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The Starman Tarot- 4 of Swords

The Starman Tarot- 4 of Swords, represents a time of recuperation after stress. Here the Starman is sitting in meditation, holding 2 swords by the blades and delicately balancing them on his knees, implying that the implements of violence and action have become objects of meditation. The spinning gyroscope is a natural time piece, and he won't meditate any longer when it stops spinning. Strategically, the time of rest is an integral and multifaceted part of a healthy life.

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In medical studies, when using MRI scans, it has been found that when in meditation, the amygdala, the part of the brain we use as the "fight or flight" (Stress) center, actually shrinks. This action is implied in the art of the Starman Tarot as the diamond geometry pattern emanating from the Starman's third eye which refer's to the Diamond Sutra:

Diamond Sutra


The Diamond Sūtra is a Mahayana sūtra from the Prajñāpāramitā sutras or 'Perfection of Wisdom' genre. Translated into a variety of languages over a broad geographic range, the Diamond Sutra is one of the most influential Mahayana sutras in East Asia, and is particularly prominent within the Chan tradition, along with the Heart Sutra.

Medical science knows that chronic stress is a killer, for the brains ability to adapt, change and learn, which is called neuroplasticity, is greatly reduced by stress and emotional burn-out. Many of the major organs of the body, are also affected. Therefore, it is crucial that during the stressful work- day, or after trauma, to set aside time to just still the body, using a Prana Yama, a yoga breathing exercise that becalms the body and brain. This is a mediation on the breath, so sitting in a chair is just fine. I have found that just a few minutes of "inhaling through the nose, filling the diaphragm comfortably, and holding that breath for a 10 count, then exhaling through the mouth, emptying the diaphragm comfortably and then repeating the process even for just 5 minutes, one becomes relaxed and stress free. You are the Psyche and therefore, the master of your body, not the world around you, not the environment you think you live in. Rather, you are the Multi-dimensional Energy cloud of the Auric Photonic Being-Spirit- that surrounds the body and flows through it as, breath, "thought", and vital life force. Hence, you are the master of your master piece and not the "noisy brain". The brain noise dies in the breathing exercise as you make it count and soon may just become a "white noise " in the background. So act like the Spirit you are and remove the stress of the day by taking one little breathing exercise-For you are the Breath of the Body! Take back your body from the killing stress of trying to compete in the Patriarchs "slave world", and be the Master who becalms his subjects, so that auto-healing can take place. Be ill- think ill and to be well-think well; Breath wellness into the body.


Prāṇāyāma is a Sanskrit word alternatively translated as "extension of the prāṇa (breath or life force)" or "breath control."

When the Starman-4 of Swords is thrown in a divination, it is implied that:

  • It is time to start a regular meditation to reduce stress.
  • Rest before putting your plans in motion. 

If ill defined:

  • Restless, Constantly taking action.
  • Always needing to  proving to your worth.
  • Mental and physical burnout.
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In Western Qabalah, Chesed the 4th Sephiroth named Mercy, is the Universal Architect, thus the 4's suggest perfection, realization, completion and fixing a matter to a rock solid stability.

In the 4 of Swords, this stability is a form of Truce, where equal tension, makes a stability of mental powers. Where the Water-Emotions, and Air- the mind, and the Fire, which is Spirit/Soul and the Earth, which is the body, have stopped fighting each other and called a time-out.

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The 4 of Swords represents Chesed in Yetzirah, influencing the astral world-the world of formation.

As you may know, mental creation happens in the fluid light of the Astral World before the manifestation is solidified in the Material World. Now you may not be able to clearly see that you are not a body....You really are a Yod ( fiery-hand of God) in the Universal Collective Unconscious/The Photon Sun at the Center of the Galaxy, so your Real body, is the Tree of Life....the Homo Sapiens Sapiens  body is the incarnation, for sensual purposes, of your lucid dreaming and resides with in the solar corona (Soul) of the Invisible you. That Invisible you is as Jupiter, and in this card, Jupiter is in Libra/ Hence, the normal destructive Swords, are put to rest in the munificent, benevolent and loving nature of Jupiter.

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thoth- 4 of swords-truce

The Rose of Wisdom is restored and Consciousness is settled, and a rest from strife is implied by the 4 of Swords. Jupiter in Libra radiates compassion and sensitivity showing the Mercy that is Chesed.

Here Jupiter claims authority in the intellectual world. Arguing for convention, Jupiter restores mental balance after the chaos of arbitrary thought.

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In the 4 of Swords card, the hilts of the Swords, are formed into the corners of the St, Andrew's Cross, suggesting the rigidity and fixation implied in the 4. The Rose of 49 petals, in which the Swords are sheathed, suggesting social harmony.

In this context, there is a suggestion of compromise. As does Crowley, I find this compromise to be a less than positive factor. For it is often an act of an indolent mind, that would rather be pusillanimous and compromise for social peace rather than work out the thought through the promised struggle. So it may represent the need to keep the peace; but peace at any cost, is not always preferable.

When the 4 of Swords -Truce, is thrown during a reading:

  • There is mental understanding of a matter, or a relationship coming to full resolution on 4 levels of mental awareness: The Rational, The Emotional of the Unconscious, The Spiritual, and the Subconscious (self-conscious) of the Physical.
  • Implications of problems that should not be ignored; listen to the inner self and answers will be restored.
  • A holding pattern after mastering a difficult mental situation.
  • Retreat or withdrawal necessary to heal or hide, by creating a protected mental space. Here insight can be generated by seclusion.
  • A moment of logic and discriminating intelligence of integrity and planning.

The negatives of this card are often;

  • A bout of illness in order to recuperate.  
  • The intellect is relinquishing control back to the body so that a time out of from problems and solutions are achieved as the body has only one focus of getting better.
  • Forced seclusion, as in illness.
  • Retreating rather than mastering the situation.

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