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Always be true to thine own self!

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The Thoth 3 of Wands-Virtue & The Night Sun Tarot-3 of Wands: represents the Spiritual Integrity, Honesty, that is the Virtue of Spirit, Mind and body, in total agreement.

Virtue is the effective potent force necessary for putting thoughts into action. This is the holy balance of the 3 that defines and clarifies the identity, where you see yourself more clearly.

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Virtue/integrity, is the conscious state of heart, mind and physical action working in concert with each other; seen as three lotus blooms in united purpose on the Thoth Card. Where I AM ME is a dynamic ternary creative action rather than a "wanna-be" dream of powerless separation.

On the Thoth 3 of Wands, The sign of the Sun, above and Aries below, represents the astrological sign of the Sun in Aries, symbolizing radiant dynamic energy moving in new directions but from a foundation of virtue. The communion of mind, heart and physical action, is a holy mass of dynamic creativity that "does unto another, what you would have done to you"...a virtuous motion that assists life in its ever-forward expansion.

On the Night Sun Tarot- 3 of Wands, the sign of the sun is on the upper left and Aries on the upper right. The 3 serpentine wands are formed into the upward pointing triangle of the alchemical symbol for fire. There seems to be a central smile, radiating outward, showing the joy of virtuous thinking.

The  Tarot-3 of Wands and the 3rd Sephiroth-Binah:

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By now, you know that "Mother Binah"-Understanding, is an aspect of your own Energetic Unconscious, as we are all connected to the Universal Collective Unconscious (C. Jung). The prefix Un tends to make one think of something "less than" consciousness, nothing can be farther from the Truth. Here Un just designates the Un-seen, the Unknowable, the Un that is One. Being unseen does not mean less in anyway, anymore than unseen H-bombs are less powerful than the one on your doorstep or that 99.6% of your whole Self is Unseen lessening you in anyway. For the Power of Spirit is all around you, yet you don't see it. Not because you are lacking in anyway, but because 99.6% of the electromagnetic spectrum, of which you vibrate from, is unseen by the naked eye. The "naked eye" is not designed to see anything, it's just a camera lense, that projects a picture into the brain, where experience interprets what the projected image represents. Such "short sightedness" is an invaluable part of navigation, keeping us from running into damage. The Psyche, is the "Far Sighted" one, who can forsee the future, and hindsight the past, keeping us from running into an unseen grave. The 3 of Wands, implies that it is virtuous, to keep the Whole Self, a Tinity of I-AM-Me (Spirit-Mind-Body), in constant communication amongst each other. In other words, be always true to thyself. Of course, one must know themselves to achieve this virtue.

Consciousness, itself, is a child of the Divine Collective Unconscious of the Universe, and that Mother of consciousness, is Binah. In the Great Sea of Imagination ( I-magi-nation), your image floats in the amniotic fluid of "will to form"; Binah is the Great Will to Form of the Sea of Unconscious. Everything, is from the Unconsciousness, who gives birth to the SON, Consciousness, including the self-conscious we call the "small ego".

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The Texts of the Golden Dawn said it best:

" In Binah is a thick darkness which yet veileth the Divine Glory in which all colors are hidden, wherein mystery and depth and silence, and yet, it is the habitation of the Supernal Light. There The Supernal Triad is complete. And the Sphere of its Operation is Shabbathi, or rest, and it giveth forms and similitudes unto chaotic matter and it ruleth the sphere of action of the planet Saturn. And Jehovah Elohim is the perfection of Creation and Life of the World to Come.  And the Archangel is Tzaphqiel,  the Prince of the Spiritual Strife against Evil and the name of the Angels is Arahim, the strong and mighty Ones who are also called the Order of Thrones."

"The order of Thrones" are represented as the Four Queens of the Tarot who are united with the Four Kings. ..Their Husbands.

 Generally, the four 3's, represent  the realization of the Action (conception) of the Prince having been conceived (Son/Sun of God),  symbolized  as the central figure on both tarot cards. Action is definitely launched for good or evil, but with Virtue, it is for the expansion and liberation of Life.

Thus in the 3 of Wands, the Prince of Wands conception is shown on both Night Sun and Thoth Tarot, as central flames radiating outward form the Supernal Union of the upper Triad on the Tree of Life.

THE 3 OF WANDS-VIRTUE, is also called the Lord of Established Strength. Well noted, as the Sun is in Aries here. There is great power where the Sun illuminates Aries, the Cardinal Sign of Fire often related to Mars (Mars is the Old Roman god equivalent of Aries).

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The 3 of Wands also represents Binah's influencing the World of Pure Spirit (Atziluth), the Supernal (upper) Triangle of the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

Shown on the Thoth card, the 3 crossed Wands indicate the balance of Chokmah, Binah and the birth of Tiphareth-Beauty, the Sun (son), and/or The Prince.  Growth begins and is shown on the card as the unfolding lotus blossoms (Thoth) or white rose blossoms (Night Sun) opening to the Warm and Bright Energy of Aries.  

To an astrologer, the entry of the Sun into the sign of Aries, heralds spring.

Thus both cards sport the blazing colors of the Hot Sun, depicting great strength for individual expression (central Wand on the Thoth or the central flowering vine on the Night Sun). Here also is absolute power that can corrupt absolutely, thus egocentricity, pride and conceit are lurking dangers. Yet we have Virtue here, the key to Spiritual integrity and honesty.

This Tarot card is a Christmas Card, for it is about the Union of Chokma (Masculine Energy Conscious of Will to Force-King) and Binah (Feminine Energy Conscious of Will to Form-Queen) and the resulting birth of the Prince which is Tiphareth (Beauty) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Astrologically, the entrance of the Sun (circle with a center dot) into Aries ( the V sign) traditionally heralds the Spring. The Great Mother has received the transmitted Will and conceives, prepares and by Understanding, gives birth to its manifestation.

This is the harmonious union of I (Chokma), Am (Binah) and Me (the Persona). It is Spiritual Integrity, as the three aspects of Spirit are conjoined, for everything is "of Spirit" and to see separation is to see falsehood.

Virtue, is always being true to yourself; this Truth being the union of spirit, body and mind conjoined in agreement. Some people would call this listening to your heart and acting with heart felt determination. Without self-trust, Virtue is not possible and our self-dishonesty will make us victims of our own deceit which in turn makes progress impossible, for we are only "short sighted". Therefore the 3 of Wands card reminds us to clarify and redefine our Identity to the Original Form of I AM Me, "The Real Person" called The Soul, and no longer accept identity from those around us and/or our environment. We are not Man-Made, we are Spirit---a spiral energy conscious that spins through time-space building self-images from thought, the first material of self identity, that must be "understood" into manifested image, for they are our only visible identity. All of us are the Princes and Princesses of The Divine King and Queen of this Universe, i.e. Children of God/the Divine Creative who inherit the Universe. But as in all inheritances, one doesn't earn it, One claims it. We know how, for we are the Original I AM's identity. Just by saying "I AM...", is declaration! I AM health, wealth and well being, is a claim on our Divine Inheritance, whereas, I AM Sick, poor, and depressed, is our rejection of it.

Therefore, the 3 of Wands Tarot card represents great strength in individual expression which when ill defined, can also mean egocentricity which may manifest as pride and conceit. Pride and conceit are easily avoided by treating others as you want to be treated, although achieving that without Virtue is not done. The 3 of Wands card also symbolizes the Fire of Will, and increasing energy known as the inner fire and/or inner light; the spiritual power that is inherent in our bodies.

Often we have heard the name of God and/or the Divine Creative defined as I AM. We have forgotten what that the birth of self-image is called "ME", a collective copy of the One. Yet many of our religions say that we are made in God's image which should give us a clue! This card is about the creation of the Inner-Serpentine- Fire that builds the Life of the Outer Self out of the Big Three of Creation:Will (I), Passion (Am) and Intent (Me)!

All of us have inherited this Inner Fire that defines Beauty in this physical world...and we are that Definition! The Birth of the Christos, or the Buddha consciousness that is the "Son/Sun" of the Divine Creative, was our first conscious birth (our Unconscious birth was in the invisible Sephiroth-Daath- called Knowledge), represented on the Qabalistic Tree of Life as the 6th Sephira-Tiphareth/Beauty. The Number 6 is the totality of 3+3=6, the Trinity of Father, Son, and Grandfather and the Maid, Mother and Crone, producing the "Child" who is also a Divine Androgyne. We should love that inner fire that enlivens our outer bodies but many of us seek for it "outside" of ourselves; hence we knowingly or unknowingly reject our wholly birthright. By being true to yourself, you can not only "see" the "inner Bright and Warm Higher Conscious", the "Sun of the Divine Creative, but also feel it. However to be true to you, Virtue must be defined in your actions as "Self".

I AM ME and by being the best Me I can be...I see the best in me as you!

Each of us is another way to be Me of the Divine trinity of I AM ME and therefore know that Me is all about possibilities and is not written in non-flowing's written in the flow of Solar Logos Light! We are the Children of Stars, Microwaves of Spirit (Spiral)-Self Conscious, who came to enlighten ourselves and the children of Planets by making them in our own image, i.e. giving them our identity by adoption. So Adopt your Body with loving acceptance---as you would the Christ Child because it is the outer child of the Inner Light/Life! Virtue built the body, so it could Be itself! Virtue states,"I Am the Will and the Way, I Am the Day"!

Remember, we can't have days, unless we have forms made of time-space. My body, makes my day! To Love my body is to have a day of love.... to not love being, is to not be and that sadly states that we only have the yesterdays of the dead. To avoid being "wanna-bees" (those who don't live in the now) we must remember our true Virtuous name---I AM and we must love the experience that name gives us ---"ME"! All other names, are masks of entertainment and experiment.

The Qaballist knows this virtue, as they practice the magic of doing to others what they want done to themselves, and this is "being true to thine own self". The volume of Powerful flow of the Life Force (Fire) is predetermined by the Virtue of the Manifestation. Open channels, unblocked by deception, denial, and bigotry, are the best Life Force vessels who are able to contain, a manifested Solar Logos. Often, people confuse morals with virtue, but morals can be rules imposed by others, where as virtue is the morality of Knowing your-Self. The Virtuous know that when you treat others as you would be treated, you are practicing the only morality needed. Remember, one cannot give what one doesn't have!

When the 3 of Wands Tarot card is thrown during a divination:

  • It can symbolize Pride and Arrogance,sometimes Power and established force and/or strength.
  • Realization of hope, completion of labor, nobility, wealth and success after struggle.
  •  It is a new surge of Power that sprouts new manifested ideas and motion, all within the next 3wks or 3 months..This card also adds acceleration to the surrounding cards in a reading.
  • The querent is experiencing the conjoining of Body, Mind and Spirit.
  • Putting thoughts into action.
  •  Keeping on with present activities for they are conceived and will soon flourish into manifestation.
  • Clarity, where you are seeing yourself honestly.
  • Established strength in enterprises where collaboration will favor the querent.
  • Radiating intention, understanding the Will of Fire and increasing energy to birth ideas.
  • This is a very active card of powerful direction, so it requires us to understand that Virtue is not chastity, no nothing so obviously prejudicial, but rather "Always being True to Thine own self". Here there is a warning not to compromise your inner integrity and passion for others.
  • Be as Spring and flower in your own inner fire! Clarify your identity and " Above all things, Know thyself!"

When the 3 of Wands card is thrown it also indicates that:

  • In the next 3weeks or 3months, it is important to operate from a place of virtue/integrity as you move forward in sunny new directions.
  • This could also mean that you should wait until your heart, mind and body are aligned and share clarity of purpose before you act in or handle your relationships with the Aries people in your life; Aries -March 21 to April 21.
  • The state of natural clarity is represented in this card by the crystalline structure in the back ground. While the flames represent the ability to await the natural unfolding of things to come.
  • Inside all of us is the "inner fire of balanced integrity", it is an inheritance of our Divinity; however, one is reminded that the smoke of denial has dimmed the flames of I Am Me, as a spiritual expression of Life-self- awareness into the slave thinking of "I Want To be me"(Wanna-be).
  • When this card is thrown, it means it is time to act as a True You and not what others think you must do.

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