The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Running Press Tarot-10 of Wands & The Thoth Tarot- 10 of Wands-Oppression.

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running tarot-10 of wands

The Running Press Tarot- 10 of Wands, illustrates a laborer who has aggressively taken on burdens in order to achieve his goals quickly. There are 6 wands strapped to his back, and another 4 in his arms. The message here would be one of "show a little restraint", for you aggressive attitude will generate set-backs with your superiors. Don't take too much, or do too much, for that is a sign of arrogance. Let others assist you, delegate and regulate your aggressive attitude.

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Thoth- 10 of wands-oppression

In the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot, the 10 of Wands, is called Lord of Oppression, and is Saturn in Sagittarius. The Angels attributed to the Decan are Reyayel and Avamel. Angels are really another "Angle" of evolutionary Intelligence...but alas, one we are not subservient to as we are "un-ruled", rather than the rule, as we have freedom of choice and must Master ourselves. Only slaves need masters.

The Whole of us (the invisible 99.6% and the Visible.4%) is called the "Divine Child" and/or Son (Sun) of God. The Angels are servants to the Laws of their structure; their motion has been decided for them, while we can break or change the laws of self-identity. We are endowed with freedom of choice or as quantum physicist state, by our perspectives and observation we change the motion of electrons. Therefore, we cause the electrons around us to form into energy patterns. Therefore, our Psyche is a type of creative divinity. Many of us call this Divine Psyche, the Soul.

Since in terms of Western Magic, "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law; the Law is Love"....we can "fall" out of love by our choices. However, angels are ruled by the Divine Creative, mankind is ruled by his/her own freedom to choose which is a very painful burden to those who don't rule themselves or "Above all things”, know themselves and thereby, allow others to decide what to do with their Psyche.

The ancient Greeks called us Daemons, (God Men- the Children of Angel and human mating). Daemonic, because by our own perspectives and observation, we can change reality. No other manifestation of the Divine Creatrix can do that! So, when the Hierophant says to you,"If you wish to speak to me, you must stand." He is not just stating "tough love", it is also a statement of equality for we are made of all the mental, emotional, and spiritual power that ever was or will be, right now!

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The 10 OF WANDS-Oppression; is Malkuth- The Kingdom, in Aziluth and is the influence of Malkuth in the world of Pure Spirit. Where upon the destructive powers of Saturn (Geburah-Severity) are amplified by the swiftness of Sagittarius, leading to selfishly applied material force and sometimes cruelly. On the Thoth Tarot-10 of Wands, the suggestion of the crude club like wands, and the Dorjes (Tibetan spear- like symbols of Thunderbolts) suggests, cruelty, malice, overbearing force and energy that can be injustice or justice.

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However, one must understand that a certain amount of energy must be oppressed at all times, for form to exist or even before any power can be assembled for work. Energy must be contained in a "Thought Form or Mind Vessel" before it can become manifest or in a physical vessel before it can do work. Then again, too much oppression of energy-in-motion (emotion) leads too disaster Like electricity, Water or Fire, energy resists this oppression, and that resistance builds power which will "slip its bonds" at any sign of the vessel weakening. Sometimes destructively so.

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Often the oppression of our own ability to act, is because of our own self-perspective, most of us tend to be crueler to ourselves than to others, because we often are more self absorbed in ourselves and fear of pain, than others. We can escape this cycle of destruction if we understand that the oppression we feel, is often the Mind being told by the Inner Self, to change perspectives. We feel oppression so we can identify it and act. So let's remember that it's better to pop a balloon, than an over pressurized air tank or steam engine and stop oppressing our emotional energy.

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Often, by taking things too seriously, we fail to use the power of mirth that cracks the veneer of perspective, so that we can see beyond our self-made prison of "I can't". Truth being, "I can’t", usually means "I am afraid to" and/or "I don't want to”; However, "I Can't" becomes a statement of low self-value when believed. So just say," I don't want to" and get on with your motion.

For as we all know, with impassioned focus, we can accomplish anything. That's the beautiful and magic (k) side of "freedom of choice". So remember this:we use "thought" to oppress energy into form, for creation's sake----including our own, but eventually, because change is the a Universal constant in this energy Universe, that oppression will end whether voluntarily or by emotional-explosion.

Energy will freeitself, and move. Those who are freely changing their perspectives, by doing, will find that the once feared end we call death, is merely a movement towards another perspective and will experience what the Tibetan's call "reincarnation", which is simply expanding and liberating one's personality by change of perspective. By fearing an end, you have one, by not fearing and end, you consciously experience transformation.

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This is where the Tibetan Kha Dro Ma and/or Hindu Dakinis, come in; the female heads on the Tibetan Dorjes that represent the 2 central wands on the Thoth 10 of Wands card. These represent Tibetan Angels or Daemons (depending on your religious dogma) who are the "Queens of Space", "Sky Walkers" and/or "Females who move on the higher levels of reality". There are supposedly "10 Myriads" of these Queens of Space, so going into detail about them is enough to fill volumes of books. However, in the esoteric tradition of Tantric Buddhism or Vajrayana, these Creatrix Personifications, represent a persona of a certain level of intelligence/Wisdom/Initiation. All I really know is that in my Tantric experience, one showed herself to me. She manifested-solid right in my meditation/ritual room and starred right at me. There was no vocalization, just a feeling of almost unendurable love, and the smell of a Rose like perfume filled the air. I have been so blessed by the Creatrix ever since and I receive a strong smell of roses whenever she visits me.

I sketched a rough and quick drawing of her, as she appeared to me and I share it with you. She was naked, which in Tibetan Tradition their nakedness represents the highest level of purity and truth. This truth was shown in her manifestation: The Cobra hair, represents Wisdom of the Creatrix, Mother of Serpentine Forces and reincarnation, the rubies represent "Mother's Blood", the nurturing blood of the Divine Menstrual/Moon cycle, as well as, the Mother's blood we are all made of . Also there was a symbol of the Sanskrit word, OM, around her neck, the sound of the Universal birth, with beads of blue and gold, representing the Nurturing Mother. I have been under her guidance ever since, learning what "true maleness" is, for she is the inventor of him, that is her lover and has never been Patriarch made. The Patriarch, being the "Man Made World" rather than the Mother made World of Love . I have thus been initiated by the Kha Dro Ma and returned to receiving the Persona of the True Husband, that she initiated as "other" in this Universe. I have thus dedicated my soul to all of you, for we all are of "Mother's Blood".

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When the 10 of Wands or the 10 of Fire is thrown during a Divination, the Querent may experience: If Ill dignified by surrounding cards:

  • Cruelty and malice towards others.
  • Oppression
  • Injustice and over-bearing strength being applied for selfish and material ends.
  • Sometimes shows failure in a matter, and opposition too strong to be controlled arising from the person's too great selfishness at the beginning.
  • Ill will, envy, slander, obstinacy and swiftness in evil

However, if well dignified by the surrounding Cards:

  • The querent is being generous or experiencing generosity from another.
  • Self-Sacrifice as in the form of oppressing one's wants in order to aid another.
  • Disinterestedness in a situation.
  • Finding gossip, emotionalism and self aggrandizement, boring.
  • One is being encased in the Divine Feminine, as a form of nurturing and/or re-organized before rebirth. 

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