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Thoth- Prince of Cups

Prince of the chariot of the waters; Prince and Emperor of the Nymphs or Undines.

All four Princes are dependent on the Union of the King and Queen. Unless set in motion by the Royal couple, the Prince’s power is illusionary. The Princes represent the coming and going of an event or person.

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The Prince of Cups is known in the Western Magic Mysteries, as the Prince of the Chariot of the Waters, Prince and Emperor of the Nymphs and Undines, as he represents the last Decan of Libra and the first two Decans of Scorpio.

He is Specific Air of Primal Water.

By now, you may know the Yod Heh Vau Heh (YHVH) formula, and/or Tetragrammaton, which is also shown in the Prince of Cups. Here we see the water Lotus and the cup that is issuing a serpent. The Serpent represents Chokmah, the Yod Force and in this card, it has the fiery unsettling qualities of Scorpio. The cup, is Heh, and encloses the Yod serpent; a Victorian way to show phallus and womb and/or the King and Queen in Union.

The Prince, as Vau, carries out the activities of Yod and Heh combined, here then is Water (consciousness). The Eagle drawing the Chariot, is the Kerubic symbol for Water (also the highest symbol of Scorpio). And as we know, if we've swam in a river, the Eagle also suggests that the calm appearance of water, may hold violent and fiery energy-currents beneath the surface, Thus, in the Prince of Cups, Water suggests the Universal Unconscious which bears dynamic energy. Hence, what activity we can expect from the Prince of cups personality is on one hand, elastic, volatile and hydrostatic equilibrium; on the other hand, the catalytic faculty and energy of steam which is shown in the Tarot card as wings of tenuous vapor, sprouting from his back that is also suggesting a spiritual sense of vaporization.

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The Tetragrammaton: YHVH/Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh

The Qabalah focuses on the nature of Deity and the relationship between Deity, the world, and humanity. It is considered ancient transmitted doctrine, but also emphasizes personal experience. While Kabbalistic/Qabalistic Judaism never ceases belief in strict monotheism--the ultimate Oneness of Deity--that monotheism is integrated with the belief that the One Deity has a number of different persons, attributes, emanations or Spheres of influence (Tree of Life).

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In addition to perceiving Deity to be a complementary duality of feminine and masculine, Qabalah also perceives Deity to be a family of Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter. Both Father and Son are aspects of the Lord; and both Mother and Daughter are aspects of the Shekinah.

Among the names of the Hebrew God in the Bible is Yahweh--YHVH in Hebrew. These four letters are referred to as the Tetragrammaton-Meaning "4 letters". Each letter came to represent in Qabalistic theology a distinct familial aspect of Deity: Y (Yod) representing Deity as Father; H (Heh) representing Deity as Mother; V (Vau) representing Deity as Son; and the second H (Heh) representing Deity as Daughter. This Tetrad is not unlike the Canaanite-Hebrew Tetrad of El-Asherah-Baal-Astarte.

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Father Yod and Mother Heh are considered inseparable in permanent embrace (Yab Yum in Tibetan Tantra-Meaning Father/Mother God face to face), and filled with great unceasing mutual love for each other.

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According to the Zohar:

"The Father and the Mother, since they are found in union all the time and are never hidden or separated from each other, are called 'Companions.'... And they find satisfaction in permanent union."

Son/Sun-Vau and Daughter-Heh are considered both siblings and consorts. They have both a passionate and contentious relationship with each other. Both are given numerous names and attributes. Son/Sun- Vau is considered to be Sky, and Daughter Heh is considered to be Earth. Son/Sun- Vau is also commonly called the King but in Thoth Tarot, he is Prince. Daughter Heh is also called Night, Moon, Sea, Princess and the Matronit.

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Son Vau and Daughter Heh are thought to have wedded and embraced nightly in Solomon's Temple. Cherubim/Kerubim (Angels of Love) were born from their embrace. With the destruction of the Temple, Son/Sun Vau is believed to have withdrawn into Heaven, while Daughter Heh is believed to have accompanied the Hebrews into exile.

Kabbalists/Qabalist/Cabalist philosophy states that humans can impact the Divine Couple. To the ancient Hebrews, when Israel sinned against Yahweh, it is believed to cause a quarrel and separation between Son/Sun Vau and Daughter Heh (Moon). Separation weakens Son/Sun Vau, who cannot act without Daughter Heh. They are hoped to be reunited on the Day of Atonement. We now have taken this idea to mean that when the Soul is divided- when the Anima (Divine Daughter) is separated from the Animus (Divine Son), the will is weakened and one easily becomes a slave to outside authority.

Similarly, an unloving or adulterous human relationship is believed to cause the Divine Couple to quarrel. Conversely, a loving relationship between human spouses is believed to help reconcile Divine Son/Sun Vau and Daughter Heh. The True Qabalist and Tantrics are the doers of good deeds, and have sacred union with their spouses/mates to help bring about the reunification of Son (Animus) Vau (Anima) and Daughter Heh, which will restore peace and order in the world.

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Thoth-Prince of Cups

Scorpio is noted as being the most Mysterious of Signs, making this card very complicated in its Water imagery. The Lotus is sacred to Water. The calm and stagnant Lake beneath the Prince, is shown being disturbed by heavy rain; Rain being the volatile expression of Vapor that has become clouds. The reason the lake is shown stagnant, is because of the Alchemical secret process of putrefaction which is also symbolized by the scorpion (not shown because it an earth crawler), the other 2 processes of Scorpio are shown as the Serpent and the Eagle. Sexual force and Higher Motion, in that order.

The fact that this Thoth Deck card is Libra going over into Scorpio, suggests great volatility, as this influence implies tremendous power, energy and weight.

Such a person must be well mated, Anima and Animus (Carl Jung) within cooperating with good will and sincerity, for loyalty is all important to keep their good nature. When this is so, they are extremely romantic, sensual and generous to a fault and are great lovers, but the tragedy here is that it is an "inner heavenly love", and a "adorable fire" (Paul Foster Case) that warms Spirit, Mind and "inner body", an unconditional love that is not found yet found in the external world.

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Tarot-Personality Birth-wheel

Aliester Crowley obviously had a "run in" with a person of the Prince of Cups character traits. For he acts as if stung by this Scorpion being and goes on to state:

The moral characteristics of the person pictured in this card, subtlety, secret violence, and craft. He is intensely secret, an artist in all his ways...He is in fact, perfectly ruthless. [book of Thoth, Pg. 158]

Here the 3 images attributed to a Scorpio Sun Sign are shown, the Cup (feminine Yoni) and the Serpent (Masculine lignum/Phallus) and the Eagle that illustrates the Higher Mind of the extremely occult/metaphysical Scorpio. So indeed, this Prince is a "Storm King", and his deep emotions could become highly agitated and violent. However, if every person born between Oct 13th and Nov. 22nd, manifested all the dark and chilling qualities that Master Theron (Crowley) ascribed to this card, then 1/12th of the people on this planet would be melodramatic villains. Even though Lee Harvey Oswald and Leo Trotsky where Princes of Cups, so were Marin Luther, Oscar Wilde, Frederic Nietzsche, Timothy Leary and Pablo Picasso. Oh, and myself. Showing that this Prince is one of immense abilities who can love to the depths of the Immortal Soul and as could not be as Crowley pointed out ,"relied upon to work in harness" [book of Thoth, Pg. 158].

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Personally, I am a Scorpio Natal and Scorpio Ascendant, with a Cancer Moon (Lovely Anima- I call Elizabeth) I can be relied upon to shrug off any harness and at all times be "True to Self and Anima"; Self being the Universal I AM, and the Anima -my Yab Yum , that is Tetragrammaton. I Will always do what I feel is morally just, and not "get mine" by stepping on the lives or bodies of others. Thanks to the union of Anima and Animus within, I see the deep beauty in us all, even though the one I am viewing see's only the ugliness of fear through a mask of indoctrinated inferiority. Therefore, the Prince of Cups personality, is both a lover and a fighter, but never loves the fight more than the antagonist who demands it.

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Tarot Illuminati-Prince of Cups

The savior and the Gail seeker.

The Tarot Illuminati-Prince of Cups, strays from traditional tarot art in this card. Commonly, this would be the Knight of Cups, in traditional tarot. However, Eric C. Dunne (the artist) and Kim Huggens (the author) go along with the Thoth Tarot and YHVH in this card. Kim Huggens goes on to say: "Every human has known love and affection, felt emotions stirring within them, but it takes a particular kind of person to truly know love...the kind of love that is tragic and beautiful, the kind written by bards of old and captured in the finest poetry, the most passionate of spiritual writings, the most well known tales... This is the yearning for the Divine, the Holy Grail ". AS a description of the Prince of Cups, it couldn't be said better.

When the Prince of Cups is thrown in a layout:

  • He represents the coming or going of a person with a Scorpio Sun sign.
  • Subtlety, secret violence and craft.
  • Being also an artist in all his ways, he would be intensely secret and powerful in desire.
  •  The calm and imperturbable surface he displays mask his most intense passion.
  •  He accepts only external influences that aid him in his secret designs, otherwise he is of "internal acceptance". 
  •  His conscience is not that of an ordinary person, for it is of a more impersonal nature, making him suspect and distrusted by acquaintances but able to love where others fear to go.
  • His abilities are immense, going beyond ordinary senses in to realms of the subtle. He is, however, fluid and being volatile as well, does not care to work in harness.
  • Yearning for union and reunion. 
  • Romance and courtship. 
  • The "Knight in shinning Armor".
  • Seeking understanding or hoping for a relationship. 
  • Poetry and messages of love.
  • Seeking spiritual wisdom. 

As far as personal events go, the Prince of Cups represents for the querent:

  • A personal process of the quiet inner aspect of the male principle where self-reflection, inner meditative peace and awareness are being experienced by the querent (The person the reading is for).
  • The event of Mind is turned towards deep feelings and artistic visions with the necessary passion to do them but with the secrecy that may prevent it.
  • Is completely involved in emotional sensation, psychic awareness and spiritual awareness. All of which they have in abundance.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Selfishness.
  • Lack of sensitivity. 
  • Naivety. 

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