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Thoth- 9 of Wands-Strength

The Lord of Great Strength.

The 9 of Wands represents the 9th Sephiroth Yesod in Aziluth; it is The Lord of Great Strength. Its Planet is the Moon and the sign is Sagittarius.

Angels of the Decan are: Yirthiel, and Sahiah.

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The 9 of Wands-Strength, is the influence of Yesod in the World of pure spirit. The Lunar powers do acquire great strength in Sagittarius, but being the Moon, there are two sides to this "coin". Meaning, that successes are usually acquired by strife, apprehension and moments of insecurity. The Great Strength represented here is the perceptual ability to change.

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The 9 of Wands also emphasizes the influencing strength of Woman ( Moon) in this card. The Thoth Wand is a stylized Sun-phallus; the Womb wields the phallus. This is not a new concept as the ancient Egyptians believed that the Moon pulled the Sun across the sky.

The good health and strength implied by this card is certain, but it harbors doubt about the later course it may take. It is best to know the aphorism: "Change is Stability", when viewing this card , as the Moon has phases. However, the 9's may be considered the best that can be obtained from the type of forces involved, when regarded from a practical- material standpoint.

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Thoth- 9 of Wands-Strength

The Thoth 9 of Wands, shows 8 background Wands as Arrows (Sagittarius influence) and one Master Arrow in the forefront, sporting a Sun at one end as a driving force, and a Moon at the other end as its point. This implies that Sagittarius joins the Sun and the Moon, and that the Greatest Strength is the Balance of this coupling flow of the Anima (Divine Feminine) and the Animus ( Divine Masculine). The flow of Electric Male- Will to Force and Magnetic Female receptivity of Will to Form. All that is Form or Force, is from this flow and reception.

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Adam Khadmon (Horus)-The Heavenly Human

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When we, as Horus (Egyptian) and/or Adam/Eve Khadmond (Qbalah) , hermetically marry both the Male will to Force and the Female will to form within, it is called an "Oneness" and it reveals all the 4 Worlds in a communion of the Sun (Father) and the Moon (Mother) that never ceases. The Tenfold flames of the card, imply that the Energy of the Solar Logos, is directed downward into the "reflection of being". One must understand that "Form" is a manifestation and therefore, an illusion. It is a "self-reflection" of the Soul and/or the Solar Self. Experience requires a way to be "in-form-action". Therefore, knowledge is just so many illusions until one can experience it and thereby making it Wisdom.

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Tarot Illuminati- 9 of Wands

The strength of the Will.

The Tarot Illuminati-9 of Wands, concentrates on the "true Warrior" and the Will applied to become one. The idea here is that a true warrior fights no matter how serious his/her injuries, yet s/he knows how to choose their battles carefully. Here, the real battle isn't between the bullets or blades, but in the Will and mind of the Warrior. With strong will, one patiently waits, observing the battle and awaiting the opportune moment to release towards their goal all their conserved energy. Being a veteran, I remember telling my fear and pain wracked body, "you're still breathing, you're okay" and rallied myself to finish this battle with all the strength and will I could muster. When Whole, we have a true trinity of Identity that is Spirit (Will)-Mind-Body. When one places their identity in the Spirit/Will, not even a wounded body or an uncertain mind, can stop them from reaching their goals. After all, Spirit Willed itself to be "made manifest" as you. A true Warrior Spirit is a lover and a fighter.

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The Human Merkabah

When the 9 of Wands-Strength is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • Internal strength, recovery from illness, potency and spiritual force.
  • Yet, it is Moon in Yesod, so one may have to defend their ideas, but because of Sagittarius, will not lack the strength to do so.
  • The 9 of Wands also implies that energy is brought back into balance, thus health restored.
  • Creatively, this card implies a peek experience in ability were one sees clearly and accurately, leading to solid creations that will have the strength to endure over time.
  • Here the Energy of the Spirit is rapid, interchanging both electric and magnetic energy, taking whatever action is necessary to restore balance and thus enable the Mind. (Moon is ruler of the Subconscious).
  • Perseverance.
  • The Wounded Warrior.
  • Fighting despite loss or injury.
  • Conserving your energy for an opportune moment.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards in the layout:

  • Contradictions. 
  • Psychological injuries.
  • Out of the pan into the fire.
  • Contest without let up or respite.

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