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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-two of cauldrons

The 2 of Cups of the The Thoth Tarot and the Two of Cauldrons of the Tarot of the Old Path both represent love.

The Tarot of the Old Path shows the Element of Water in the Blue clothing and drinking cups of the couple drinking from each other's cup in a gesture of love and friendship.

Maid, Mother and Crone, the 3 stages of Mother, are shown as 3 drops of water that are falling between them.

They seem completely at ease with one another evolving peace, love, sharing; all that comes in a loving union.

Thus, the principle meaning of this card is a commuting couple who share love and understanding.

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In Qabalistic Philosophy, Chokmah , the second Sephiroth, is a state of Pure Maleness, and that Binah, the third Sephiroth, is that of Pure Femaleness. However, both are aspects of Kether, that is primarily Androgynous.

As explained, sexuality as we understand it, is not vast enough of an idea to encompass even a minor understanding of the Supernal Triangle, which is the inventor of sexuality. To help with the confusion, Pure Male is Electric-expressive Force and Pure Female is receptive- Magnetic Force. But again, understanding of these Two Forces is not complete in the hormone-soaked brain.

The Thoth -2 of Cups-Love:

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This Thoth Tarot card is also called the Lord of Love and this is easily seen as it represents Venus in Cancer. The angels of the Decan are: Ayoel and Chabooyah.

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The Two of Cups is the influence of Chokmah in the Mental world of Briah.

Cups represent the Alchemical element Water, which is the consciousness and emotion, and Cancer is a watery sign that is the House of the Moon, so the match up is obvious.

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Jupiter is also exalted in Cancer thus implying benevolence in this most sensitive of signs.

Hence, this is a card of feeling and romance in the human world, so misspent energy may apply.

Generally, fish are a symbol of the Goddess Venus but golden dolphins relate more generally to Neptune or the Sun god Apollo.

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On the Two of cups card, we can see (by careful scrutiny as the colors are somewhat faded) a silvery dolphin and a golden dolphin, the silver one represents the Moon, Female and the Golden one represents The Sun, male. Here the union of both is loving, romantic, as they work together to bring light into our world. The harmony of male and female which is also the nature of the Water sign Cancer.

There may be a tendency to think of this card as one would the Major Arcana Card of the Lovers. But that is not commonly so, as the 2 of Cups is about Love being physical, between 2 human partners. Where as, the Lovers Card-key 6- refers to the inner Hermetic Marriage of the love between the Yin Yang, balanced in harmonious union in the inner Self.

To a Qabalist, Key 6 would be the Love of Chokmah, Wisdom and Binah- Understanding; of Will to Force, Chokmah and Will to Form- Binah However, the surrounding cards will show if this is the Hermetic Marriage of the Goddess and God within or of two Soul mates in the human world. Here is where the intuition of the Reader is most helpful as well. For Love is such a powerful emotion that it can overcome all limits of restriction.

The Water of Emotion, or Consciousness, springs up from the Central Lotus, flowing down into the overflowing cups to ultimately reach the Earth. This imagery implies that only through the energy supplied by Chokmah-Fire, can water flow. E-motion, is energy in motion, and the "motion within the movement" is Chokmah's domain.

In Gematria, the number Two refers also to Will, So the 2 of Cups can also imply Love under will or Willful Love. The 2 of Cups radiates a perfect placid harmony, amid joyous ecstasy.

When the 2 of Cups- Love or the Two of Cauldrons-, is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is in a deep love relationship
  • The joyous bliss of receiving as one has been received.
  • A loving and healing union of opposites propagating a compassionate and caring response.
  • The recent loving bond of consciousness and unconsciousness reconciling the harmony of what seemed opposite. Such as the merging of unconscious desires with those of the Heart.
  • The beginning of a love affair or pledge of deep friendship.
  • ideas generated between two partners in cooperation and harmony.
  • The merging of Lover and beloved.
  • A healing harmony where quarrels and disputes are resolved.
  • Romance, trust, sympathy, desires consummated, vows, engagement and marriage, all permutations of active partnership.
  • Where the action of body and Spirit are in sync.

When ill defined by the surrounding negative cards in a reading, it implies:

  • Disillusionment.
  • Separation.
  • Conflict of interests. 

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