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Dreams of Gaia tarot- II of water

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot- 2 of Water, represents a sexual relationship that has move beyond infatuation, physical attraction, and playfulness to a relationship built upon a new foundation of mutual trust, love, respect, and/or shared interest and values. Hence, it symbolizes a meeting of the Psyche and heart that is free of the desire to control but is filled with the desire to complete each other, with the intent to enrich, and to enhance each other's lives.

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When viewing the Divine Creative we see that O=2. In other words, One energy that emanates as 2. In Western Qabalah, that One energy is called Kether, who is both the emanation of Chokmah/Wisdom and Binah/Understanding. To be clinically scientific, physics calls this one energy-electromagnetic which is Electric-Masculine and Magnetic- Feminine, combined to flow as the One Energy that is as all things and operates all things. In a microcosmic way, such is "true love", where the She and He, form a new flow of energy made of their combined Auric Fields. Hence 2= 0, making the love on earth a "reflection" of the Macrocosmic love of the "Dancing God and Goddess".

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Aleister Crowley called love, a form of annihilation. This is because the individuals become one, such as a red crayon combined with a blue crayon, creates purple, annihilating the individual red and blue. In purple's world, you can't have a life without red and blue, both contributing to the balance of purple. Also red can't be seen before the blue or visa versa, as they are spiraled together, making the concept of "which came first" a linear supplied ignorance.

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In Tantra, the union of Male and Female Kundalini inner soul fires, annihilates the individuals and establishes the Body Temples of Shakti and Shiva, The Female and Male combination that makes the One Divine Creative. The Western Gnostics called "soul mating" an act of Spirit/Sexual union, making the body the "honeymoon suite" for the Divine Creative. Therefore, the Divine Creative is O=2. Love is also a time of reconciliation, as the rift of the 2 sexes as individuals, becomes One Self. Each of us, as Psyches, are both anima (female-soul) and animus (soul-masculine). The word Psyche comes from the Greek word for "female soul" and corresponds to the Hindu Shakti. Classical myth wedded Psyche to the love god-Eros: a union of soul and body. The Roman Catholics call this "communion", maybe errantly so, as the first Church Fathers, copied the Ritualistic Greek Masses of Athena, from the orgie worship practices in her Temples.

The classical version of this myth by Apuleius, said that Psyche and her bridegroom could come together only in the dark. When Psyche insisted on seeing Eros by the light of her lamp, he had to leave her forever {E.Hamilton, 92-100]. Hence, as an allegory, this claims that passion of the soul might banish sexual passion, again a form of annihilation. Psyche was said to incarnate in a butterfly. Therefore, butterflies are often used to symbolize the human soul.

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When the 2 of Water is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Going beyond infatuation and attraction.
  • Intimacy-sharing, giving and communication. 
  • Time to forgive and seek reconciliation.
  • A meeting of minds and hearts.
  • Put aside judgment and blame.
  • Cherish all of your loves.
  • Maintain independence and avoid codependency.
  • Avoid taking sides.
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Previously I explained Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth called Wisdom, in some detail, and by now one should understand that Chokmah is a state of Pure Maleness or rather the beginning of the idea of maleness, and that Binah is that of Pure Femaleness, or the beginning of the idea of Femaleness. Another way to say this is the concept of Will to Force is becoming electric, while the concept of Will to Form is becoming magnetic. However, both are from Kether that is primarily -0-before Androgynous became 2 individuals. As explained, sexuality as we understand it, is not vast enough of an idea to encompass even a minor understanding of the Supernal Triangle (upper trinity of the Tree). To help with the confusion, Pure Male is Electric Force and Pure Female is Magnetic Force. But again, understanding of these 2 Forces is not complete.

The Thoth Tarot 2 of Cups is also called the Lord of Love and this is easily seen as it represents Venus in Cancer. The angels of the Decan are: Ayoel and Chabooyah of the Hebrew Kabalah.

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The 2 of Cups is the influence of Chokmah in the Mental world of Briah.

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Cups represent the Pythagorean and/or Alchemical Element Water, which is the consciousness (consciousness comes from the Unconscious), and Cancer is a watery sign that is the House of the Moon, so the matchup is obvious. Jupiter is also exalted in Cancer thus implying benevolence in this most sensitive of signs.

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This is a card of love and romance in the human world, so misspent energy may apply. Generally, fish are a symbol of the Goddess Venus but dolphins relate more generally to Neptune or the Sun god Apollo.

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Thoth-2 of cups-love

On the 2 of cups, we can see (by careful scrutiny as the colors are somewhat faded) a Silvery Dolphin and a Golden Dolphin, The Silver one represents the Moon, Female and the Golden one represents The Sun, male. Here the union of both is loving, romantic, as they work together to bring light into our world. This card represents the harmony of male and female which is also the nature of the Water Sign Cancer.

The Water of Emotion, Intuition and/or of the Unconsciousness, springs up from the Central Lotus, flowing down into the overflowing cups to ultimately reach the Earth. This imagery implies that only through the energy supplied by Chokmah-Fire, can water flow. E-motion, is energy in motion, and the "motion within the movement' is Chokmah's domain.

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In Qabalistic Gematria (the book 777, by Aleister Crowley), the number 2 refers also to Will (Will to Force, Will to Form), So the 2 of Cups can also imply Love under will or Willful Love. The 2 of Cups radiates a perfect placid harmony, amid joyous ecstasy...often called the "adorable fire".

The symbols on this card may be subtle, but they represent both the male and female forces that once joined; as a couple, and as the Sun above the castled phallus and the Water that is symbolically female as a lake and fertile earth all covered in exuberant vegetation, produce all things from the vital flow of Love/Communion.

There may be a tendency to think of this card as one would the Major Arcana Card of the Lovers-ATU 6, but that is not always so, as the 2 of Cups is about Love being physical, between 2 human partners, whereas, the Lovers Card-key 6- refers to the inner Hermetic Marriage of the love between the Yin Yang, balanced in harmonious union as the inner Self.

To a Qabalist, Key 6 rather than the 2 of Cups, would be the Love of Binah and Chokmah, i.e., of Wisdom and Understanding. However, the surrounding cards will show if this is the Hermetic Marriage of the Goddess and God within or of 2 "Soul mates" in the human world. Here is where the intuition of the Reader is most helpful as well. For Love is such a powerful emotion that it can overcome all limits of restriction and burn away in a pure "adorable fire" (Dr.Paul Foster Case), any reasoning and/or emotional blocks.

Those faithful readers who have been following my blog know by now that the 3rd Sephiroth Binah is "Will to Form", and the underlying force that makes imagination a womb. She is the Will of the Womb of all forms, not the Womb itself for that is reserved to the Action of Chesed the Sphere of Mercy (The Sephirotic Architect),

Again, it can be seen that the sexing of these Sephirotic forces is limiting and short on insight. Chesed may be Masculine in its expression of force, and yet it is feminine as it receives the Will of Binah to Form. Chokmah maybe the “pure masculine force”, yet Chokmah is a Hebrew Noun which is feminine, and also the Hebrew word for the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Sophia. The interplay of masculine and feminine Qualities constitutes all 10 of the Sephira.

What may surprise you, is that none of us are the sex of our bodies. We are Androgynous, in that we are both receptive (female) and expressive (male); both magnetic (female) and electric (male). Being Electromagnetic and/or Photonic entity, we are both sides of the same coin. Therefore, we have great Divine power, "to be or not to be" male or female or even both!

The body is a sensual tool, powered by the Electromagnetic Entity that you a sensual tool the human body is excelled in its intimacy with all that is created, but as its operator, you are beyond the sensation of bodies. Therefore, you as Energy have no sense of intimacy, which may be why we Souls-Psyche love the body-Eros. You are obviously a "Will to be" which is very much a "Will to Form" and a “Will to Force” so here is a kicker, YOU ARE THE IMAGINATION don't have it. All the images you see are “Self-Images”!

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To all you faithful readers, you probably already know that Hu is Mandarin for God and Man is from the Hindu word for mind---Manas. Therefore, you are called a God Mind which is a Divine Creative Psyche! The body is not described in the world human. So you are a Hu-Man, who owns a Homo Sapiens Sapies body. We are a copy of the Upper Trinity of the Macrocosm, for we are also a Trinity of Spirit-Mind-Body and/or an I AM ME, in that order.

Image-maker, is what the Imagination means, and that dear soul is the Divine Creative's Power. So get off of your suffering butt and stand up and Yell-----I AM Me! And get on with you, and imagine your divinity, for self- impeccability is what you came to do! Remember, what we command by declaration in this Universe produces our own image, take charge of yourself and stop blaming environment, or person or thing, sure they may influence, but they only have the power you give them. What you are is up to your Passionate use of Imagination and don't accept man-made definitions that only stimulate your imagination to enslavement of your image to another, person, place or thing. You are Imagination; the IMagiNation! When imagination and love flow as one perspective----------You Are Divine in manifestation flowing in luxurious sensation that is known as the "adorable fire" and it is okay to combine your fire with a lover, and become Divine Flames. For marriage is sanctioned by no person, it is the choice of individuals to become more than just individuality.

When the 2 of Cups- Love, is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is in a deep love relationship
  • The joyous bliss of receiving as one has been received.
  • A loving and healing union of opposites propagating a compassionate and caring response.
  • The recent loving bond of consciousness and unconsciousness reconciling the harmony of what seemed opposite. Such as the merging of unconscious desires with those of the Heart.
  • The beginning of a love affair or pledge of deep friendship.
  • Ideas generated between two partners in cooperation and harmony.
  • The merging of Lover and beloved.
  • A healing harmony where quarrels and disputes are resolved.
  • Romance, trust, sympathy, and desires consummated, vows, engagement and marriage, all permutations of active partnership.
  • Where the action of body and Spirit are in sync.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Disillusionment.
  • Conflict of interest. 
  • Separation.

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