The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Disks-Gain & The Night Sun Tarot- 9 of Pentacles.

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Thoth- 9 of Disks-Gain

Astrologically the 9 of Disks/Pentacles Tarot card represents Venus in Virgo which brings great efficiency but with lackadaisical feelings. A card of physical gain that is not really sought.

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To a Qabalist, this card represents Yesod (Foundation) in Assiah (Material World) and promotes the meaning of "good luck" and management. The Divination meaning of this card means inheritance or material gain.

The 9 of Disks, also symbolizes contentment and peace of mind achieved after working hard.

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Here we have success and a certainty gained from knowing you've made the right choices and done the right thing. Self discipline in the material world. As Crowley stated," everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds."

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Night Sun Tarot- 9 of Pentacles

In the Hermetic Qabalah and of the Tarot, the number 9, not only represents completion but also the establishment of balanced and fulfilled Force.

Here, on the Night Sun Tarot-9 of Pentacles, Venus is also in the constellation of Virgo as the card displays the sigil for Venus-upper left and the sigil for Virgo-upper right. The often cold earthly and indifferent nature of Virgo may be described as the very opposite to Venus. In Virgo, Venus is in her fall, so Venus never fully develops in this sign. However, the indifference and aplomb thus formed, shows good luck in material affairs, favor and even popularity, all without deep emotional commitment.The Central Disk/Pentacle, is always the Central Sun, 6th Sephiroth of Tiphareth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Here on the Night Sun Tarot 9 of Pentacles, Tiphareth is assigned the "All seeing I" (often depicted as an eye, a sigil for "I") as it is the Christ/Buddha consciousness of the Solar Logos, and/or the Soul.

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The mingling of both good luck and good management is shown in the arrangement of the Thoth Tarot 9 of Disks. This managed arrangement as an equilateral triangle of 3, pinnacle upward, together and surrounded by a ring, with 6 larger Disks, in the form of a hexagon. All of which signifies the multiplication of the Original Vibration (the Word) and/ or Logos. The Multiplication is always done in 3's, Father, Mother, Child, Maid, Mother, Crone, and Father, Sun, and Whole Spirit; to name a few. This is seen as the three central Disks form this magical pattern of fulfillment.

As it descend into material crystallization, the original whirling energy or spiral energy, gradually exhausts itself, as shown by the other 6 disks taking the form of coins.The marking on these coins are the magical images of the planets. The degrading of the original energy by multiplication, does tend to slow it down and complicate things, thus the human body is a very slow version and/or simulation of the Original Self.

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As a Spiral/Spirit Energy Self, we are depicted as the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the whole image of 8 Sephiroth, being the Original Human/God-Man, Adam Kadmon, crowned by the Supernal 3, who when multiplied into many states of energy conscious, and/or diversities of the One pattern, becomes most complicated indeed! Each of us is a complete Tree of Life multiplied by the Cubed number 3. So it is okay that you are complicated, just getting the complications all in complimentary patterns, working together on all planes of energy consciousness,( which is called 'wholeness and/ or Holy Spirit) seems impossible, yet this cooperation can be achieved by one realization at a time. Baby steps, are motion and motion, no matter how small, is sacrosanct to Life.

Therefore the 9 of Disks/Pentacles, represents what assists us in knowing that success in the material world is not the "end all" of security. Rather, knowing thyself is the True Security, a strong foundation from which to create all good fortune. When each of us completes the realization of the Self, that is, "above all things, know thyself", even death is known as good fortune! This understanding of " completion and renewal", i.e. death, may take some contemplation by the fearlessly diligent student but until one does, the lowly animal - survival mind shall always rule the body and thus breaking the pattern of cooperation that manifests Love, and wealth as the true state of Mind.

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In the Tarot 9 of Disks or Pentacles, The Force in fulfillment- balance of the nine is very apparent in this card.Here in the Night Sun Tarot, the coins are balanced in a form of 2 Pentagrams, with a central "I" bringing it all together. Fertile vines, and sacred geometry, all indicate a "wholeness" of synchronicity.

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The descent into matter tends to complicate the image, as all weaving (Wyrding) tends to make it hard to find the original thread that began the tapestry. FYI ---the Thoth Tarot Disks are called Pentacles or Coins on most other tarot decks. Aliester Crowley felt that coins or pentacles, just didn't get the idea across, that all matter is made out of "spinning atoms", and that the centrifugal spin of a disc balances it into a seeming stability, that slowly degrades.

The 9 of Disks/Pentacles reminds the Qabalist that it's all about perspective. If we look at ourselves from the lofty perch of the Soul (Tiphareth-Beauty) all is easily seen, understood and adjusted, in the daily life of the physical person that the Soul's Vibrations produce; However, if we are looking up from the Earthly presence towards our incomprehensible Soul....we tend to only see what we are trained to see. The necessary perspective changes to achieve this Psyche enlightenment of Looking downward at ourselves, is why the Adept studies the Tree of Life and achieves personal initiation on each state of energy conscious called Sephiroth; To Know Thyself requires us to look beyond ourselves which is a many step perspective change!

When the Thoth 9 of Disks-Gain or the Night Sun Tarot-9 of Pentacles, is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • That in 9 weeks or 9 months the querent has experienced or will experience an inheritance, and/or much increase in money.
  • 9's are the number of completeness, so complete realization of material gain is suggested here.
  • According to the dignity inferred by the accompanying cards, this could also be covetousness, treasuring of goods, and maybe even theft and underhanded waggery.
  • Spiritual activity is implied here also, but Disks are Earth-Material so spiritual awareness maybe gained in the spiraling of the downward flow of Force and Form, but very slowly and may be hardly noticed.
  • A complete manifestation of  material gain.
  • Success in the material world.
  • The 9 of Disks, also symbolizes contentment and peace of mind achieved after working hard.

If ill dignified by the accompanying cards, certain character flaws make their appearance such as:

  • Covetousness, treasuring of goods, and there may even be theft or knavery involved.
  • It then means lack of Self-discipline will keep you from gaining in the material world. 
  • However, this is rare and most often this card represents a personal accomplishment gained by following your own path. It shows us that by disciplined focus, we can design our own fate.

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