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· dreams of gaia

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Dreams of Gaia-XI body/mind

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot has no real princess or prince title in its Court Cards, but it does have what the normal Tarot court cards influence and powers/authority that they use. For instance, the Body/Mind card represents that which dwells in the mind, and how it affects the body/emotion. Which is the power of mind wielded by the Princess of Swords. Therefore, it is the 11 of Air, card reminding us to keep a healthy and friendly relationship between Mind and Body. No matter how hard you try to separate the two, you will fail, for Mind is the operator/animator of the Body...the mind is the invisible force that creates the "in-form-action" that we call "alive". Besides, you must use the Mind to think separates exist.

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Of course, it always helps to differentiate between what is "thought" and what is actually going on but this doesn't mean that reality is separate from imagination, as both must work together as a "marriage"/cooperation for a well balanced and creative life. The Image-Maker (imagination) is another power if the Mind that we call "Creator" or "Creatrix". The Mind is all there is, everything is Mind/Self and each and everyone of us lives as our own perspective of Self. You can say that Spirit is separate from Mind, but in reality Spirit is The Will of the One Mind. So again, you can think Energy is separate from the Spirit/Mind combo, yet that to is an illusion brought on by the need to see how separate Powers of the One Mind act. Will/Fire-Element/Spirit are Energy Willed, so Energy-in-motion and One Mind are not separate any more than fire, air, water and earth are separate, as one couldn't exist nor work without the other. Besides, The Mind emotes energy and we call this "emotions" so not only is the Mind a Data-Energy mix, it can also build "information" (In-form-action)into forms that "emote" energy. Hence, the Tao koan: "If it is here, it is there and if it isn't here, it isn't there. "

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The Mind is the influence of the Above on the Below---the There influencing the Here. The Qabalistic Tree of Life is 10 numbered Powers of the Mind. One Mind, many thoughts! One Self, many selves. Now all this is very challenging to many people because the eyes are only willing to see what the "mind conceives". Which mind? There or here? For the "Here" mind is called the "self-conscious" and the "There" Mind is called Whole Spirit and/or the Universal Collective Unconscious. Consciousness is a child of the Unconscious, and exists only as long as the Mother Unconscious "feeds it". Yet, Mother loves her children and allows them to freely identify themselves by how they perceive the world. So here the "self-conscious" mind, is called the "small ego" and the Whole of Mind is the Great Ego. Yet like Oceans and mud puddles, they are not separate as all are Water. All is Mind, and there are many aspects to the Great Collective that is the One Mind. Including "individual" aspects, that are copies of the Original. For Mind is also a fractal as is the physical world which is "mental information". Therefore, the You that you see, is just information and you are free to be the form of your observations. This freedom can be wonderful or tragic. For if all the information of self that you believe is given you by "others", then you are not you, but somebody's idea of what you are. As far as I am concerned, it is better to be more magic and less tragic but then that is my opinion. Falsehood is being what you are "taught to be" and not what your Psyche created you to be. Oh yeah, the Soul/Psyche is not separate from Mind either, in fact, individual Souls are the Spheres of Self-Awareness that compose the Universal Collective Unconscious. The Mind is a fractal of Souls.

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Now a "closed mind" is one that is rigid in its indoctrination, and one that can only see the "reality" it was taught to see and/or of its indoctrination. This one would find it hard if not impossible to see how much influence the "mind" has over the body. For this one believes that the body is the power over the mind and their existence is the "upside down pentagram". The Pentagram is the symbol of Spirit-Fire-Water-Air- Earth, the "5 elements". Truth being, they are not separate from each other, and more than Understanding and Information are separate from each other and/or Chokmah-Wisdom and Binah-Understanding, are separate from each other on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Just remember this statement, "Goddess/God, face to face". This would be "Imagination/Rational", Face to Face, to those less inclined towards "the mysteries". In Tibetan Tantric philosophy this is Yab Yum (Goddess/God face to face) and to the Chinese, it is the Yin Yang and to the westerner, it is Unconscious and Conscious, face to face. What is being shown here, is that one is the reflection of the other. The Unconscious is looking at itself in the mirror of Matter, so that it can see itself "consciously". Hence, Rationale and Unconscious Imagination are inseparable, no matter how hard your "little ego" says they aren't related.

You are the dream of your Mind.

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So if your life is "shit", it is because you have chosen to believe it so, and go about emotionally creating it so. Believe that life is a gift of intimacy, and the information changes the manifestation. The Mind being intimate with Itself, may sound a bit narcissistic , but than there is only One Self, who is aware of itself in many ways called ----selves. That be you and me. This is a very "Self-ish" Universe! For the Self that is the Universe, is also the Self that is "here". "There" is "here", so that it can "feel itself". Sensuality requires a body of senses. Senses are another way to "see" self. Sense make Self -intimate with all that it is. We all know about "closed minded" and "open minded" people. Your choice. Myself, is aware of itself in a "Here" and "There" connection. Life is much more magic and a whole lot less tragic for me, than the many who are indoctrinated to only "live here". Now that is tragic! If you want your magic back, the magic all children once knew, get back into divination and communicate with your "There" while you are "Here". Your life will become more magic and a whole lot less tragic.

When the 11 of Air-Body/Mind is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Be open-minded and questioning.
  • You are only limited by your Mind.
  • How is your mind affecting your body?
  • How is your body affecting your body?
  • Facts are information and become certainties/Forms. 
  • Opinions are not facts.
  • We can only change ourselves.


Represents the earthly part of Air. She is the fixation of the Volatile. She represents the influence of Heaven on Earth and brings about the materialization of idea.

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Thoth-princess of swords

There is some suggestion of the Valkyrie, in this card but she also represents Artemis and characteristics of Minerva. To some extent, she represents the anger of the gods, and wears a helm of serpent crest, that symbolizes the serpent-haired Medusa. The heavens and clouds whirl about angrily, while she is stabbing downward with her sword. In the back ground is a profaned altar, whose fire is gone out due to lack of attention which seems to anger this Valkyrie. With Her Sword of "volatile Mind" she cleaves away the dross, so the pure essence is seen as a materialization of Idea. Much like Michelangelo who was known for his perceptive chisel that cleaved away what was not the image he saw in the marble.The Princess of Swords and the Valkyrie, represent the influence of Heaven on Earth- the influence of the "There" on the "Here". As stated, there is a representation of the "Anger of the Gods" here, the Anger of the Soul who has been profaned and she is helmed in a Medusa headdress... the Headdress of Emotions/Serpent forces. She stands in front of a barren altar, as if to avenge its profanation (The Human Soul is the altar---the profanation is "indoctrination Personality"), as shown by her sword stabbing downward. All around her angry storms rage in the sky. This Soul wants its body back and woe to the Patriarchy, for this one is out to get revenge!

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The Archetype personality of the Princess of Swords is of a stern and revengeful nature; she is the Imagination fighting for her child-"the self-conscious", much like a mother bear will fight for her cub. She is firm, aggressive and wields destructive logic with great practical wisdom and subtlety in material things. Her natural cleverness and adroitness in managing controversial affairs makes her a master of settling controversies. She would be a good ambassador. People whose personality is thus characterized, may seem slow mentally, crushed by every responsibility, especially when it comes to family affairs. We must remember that the Princesses represent the "Throne of Spirit" (The Soul) and that the Princess of Swords has the option of "blowing everything sky high"...she has that potency of mind and the power of will to do it! You can understand this attitude if you have ever experienced someone profaning your identity. You get Pissed. Well the Soul also gets "pissed" when it loses operational contact with the body, who has become "divided and conquered" by "the Patriarch's profanity",i.e. , indoctrination and dogma. Words are not god, nor are religions, mostly controlled by Patriarchs, god. God/Mind is not man-made nor is it constructed of words. It is the Image Maker, the Creator/Creatrix, and it is found in its own self-expression of "living form". Hence, it is both "here and there". Heaven is a body sensation as is hell. Living as a profanity is hell. Rising above the profaned sacrament that is man-made descriptions of life, brings back the Sacrament that is Life. Say to yourself, "I AM Life"! I don't "earn a living" for I Am Life, Life that is both "There and Here".

The Patriarchy has made most believe that it owns life and sells it back to you if you "earn it"; it has profaned life. The Mind is Life, and the Mind that is There and Here, is my Most Magic Parent. You might observe this fact yourself, for there is no here, without the Mind that is "there".

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tarot personality birth wheel

Those who have the Princess of Swords as their core personality appear to be "Children of Misfortune" which seems to be the most unhappy of people. However, their Soul knows what it is doing, and sharp chisels are needed to "cut away the dross" so that the real beauty, once profaned, can now be revealed. The Mind can also use anger as motivation, to get the body moving in another direction that is "more magic and less tragic".

Since Princesses are the on the "throne of Spirit",(the Image making power of the Soul) the Princess of Swords has the option of "throwing everything overboard" and/or "blowing everything sky high." Again, the Character of this personality Archetype, is stern, and revengeful. Her logic is destructive, as she is both firm and aggressive. She also shows great practical wisdom in material things. Being adroit at controversy, when affairs are controversial in nature, she shows great cleverness and dexterity in the practical management of these affairs. The Power she wields is symbolized in the Ace of Swords.

The Ace of Swords represents the Root of the Element of Air which is also representative of the Seed of Consciousness and the Power of the Greater SELF.

When lacking the Will that is Spirit, consciousness behaves like Air, which blows whichever way of the common current or heated moment. In nature, Air lacks the concentrated will of Fire to unite with water and it lacks a corresponding passion to unite with its twin, earth. Air has no self-generated impulse, and is totally dependent on the heat or cold of the moment. But when set in motion by its Father-Fire and its Mother-Water, the Power of Rule over Reality, it magnifies their power into something horrific, such as tornadoes or hurricanes, or the Princess of Swords. Wind in this state, is comparable to Mind as all embracing, all penetrating, all wandering and all consuming and all ruling.

The Status of Air, as compared to the other Elements of alchemical origin, would seem minor but in reality, Air is the first Element to follow Spirit. Spirit is of the Element- Fire that begins with the Logos (Word/Vibration of God). Air is also attributed to Mercury and most properly, the Breath of Life. Then there is the Hebrew statement," Achath Ruach Elohim Chiim (777) which means," One is the Spirit of the Gods of the Living". In this case Air is the medium that carries the Spirit of "the gods of the living" which is called Prana in Sanskrit, thus we can see the empowerment of yoga breathing exercises. Oh, and we. The Souls of the Body, are the Gods of the Living as we make forms alive by the act of breath. Spirit comes from the Greek root word, Spiro, which means breath and/or to breathe. I Am the breath of the body, and am the Prana of Life...for I AM a Sun of Goddess/God, an energetic self created by the union of Unconscious (Creatrix) and Consciousness (Creator) whose union is the One Mind, hence the occult math of 0=2.

When thrown during a reading, the Ace of Swords, the Power Personified by the Princess of Swords, is an Invoked force for good or evil. It represents the whirling force and strength through trouble. It can be the Sword of Wrath upholding Divine Authority and thus an affirmation of justice in the querent's life. Whose life is profaned if it follows an outside authority. Divine Authority is "Inner Authority" not outer authority, that must profane the inner, to gain the power of your imagination consciously slaving to build a false reality made by the few who rule the many. You are Life! And the only authority is " as you think, you become". Hence you are the Life Here and the Author of Life-There.

When this card is thrown during a reading,

· It may represent a young woman or young man with brown hair and blue eyes who shows great wisdom.

· Strength, acuteness, subtleness in material things.

· She or he is graceful and has great dexterity.

  • Clear-sightedness.
  • Insight.
  • Objectivity.

If ill dignified,

· She or he is both frivolous and cunning.

· Often this one becomes incoherent as all the talents tend to combine forming a species of low cunning. This produces a kind of mental slowness and mind becomes the prey of constant anxiety, crushed by every kind of responsibility, especially in family affairs.

· She or he is either a mood fighter or defensive to the point of rash decisions.

  • Anxiety.
  • Fragmentation.
  • Destructivity. 

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