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· Tarot of the ages

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Thoth- Prince of disks

Tiphareth-the 6th Sephiroth and the 4 Princes

The Princes are the Son of the Queen and King, thus they are governed by Tiphareth, The Son/Sun of God.

The Princes are wholly activated by the Queen and King, adding to their complexity as they have no motive power of their own. They are force, but a stable one, as they are being pulled along in their chariots.

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The Figures of the Arch Fairies (Elementals) are the Lion, Eagle, Man and Bull. These are the Four Kerubim of Qaballah. They are very ancient symbols for the elements of multiple religious belief systems. Not only appearing as Gods of the Assyrians, the Four Animals in the Old Testament vision of Ezekiel, they also are the four symbols of the Christian Evangelists

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In the vastness of Kether, the Primordial Elements radiate into Tiphareth, becoming the united rulers of the elements that are individually expressed in Tiphareth. Anthropomorphically personified, The Princes are the balance of the 4 Pythagorean Universal Elements in Tiphareth. Being the most refined aspects of the Solar- Personality, the 4 Princes are the Elemental Kings in the Psyche/Soul.

It should be no surprise then that the Princes can be taken in any direction by Divine Will. Thus, the forces of the:

  1.  Prince of Wands may be applied with Justice or cruelty.
  2. The unconscious flowing motion of the Prince of Cups may be subtle and artistic; or it may be evil. 
  3. The rational mental activities of the Prince of Swords, may produce ideas that are either creative or destructive.
  4. The material qualities of the Prince of Disks, may cause growth for good or evil. The Grounding Element for the Princes lessons, are the Princesses, who rule the earth from the Northern quadrants.

I have stated that Tiphareth is The Central Sun of our conscious energy expression into incarnation. Tiphareth is called -Beauty, and is as high as our Personal Conscious can go up the Tree. This state of Consciousness is known in the Mysteries, as the Christ, or Buddha consciousness and it brings the body into a "higher" state of vibratory life force that we know as "unconditional Love”, also changing the physiology by doing so. However, only through diligent meditative techniques and ritual divination is this conscious state possible to physically experience, for it is the True Psyche/Soul of each of us "children of the Soul". For a Personality is the Mask a Soul wears so it can be seen, see itself and have the ability to do work on this the 10th plane of Malkuth. The Soul is the Prince born of the union of Queen Binah, and King-Chokmah.

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The Prince of Disks (Also called the Prince or Knight of Pentacles, in other Tarot Decks), is the Prince of the Chariot of Earth. Prince and Emperor of the Gnomes and is attributed to the last Decan of Aries and the first two Decan of Taurus.

This Prince is the Air of Earth and/ or Specific Air of Primal Earth. The Chariot of the Prince of Disks is pulled by the Bull of Taurus, demonstrating this zodiacal attribute.

Being Air of Earth, the Prince is Intelligible Earth, as Air is Mind. Therefore, he brings incredible energy to physical matters. Such intelligent Earth, is the instinctual mind that shows its incredible focus on building, as in bees, ants, etc. The many spheres behind the Prince, show the numerous material spheres of life throughout the Universe of physical Matter, for Malkuth is a bigger kingdom than just the earth, as there are many planets, and galaxies in Malkuth.

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Because the Prince of Disks is so materially active, his armor is light and unrestrictive. On his head is the Bull helmet an animal sacred to the earth and is an ancient symbol of fertility. The disk in his hand is an orb resembling a globe, marked in agricultural mathematical symbols. The orbed scepter that is surmounted by a cross is a symbol of the Great Work accomplished. The Great Work being manifesting the Higher States of Conscious Energy, in the more condensed states of consciousness below, on earth; by physical focus and attention to work. What many of us don't understand is that you empty your brain of random thoughts, while only focusing on the task at hand. Hence, you are meditating! Even a daily commute in your car, with radio off, and doing nothing but "hands on the wheel" driving, while paying absolute attention to traffic, is a meditation! Therefore, the Prince of Disks intelligence knows that multi-tasking, is just another way to do nothing well.

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the Green man

The Prince of Disks, is the Green Man force of Celtic mysteries, or the oversexed Pan of the Greeks, whose job it is to bring forth, from the Earthly element, that Vegetation, which is the sustenance of Spirit itself. The Mother Earth makes the form, he enlivens it and enforces the design.

The Character of the Prince of Disks, is methodical, competent, ingenious, enduring, trustworthy, cautious, and imperturbable. All the qualities of a very capable manager and a steadfast preserving worker. Very good at horticulture and hard, patient work.

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Tarot personality birth wheel

This Prince of intelligence and Earth, is a personality that is ingenious as he constantly seeks new ways of using common things. Always adapting the circumstance to his slow and methodical purpose. This is to say, that his plans are well thought out. His emotions are subdued, thus he may appear insensitive and maybe even dull and slow of wit. But this is because of misinterpretation of his mental activity of which he won't devote to ideas that he understands to be beyond his expertise. Simply, the reaction of others to this stalwart character, depends entirely on their temperament and not his.

Again, the Prince of Disks represents the airy part of Earth (Air is Consciousness) and thus He is the intelligible part of Earth. He rules the zodiac from the 21st degree of Aries to the 20th degree of Taurus, thus we have the ox pulling the chariot as the "sacred animal of Earth". The Prince of Disks is wearing a helm crowned with the Bull of Taurus. In his left hand is the Globe of Earth with geometric symbols implying agriculture (which is an invention of Binah-the Great Mother represented by the Queen of Disks) and in his right hand is the orb- scepter adorned with the equal armed cross (Earth-Air-Water-Fire) a symbol of the Great Work (Life) accomplished. He is the stable but active force of the "Green man" as he brings forth from the Earth, vegetation which is the substance that Spirit enlivens. He is barely clothed because we have a "pan-force" here who is both fertile and a bull. He is Earth's Husband which in the Anglo-Saxon, means 'keeper of her property". He is a Caretaker of Her Forms.

This Personality is one of great energy brought onto practical matters. He is energetic, enduring, steadfast, a capable manager, and tireless worker. His many qualities are shown in a character that is competent, ingenious, thoughtful, cautious, trustworthy, and imperturbable. On a consistent basis, he invents new uses for common things and adapts his circumstances to his purpose in a slow deliberate, well thought out manner. Thus, some may think him slow and stupid, to their peril, for he is almost totally lacking in useless emotion and seems somewhat insensitive but this is because he is very clever. Most often, he makes no effort to delve into ideas he believes are beyond his scope, and may find the more "esoteric" types aggravating.

The Prince of Disks personality is slow to anger, but once he is angered---you have an implacable charging bull to contend with and physically this person can be quite "bull-like". It is almost impossible to differentiate between "Well dignified" or "ill dignified" characteristics of this Card. Suffice it to say, that if "ill dignified" (surrounded by Lower emotional cards) that the quality and quantity of his character is somewhat degraded. To the point of being duller, slower, and even less empathetic.

This man's personality is often referred to in the common vernacular as "the salt of the Earth" because his character is so trustworthy and without complications. And like all "slow quiet types" is easy to get along with...but terrible in anger. He is a force of Nature, that should be respected and loved in all of us and a very necessary "power of the body" needed by Spiritual-Life itself. The Power of Spirit must be aligned with the Power of the Body----to become a "Holy Spirit"...for those Souls who malign the body, proclaiming its nature as evil, are doomed to failure in the Great Work, simply because they are the Spiritual power that is supplying the life to the body! Life obviously adores the Body and we are a Spiral Energy Expression of Life (Spirit and Spiral come from the same Greek root word Spiro). It's okay to adore your body---as long as you know that all bodies "are another way to be you" and that the purpose of Spirit is to make bodies live as an in-form-action of the Soul or Solar Psyche (Sun/Son).

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the tarot of the ages- knight of coins

The Tarot of The Ages-Knight of Coins (The Knights of Traditional Decks are Princes in Thoth), depicts a Hindi knight holding high a spiral shaped coin. The black earth and the bull, both show his fertility and fecundity. Sitting astride a horse, rather than riding a chariot, as in the Thoth Prince of Disks card. The imagery differs in Traditional Tarot, because Occult "secrets" were never to be revealed except in secret societies. The Princes of Thoth Tarot are more revealing of the Arcane, as they ride the Merkabah, (throne of god)because they work under the authority of the androgynous Divine Creative who is both Mother and Father/Queen and King.

The horse commonly symbolizes power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength and freedom. Many cultures attribute the four elements - earth, fire, water and air - to the horse.

The horse symbolizes many different things throughout the world. In Celtic culture, the horse is a symbol for war, victory and longevity. The Greco-Romans used the horse as symbols for honor and virility. In the Hindu culture, not only is the horse linked to their god Varuna, but a white horse is believed to be the final incarnation of Vishnu. In Chinese culture, the horse represents the Gemini and symbolizes love, practicality, endurance, devotion and stability.

When the Prince of Disks, or Knight of Coins, is thrown during a reading, depending on the position and the surrounding cards, implies:

  • Issues of physical activity. Such as, bodybuilding, muscle tone, sports, and a steel like resolve to move through issues and remove blocks.
  • The querent or person important to them, is in a kind of Moving meditation, a focus on the material world, experiencing personal balance and productivity.
  • Becoming or is a builder who works steady towards their goals and being singularly focused on establishing security.
  • The querent, or important person, is both kind and trustworthy and will complete a long and laborious task, "come hell or high water".
  • There is suggested a Mastery here, of change and harvest procured by knowledge and productivity.
  • A mature and responsible person.
  • Methodical
  • Ability to finish a task.
  • Laborious. 



If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Stagnation.
  • Carelessness.
  • Inertia.
  • Lack of determination.
  • Lack of direction.
  • Narrow-mindedness.
  • Limit set by dogmatic views.

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