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Dreams of Gaia tarot- 1 of water

The Dreams of Gaia- 1 or Ace of Water, represents the beginning of a new love, complete with the nervous feelings of excitement that one experiences in the bloom of a relationship. It is that love paradigm of growing attraction, and infatuation that draws one within the heart, as if a holy vessel and dares one to throw common sense aside. Expanding into love, is both paradoxically thrilling and terrifying, as a flood of hormones and emotion picks one up and carries one away. This is also known as the Universal Law of Attraction.

Now this powerful flowing river of energy can both carry one gently, or over the white water of rapids, or worse as it flings one over the "waterfall". Regardless, this is a time of fearlessness and courage as you begin a new journey and open your heart to another or to experience a new opportunity.

The Ace of Fire, doesn't necessarily foreshadow a romantic relationship as one is being asked to allow their passion, desire or attraction to carry them along the flow, and trust that it will take you to where one needs to go. Fighting this river's current will only lead to a drowning, so just "lay back" and let it take you to new venues.

Since moving water is because of fires heat, a water dragon is shown as the primary form in this card's art. However, it is holding a flaming symbolic heart between its hands; a heart on fire.

When the Ace of Water card is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • An exciting beginning.
  • Take a leap of faith.
  • Open your heart. 
  • Follow passion's lead.
  • A new experience of opportunity.
  • A new Friendship.
  • Stop fighting your feelings.
  • Free of fear influence.
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Because of your previous reading you may understand that Kether, the 1st Sephiroth and placement of the Tarot Aces, is the "Dark Energy-Dark Matter" that really isn't understood by us because we can only see measured light; that is, visible light that moves at light speed*. Infinite, basically means "without measure" or "beyond measure". Hence, Kether, the Source of All, is not known to us objectively because of the very sensual problems infinity gives us, but Kether's presence is subjectively understood as a movement within all that moves. Hence, it is shown as the "perfect balanced weight of all colors of the light spectrum" and/or White light- the purest form of light.

*How Fast Does Light Travel? | The Speed of Light -

The speed of light in a vacuum is 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second), and in theory nothing can travel faster than light. In miles per hour, light speed is, well, a lot: about 670,616,629 mph.

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Again, the Tarot Aces are attributed to Kether and they represent the purest forms of energy. Each is a specific type, and density of Energy that we call the 4 Alchemical Elements.

The Ace of Cups is Kether in Briah, depicting the influence of Kether on the Mental Level. The Ace of Cups is the Root Powers of Water, an element used to symbolize the Universal Consciousness, intuition and emotions (in combination with Fire, water becomes Energy-in-motion).

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Thoth-ace of cups

The Thoth Version of this Card shows the wave action characteristic of physical water implying the activity that encloses and directs pure consciousness. As the Universe of Energy is woven out of waves of "thought"- consciousness, ideas, if you will, thus the Web in the background. The Thoth Ace of Cups, shows us a magnificent Graäl filling with "White energy" (the Alchemical-Gluten), empowering the surroundings, with Spider Woman's Web emanating from it. For those of us who do not know the Myths of Spider Woman, she is a Native American description of the Great Mother Goddess who wove the fabric of the universe. Today we acknowledge time-space, as a woven grid of energy-----the similarity simply means that we have proven the Myth.

The Ace of Cups represents the secrets of Water in its original form. The Wyrd (weaving) of Atoms into flowing waves/currents/frequencies of energy form. Water is the Feminine compliment (magnetic), the Moon- vaginal- womb to the masculine- electric- Sun-phallus.

Upon the Dark Sea of Binah (or Goddess Mari if Gnostic Nazarene/Essene) are Lotuses, two in one, that fill the Grail-cup with Vital Life Fluid, that is either represented as Water, Wine or Blood according to the selected purpose of the symbolism. In such symbolism, the Lotus can be replaced by a Blood Red Rose, thus representing the Blood Red Sea of Binah from which all Life flows. The Blood Red Rose is the image for the "Rosy Cross" symbol.

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In the Christian myth of the Holy Grail, it was considered the chalice used by J. Christ at the last supper when he poured wine for the disciples to drink, saying,"this is my blood" (Matthew 26:28). Supposedly, Joseph of Arimathea took the chalice to England and placed it in the Shrine of Glastonbury. Later it conveniently disappeared.

This myth wasn't heard in Europe until the 12th century, as the real origins of the Graäl were pagan. The Graäl was first Christianized (Grail) in Spain from a sacred tradition of the Moors (Guerber,L.M.A.,186-87 ) that was much like the Celts holy Cauldron of Regeneration. This Cauldron resembled the blood-filled vessel that is a womb symbol meaning rebirth in the Oriental or Gnostic sense of reincarnation. Hence, its connotation was that of the Divine Feminine and not the Divine Masculine.

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According to the author of the excellent book, "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myth and Secrets, Barbara G. Walker, "The Graäl was kept in a magnificent temple governed by a queen named Repanse de Joie (Dispenser of joy), an ancient title of a holy harlot. Bards said her husband was a Moor, and her son John founded the eastern order of the Knights Templar, a group of warriors dedicated to the Graäl temple and the defense of women. When a lady needed help, Graäl Knights like Galahad, Parsifal, or Lohengrin, would receive orders in fiery letters on the rim of the Graäl and ride to the rescue." (Grail, holy-pg. 352)

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Barbara Walker goes on to explain the Hispano-Moorish tradition, including the location of the Graäl temple of Montsalvatch, (Mount of Salvation) in the Spanish Pyrénées. Accordingly, the temple was a model of the universe, topped by a gigantic ruby that represented the maternal heart of the world known as the Holy Rose. Included in the universe symbol, was a miniature of the universe enclosing the holy vessel.

Remembering that all Aces are the "seed" of a force, no matter how much imagery we use to describe "The Womb with a View" (I've called the Great Her this since I was very young, 5 years old and I drew her as a black woman nursing a lion cub when I was 7), She is a Force that makes Form from "I" (ideas) by birthing "Am". To represent this amazing Force, in any form of metaphor is difficult at most, and a mystery in the least. It's like trying to identify the one who has left footprints in the snow, a week later. You know someone has been there, but no conclusive clue on their identity. She is the Seed of all Life; of Energy as Form (Information).

When thrown, the Ace of Cups, represents, the seed of a form, and idea beginning to formulate; a birth starting in the mind as a zygote that will take about a year to manifest its true form. Beauty, fertility, productiveness. The Mysterious Seed of Femininity.

The Cup, is the Womb of Form, and emerges from the Lotus (Crown) implying the idea of Womb, the seed of the concept of conception and not a sex as of yet. Thus, the Ace of Wands is the idea of Phallus-ejaculation and the Ace of Cups is the Idea of Womb-reception.

The Ace of Cups is derived from-Yoni Moon, as the Ace of Wands is from Phallus- Sun. Thus we have the "Holy Graäl", the Divine Creatrix; here the dark Sea of Binah supports the Two in One Lotuses that fill the cup with Life Fluid, be it symbolized, by water, wine or blood. Two in One, is the realization of the Womb and Phallus and/or the Crowley math of 0=2.

According to Crowley, the White Light descending into the Ace of Cups is depiction of the Holy Ghost and/or Holy Spirit that enlivens all form, i.e. the male spiritual semen like flow of force.

The Holy Spirit represents the Moving- All of Spiral- Energy.

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{ Interpretation of my childhood image of the "Womb with a view" by Lola Singer of Light Language arts.}


It implies:

  • A new attitude brings rewards.
  • In a period of One Year, the querent will develop a new relationship, or new awareness about existing relationship.
  • Is experiencing a new bust of empathy, emotion, sentiment or enthusiasm. This is a time for staying open and vulnerable in order to reap rewards.
  • The opening of spiritual, psychic, intuitive channels
  • Heart opening to the gift of Love.
  • Mystically becoming one (Mystery of love).
  • Experience of grace.
  • Transformation. 
  • Enlightenment.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Vagueness.
  • Irrationality.
  • Hysteria.

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