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· Thoth tarot

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Thoth- ATU 19-The Sun

The Path of Resh.

Color: Orange

*Musical Note: D- Natural

*Planet: Sun

*Meaning: Head

* Double letter (Hebrew) Fertility-Barrenness

* Qabalistic esoteric title: The Lord of the Fire of the World.

From the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom-Dr. Paul Foster Case: The Thirtieth Path is the Collecting Intelligence and is so-called because Astrologers deduce from it the judgment of the Stars, and of the celestial signs, and the perfections of their science, according to the rules of their resolutions.

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The Path of Resh connects Splendor (Hod) with Foundation (Yesod) and is the first of the Paths of the Personality Triad to be encountered in upward motion on the Tree.

As the active Path of the intellectual formative side, it is the activating force of the Personality which is an "image of the High Self" and/or reflected in the Psyche/Soul. The Real Person of the Soul, is composed of both Male-electric-dynamic ("masculine-intuitive-dynamic, Yod) and female-formative-magnetic (intellectual-formative, Heh) and a harmony of energy frequencies from the union of the two opposites which is known as the equilibrating action of Vau. All of this happens in the Quantum Universe of the Divine Collective.

The Sun in the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot deck, is the "Collecting Intelligence", meaning that it exercises control over many different components which is seen as the:

  1. 12 signs of the Zodiac, in the Thoth Tarot key, symbolized by the 12 rays of light emanating from the Sun. 
  2. The Masculine and Feminine polarities are represented as the flying angelic forms or children forms. 
  3. The Zodiacal signs are considered to be the 12 guide posts of Personality and receptacles of Planetary influences, one of which governs the birth and life course of each incarnation.
  4. The Sun is not only central to today's incarnation but also acts as a link between the Personalities which have been experienced in other incarnations, by the Soul and/or Real Person and is known as the realm of the Akashic records. It is the 6th Sephiroth-Tiphareth on the Tree of Life, where all paths collect.
  5. The collecting of the Sun also encompasses all the component parts of the self-conscious personality, discovered on these lower Paths, that are here infused with the dual action of the Sun (light and warmth).
  6. To initiates and apirants light and warmth are considered to be intellectual qualities. The Path of The Sun is intellectual and is the highest level of the human intellect ( The Star is the highest level of emotions).
  7. The Sun is also The Son who carries on the work of the Father. The Sun is the introduction to the inner sun (soul) which is the light of the self-conscious personality, just as the physical sun is the light of the material world. However, our Psyche is a "child of the Galactic Core Photon Sun".
  8. What must be noted here, is that definite physical-chemical, psychological and psychosomatic changes happen to those who successfully work on the Paths.  In his study course, The Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, Dr. Paul Foster Case states that:...marked inner differences from the average person are due to psychological contrasts to the mental states of ordinary human beings, but they are also the outer signs of organic changes inside the skin of the new creature. He is chemically and structurally unlike genus homo.  There are different constituents in his (her) blood stream. Through the nervous system and in the brain, and glands related to them, function differently in the body of an adept from the way they do in the bodies of the greater number of his (her)contemporaries.
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In order to update the language, I placed the word her in parentheses, but it is also important to note that these "marked inner differences" also cause the "magic abilities" of the psychic and/or the "healing semen of the anointed" (sun rays) in Tantric practice. Since this solar person is now not like the genus Homo which is Latin for-man and since we are from the DNA of Anunnaki genetic manipulation (Sumerian for "those who from the sky came"), often called in the bible as "angels that fell to earth" or "sons of god" and whom "married the women of man", thereby naming the offspring Nephilim, we need a new genus name. How about Homo Sapiens Anu?

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When we travel the Sun Tarot- The Path of Resh upwards, we return to this child like point of new innocence. It is quite literally "a growing younger" process of birth backwards until we reach a stage where there is some recollection of the Source from which we emerge. In other words, the original Persona from the Soul, rather than the man-made personality of the social self-conscious and/or the ego. However, we also have, because of inheritance, a soul comprised of Earth and Elder Races experience; a soul "mated" to another Archetypal Race. Thereby, giving us the "dancing Twins" as one Soul. All of us are "soul mated" to the "sons of god". Seems like something to ponder, as two of us argue in our brains, one trying to gain dominance over the other, as we go about our self-conscious daily routines. The art of harmony, a dance in rhythm, is to equalize the two intelligences, animal earth and Soul Quantum, in a hermetic marriage, which requires loving one another. Therefore, one must listen to the "other" and then reach a mutual agreement set on a foundation of Love. As Crowley said, " Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law; The law is Love; Love under will".

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You may notice the "Dancing Twins" as show on the Thoth card, they were called the "Sons of Seth" or the "Daughters of Seth" as ones who came from the sky, the Anunnaki. We know them as --the Twin aspects of the Soul: the younger Me and the Elder God that is I AM. In the original Hebrew Genesis, there was a third son born of Adam and Eve, Seth (Egyptian Set). Who appeared after Able was slain by Cain. Set believed he was god's replacement for Able. You can look all this up on Wikipedia, so I'll not go into anymore long explanations of the ancient "Twins", one of shadow and one of light.

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Adam Khadmon-the heavenly human/Egyptian Horus

It's also important to note that the Personality we were born with, was to build an awake consciousness that is a link between the soul and the body; a Mercury that expands and liberates the Animal consciousness towards a state of "Angelic" -Sapien's conscious ("Heavenly Human"=Horus). We came to elevate matter and its animal survival mind to that of Universal Thought. However: by being an indoctrinated person, our personality is not that of the Soul's, but that of mankind's rules and/or whoever is making the rules at the moment. Some say it is the Wetiko/Archon who is ruling our subconscious mind. A parasitic mind virus that is antilife.

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There is a Hebrew story that goes along with the letter -RESH- Key/ATU 19-The Sun. It begins in the story of Rebecca.
Resh-Rivka (Rebecca) And when the time came for [Rebecca] to give birth, behold! There were twins in her womb. The first one emerged red, entirely like a hairy mantle, so they named him Esau. After that his brother emerged with his hand grasping on to the heel of Esau; so he called his name Jacob...The lads grew up and Esau became one who knows hunting, a man of the field but Jacob was a wholesome man, abiding in tents. Isaac loved Esau for he ate of his venison, but Rebecca loved Jacob. Genesis 25:24-28

The Great Matriarch Rebecca and her twin sons is a story of contrasting elements in all of us----we are Spirit (Issac), a "civilized" person and we are of Genetically Modified Animal forms from the genetics of Homo Erectus (Esau). There is a clash among these two, these twins, Mothered by "The Great Mother Binah. In the Form of Mother Earth---Esau (animal Personality) and the other aspect of the All Mother- Mother of Intellectual form, the Solar Womb of the Soul Personality (spirit-Is Intellect of Father). Esau is in essence, the "Survival Mind" of the animal and Issac is the "inner-Sun"--enlightenment of Spirit. This may look like a form of competition as each one is competing for His First-Born rights--but it is a "communion"; where each one is joined at birth to "expand and liberate" both body and Soul and thereby. expanding the Self Awareness of the One.

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If you read on in the book of Genesis, you will see that Isaac (the father of the twins) love Esau and was to give him the first-born blessing while Rebecca loved Jacob and set up an elaborate scheme to get the firs- born blessing for Jacob. It is interesting to note that civilization is the invention of the female, while the nomadic hunting and pillaging tribes was a male concept. Hence, the battle between the animal-unconscious and our solar-conscious, is well known in us all---where the animal instinctively sees threats (enemies) the Solar mind sees "another as me" and acts with compassion. We all feel that struggle in our "heads" and " hearts" believing that somehow, they are separates and in conflict, when in reality they are different perspectives produced by different worlds one world that is mortal and another world that is immortal. The Body is Loved into Being, and the Spirit is Love of Being-----Love is the joining factor here! Knowing that the Qabalah is about " motion and form" of Supreme Being and Supreme Entity and how the Union of seemingly opposites makes the "flow" from first motion-Kether- into the forms of Malkuth possible. Kether has a god name as Eheieh-meaning, "I Will Be." That primordial will is now being on Malkuth/Earth as "I AM Being". Therefore, your body is the goal of the Will to Be!

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Hence, the Hebrew Story of the Letter Resh shows us a deeper understanding of ourselves. Soul is the Beloved of Spirit; Physical Body is the beloved of the Soul. Therefore, the greatest mistake of many fundamentalists is to believe that the body is somehow bad and of less value than the Soul. This of course, is not true, as the Divine Creative creates only what it wants (to be) and it obviously wants to be YOU.

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To reiterate: The Sun Card -Resh- is the "Collective Intelligence",

meaning that It has control over a number of components. In this case, the 12 (12-Rays) signs of the Zodiac. These signs are the 12 guideposts of Personality and the of vibratory intellect of Planetary Influences, one of which governs the birth and life motion of each incarnation of the Spirit/Soul-Persona and Body Personality! The Sun is the central link (Tiphareth) to the incarnation at hand and to all the Personalities that have been experienced in past incarnations.

The Collective Intelligence of the Sun

also unites all the component parts of the Personality, discovered on the lower paths of the Tree of Life, and infuses them with the dual action of the Sun, i.e. light and warmth, which are considered intellectual qualities! The path of the Sun is the highest level of human intellect (light and warmth=enlightenment).

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Resh means head which is consistent with this thought of high human intellect. This high intellect is a combination of animal intellect and Soul (solar) intellect---not as some would have you believe--a divorcing of the two! The Sun basically is the Intellect acting on the dualities of the human condition, consciousness (bio-electricity) and its human vehicle (power tool). This is the point of connection of the human intellect with the higher intellect of solar conscious [The Greater Self]. The Sun is also the Son who carries on the work of the Father (Chokmah) which is motion, and the Body is Form of the Mother (Binah).

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As adepts of the Qabalah, we know we are the Union of Hermes-Aphrodite (hermaphrodites) who give birth to Solar self-and/or souls which is copied by the brain which is both male and female .... of course, you'll have to do more studying to see this easily. These two Children of the Divine Androgyny, motion (solar=conscious) and form (matter-consciousness) are both loved and their Greatest Value is in their Union of Equilibrium (Beauty). These children are represented as the dancing twins who move hand in hand throughout creation (motion and form). Be as the Children---is enlightenment. Let your Spirit supply the motion of your Form---Love must Power the Body-power tool! Therefore, the Tarot- Key 19- THE SUN, is The Principle of Collaboration, Teamwork, and Partnership.

As Master Theron said:

"Give forth thy light to all without doubt; the clouds and shadows are no matter for thee. Make Speech and Silence, Energy and Stillness, twin forms of thy play.


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The understanding of Resh

requires the knowledge of Love and the Love of Being---to be twins, body and soul, of expanding and liberating life! Knowledge is not "thought", it is KNOWN. Hence, this Love must come from the "Heart", the central "sun" of the body; a love known but not thought of, while the intellect of the body--the Head--must move as loving thought in action, rather than as animal reaction! In other words, Knowledge of Union, rather than the survival thoughts of division! The Sun, as a Star and a astrological sign, radiates all Life Motion and as the symbol for "Son of god" knows that "All that I see is another way to be me", for is not everything from stars and are not stars from the One Energy? This wonder of oneness is the Knowledge of the heart, ask any child who hasn't been indoctrinated in "good-bad" (enemy creation), they are in united wonder with all around them and eyes of Wonder look at all things; Eyes that aren't veiled by fear which is indeed "thoughts that be-devil us"! Trusting the Spirit that made you. Knowing that you have no enemies for even death exists for the sustainability of organic matter and a support for transformative life. A sustainability, that as a Spirit/Soul Personality---you can always take part in another way to be a discerning self-conscious.

Survival-Thought is the beast that deceives us---knowledge is our Divine Inheritance and is known as "intuition" which is the thoughtlessness of knowing. Creator has joined with creation in order to be a

sensual God--i.e. intimate with creation. A tough idea to get, but once gotten-never forgotten!

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The Thoth Tarot- The Sun represents the Galactic Life Force that awaits expression within us all. The twins dancing on the green mountain of creation, symbolize the inner dance of male (electric) and female (magnetic) energy that is dancing in us all. The dancing gods of Shakti (Goddess) and Shiva (God) that are the rhythm of Life's heart beat. All the signs of the zodiac that encompass the Sun, show that we bring exuberance and consistency to the dance of two (one on one relationships) as well as to group or organizational settings.

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The orange band around the Thoth-Sun represents the implementing of a shared vision which is the purpose of Teamwork and Partnership. Creation is a form of play and exploration, and it is the Divine Child within us that is always seeking to express itself in unlimited ways. We are infinite beings, children of the Androgynous Divine Creative and can never grow old. We are the manifested Joy of Creation who has come to dance among creation as a joyful expression of I AM ME! We are both magnetic and dynamic and we are a "self- Awareness experiment" of the Divine Creative that cannot be made by anyone else.

It is time to remember that if we are good enough for The Divine Creative to create, we are good enough for anyone, including ourselves.

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According to Aleister Crowley, The Sun card represents The Lord of Light, Heru-ra-ha , in his manifestation to the human race as the Sun, spiritual, moral and physical. The Lord of light is also the Lord of the New Aeon of Horus; Horus being the proposed self-conscious state of the New 22nd century Human (God Mind). The Energy -Conscious State of Horus is the State of Enlightenment that is often sought by the adept and neophyte alike. It is the awakening of the "sleeping" chromosomes of Alien races, that is done by the Soul/Psyche (The Real Person) who claims its body back from the definitions of Rulers.

Therefore, the new Aeon has for its purpose, the complete emancipation of the human race from the indoctrination of intransigent prejudicial thought forced upon them by enforcement of rule and doctrine-made-morality since about 25,000 BCE. We know from history, that when those who had made the transition from indoctrinated morality to enlightenment, they have been ill received by Society and persecuted for displaying the Life, Liberty and Love of the "Solar Self", i.e., the Soul.

Hence, The New Aeon, represents a social change from Social enslavement to the Life, Liberty and Love of the emancipated Spirit.

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 So in review: The Dancing Twins of the Thoth Tarot card, represent the male-animus and female-anima, eternally young, innocent and shameless. The Fertile Earth is represent as a green mound aspiring to the heavens, The fact that the new Aeon doesn't mean absence without control (love your neighbor as yourself--is the control) is shown by the wall surrounding the top of the Fertile Earth. Yet the Twins dance outside this wall, as they are dancing in the light , in which complete freedom is both the cause and effect of the new solar logos energy upon the earth. The ignorant restrictions of both sin and death in the old indoctrination, have been abolished by a enlightened knowledge of "create-see error and correct it", i.e. Wisdom, free from the pathological aspect of blame and free from the restrictions of animal survival thinking. It's the Galactic Consciousness manifesting in the human head,

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The Rose Cross

At the feet of the Thoth Twins are the symbols of both the Rose and the Cross, from which they are arisen and still supported. The Cross is now expanded into the Sun (The 6th Sephiroth-Tiphareth), from which it was derived and has expanded beyond the four arms of mundane law (mundane law is associated with the #4) into the 12 rays of both the zodiac and the 12 Hua and/or the Most Ancient-Holy Ones - also known as the Eld or Elders ( Hua is numerically the #12) who sponsored the Human Race and came from "the Heavens" (Annunaki in Sumerian).

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This formula of the Rose and Cross has expanded into the complete union of terrestrial and celestial communion in human kind which is shown by the Thoth Tarot by the Wall completely encircling the top of the mound. Because of this communion of Solar Creative Fire and Terrestrial intelligent matter, the Spiritual Fire has changed into something "rich and strange", producing "living gods" as the "inner Sun", which is the light of the personality rises just as the physical Sun does in the material world. This is most profound, as the Inner Solar Being,(the Inner Master/Christos/Buddha) is now consciously in operation of the physical body as both Master and Masterpiece in energy conscious union.

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The Hexagram is the symbol of the composite Thirtieth Path which is compressed of the Four Elements, the Signs of the Zodiac, and the Planets, all under the Ruler ship of the Sun. Thus, the Hexagram is the symbol of the perfect integration of Personality and Higher Self (Tiphareth -meaning Beauty). The Sun is also called the "Splendor of the Material World", as it connects Yesod-Foundation to Hod-Splendor, and is basically representative of the intellect acting upon the dual human condition of, consciousness and the physical body brain. Thus, the Sun is a point of connection with the Greater Life that is comprised by balancing the human intellect with the Higher Intellect that is the "Sun (Son) of God".

What cannot be overstated, for the aspirant, experiencing the Path of Resh, is very profound as it is the introduction to the inner sun (Solar Self), which is the light of the original personality, as the outer sun is the light of the physical world. What one tends to forget, while experiencing the warmth and light of this inner sun, one's self-conscious cannot look directly into this Solar intelligence, any more than they can at the physical sun, without suffering a type of damage. As shown by The Tower Card; equilibrium will be reached by "burning away" what is unworthy of the Higher Personality.

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The Tree of Life does describe, by its pattern, a degree of separation, as Sephiroth, but The Paths (Major Arcane Tarot Keys) show us they are all connected, and that the perception of separation is to expedite understanding of a dimension of conscious energy.

Perception is noted for its wide variations from one organism to another, so it is up to each individual student to literally create their own Qabalah. The Path of Resh is crucial in developing the individual Qabalah.

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Upon journeying this Path of The Collective Intelligence, one will receive the imprint and acceptance of "Spirit guides", or those beings who direct the inner learning experience of the student. On The Path of Resh (head) the candidacy for Tiphareth

(Beauty), The Conscious of the Son (Sun), and /or Higher Self, is begun.

Therefore, The Path leading into Hod-Splendor, is where inner discoveries are made as the Inner Teachers ("other Personas" of the Collective Soul Intelligence) exert their influence on the material world, clarifying the relationship between mind and body.

The Path of Resh, will help the student understand the control and limitations of intellect. The Path of the Sun, is also the path of  "awakening", that helps the student understand the use of the tremendous "Sexual Force" of Yesod (Foundation) that is known as the "secret" or Arcane force manipulated by the initiate of the Mysteries. This force has many names, such as "Serpent Force", Kundalini, or "Life Force", and even "Spirit", all of which fall short in proper perception, as most definitions do. This "solar life force" is shown as a coiled serpent, at the tip of the human spine; a kind of "booster" of coiled force that will arise and ignite the Star conscious of an Individual. This force must be experienced to be understood, and proper preparation for its "rising" must be made by experiencing of The Perceptual Intelligence on the Path of Shin (The Aeon).

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Yesod, the 8th Sephiroth-Foundation, is attributed to the Moon which represents the Intelligence that governs the ebbing and flowing of the Astral Light (Akashic Fluid) and is the sexuality/sexual polarity beneath our material existence. Hod is considered to be Mercury, the first similarity of the specific or Real Personality. The Real Person is hermaphroditic, as male and female qualities have yet to be separated out as specifics. The Path of the Sun, when considered  developmentally, is the point of childhood; of the emerging Personality as it builds toward an earthly incarnation. By traveling upward, towards Hod, we are once again experiencing this initial innocence, a kind of re experiencing youth and/or a rebirth. The initiate reaches a stage where there is some recollection of the Source from which we emerged, i.e. our Sun-collective intelligence.

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The dancing Twins, on the Thoth, not only symbolize the purest-innocent repression of the electric-male (Earth) and the magnetic female (Water) principles in physical manifestation, they  are also a reference to the astrological sign of Gemini, the sign that links Taurus (Earth) and Cancer (Water). The ancient Greeks and Romans also referred the sign Gemini, to Apollo and the Sun.

The Fiery Spirit or Spiral Energy of Masculine and the Magnetic =Formative Sophia (Goddess of Wisdom) feminine side. Their arms cross or they hold hands to represent the Union of these Divine States of Intellect and Energy (in Tantric Image they would be in "Sexual Union") that must be established to "Collect" all the necessary Forces in order to establish a Intellectual and living Being.

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The Path of Resh, is intellectual, and THE SUN represents the highest form of human intellect (The Real Person) which is both a balance of Masculine and Feminine conscious energy. So, in a physical representation, when both the Left and Right side of the brain are in equilibrium with the Solar Forces (Kundalini) within the body, the Ida and Pingala frequencies (Serpentine flow) we are at our most advanced state of Personality. This is a profound union of the Personality with the Inner Sun and Moon where there is a deep physical inner feeling of Warmth and Light not unlike the external feeling of warmth and light a sun bather may experience. Also, like the physical sun, you cannot look directly into the "inner sun" without suffering "damage", for it will burn away the dross. Reminding us of the opposites of the Sun, that it is both the harbinger of fertility and barrenness which is the Double Letter meaning of the Hebrew letter- Resh.

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Never to be overstated: As a symbol of Resh, the human head is represented, which is our Physical Collective Intelligence. The Path of Resh is an initiation of the Personality to the Great Source of Inner Light which takes place in the material body that affects the dual components of the Lower Self (Chemical and Intellectual). The Adept knows that the component parts of the Personality (Lower Paths on the Tree of Life) function through the body as an experience-collecting vehicle for the Spirit persona we call the Soul. The human body is an important Crucible for the Alchemical union of Higher and Lower Self communion. Therefore, the Physical body is a Sacred Place; our temple, our forge of sacrament, where ideas are forged into artistic-intimate-sensual-presence and where Male and Female are not divided into a purely errant "Battle of the Sexes" as proposed by the "Divide and Conquer" indoctrination of divisionism, but rather as Divine Twins!

Remember "God creates what God wants!" This is a nongender path, where we return to the innocence of a child and as we travel upwards this Path of Resh, our Personality grows younger, innocent and sees with Wonder rather than the critically perverted eyes of the good and bad Pavlovian domesticated and divided personality of the Adult. We begin seeing what God Sees!

Tiphareth is the Central Sun (Son) of the physical microcosm and connects us to the Dark Sun (limitless light-Father) of the Macrocosm and the Path of Resh begins us on the Journey to Central Sun-of God, within. There is much to study about this card, Cain an Able ( bareness and fertility), the Dragon-faced-Men, Sons of Seth, Daughters of Seth and the Christ who Didymos Judas Thomas in the Gnostic Gospels quoted as saying"....I am the honeymoon suite." and much more!

When the Tarot- Key/ATU 19- The Sun card is thrown during a reading:

  • It generally means Gain, Glory and riches all of the Fertility side.
  • However, if surrounded by very ill cards, it can mean the bareness/desert side which would be Arrogance, Vanity, and Display.
  • The querent shall experience gain, riches, glory and sometimes  be called arrogant which is often a misunderstanding of their glowing self-confidence.
  • The querent might make great displays of  vanity  but this is only seen  when accompanied by very negative cards.
  • The querent is or shall be experiencing, glory, gain, riches, by means of partnership, cooperation, and team work.
  • Beginning a new cycle of life, growth, reward, truth and progress.
  • The Divine Marriage of the physical, mental and Spiritual Wholeness.
  • There is a radiance of self trust and rekindled enthusiasm that revitalizes something that has previously existed in their life.

If ill defined by the accompanying cards,

  • arrogance and vanity maybe displayed---but this requires the influence of very evil cards. All in all, when the Sun rises, all is well.

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