The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Tarot of The Old Path-Ten of Pentacles & The Thoth Tarot- 10 of Disks-Wealth

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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-ten of pentacles

The Thoth Tarot-10 of Disks--Wealth, is the Ten of Pentacles in the Tarot of the Old Path.

On the Tarot of the Old Path-Ten of Pentacles, a richly dressed couple stand under an arch of Nine Pentacles. The Tenth pentacle is in the man's right hand and in its position implies union.

They are richly dressed in the greens of the element earth, as that is the element of this card.

They are smiling, facing each other, and holding each other in a gesture of love and trust.

The high hats on both male and female, imply intelligence.

They are obviously a wealthy loving couple.

The Primary meaning of this card seems to be security in financial and family life.

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thoth-10 of disks-wealth

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To reiterate, MALKUTH which is the Qabalistic element of earth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Malkuth is also called the Active Word and/or Assiah. It is the lone Sephiroth of this World, making it unusual as in the other Worlds of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, there are 3 Sephira composing a Triangle; However, Assiah/Malkuth stands alone, for it is the completion of all the other States of Energy Conscious. The operative word here is "Completion", meaning this is the Whole Goal of the Original Supernal Triangle. Represented on this card is communication, as the various symbols for mercury are shown on the coins. Hence, communication between all the Sephira on the Tree creates great wealth.

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The world of Assiah is the Only Sensual Activity, of Creation. Now this may seem otherwise to the Initiate who sensually experiences the "Inner Worlds" of the Tree of Life while meditating, believing them more important than the "outer world" and as sensual. However, they often forget, that they are still "attached" to a Sensual body, and therefore feel the Unconscious experiences and/or intuitive experiences as deeply as outer sensual ones. But travelling to the other Sephiroth without a body is feeling nothing at all! One's psyche may carry the memory of senses, but these soon fade.

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There is only One Sense to the One Consciousness, and that is the sense of "I", an inner sight, and all the "Five Senses" of the mundane body, are just Transformations of that One Sense of "I" and/or the First Identity. To those who practice the Mysteries, there are more senses "felt" than many as 33. For instance, there is the "sense of balance", the "sense of up and of down" and/or "sense of direction", "sense of being watched", a "sense of motion" and many more, but that is not for this blog to describe, so if you are interested in a greater Wealth of Sensuality, start your inner journey up the Tree, by a process of divination, while your Psyche still supports a physical body. Because this 10th Sephirotic world of Earth is the goal of Spirit, the dead do not become enlightened, for it is a sense of communication, and only those who support life here have that privilege.

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The Thoth 10 OF DISKS is called the Ten of Pentacles or Ten of Coins, in other decks. Crowley wished to show the stable motion that is required in a "Solid" world, the spinning of a disk. Where the stability of a discus is in its spin. I find this to be a brilliant insight (of which he had many) and agree with his philosophy. It is indeed the spiral "E-Motion" of our conscious self that balances our "Crystalline" outer Self and/or our life motion. With the power of our Divine Creative inheritance, life is what everyone expects it to be. Therefore, it is best to listen to the Psyche/Soul, rather than the outer world.

THE 10 OF DISKS is called the Lord of Wealth and is Mercury in Virgo. The Angels associated with this Decan are Hahaayah and Laviah. Again, this is MALKUTH in ASSIAH which is the influence of Malkuth in the Material world.

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The Astrologers assign Mercury the God of commerce, as the ruler of the sign Virgo. Thus, this placement is often called an embarras de richesses, as material gain here is so vast that it often loses importance. This vast materialism is shown on the Thoth Deck 10 of Disks, as the whole Tree of Life, of 10 Sephira, as Disks decorated with the various symbols of Mercury.

Truth being, that the Whole Tree of Life is dedicated to this Manifested world-------it is the Goal Achieved, by the Collective Unconscious of the Divine Creative. Our purpose as physical Spirits and or operators of the Master Power Tools, the Human body, is to establish, the "As above, so below",i.e.... The Great Work of Life. Hence, being "you" is your purpose.

As energy that is Spiral (spirit), we are "everywhere and nowhere" at the very moment of "I", a kind of diffusion into a collective eternity. But with a "God-Mind" body (Hu-Man) I am the ability to focus on one "moment" in the time space continuum, giving me not only the "sense of presence" but the ability to discriminate my motion! In other words----"freedom of Choice" which simply means free to move by perspective/expectation. We are both the Transmitter and the transmitted.

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I Am a Psyche and find it very fulfilling to be able to have a "sense of presence" and move about sensually. To be able to do so is indeed a gift, an inheritance, a Wealth, that mere Ideas, do not receive in the vast Mind of One Energy...until now!

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It's time we realized that we are the "Sacred Place in Time Space"! We, as Spiral Entity (Spirits) have inherited the Earth, not because we are bad or Lustful (The Lust of the Divine Creative built us!) We are the accumulated Wealth of Creation--made alive and sensual! The I Am's Self-Awareness built us as a solution to a perceived lack, not a problem! We solve the problem of how to focus intense energy (motion) to a point in time space, to become "discerning experience", rather than just any thought. Hence, we constantly transform, which tends to nullify entropy and enables intimate creative insight that in turn, enables Creation to deconstruct and reconstruct right at the time and place of "seeing an error"! We are the "golden child" of the Divine Mind, and call ourselves "Souls", what we really are is the infinite Divine Creative, having many experiences in a lucid dream of Self-Reflection. Here, the Self, is where the faceted (multi dimensions) Mirror of "selves", can be experienced as individual intimacy inputs experiences at a multitude of points in time. One must remember in Qabalah, the sacred stone of Kether who is both One and "Eheieh" and/or "I Will BE", is a multifaceted diamond. The image of the "Mirror of the Collective Self".

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Hence, we should all remember that "I am the Image maker", who can recreate image by using my "Child of God" union card, I-Magi-Nation number "10"!

For those who don't know, 10 is 1+0=1, in Qabalistic Gematria which simply means The First Sephira -1- Kether, The Above, whose symbolic sacred stone is a diamond. Here, the Original "I" becomes "Other" and that becomes, "everything that I see, is another way to be me", a psyche that we bring to the Below! In other words, we don't have a goal, we are the Goal! Thus, we are "lust without the need of result"! Lust being the Divine Frenzy, which is the rhythmic, vigorous vibration in all things! Like I said, "We Rock"! We, each alone, are a Tree of Life and design our own "receiving" through divination. Receiving is the meaning of the Hebrew world- Qabalah!

When the Ten of Disks or Ten of Pentacles is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is assured of physical prosperity and abundance.  But being a Ten, the end of a cycle, means it may be short lived.
  • The time for taking security risks is approaching and will soon arrive.
  • One may be receiving and inheritance in 10 weeks or 10 months.
  • One is experiencing a rich and wealthy family life.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • The querent is at a physical crossroads where supply is stable, but boredom has set in and is non stimulating.
  • When wealth accumulates beyond a certain point it must be shared or it becomes inert.

Thank you for your interest, comments, and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.