The tarot of Eli: The Druid Craft Tarot-Key 12-The Hanged Man & The Thoth Tarot- ATU 12- The Hanged Man.

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· Druid craft tarot

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druid craft tarot- key 12-the hanged man

The Thoth Tarot- Key 12- The Hanged Man & The Druid Craft Tarot-Key 12- The Hanged Man.

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Key 12 in both the Thoth and Druid Craft Tarot, is named the Hanged Man. Both Tarot cards are appropriate in a card that depicts self-sacrifice, as a soul sacrifices immortality to be mortal.

However, the Druid Tarot has an image that is reminiscent of Odin, one of the pagan "dying gods", of which mythology has many. Since the Hanged Man Tarot Card, is traditionally about self-sacrifice and surrender, so we can only conclude that this god has given of himself, (gave his DNA to Human kind) so that earth life and human life may prosper. This is easily seen in the lush field of wheat, the berries and flowers in the foreground. The Norse Tree, Yggdrasil, a hoary oak, represented as an ancient apple tree, complete with mistletoe, which is know to grow on oaks. Yggdrasil, the Norse Great Life Tree that connects the 9 worlds of Norse mythology; not unlike the Qabalistic Tree of Life that connects the 4 worlds of Qabalah and the 10 Serphiroth. However, the apple tree is apropos to this Key, as throughout mythology, magic apples were given to both gods and man. In Norse mythology the Norse goddess Idun kept all the gods alive with her magic apples. What some scholars think contributed to this myth of apple magic, is that when cut in half horizontally, the apple half, displays a pentagram a western magic symbol for the 4 Pythagorean elements and the Spirit .

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Mistletoe, is also a plant of mythology, with magic properties, as the Druid's considered its poisonous pearl white berries to be drops of the oak god's semen. Hence, the used a golden sickle (Shown in the background of the Druid Craft Card) to harvest/"castrate" the oak god, by cutting down the mistletoe and catching it in a white cloth before it could hit the ground. I recommend that one read the Norse Myths about mistletoe and the magic spear made form it by the "blind god" Hod, to slay the "the Beautiful god" Balder, who later resurrected. Hence, the plant symbolized death and resurrection to the ancient pagans. Since the Druid Craft Tarot, Key 12, depicts a hansom youth, this could also be Balder-The Nordic Christ.

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Thoth-ATU 12-The hanged man

THE THOTH TAROT HANGED MAN- ATU (Key)12, is much more stylized in the Avant-Garde style, but expressing the deeper concepts of the Egyptian Tarot. The Hebrew Letter Mem is attributed to this card representing the element Water, as the Spirit of Water in the economy of initiation, such as a baptism which is also considered a death and resurrection; "Out with the old in with the new."

This card represented the supreme form of adeptship, during the Aeon of Osiris, an Aeon we excited in the early 20th century. The Hanged man represents the Drowned Man, as a soul is drowned in the Astral Fluids to become a human. Thus you see his foot loosely bound to the Crux Ansata and/or Ankh, using the Serpent, destroyer creator force as rope. The Crux Ansata or Ankh, represents the Rosy Cross, or even the letter Daleth that is shown in some cards as a tree branch, suggesting Venus, and Love; all of which are attributed to the Great Mother. The Ankh is a androgen symbol of Womb, phallus and mankind and also the Egyptian symbol for infinity.

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Here is represented the card of the Dying God myth which we know in all religions, the One that is sacrificed so the many can live. The One Energy Transforming into the "many beings" or the DNA of the "gods" sacrificing their blood (DNA) by combining it with the hominoid of earth to elevate self-awareness of the material being to the Higher Conscious state of Spirit. Thus, you can see the idea of redemption through martyrdom is absolutely disqualified as a viable phenomenon in spiritual development, since the Hanged Man is actually giving up less to gain more.

Some call this the card of redemption. Redemption implies depth of which only falsehood can apply, since we don't owe our Creator anything but to be ourselves which is to be the Divine Self-Image. The Hanged Man implies that we must sacrifice our concepts of divisionism, and separateness from the Divine, Spirit or God to reclaim our inheritance. As inheritance isn't earned, or a product of sacrificing one’s soul, but just requires one to Know Thy Name, i.e., "Above all things, Know thyself'! That name is inherited as, I Am, the "name of god", which has sacrificed immortality to become "me".

The green of Venus dominates this card, but it is seen slowly growing darker in shade, denser as it were; as we descend the card and at the very bottom, the Serpentine force of new life begins to stir. Here our "most beloved", the personality or ego, is sacrificed to the Greater Self, so that we can become "as above so below", which is really no sacrifice at all and the world redemption, is in the final analysis, the wrong idea. As souls, we sacrifice lack of sensuality and discrimination, to become sensual and discriminatory and/or discerning creators. The body gives the infinite Self, measurement, so that experimentation and self-awareness can happen. Now this is a "sacrifice" of lack for more and something I can absolutely get behind! Then, when time has run its course and we must leave the body, we now sacrifice measurement, sensuality, and all the wonders that senses give us; such as, joy, happiness, pleasure, pain, sorrow, mirth, etc. For immeasurable immortality. Mortality, is a sacrificial methodology that I can get behind. I would recommend getting the Book of Thoth by Master Theron (A. Crowley) to further study this powerful yet subtle card,


It Implies:

  • Transformation, the breaking of old patterns.
  • Encountering a situation, you may not like having to deal with but accepting the reversal.
  • Losing yourself to find yourself.
  • Hanging around, suspended in mid-air awaiting your next move.
  • Accepting the initiation of the death and resurrection process by losing yourself through a sense of ecstasy and surrender to Love.
  • Inability too free yourself from social pressure in order to listen to your inner self.
  • Self-sacrifice and submission of self to higher ideals.
  • The Law of Reversal: doing the opposite of what is ordinarily accepted socially, to achieve victory, brings victory.
  • Salvation being attained by passive surrender rather than by assertiveness and forceful resistance
  • Conquering material temptation.

ill-definition of this card implies:

  • Materiality
  • Unwilling to make a sacrifice.
  • Selfishness
  • Concerned only with material matters thus displaying spiritual emptiness.
  • Failure to find one's true meaning in life.

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