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The Starman Tarot- 5 of Swords

I must win at any cost.

The Starman Tarot- 5 of Swords,depicts a land desolated by war, with skeletons, and broken or wounded silhouettes of fallen people. The warrior in the foreground is ready to strike a kneeling and wounded foe. But the golden hand of John the Baptist, said to have baptized Jesus has frozen the scene in time. Will he or won't he now strike his kneeling foe?

We all know that winning requires sacrifice, but the difference between winning at cost and "winning at any cost", is not as subtle as it sounds. Winning at any cost, is what the war leader's of Japan did during the 2nd World War, and they butchered millions of their own people, not directly but indirectly by making them dead weight to through at the American meat-grinding juggernaut that anyone could see was defeating them in every way. Rather than accept defeat and save the lives of millions, they were willing to let every citizen they were supposed to protect, die for a supposed "Bushido" of a Samari fairy tale World, decades in the past. Winning at cost, was what the American's and their allies did and they rebuilt the defeated enemy's society when defeat was finally accepted. Winning at any cost, has many more terrible examples, and is a constant form of insanity in our world of Ambitious Visions of Empire. As the Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero is quoted as saying, "Inter arma enim silent leges", meaning, "In times of war, the law is silent" which is often misused by ambitious leaders of today. For Propaganda thrives on taking words out of context and using them as excuses for abusive deeds. This quote was meant as a admonishment, not a go ahead to be lawless in war.

Mankind has made it a practice to always blame another, even the "supernatural" for their evil deeds. Hence, the invention of Satan and demons. After all, when caught out to explain their evil, the term often used is "the devil made me do it". The devil resides within each man as a need to "win at any cost". Hence, it is in the nature of the survival mind to destroy its world, so it can win at any cost. For if I Win" I won't die" says the idiot animal; idiot because of the shortsightedness of the self-absorbed- there are no survivors in life, we all die. Hence, it is about living in union, not dying in separation, that should concern us. Truth is , there is not any such thing as "Supernatural", for the entire Nature of Creation is the Universe and all its dimensions. Spirit is the natural creator of life. Energy is natural, and only one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed, is the one we call "spirit"-"vital life" force" etc. I Am Spirit, and am entirely Natural. For I Am the Spirit of the god's of the living. Our identities begin in Spirit, and go back to Spirit, who then absorbs the data of experience and re-manifests new self-information and/or self-awareness that becomes information and therefore, form. Its our nature to be Spirit. As Spirit, I am the creator of my own transformations. The Homo Sapiens Sapiens, is my domain of Self-Awareness, who thinks of gods, of powers beyond its little survival ego, as it fears the very life it has- fear of death is fear of life. I am here, in my form as Eli, to clear that misinformation up. The Homo Sapiens Sapiens is to become an advanced life-form from the "Above" that lives on the "Below" in the name of I AM. The Western Qabalist call that advanced Homo Sapiens Sapiens "Adam Khadmon". The one who is the whole tree of life, who knows its very nature as a Spiritual Self -Awareness and Creation's intimacy with the Created. The Egyptians call that one Horus.

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This is not to say that the drive to succeed isn't admirable, for to influence the advancement of society is exemplary---but only when you do not leave a trail of destruction behind you. To enhance living, we can't be destroying the living! Often I've heard the term " you must break a few eggs to make an omelet", as some form of excuse to murder in the name of ambition. Again, one is not making breakfast, lunch or dinner, by destroying the world around them and again, words are taken out of context, to excuse abhorrent behavior. One can't cause more suffering to lessen suffering. Therefor, the Starman 5 of Swords, represents the galvanizing force of ambition, of striding towards a goal. The 5 of Swords, demands that you look at your true intent and look carefully at a fixated outcome. It is time to look at the ways you are being righteous. Righteousness, is the destroyer of all the freedoms on this planet. Above all things, know thyself. You may think you are right, in what you do, and that all who do not agree with you are wrong, and the wrong must be wiped out, or at least, "taught a lesson". "Turning the other cheek", does not mean to be weak of character. It means examine your actions before you strike out. Are you just continuing the progress of the disease by striking out or are you truly defending your person. Ideas, don't need defense. Once enacted, ideas speak for themselves. However, small egos that always need to be right, and believe everything they think, demanding violent defense as to proof that it is right. Small egos  must destroy those it deems wrong. The small ego loves to stand glorious in its righteousness on a pile of the dead. This is when the pentagram, the symbol of man, is tuned upside down. This is when the Spirit allows the animal-mind to rule its actions. This is when one has an identity supplied by words; Words are man-made, and not of Spirit. Spirit makes image, living things. The so called "supernatural's" nature is to live as "YOU". So ignore the noise of fear that powers the little ego, and listen to the heart, for it too speaks, but not in words, but as you. The "word of god" has been confused with the "will of god", for the name of god, Eheieh, means "I Will Be", and it is the One Will of All Energy and it is the will of all life. Life can't be, when one species decides it is the only right one to live. For life is a collective, and all must live, so one can live. One country can't even live by itself, we all depend on trade between countries to live. Time to remember, we all belong to each other and act accordingly.

When the Starman 5 of Swords is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Time to battle your inner demons. 
  • The compulsion to win is ignoring your heart. The drive then wins, not you. 
  • Do you place the need to be right over loving and respectful connection?
  • We are being asked to consider whether it is worth the sacrifice.  

If reversed:

  • Letting the past pill up around you. 
  • Wake up!
  • Sacrifice for the greater good. 
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Thoth- 5 of swords- defeat

The 5 of Swords-Defeat occupies the position of Geburah, the 5th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life named SEVERITY.

One may ask, why is there a need for such a nasty- Intelligent-judgmental- corrective force if we are the Child of the Divine Creative? Good question for this Severity is easily explained as cutting away the unworthy bits, so that you are the original you; the original child that she envisioned. What many fail to understand, is that all the definitions given you, by your society, belief systems and cultures are not you, because YOU HAVE TO BE KNOWN INTO EXISTENCE BY YOUR DIVINE CREATIVE! In other words, you have been already made to be and therefore, judged worthy by the Spirit/ Divine Creative.

Yes it is true, truth/data is made manifest when it is understood it then becomes information and information becomes form. Therefore, you never came into being seeking your truth, nor to find out who you are, the Soul already Knows that! As the British are noted for saying, "The proof is in the pudding"! By putting knowledge into form, the Divine Creative made you manifest! You are already Defined into being, not a being who seeks definition; for this planet and this cosmos, are not a court room; rather they are a work place, where dreams become proven by experience! You are an image of the Divine Creative who proves definition by making it manifest! You give definition to things, so that they may be cataloged and used as communication. Ideas, are what you build into information, information manifests as things, therefore thoughts are definitions used to define the idea and to communicate descriptions of things but never the thing itself. Also, you are the creator of thoughts, and therefore, can't be defined by worded thoughts. That's why the world of words, is the world of illusion. Geburah, helps us remember who we really are, and not what we pretend or believe ourselves to be.

The 5 of Swords, is known as Defeat, or Lord of Defeat. Being that Venus is in Aquarius here, the normal disruption of Geburah's strength, is not the cause of disaster! This is because weakness is the cause of the 5 of Swords disaster! A weakness brought on by pacifism, and enfeebling sentiment; maybe even treachery.

The hilts of the swords form the sinister image of the inverted pentagram; where the body fears has conquered the Spirit by the treachery of sensation. Feeling fearful, is often more sensual than feeling willful, since the ever present doubt brought into belief by indoctrination, keeps the will of Spirit from collecting into force, by the process of nagging fear's interference. If you need to excuse your actions, then they are not good actions. The path to take, is the one with heart.

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Notice: that none of the hilts are the same, implying many different weak thoughts assaulting the blue Rose of Wisdom, that was at once whole in the 4, is now all cut to pieces in the 5. Wisdom is scattered to the winds of emotional defeat and blood of self-torture and the poison of shame drips from the thoughts/swords. Here, we are defeated by our own actions.

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The 5 of Swords is Geburah in Yetzirah, a severe Mars influence, is now in the Astral World-the formative world. Yet, Mars is the consort of Venus in mythology, and mythology is not a story telling a lie, but rather a story relating a truth, so there is also a vulnerability of capitulation here. The Blue Rose of Venus (Wisdom), which is also the Rose of the Cross, can't take the buffeting of the Martian assault-the Need to Win. Along with the 9 and 10 of Swords, the 5 is one of the most destructive events in the deck. Here, loss, defeat, failure where contest is decided and finished against the person by their very own "little ego's" ignorance. The Spirit doesn't need to be right or wrong, it needs to experience, and therefore, built you as its self-expression in the sensual realm of Mind called "life". What expands and enhances life, and what doesn't, will be experienced, and sent into the Universal Collective Unconscious whose will is "to be".

When the 5 of Swords card is thrown during a reading, the querent is:

  • Usually caught in the fears of the past.
  • They are experiencing a self-defined prison of negative, self-defeating beliefs.
  • Here is defeat on a mental level, bringing humiliation and weakness.
  • The suggestion here is to give up fighting, swallow your pride and acknowledge your limitations, and then proceed in a new direction. We are only defeated when we stop seeking another way. 
  • So there is no 5 week or 5 month period here, since it is the querent's own mental negativity that is involved here, and they could change perspective at any time.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Harm.
  • Evil. 
  • Turn for the worst. 

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