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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-key 16-the tower

The Thoth Tarot-Key 16-The Tower& The Tarot of The Old Path- Key 16-The Tower:

Due to the limits of time/space, I will continually cover the Thoth Tarot Cards more thoroughly than I have done in the past blogs, in an ever-present evolutionary process. So feel free to scroll back and review the individual Thoth Tarot cards in comparison with different tarot decks,for more detailed information.

That being said, the Tarot of the Old Path shows Key 16, the Tower as a human form, with parts relating to the human body; the roof as the Mind, the upper floor as the brain/head etc, Thus the Tower in Tarot of the Old Path stresses the self. The falling tongues of flame, are the Yods (Essence of The Fiery Father God) that are the "movement within the motion" (Ojibwa statement) of all life. This internal motion of the external world causes change, the Universal Constant. The resulting fiery fall of Yods (Hebrew for Hand) alights the Tower of Self, the flames represent the deconstruction, God's hand of change, that is necessary for reconstruction. The Male and Female figures are dislodged from their rigid concepts of self, victims of their own stubbornness willing not to progressively change their self identity. The falling, is a sense of knowing that what we thought we were is illusion and a device of comfort seeking-

(thinking you're right is just a form of comfort seeking, because if you are wrong--you feel uncomfortable.Righteousness, must be deconstructed or one learns nothing. Truth maybe what is right today; However it often, is wrong tomorrow, as the evolution of our own sciences show.).

In the Tarot of the Old Path-Key 16- The Tower, the moment of crisis, that brings about the destruction of rigidity, is implied in the lightning flash and the bridge stands for a change of state, and/or a transformation from one state of mind to another.

The River of Time, is shown as an eroding river, implying time changes the shape of everything, and the 2nd law of Thermodynamics which states: "All things proceed from order to disorder".

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The Toad, looming in the foreground, is the key message of this card, which is, " The negative is often the harbinger of the positive." With deconstruction of the past, we move forward into greater creative rewards of self expression. The old legend of "kissing the Toad" to make a King or Prince manifest can be implied here. The ancients linked toads with rebirth magic and the Aztec's linked toads to regeneration.

Severity visits us because we refuse to change, and that is entropy and will not be favored by the Soul. Thus, salvation falls from the Heavens (Yods) and wipes out the obsolete ego, in order to allow us further progress. The Love of God, demands we stand in our power, and not kneel to our weakness. That Power, the ability to do work, requires adaption, change, flexibility and often, complete self reconstruction. Attitudes no longer adequate for the situation shall be swept away by the Spiritual motion within for the material world is transitory but the soul is immortal in its movement of I AM.

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thoth-atu 16-the tower


Basically states the same message of that of the Tarot of the Old Path: inner self, will change outer self, whether it likes it or not. The harder one resists change the more traumatic the required change will be.

In the Thoth Tarot, key 16 is subtitled "war". For it is under the influence of Mars and attributed to the letter Peh {meaning-Mouth}, referring to Mars. Here cosmic energy is represented in its most primeval form. Shown is the destruction of the existing material by fire, and/or the old Aeon of Osiris (The Patriarch) being destroyed for the establishment of the New Aeon of Horus, shown as the Great Eye of Horus in the Card. This great "I" is a new identity, that of the Divine Child of The Divine Creative (Christ or Buddha consciousness), coming to the mundane man-made identity of the past. As we all know, new software (identity) requires erasure of the old, before it can operate or up-grade the hardware or in the human body sense, the "wet ware", properly. Thus, we have the geometric shapes of man-made identity falling from the tower, as there are no straight lines in Nature who constructs all things from "spiral energy", Thus creation is flexible and ever changing, something the righteous man can never be.

The formula for the Tower Card in the Thoth Tarot, is the complete appreciation of all things created. The Self must equally rejoice in not only the smooth and fertile but also in the rugged and barren. Right and wrong are foolish thoughts of the mentally constipated. All things exist, because they are Created to do so. Thus, societies, all based on Ruler definitions of what is Right and What is Wrong, are doomed to destruction. As history has shown, every Nation thinks it is the best, and everyone of them falls. To destroy others in the name of right, will destroy you.

Therefore, at the bottom of this card is shown the destruction of the Old Ridged Military Industrial Aeon by lightning engines of War. When one worships military might as Authority over others and change, one is destroyed by that very god (Authority) they worship. Remember, Qabalah states, " The gods are the creation of the Created". Thus, the jaws of Dis (Roman god of destruction) belch forth the flames of destruction.i.e, purification. Falling from the tower, are those who man the destroyed garrison of the military industrial empire----you may note that they are made of straight lines, i.e. unnatural, thus they represent man-made identity.

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The Ultimate reality of perfection is No-thing-ness, for only the "Waves" (disturbances or imperfections) in the No-Thing become something. Thus, only out of imperfection can existence exist. We now know that Divine Creative who we believe to be perfection, is not seeking perfection, for that is about as smart as a fish in the ocean looking for water. We are all to be unstable, that is imperfect, so that we keep moving forward, seeking balance, experimenting in Self Awareness for that is the "Joy of God" other words, to make a long story short; God enjoys being you. We will always be imperfect, and thank god for that, as that means I shall always progress-------stumbling along to keep may balance in life's constant movement and therefore as a life trinity of Spirit, Mind and Body, I shall always experience the wonder of Self-Awareness. The secret is to turn that stumbling into a dance of joyous passion! I for one, know that a diamond, the perfect and absolute stasis (righteousness) of the carbon atom, cannot dance! We must will to live to be, and will to die to become. Thus, the dove, symbolizes the Will to live (the spirit-feminine), and the Lion-Serpent The spirit male) the will to die. This lion serpent has also been called Samael - who according to Arthur Edward Waite, 255, described Samael as the "severity of God", and listed him as the fifth of the archangels of the world of Briah. He then became the consort of Adam's first wife, Lilith. Lilith was a daemon created alongside Adam, to be his wife, a position that Eve would later fulfill. It seems Lilith wanted to be "on top" during sexual intercourse, and that would symbol she wanted to be in control of her own sexuality---which just couldn't be tolerated in the misogynistic societies of the Patriarch. So Samael, who obviously didn't mind if she was on top, created with her a host of daemon children, including a son, the "Sword of Samael" known as Asmodai. Interestingly the Gnostics called Simon the Magus, "the Sword". For those who think I misspelled a word: Daemon is a Greek word for "god man", later it became the old English word- Demon.

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The fire of Yod (Hebrew for: hand) from which our worn-out self belief is consumed and purified, resurrects us as a rising Phoenix of purity. The trouble with purity, is that once the substance is removed from the furnace that purified it, impurities from the environment soon cling to it and it must be returned to the furnace to cleanse it. So it is for self-identity. Only the pure fiery spirit can cleanse it of all that is unworthy of Divine Self identity. Hence, Life and death are known to the Qabalists as phases of a single element ( Divine-Self-Awareness) that is constantly Real- I-zing itself. In the end, we all must fall, to stand again.


it implies:

  • A traumatic change will lead to new awareness.
  • the collapse of old beliefs
  • A new self arising from the ashes of the old.
  • End of a relationship; a possible divorce.
  • Freedom and liberation gained only by some cost in comfort.
  • Destruction and transition.
  • Loss of security
  • Deception.
  • Favorable new opportunities from loss.
  • Unsuspected events that demand you must "let go".
  • The breakdown of unhealthy, rigid, or false thought processes.

If ill dignified (Thoth) or reversed (tarot of the old path):

  • Stagnation
  • Lack of insight.
  • Caught in a negative situation.
  • Oppression and imprisonment.
  • Mental constipation, not allowing for the transformation/ change necessary for spiritual/emotional/ mental growth.

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