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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-key 17- the star

Key 17-The Star- as shown in both cards, is the personification of the Goddess Principle rather than the pure philosophical idea, continuous and omni-form.

The zodiacal attribution to this card is the sign of Aquarius and the element of Air which is given the color of yellow. Hence, the blond hair of the Old Path Star Goddess.

As I have said before, the Tarot of the Old Path, deals more with earth magic explanations while

The Thoth Tarot delves more deeply into the occult or arcane nature of the imagery.

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In the Tarot of the Old Path, the Star-Lady is pouring her *Ambrosia on both earth and water, nourishing and vitalizing both. Pouring on the land implies vitalizing and nourishing of the conscious awareness while the pouring into the river estuary flowing into the Sea, is the nourishing of the intuitive unconscious. *(The liquor of Amrita of the Tantric and Hindu philosophers, the Nepenthe and Ambrosia of the Greeks, the Alkahest and Universal medicine of the Alchemists, The Nectar which is the mother of the Blood of the Grail) *

You may remember that the river of Life/conscious, started in the High Priestess Card, but now in the Star Card, is flowing into the Sea of the Great Mother where all form has originated (The Divine Collective Unconscious).

By Lady Star's stance, she links the solid ground of conscious awareness, implied by the observatory- and the deep waters of the unconscious, implied by the sextant. She is the Star of Hope.

The iris, in the language of flowers, represents hope and power.

The Tarot of the Old Path represents Isis unveiled, revealing the secret wisdom of the High Priestess, who is Isis veiled in light and the Empress veiled in the ripeness of Nature. Her affiliation with the Temperance/Art figure is also suggested, as her optimism involves the fruitful interplay of the five senses, ego-consciousness, and intuition as She links the worlds of matter and Spirit.

This Occult link is associated with the Egyptian Goddess- Sopdet and/or the Dog Star Sirius, whose helical rising on July 19th marked the Festival of Opet, the annual Egyptian festival that celebrated the fertilization of the Nile Valley. The message here is that of new life with greater understanding and insight where the light of the Soul is allowed to shine through the body as vital flowing Life force.

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thoth-atu 17-the star


Represents another Egyptian Goddess, Nuit, our lady of the Stars. Here, she is definite in manifestation as well. She is holding two cups, one golden, held high above her head, pouring what represents the ethereal water [which is also milk, blood or oil depending on the ritual] upon her head; indicating the eternal renewal of the inexhaustible possibilities of existence. The cups represent breasts as the "milk of the Stars" (Milky Way) is implied here, as the nurturing agent for conscious life in the Universe.

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Behind her is the celestial globe with the prominent 7-pointed star of Venus. High in the night sky; is the spinning seven-pointed Star of Babalon (Crowley spelling) implying the further explanation of the Goddess Nuit and her principal nature that is Love. Further in-depth explanation of Nuit/Babalon is in the Book of Thoth by Crowley.

The silver breast-cup in her left hand is pouring forth the immortal liquor of her life, the Amrita or Ambrosia (as stated in the Tarot of the Old Path card) on the junction of land and water. The Water represents the Great Sea of Binah (The Collective Unconscious), manifesting as a more condensed form as Nuit the Lady of the Stars.

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Her whirling cloud like hair represents the veils of light that cover the "Abyss", which lies between the sea and the land implying the veil between The Collective Unconscious and the conscious, that can be bridged by her intuitive spirit and/or "spiral"-consciousness.

Every form of energy in this Thoth card is spiral. Spiral and Spirit come from the same Greek word-Spiro, meaning "Breath" or "to breathe". The Spiral shape is also In Einstein's mathematical conception of the Universe; Energy Swirls in spirals of motion that animate all life. The straight line is an illusion of mankind's need for order and rule and this doctrine of blindness to the beauty of the Universe, is shown by the rectilinear flow from the lower silver cup of the Thoth Star Lady. The straight line is no more than the limit of any curve; We often call this "short sightedness". The Parallel Postulate, the foundation of the straight line in Euclidean geometry, has long been proven incapable of proof and mathematicians now conceive that the straight line has no true correspondence with reality. The Qabalist always knew that this is a Spiral (Spiritual) Universe. She spins and dances within us, filling us with Her Lively- Spirit of fluid-motion.

In the First chapter of The Book of Law, A. Crowley postulates that the Star represents..."the definite formula for the attainment of truth". Studying this book will expand your awareness of Nuit.


  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Realization and Spiritual illumination.
  • Truth unveiled.
  • Psychic or Spiritual abilities.
  • The potential to have hopes fulfilled.
  • Harmony.
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Balance being maintained by giving out in a controlled manner, that which is received
  • The courage to be yourself.
  • A peaceful restful period of spiritual connection to the Universe and others.
  • Also, the mystics "Star body" and/or Astral body flowing with the Great Love of the Mother of Life.
  • Hope, immortality, inner light, truth unveiled.

Revers meaning (tarot of the old path) or ill-definition of this card (Thoth):

  • . Disappointment.
  • Unfulfilled hopes.
  • Disharmony,
  • A narrow- or closed-minded attitude.

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