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The Dreams of Gaia-Key 12-The Scribe

The Dreams of Gaia- 12 of Air-The Scribe, represents the mindset of the Thoth Prince of Swords. One who is a total intellectual whose religion is knowledge, wisdom, tradition, mythos, law, philosophy, religion and science. He is a lover of books, and a record-keeper of past-present and future. In her artistic representation of this archetype , Ravynne Phelan, depicts the symbols of Thoth, the Egyptian God of words and knowledge and various other symbols of Egyptian mythos. The Scarab, the wings of Horus, and the Ibis, which is the symbol for knowledge as Thoth is depicted as an Ibis headed god. Then we have the sword, depicting the Tarot suit, along with Native American symbols of attainment, such as feathers, and celtic runes, earthly antlers of the green man, and a mixture of all kinds of sacred symbols and even a bee, are shown as a sash hanging out of his mouth. Bee's are used as a symbol of Royalty and one who is a loyal, hard worker, implying this one's work is spoken... a master of bombast.

This personality is intellectual unbiased, without prejudice and objective and passionate about preserving , having and providing the most accurate information. This one values being able to provide accurate information and his constant companions are books, leaving room for little else in his life. He is able to argue any side of an issue with the surety of his knowledge. His knowledge as a man of letters, a philosopher, historian, counselor, teacher instructor, and his knowledge is treasured by many and feared by the few who wish to rule the many by controlling information and knowledge. He is much like the Internet of this modern era. Not everything is accurate, when it comes to information, but like this scribe persona, any issue can be examined from all sides and the researcher chooses what they want from the glut of information.

When the 12 of Air is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Look for an unbiased source.
  • Be objective and seek multiple perspectives.
  • Visit the library or archives.
  • Value the written word by writing things down.
  • Document your life journey.
  • Make multiple copies of your digital files.
  • A need to censor yourself. 
  • Guard your personal information.
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Thoth- Prince of Swords


The Thoth Prince of Swords is also called the Chariot of the Winds, Prince and emperor of the Sylphs and Sylphides and is the mental element of ideas that can be constructive as well as, destructive.

Zodiacly, he is the last Decan of Capricorn and the first two Decans of Aquarius.

He is Specific Air of Primal Air. The Element Air, is Mind, so this one is like the mind itself, which can love thought alone, and not care what it does or which side is which.

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Golden Dawn Tarot-Prince of Swords

The Golden dawn card, had two fairies pulling the chariot but in the, Thoth Tarot card of the Prince of Swords these fairies are shown as spheres of light in front of the Chariot, accompanied by 3 winged children who are pulling it. Implying that, this chariot may be pulled capriciously and/or mischievously in any direction, imitating the Intellectual Mind itself. Also there is significant Yesod-Moon symbolism here. as fairies and winged children, to suggest this is a card of mind that can weave any illusion into believable reality.

In the right hand, the Prince is swinging the Sword of invocation and creation and in his left is a sickle , the symbol of death, which immediately destroys that which is created. With childlike innocence, the Prince of Swords wields his Sword of Geburah/Severity. The logical mental processes of the Prince have reduced the Air (mind) into geometric symbols that represent no real plan, but are demonstrative power of undefined purpose, for he doesn't card of what he argues, as he speaks for the ability to impart any information, whether it is theory or fact.

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The astrological sign Gemini assigned to this card implies, affection, kindness and a good heart, as well as, a mind divided. The Two halves of one mind are shown as Sword and Sickle., for he will expound one side of an issue and destroy everything he said by expounding, just as religiously, the antithesis to that argument. It is not that he is a hypocrite, for he actually believes only in the ability to intellectually see any side of the coin.

Once again, the Prince of Swords represents the airy part of Air which as air is directed by "outside influences" such as the expanded heat of passion and the compaction of pure coldness.

The Prince of Swords is dressed in woven-full armor of definite device and/or as protection from the irrationality of emotional contact. His idea of intimacy, is sharing his bombast. His chariot is composed of geometric ideas. As stated before, this chariot and/or his intellectual platform, is drawn by unharnessed wing children "who are flights of fancy" and may go any-which way they like, as the reins are attached to passing geometric ideas. This is like the knowledge of Euclid expounded upon by an idiot, whose argument takes any twist and turn it wants to, and yet be totally "rational". Thus, the chariot is easily moved but unable to go into any definite direction, and is influenced by the intellectual passion of the moment. This is pure intellect without direction supplied by the Will/Spirit/ or even true understanding of what is being presented. Nevertheless, the Prince of Swords is crown by a Child's Head, for there is a secret Divinity here that is linked up to Tiphareth (the Son/Sun of God), but usually, if this personality thinks in terms of the divine, one believes they are above all others and suffers from the righteousness of a fanatic.

Since the logical process of the Prince of Swords has reduced the Air to many diverse geometric patterns, the pure number of which reduce the power of creative mind, as they have no definite purpose which is symbolized by the Sword in his right hand (willingness to create) and in his left hand a sickle, which destroys what he immediately creates. Being that his thoughts require no practical effort, he is purely intellectual, full of ideas that tumble over one-another in a mass of ideas unrelated to each other. He has all the apparatus of the Mind (his secret Divinity, intensely clever, admirably rational, thought in its highest degree, but unstable of purpose as even his own ideas are approached with his indifference. He knows that any idea is as good as another and can rationally persuade an Eskimo into buying a “walk in freezer” even though nature has already provided one! By removing the substance of an idea, he can place every idea into an ideal world of always looks good on paper no matter how impractical it is to build! Being that ratiocination is purely formal, even the very facts that promote his ideas are ignored so that his ideas become baseless and unreal. This person is immensely powerful because of their unsettled principles which enable them to put forth any argument without regret or remorse...kind of like an insane-used-car salesman from hell. The Prince of Swords personality is glib to quote scripture, cunningly supporting any thesis without considering the fact that he supported an opposite thesis earlier in his bombast. He is impossible to defeat because any position is as good as another and ready to enter into combination with the nearest element available. He really doesn't care if his or her ideas are detrimental to life, the idea is its own purpose! His/her momentary Vision is above all else!

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These elusive and elastic people can have empathy and internal depth if mastered by the Greater Will and Intellect of in the 6th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life known as Tiphareth-Beauty, which is the Divine Child in manifestation. The Chaotic nature of Pure Mind must be controlled by the Understanding Mother of All form--- as Will to Force for its own sake is utter destruction of all life. Without the Understanding of the Soul/ Spirit and its purpose for life, these personalities become faddists, fundamentalists, fanatics, devotees of drink and drugs, humanists (those who believe that mankind is the center of the universe----everything else is to serve man.) and bible thumping theologians. But even in such directions there is not stability, and they wander from cult to cult, vice to vice, supporting fanatical convictions for the sake of whim. It is easy to be deceived by such people as they manifest great potency of thought and are often errantly describe as having great depth and breadth of mind. Here we have what was once called a "snake-oil salesman". As in all readings, the surrounding cards will show the dignity of this card.

There is however, a bright light here when Pure Mind aligned with Pure Spirit, ideas can become living image of Self. Pure Spirit does not reside in religion...that chaos of ideas belongs to the idiots that praise god for creating life while their fanatical ideas destroy it all around them. Rather the Purity of Spirit that is the Life itself, resides as the Great Ocean of Mother all around, in and through us....AS US! So once again, "above all things know thyself", is necessary here. I Am Love and all around me Love is expressing itself as another way of being Self. We belong to each other, and not to ideas that separate us from each other. Ideas, have no purpose unless applied to the unification of Life below with the Above---for that is the Great Work of Spirit. With the Prince of Swords, Ideas make God in their own image, while God/Mind-makes us into its image as a "*human"! Thus it is obvious, that to know God/Mind is to know thyself!

* Before Latin became the official language of the Patriarchy/Military Industrial Empire, the word human had a different meaning; Hu, is Mandarin for "God" and Man, is from the Hindu word-Manas, meaning "mind". Hence you are a human that operates a homo sapiens sapiens in the name of I AM! This could be called the Greater Self (Soul) operating the Lesser Self-the body, in the name of Self....which is I AM.

As a person, The Prince of Swords or Knight of Air personality is purely intellectual:

  • Overflowing with ideas that tumble over each other in a mass unrelated to practical effort.
  •  This is a brain that won't quiet itself down long enough to focus well on one thing.
  •  Intensely clever, admirably rational, with high degrees of thought, yet unstable of purpose.
  • There is in this Prince of mind, and indifference to their own thought, as any idea is worth exploring, but not for too long.
  • By reducing every thought to ratiocination, this personality has removed all substance from thoughts, making them formal and fantastical, as they no longer relate to any facts; even those upon which the thoughts are individually based.
  • Thus, this person is completely free from settled principles and is capable of conceiving and putting out any conceivable argument without the clutter of remorse or regret.
  • This is a mind so glib, that it is able to forget the contrary argument it produced minutes before and go sallying forth with a new argument.
  • These people often become faddists, cultists and devotees of drink, drugs, theologies, humanitarianism or music and religion, but without stability.
  • The querent feels the need to release creative and intuitive thought while cutting through any barrier to this release.
  • There is a tendency to think too fast so slowing down the thought process is advised if success is to be achieved.
  •  The querent is showing the tendency to be overly rational, missing the subtle emotional points that would heed success in communication.

If the querent is able or has achieved the ability to focus their thought, they are committed to acting out their ideals and philosophy in their own lives; not really caring about how others do it, as they put incredible energy into supporting or examining particular beliefs.

  • They often present a magnetic personality that is extravagant, careless and excessive.
  • Ruthlessly brilliant, they can have good business judgment. There is a combative nature here that is courageous, turbulent and skilled in the war of wits.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Hastiness.
  • Shortsightedness.
  • Destructiveness.

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