The Tarot of Eli: The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot- Knight of Swords & The Thoth Tarot-Prince of Swords

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rider-waite-smith-Knight of Swords

To reiterate", The Thoth Princes are comparable to the Rider-Waite -Smith Knights. Both the Thoth Princes and Waite Knights, are the personified Elemental Forces, of those 4 elements that are brought into balance in Tiphareth, "The Mediating Intelligence" (Paul Foster Case).

The Rider-Waite-Smith Knight card is rather unremarkable. Here a medieval Knight is shown charging forward, sword raised to strike at an unknown assailant that is seen only by the Knight. The background of the Waite card is mostly sky, which suggests the element of Air. The trees in the wind, suggests that he charges forth "tilting at windmills" and/or only in his turbulent mind, do his enemies exist.

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Thoth-Prince of Swords

THE THOTH PRINCE OF SWORDS, represents the mental element of ideas that can be constructive or destructive.

The Prince of Swords is also called the Chariot of the Winds, Prince and emperor of the Sylphs and Sylphides.

Zodiacal, he is the last Decan of Capricorn and the first two Decans of Aquarius.

He is Specific Air of Primal Air. The Element Air, is Mind, so this one is like the rational mind itself, which can love thought alone, and rationalize a reason for any action, be it destructive or constructive.

The Golden dawn card, had two fairies pulling the chariot but in the, Thoth Tarot card of the Prince of Swords, these fairies are shown as spheres of light in front of the Chariot, accompanied by three winged children who are pulling it. Implying that, this chariot may be pulled capriciously and/or mischievously in any direction, imitating the rational mind itself. Also there is significant Yesod-Moon symbolism, in the fairies, here to suggest this is a card of mind. The Child's head on top of his helmet implies a certain innocence to his thinking. Therefore, his intent is not meanness or craftiness.

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In the right hand, the Prince is swinging the Sword of invocation and creation and in his left is a sickle which immediately destroys that which is created. With child like innocence, the Prince of Swords wields his Sword of Geburah with its sharpness of Severity. The logical mental processes of the Prince has reduced the Air (mind) into geometric symbols that represent no real plan, but are demonstrative power of undefined purpose.

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As a person, The Prince of Swords personality is purely intellectual. Overflowing with ideas that tumble over each other in a mass unrelated to practical effort. This is a brain that won't quiet itself down long enough to focus well on one thing. Intensely clever, admirably rational, with high degrees of thought, yet unstable of purpose. There is in this Prince of mind, an indifference to their own thought, as any idea is worth exploring, but not for too long. By reducing every thought to ratiocination, this personality has removed all substance from thoughts, making them formal and fantastical, as they no longer relate to any facts; even those upon which the thoughts are individually based. Thus, this person is completely free from settled principles and is capable of conceiving and putting out any conceivable argument with out the clutter of remorse or regret. This is a mind so glib, that it is able to forget the contrary argument it produced minutes before and go sallying forth with a new argument. These people often become faddists, cultists and devotees of drink, drugs, theologies, humanitarianism or music and religion, but without stability. There is a whiff of "tilting at windmills" here.

When this card is thrown during a reading, the querent feels:

  • The need to release creative and intuitive thought while cutting through any barrier to this release.
  •  A tendency to think too fast so slowing down the thought process is advised if success is to be achieved.

If the querent is able or has achieved the ability to focus their thought:

  • They are committed to acting out their ideals and philosophy in their own lives; not really caring about how others do it, as they put incredible energy into supporting or examining particular beliefs.
  • Ruthlessly brilliant, they can have good business judgment.
  • There is a combative nature here, that is courageous, turbulent and skilled in the war of wits.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards (Thoth) or reversed (Rider-Waite-Smith), it implies:

  • They often present a magnetic personality that is extravagant, , careless and excessive.
  • The querent is showing the tendency to be overly rational, missing the subtle emotional points that would heed success in communication.
  • Hastiness.
  • Short sidedness.




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