The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Tarot of The Old Path-Page of Cauldrons & The Thoth Tarot- Princess of Cups

western hermetic qabalah, tantric, alchemical, astrological, and numerical tarot card comparisons.

· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-page of cauldrons

The Tarot of the Old Path adheres more to the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot style of traditional symbols, thus there are no Princesses. In Traditional Tarot, The Page is often an androgynous character and can be both masculine and feminine in nature.

The Page of Cauldrons is dressed in the blues of Water, the ruling element of this card. Here a young person is presented with a pensive expression and wearing a tall hat that suggests meditative skills.

The timed hair, and fashionable appearance suggests a perfectionist.

Bearing in the long slender trans-gender fingers of the left hand is a cauldron in which the Page is dripping three drops of water from the right hand; The three droplets of water along with the three crescent moons on the cauldron, symbolizes the Maid, Mother and Crone Goddess, giver of life, and are often presented as a form of Water. Some peoples call her Grandmother River, while others call her Mari the Ocean Mother.

Behind the young page is a acanthus flower, which in the language of flowers implies one who loves beauty and art.

The Primary meaning of the Page of Cauldrons, is that of a young man or young girl of light brown hair, who is both quiet and intelligent. A perfectionist, who is both studious and meditative.

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thoth-princess of cups

The Princess of Cups in the Thoth Tarot, is represented as a dancing figure robbed in a flowing , crystal edged garment, all of which indicates her water-like flowing and crystallizing abilities.

Thus we can determine that she is an active rather than passive force from the Great Mother. This determination is continued in the imagery of the Swan taking wing; The Swan is the symbol of AUM (of oriental philosophy) that represents the vibratory harmonic of Universal Creation.

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The Princess of Cups, also bears a covered cup from which s Tortoise is issued. Here, once again, Lady Frieda Harris represents Hindu Philosophy, as the Tortoise is symbolic of a steadily moving platform supporting the Elephant or Elephants, "who holds the world on its back" . In other words, represents the foundation of time and Life-Force for the Earthly 4 elements, which may seem slow in evolutionary terms, but is persistent and undaunted.

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The Dolphin, that is disporting in a foamy- sea, symbolizes the power of creation known as the Royal Fish, which is also known in alchemy, as the first matter; Hence, she is the weaver of first matter.

The Princess of Wands, Cups, Swords and Disks, all give a Character to the Root Power they are associated to. The Princesses are called the Thrones of The Great Mother, as they represent on Earth, Mother's rule.

Root powers, known as the Aces, are without will and thus not focused. The Princesses are the Intelligently Focused Energy of a Root Power and are thus aware and more personalized intelligentsia with conscious characteristics. These Great Daughters of the Great Mother, have their own peccadilloes, and it behooves the practitioner of magick to know them.

For instance, the Princess of Cups has an infinitely gracious character that is voluptuous, sweet, gentle, and kind. Romance, and the perpetual dream of rapture are her very nature. Unlike the Volcanic nature of the Princess of Wands. To the shallow thinker, the Princess of Cups may seem indolent and selfish, but that fact that she goes about her work silently and effortlessly dispels such interpretations.

Besides being Archetypal persona's, these Princesses are also Archetypal Elemental Intelligence, and can be communicated with, however, their nature is in direct union with a Force beyond the practitioners control. Tried and true rituals of magick are recommended so that these forces can be contained before there is too much overwhelming flow.

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In the Case of the Princess of Cups, who is the Moon Goddess Personality known as Elaine, the practitioners personality could be overwhelmed by the extreme dreamy rapture of her nature and become unable to operate in the day-to-day world.

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Many of us don't realize that the Archetypes of the basic 16 types of personalities, as represented in the Court Cards and seen in our world, are also Elemental Forces. Because of the thinking of "Divide and Conquer" we have forgotten that our human bodies, are Elemental Beings! We are a Spiral Entity (Spirit) and not of the Elements and if able to manifest an elemental form consisting of "fire, air, water and earth",we have become masters of the elements and not seeking to become more Spiritual. To do so would be like a fish in the Ocean, looking for water! Spirit is Spiritual and being infinite and eternal the perspectives of-more or less are a ridiculous concept. Contrary to popular indoctrinated opinion, religion is not "spiritual" nor can it create Spirit. Spirit is the "breath within" a living being!

Hence, as manifested being, we are succeeding in becoming a united Life Force of "The Above and the Below"; united with that which it activates, i.e. The Alive Form. We are attempting the Whole Union of Master (Spirit) and Masterpiece (Form) which is often called "As above, so Below".

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The "New Age" concept of Enlightenment is often a misconception, for we are I AM (Force of existence) who builds a Me (Manifested Awareness) and the knowledge of the Universe is already achieved---obviously! The Me needs to seek nothing, it must operate only by the Will of the I AM, that seeks and expresses self-awareness and discernment through the process of Self-Thought and/or Perspective made manifest and sensual; as this is how thought can be examined as "living"! Isn't that what "Sensors" are for... up close and/or intimate examination? The Body is a "Sense of Presence", as the fish is a Sense of Ocean. As a fellow I AM, I did not come to seek spirituality (I Am That), I have come to seek a sense of presence so that I can examined my creativity (Manifested-imagination) for errors that may impeded the Great Work of As above so Below!

I am a Qabalist, "a receiver", because that knowing of myself, aids me in the purpose that I AM; the purpose of us all which is to take the "I Will Be" of Kether into the "I AM Being" of Malkuth. I find knowledge through being and experience of time/space! As a Qabalist, I have also Married the Four Daughters, united with the intelligence of the 4 mystical elements, but of this you must find out the meaning in your own experience. I would read the books of A. Crowley, THE BOOK OF THOTH, 777, and THE BOOK OF LAW for a start.

When the Princess of Cups or Page of Cauldrons is thrown during a reading;

  • The querent is often experiencing emotional detachment that is free of jealousy.
  • Being rapturous and gentle, kind and tender.
  • A personality full of romance, dreams and loving vision but also a dispenser of hidden insight and wisdom (see Elaine the Moon Goddess).
  • A young person who is at times, romantic, dreamy and indolent, but can be courageous if aroused.

Ill defined or reversed: the Princess of Cups, suggests flightiness, shallowness, and inability to accept reality.

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