The Tarot of Eli: The Rider-Waite-Smith-Tarot: Page of Wands & The Thoth Tarot-Princess of Wands

western hermetic qabalah, tantric, alchemical, astrological, and numerical Tarot Card Comparisons.

· Rider-Waite-Tarot

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rider-waite-smith, Page of Wands

Again, the Rider-Waite-Smith card chooses to keep to Waite's oath of silence and ignore the esoteric meaning of the card, although Waite knew it as he practice in and achieved high status in the Golden Dawn Lodge. But keeping to his oath, he shows only the exoteric meaning with a medieval Page holding an obviously phallic wand, sprouting leaves of fertility. Pages (Knaves in the medieval Marseilles deck from which the Rider-Waite-Smith deck was derived) were used in the old Tarot decks, because of their "effeminate qualities", kind of like combining the Prince with the "will to form"-authority of the Queen. The idea also being that the Princess Personality can be in both males and females as they are not really separate sexes. When the "outer self" is masculine the "inner self" is feminine, and when the "outer self" is feminine than the "inner self" is masculine. However, this Law of Attraction is too esoteric for Waite to divulge in his card. The inner anima (female-Latin for Spirit) and animus (male-Latin for Soul) in the realm of psyche, was later best defined by psychologist and parapsychologist Carl Jung (look him up on the INTERNET). Therefore, the Page of Wands is comparable to the Thoth Princess of Wands, but does not divulge the "inner magic" of such. Hence, the rather unremarkable Page has a red feather in shape of a flame (Yod) on his cap, and salamanders decorating his garment; all of which implies the element of fire.

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Thoth-Princess of Wands

The Thoth card gives much more esoteric information simply because A. Crowley did not believe that the Esoteric was a special property of elitists. We are all made of "magick stuff" and each of us is a multidimensional god of its own physical body, i.e. we each have by Divine Decree, ruling dominion over our force and forms as we all are Spirit-Mind and Body in one whole Being. Crowley believed as I do, in the Qabalistic Axiom, "Above all things, know thyself." Truth being, we "Know ourselves into being". Therefore, what you think you are, you shall manifest as. Thus is the burden of "Freedom of choice".

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The Princess of Wands is the earthly part of fire and/or the fuel of fire. She represents the irresistible chemical attraction the combustible substance, the connotations of which go beyond physical matter into Spiritual potency.

The Princesses have no zodiac attributions, yet they represent four types of Heh final in the Name of the Divine Creative- Yod Heh Vau Heh (you may look this up in the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley). A Princess powerful and terrible, whose effect is the combination of those effects that are attributed to the King, Queen and Prince. She is an Empress on Earth, of Her elemental attribution.

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The Princesses are more of an "elemental" personage, whose moral character---is often open and free wheeling. Lot's of Passion but not a lot of "common sense". In the Thoth Tarot Deck they are sub-divide according to planetary predominance. Thus the Princess of Wands is associated with one quadrant of the sky above the North Pole. The meridian is the Great Pyramid and the Elements rule going eastward in the order of Tetragrammaton (YHVH), Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Therefore, the Princess of Wands, covers the continent of Asia. Like the Minor Tarot Cards, the Court Cards may also refer to the zodiac. Hence, the Princess of Wands refers to Aries.

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When we examine the image of this card, we see that she has plumes of fire radiating from her brow; these symbolize justice. Since chemical action can only happen when each element is free to combine with it's partner, she is shown unclothed. She is surging leaping flame, with the Sun Wand in her left hand and the "tiger by the tail" in her right,she shows both her Solar power and tigerish fearlessness. She actually represents the Virgin Fire Priestess of the Lords of Fire (also the Roman Vestal Virgin keepers of the eternal flame) and is in attendance of the Rams headed flaming -altar of Spring. She is known as the Princess of the Shinning Flame, The Rose of the Palace of Fire and Princess and Empress of the Salamanders.

Just looking at this card tells you that this Personality is highly individual, showing passionate qualities of brilliance and daring. Being too hot for the controlling male, her best mate must be one who loves the heat of intense heart rending passion with out need to possess. In other words, the lover of roses who nurtures them and sits among them, without need or thought to cut them.

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I'll not go further into the Magick applications here, as this is not a treatise on exoteric eroticism, although if our eyes are not blinded by the fear of "Big Bang" resounding Passion of the Divine Frenzy, we'll see that the Universe is a hot-bed of Pure Passion to be; an insight that the Princess of Wands surely has.

To Meditate on this card is to invoke the "inner fires" of the "Big Bang", be sure you are willing to become a Phoenix before you try. You must be strong in virtue (true to yourself) and need not a state of permanence for personal comfort; in other words, "Above all things know thyself" before entering the insatiable Core Fires of Spirit for in this state, the violent motion of change is breath-taking and often fatal to the weak personality. But for those who succeed----you'll love your fiery wings and the fiery tiger dance of fearless passion! Just look at the history of Asia, which will aid you in understanding this potent personality.

When the Princess of Wands is thrown during a divination, it implies:

  • Her beauty is created by her own vigorous energy.
  • She represents immature sexuality and therefore, can be both seductive and permissive. 
  • Her passion is so great that one is dazzled by a chemical reaction that enforces the impression of beauty on the beholder.
  • Being a type of "spontaneous combustion", in anger or love she is violent. sudden, and implacable.
  •  She can often be irrational, when displaying her enthusiasm, fiery ambition, and aspiring nature.
  • Such a Princess, never forgets an injury-----and the only patience she shows, is when lying in ambush to revenge a perceived wrong.
  • She is often self-absorbed to the extent that she is entirely reckless in achieving gratification and is notably insatiable.
  • When referring to Tantra, she would be the proper Shakti for the Real Shiva, as she could absorb any fire he could display; she could kiss the Sun. 
  • However, as is all Power-----it is as destructive as it is constructive, so caution and encouragement compete with each other in this one.
  •  For myself, Passion is the foundation of the Universe, and this type of personality is a thrill to behold and to a Prince of Wands, the proper mate of the moment, because his swiftness and vigor is to be "invoked", her insatiable Passion will invoke the very rocks into flame! But like all fires, one must know how to work with it, never against it, to properly achieve the necessary transformations of their Great Work.


Needless to say, if ill defined:

  • The Princess of Wands persona, would be the defects of such passion.
  •  She would be superficial and theatrical, shallow and false while never expecting that she is anything of the sort.
  • She becomes predominately a "spasm of mood" and she is cruel,unreliable, faithless and domineering.
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