks

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The 2nd Sephiroth-Chokmah is both Wisdom and the Will to Force and the power behind the Knights/Kings. He is the idea of male polarity. Now it may be confusing to some to see the Knight of Disks as comparable to a King of Coins. However, Crowley used the formula of Tetragrammaton* in his Qabalistic Magic work and his court cards represent the YHVH. He also envision the Kings of any element as "Battle Kings" which are also Knights in English lore. Hence, his Knights are the Tarot Kings and his Princes are the Knights of traditional tarot decks.

*Formula of the Tetragrammaton


The formula of TETRAGRAMMATON was the four-letter name of God YHVH (Hermes marks each letter around the pentagram on the floor as he speaks them) Each letter representing an aeon and an element Now the new formula returns Of the five-letter name for Gods/Goddesses//God/dess YHVHS...


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Now there are those who think that Male came first, or that Female came first; well let’s just say that they think only in linear time aided by our short-sighted physical-cultural perspective on sexuality. The startling fact to some, is that if you come up with the idea of Male, then you come up with the idea of female at the same moment. There is no male concept without the concept of female and visa versa. So the argument of whom came first, is null and void when intellectually talking about the Supernal Triangle.

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The Will to Force . Chokmah) and the Will to Form,Binah are unite as the first sexuality and produce the rest of the Qabalisitic Tree of Life; which is the way of saying the mating of I (Spirit) and Am (Mind) produces the idea of Being and that being is a solidified in - I Am Me (Trinity of Self). Our concept of sexuality is in need of adjustment before we can understand the One Energy that made itself two so it could be many. Crowley often use the formula of 0=2 to represent the One who became two and is shown as a figure eight (8) laying on its side and/or the lemniscate. In such a shape as the figure eight, we see 2 circles made of one disconnected line. For in the electromagnetic Universe we live in, Electric is considered Male and the Magnetic is considered to be Female as she creates form out of energy. However, you can't have electric forces without magnetic forces and one cannot have magnetic forces without electric forces, so once again "who came first" is an argument only for the ignorant. Since Chokmah is the second Sephiroth it is the force behind the four Deuces. The Personification of that force is represented in the four Knights/Kings. In other words, Chokmah's "Will to Force", is at its most concentrated and dense elemental form on Earth and we personally call it "emotion"/ energy-in-motion.



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Represents, in Western magic, the Lord of the wild and fertile land and as such is the King of the elemental spirits of earth; for instance, the Gnomes. The zodiacal attributes to this card are the last Decan of Leo and the first two Decans of Virgo. He represents what Western magic calls the "Green Man".

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Being that the Knight of Disks is the densest manifestation of the Elemental Yod (fire) force, he is the force behind fruition, and growth but tends to be slow. This powerful fertility is represented in this card by the use of the Stag antlers on the Helm of the Knight. The understanding of the mythical animal images of the middle ages, comes in handy here, as the Stag is the beast that ate the serpent (received wisdom) and in so doing sheds its skin (transforms), any illness and old age, just as a serpent does. So to make a long and wonderful story short, the Stag represents the Knights power to regenerate as does the organic matter it is a symbol of.

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Many of us have seen the Fire of Earth, in its volcanic upheavals; However, how often do we realized that Volcanism is Earth regenerating itself. as fire and water join to create atmosphere and fertile land? Hence, The Knight of Disks is the Fire of Earth that is the sowing of land with vigor; He may be fleeting yet he is also the cycle of rebirth. The same fruition is implied by the corn or fruitful plane that his horse is grazing on. Therefore, he carries a flail, used in grain harvest and his disk/shield is that of solid nutrition. This is a card that represents the "just harvest" as one reaps what they have sown.

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tarot-personality birth wheel

Since this is a Court Card, the Knight of Disks is an archetype personality. Often called the "King of Pentacles" in traditional Tarot, this Knight's personality is the core personality of those who are born between August 11th and September 2nd. Here resides the "salt of the Earth" personality. He is passive at the moment, with his helmet thrown back, and relaxing on his horse/charger, while the horse eats the grain.

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the tarot of the ages-king of coins

The Tarot of The Ages-King of Coins, depicts an artistic interpretation of a Rajah/Hindu King. Behind him is the wheel of fortune, and /or of poverty/wealth. For he is the King of Earth and is in charge of fecundity and sterility, abundance and famine represented as the golden bull and the black bull. In his hand is a golden coin, which is more of a vedic astrology disk than a coin. Hence, his glance falls over the plowed fields and arid deserts to revive his "Wife/Queen" water. For he is a catalyst, as fire is so often applied in the world to begin a process of transformation.

Again, the Tarot of The Ages Card, may use more traditional symbols than the Thoth Tarot, but the meaning in divination is the same.


It implies:

  • A concern for the body and good health.
  • A doctor or herbalist concerned with health.
  • The querent is showing the spirit of fertilization, as joyous practicality, steadfastness, reliability and is an epitome of material success.
  • Generous, courageous but is not prone to seeking adventure.
  • Ordinary activity, in social position, accomplishments, experiencing a success that is relaxed and enjoyed.
  • A mature reliable, dependable, and wise male upon whom others may depend on and with whom they lay their burdens.
  • A dark male, who is both courageous and lethargic in tendencies. However, driven in matters of material success. 
  • A good financial provider who understands and likes work knowing it leads to financial security.
  • The querent may be such a person or involved with such a person in their life. The surrounding cards or position in the reading would support this understanding.
  • A person of  character and intelligence.
  • An experienced and successful leader. 
  • Mathematical ability.
  • Ability to acquire money and valuable possessions. 
  • One who is harvesting what they have sown. 
  • Generosity.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Corruption.
  • Using any means to achieve the end result. 
  • Vice. 
  • Avarice.
  • Unfaithfulness.
  • An old and vicious man. 
  • Thriftiness. (Penny pincher).

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