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· Old Path Tarot

tarot of the old path-Ace of Rods

The Ace of Rods:

Traditionally, the Ace of Wands, is known as the Ace of Rods. The Tarot of the Old Path carries on this tradition, while Crowley decided to point us in the direction of Hermetic Magick. Both Rods and Wands are the Alchemical element Fire. This Ace, represents the Vital Force (Sex force) of energy, that enlivens, fertilizes or animates all things. It is attributed to the Spirit, as it is the spiral "breath" in all things. The Root Greek Word , Spiro-meaning "breath", is the foundation of the English word Spirit, as it is for the word Spiral. Both Spirit and Spiral refer to this Universe of Energy, as it is a Spiral Multi-verse, and all living things breathe. Breath, is a Collective Unconscious operation that is part of all beings "instinctual" wet-ware. Thus, we could point out that the senescence of Spirit is in the breath, which is what many philosophies do. For instance, the Sanskrit (Hindu) word Prana, and the Chinese Word Chi are both achieved and expanded in flow through breathing, and breathing yogas; they are both :life or Spiritual Force. They represent the Fiery force of Life, i.e., Spirit.

The Tarot of the Old Path, Ace of rods, displays a white willow wand, bearing twelve leaves that symbolize the 12 months of the year. Here, the animal symbol for pure Spirit or Pure Soul, is represented by the Peacock butterfly. In the language of flowers, fertility is represented by the wheat ears at the base of the rod. According to the Tarot of the Old Path, these three wheat ears also represent the Trinity of Womb, Maid, Mother and Crone.

The Element of Fire is represented in the Red/Gold Sunset glowing above the man-made stone zodiacal monument, and painting the hillside in a red fiery glow.

thoth-ace of wands

In the Qaballah the Four Aces are related to Kether, the Crown, and therefore, they are representative of the Pure Forms of Energy that are elaborated by the other cards of the Tarot Deck and/or Ten Sephiroth. The consecutive elaboration of the Numbers, are Forces being woven together to form the Harmonic that is the World; A World that is 96% invisible to us. However, by combining the colors of the visible spectrum of electromagnetic light, we see that different combinations, make different color changes, such as blue combined with red makes purple, etc. These combinations are the necessary diversity of creation's microwave energy and can be called harmonies, as frequencies are woven together in a concert of forms.

To a Qabalist, the numbered Sephiroth are either Force or Form and even both depending on the Masculine expressive and Female receptive aspects of a particular Sephira.

Being "woven" harmonies, each Ace is unique and is distinct in its degree of density and in its ability to do work as a specific function in the creations of the One Energy. Thus, each Ace is the Seed of an Alchemical Element. We think we know what seeds are, but when we look at one, we don't see the Tree it represents. We just "kind of" know that an apple seed becomes an apple tree. That is also our conceptions of Kether, we just "kind of Know" that it is infinite, but then infinite is a human concept and Kether can't be objectively this gets a bit tricky. So open mindedness is required and the courage to keep asking questions until answers emerge. In Physics it is known that there is only one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. This is called the First Law of Thermodynamics, and is the Kether of Qabalah.

The Influence of Kether is all around us, we just have to trust it knows us even if we know it or not. Obviously we exist, and we are a combination of many factors, some unknown to us, so it is easy to trust the subtle. Knowledge built us, and that knowledge is ours to understand.


The Ace of Wands represents the Force of Spirit as the Element of Fire. It is the Radical or Root Force of the Fiery Motion that Moves all things.To those of us who need a pattern, the 4 Aces are said to be placed at the North Pole of the Multi-verse, where they revolve and govern the revolution of the many Universes. To a Qabalist the 4 Aces are the connecting link between Yetzirah (Formative World) and the Material plane.

The Ace of Wands represents the outpouring of energy in the whole of the Multiple dimensioned Universe, It is the root of the Powers of Fire and is the influence of Kether (Dark fiery energy) on the level of pure Spirit. The Root powers are the powers wielded by the Princesses of the court cards of each suit.

It is represented as the Hebrew letter Yod-hand. That is why there are 9 Yodic flames on the Ace of Wands. Yod is related to Kether, not only because it is isolated and self contained but because it is also the formative graphic root for all other letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Moreover, the Yod is Phallic. It is the Male-Fire (electric) that rushes out toward the Female-Water (Magnetic).

The Thoth Deck Ace of Wands shows 10 Yods emanating from a primitive burning club. This represents the Primal force behind the entire Tree of Life, that is composed of 10 Sephiroth and their connecting paths of energy transference. The entire Tree is a glyph of the Power of Fire, i.e. of Spirit. The scholarly student of Qabalah will find that the letter,Shin (Maternal Fire) and Yod are often used interchangeably when referring to the Tree of Life.


  • It signifies a deep burning spiritual desire for self discovery and realization.
  • Trans-formative High Energy for new beginnings
  • the first impulse and passion to begin.
  • Creative energy and initiative, to begin new business ventures, new understandings, new foundations, where creative energy is flowing with plenty of potential and ambition to succeed.
  • The burning flame of Dragon Power, A balancing and increasing in Potency of Inner Fire . The Souring of Kundalini energy, "the Dragon within".
  • The dawning of desire, passion, enthusiasm and creativity.
  • The Power of Masculine fire, with its connotations of heat, vigor, contest, aspirations, enlightenment, and avidity to consume.
  • the overwhelming power of Lust to Be that vibrates at the core of all manifestation. Pure Power to create.

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