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· Babylonian tarot

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the Babylonian tarot-Kerub of disks-human-headed bull

The Babylonian Tarot-Kerub of Disks-Human-Headed-Bull, is one of the 4 cards in the deck devoted to the element of Spirit. In Assyria, the Winged Human-Headed-Bull was the image of a very powerful guardian spirit, that was carved into the Stone gateways of palaces.

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Of course, they were not "real", but images of sacred beings and/or genie of holy places. As in all man-made images of genie or spirits, the body design was a metaphor, meant to convey their power. The head of man was meant to convey the intelligence, the wings the swiftness of an eagle, and the body was the image of the raw power of a bull. The Assyrians called these creatures, aladlammu, the feminine of these creatures was called, apsau.

The Divination meaning of this card:

  • A guardian appears to offer assistance.
  • Divine aid manifesting on the physical plane.
  • Spiritual power manifesting.
  • Materialization of what  was previously abstract and theoretical. 


  • Divine aid doesn't manifest.
  • Dispersion, diffusion, the breaking down of the material. 
  • The scattering of the whole into its various parts.
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Thoth-unicursal hexagram

The Thoth Unicursal Hexagram and/or Hexaculm.

Implies the Gateway before the Abyssal Womb. Here, the Magus, and/or Divine Androgyny is the Gate Way to Daath, the invisible Sephiroth-Knowledge. The Hexaculm, as Crowley called this symbol, is the Divine Male and Divine Female, Animus and Anima, joined in the Wholly Marriage of Yam Yum (Goddess-God, Face to Face); An achievement of a Magus, is to be the messenger of this marriage. Therefore, a Magus is a gateway to the Knowledge of the Abyssal Womb and/or The Great Dark Sea of Binah. This safe journey through this Abyss, to find your "Soul seed" is the purpose of the Priestess card of the Thoth Tarot. Hence, the Magus is considered a Priest/Priestess union and her Hierophant. That is why one will see a dark Isis, on the Thoth Tarot Hierophant card.

The Hexaculm is seen floating in the Abyss, because their is only "no-thing" after the Self. We see here the metaphor of Self; The image of the first I Am. In the deconstruction journey of the l"Dark Night of the Soul", this is the gateway into the "Abyss", where the Soul is striped of all that is not worthy of it as The Higher Self. Only the "Star Seed" and/or "Soul Seed" is left floating in "No-Thing", and there is only the "I". You'll find no company there, for there is only one "I", who began this complicate journey of I Am. However, the "Will to Form" that is the Priestess, will send you back into manifestation. Renewed, purified, cleansed and free of language as your identity. You return as a burning light of pleasure, finding no fear, or conditions of doubt. The Real I AM ME, stands as the Manifested Soul; A fearless rebirth of Identity. This would be the "true" symbol of the Occult (meaning-hidden) Self, as we are all personalities blinded by the light. Only in the darkest depths of the One Mind, are we conceived. The Truth of Self, is never found in the light as light veils the truth, forming only the illusion of self.

Therefore, the Hexaculm and/or the Unicursal Hexagram is also an image of the Guardian Spirit, that is the Divine Creative, and is often found in doorways of the meta-physician, as a carving or painted art. Especially in ritual room entrances.

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Where the pentagram is the embodiment of the 5 elements, Spirit, Air, Fire, Earth and Water, The Unicursal Hexagram is the embodiment of the 6th element of the "Divine Marriage", before She became she and before He, became he, there was only the I AM, the symbol of the Hexaculum than can be the sign of the Original I AM....before it understood the differences of I and Am. Hence, the Abyss, Spirit, Air, Fire, Earth, Water, are included in this Wholly Image of Self.

When the Unicursal Hexagram is thrown in a divination:

  • Divine aid is manifesting in your life.
  • There isn't a known direction yet, as you have not decided intent.
  • The Subtle becoming more objective. 
  • The beginning of the inner journey of the personality into the Soul. 
  • You have a Guardian. 

If ill defined:

  • You are now to choose your path. 
  • Intent isn't that of Spirit. 
  • You are a victim of your training, and need protection from yourself. 

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