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· Old Path Tarot

Tarot of the Old path-ace of cauldrons

The Tarot of the Old Path's Ace of Cauldrons, is comparable to the Thoth Tarot- Ace of Cups. Being that the Tarot of the Old Path is designed by witches, this seems reasonable.

The Tarot of the Old Path illustrates a Cauldron with the three crescent moons, standing in pool of water fed by three water falls. The number 3, traditionally represents the three stages of The Goddess; Maid, Mother and Crone. Water is the Element of this card and represents the flowing current of emotions and/or self-consciousness.The reflective Cauldron contains the Waters of Life and represents the Divine Womb.

In the language of flowers, a celandine grows in the foreground, implying joys to come, as the Aces are "The essence of" cards and that they often imply "for one year's time", this is most apt.

The primary meaning of this card seems to be, the dawning of great joy, love and spiritual understanding growing over a year's time.

The Thoth Ace of Cups, is the root of the powers of Water. This is Water, in its most arcane form, Life-Fluid, (Dew of the Mother) symbolically represented in rituals as Water, Blood or Wine. The 3 states of Goddess as maid, mother and crone, are symbolized by the three intersecting rings on the face of the Grail.

The Ace of Cups is the compliment to the Ace of Wands, as is the Sun to the Moon and the Lingam to the Yoni and represents the essential form of the Holy Grail (The Womb with a Universal view).

The Great Mother, Binah, is often symbolized as the Dark Sea and in the Thoth Tarot- Ace of Cups, She is both the Sea and the Lotus: the Lotus ( two in one) being the Fertile expression of the Great Mother.

Descending from above, a ray of light representing the "Holy Ghost", which is the Christian view of the Qabalistic Kether and beneath the Grail we have the Moon. The Waves of Life-Fluid, are shown as a web of fluid energy which is what the tapestry of Creation is woven from. To many Native Nations, this would symbolize the Work of the Great Spider Woman who wove the Universe.

Since the Aces, represent the "essence of the element", they are but a "seed" of the element represented. Hence, the Ace of Cups would represent the "seed of consciousness", and/or a "new awareness of Self" being conceived.

When the Ace of Cups or Ace of Cauldrons is thrown during a divination, it implies:

  • Emotional  balance, a gift from your inner self, that can be drawn on over a years time.
  • Applying a new attitude to life, that brings rewards.
  • A time for staying open, vulnerable and connecting in order to receive
  • A new emotion or insight, that hasn't been felt before or a new awareness about an relationship.
  • The beginning of love and pleasure..
  • The opening of psychic, spiritual,  or unconscious channels.
  • A time of happiness, a gift of joy.

If ill defined or reversed (Tarot of the Old Path):

  • Disruption. Not recognizing what life offers the querent.
  • Lost love
  • Unhappiness.
  • A joyless heart.
  • Emotional upset.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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