The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Tarot of the Old Path-Key 11-Justice & The Thoth Tarot-ATU 8-Adjustment.

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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-key 11-justice

Crowley has changed the Key number for the traditional Justice card to key 8 rather than key 11, as in most other decks, including the Tarot of the Old Path. He also changed the name to Adjustment, feeling that was more appropriate. Therefore, key 8 -Strength-of the Tarot of the Old Path is Crowley's Key 11 -Lust Card, making the Justice-Key 11 comparable to the Key 8 Thoth, Adjustment card. His explanations for the name and number changes are written out in 'THE BOOK OF THOTH (Egyptian tarot) by Master Theron (Aleister Crowley).

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In both card decks, Tarot of the Old Path and Thoth Deck, the Justice (Adjustment) cards are attributed to Libra, the scales being the symbol for that sign.

The authoritative figure in the Tarot of the Old Path card, stands in a clearing surrounded by an embankment of rock, thus implying, integrity, permanence and solidity. Again, the old wizened man signifies Wisdom. He is seen here holding the scales of balance (sign of Libra) in one hand and the runic T (shaped like and arrow) in the other. This T represents a column that supports the heavens, which is presented above and beyond the top of the rock face. The "Stair Way to Heaven", i.e. paradise, is behind the figure and the gate to paradise is being guarded by a Crane with outstretched wings. Cranes are often used in runic symbolism and In the language of animals, as the symbol for justice, and a good diligent soul.

The spray of colts-foot in the foreground, implying in the language of flowers, that justice shall be done. Ferns on the rock signify sincerity. Around the waist of the wizened man is the Key that gives him the means to do his work. In the Tarot of the Old Path, justice represents the true, fair nature of balance on both the physical and Spiritual planes of things. This Key 11 of the Tarot of the Old Path, implies that the subconscious is intuitively presenting clear and balanced, logical interpretations for fair and just action. The balanced combination of subconscious and consciousness, results in one's own balanced environment.

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thoth-atu 8-adjustment

Crowley saw fit to rename this card because Justice is a totally human definition which does not exist in Nature. Nature is not just according to any theological or idea of ethics, but Nature is exact in its functions. The Adjustment card is ruled by Venus, exalting Saturn who is Cronus or Time. Here the equilibrium of all things is symbolized as it is the final adjustment in the Qabalistic formula of Tetragramaton. As Crowley states in his book of Thoth,"...when the daughter, redeemed by her marriage with the Son, is thereby setup on the throne of Mother; thus, finally, she awakens the 'Eld of the All Father' ." On pages 16-18, of his Book of Thoth Crowley attempts to explain this Formula of Creation know as YHVH. I suggest the avid student read it. Suffice it to say, the phenomena called the Daughter (Princess) is ambiguous as the spiritual ingredient in the result of the marriage of The Father and Mother.

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Beyond all zodiacal considerations, this card is the Feminine compliment to the Fool. The letters Aleph (Fool) and Lamed (Adjustment), together constitute the secret key (as seen belted on the wizened image in Tarot of the Old Path) of The Book of Law. However, this is hinting at a Qabalistic system of the greater depth and subtlety than any other. This is as yet unrevealed and only suggested in the symbolism of the Fool and Adjustment cards. Since The Goddess (Maat) in the Adjustment card, is the partner of the Fool, and because Libra is a sign of Venus, the image on the Adjustment card is seen standing on tip toes, as if dancing with the suggestion of Harlequin. She is crowned with the ostrich feathers of Maat, the Egyptian goddess of justice. On her forehead is the serpent Uraeus, Lord of Life and Death. She is masked, to imply her secret domination of every element of unbalance in the Universe; this dominance of balance is also emphasized by the Magic Sword, held by both hands, and the balances or spheres in which she weighs the Universe. The first Sphere would be Alpha and the last sphere would be Omega, these are the Judex and Testes of Final Judgment symbolizing judgment's secret course ,whereby, all current experience is absorbed, transmitted, and ultimately passed on by virtue of the operation of the Sword, to further manifestation.

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As you can see, Crowley delves deeply in to the Arcane in his cards.

Before the feminine image, is a throne composed of four spheres, signifying Law and Limitation, together which maintain the same equity that she herself manifests impersonally within the frame work that all operations take place. The light and dark spheres in the Thoth Deck card corners, again show the interplay of opposites that form rays which become a curtain of vibrations that sums up and adjudicates Universal Harmony; it is the harmony of light and dark that all form is created from. She is Harlequin, because she dances in the many colored, many-willed illusions of manifestation, of Life itself in the constant swirling of time-space. She is the Hindu concept of Karma. She represents Manifestation , which may always be canceled out by the equilibrium of opposition. The sign of Balance is ruled by Venus and the Phallic Sword of the Magus whose hilt is held by her hands and whose blade is held by her thighs, all demonstrate the law, "Love is the Law, Love under Will". The Planet Saturn represents time, as all action and reaction take place in time, so time is merely a condition of the phenomena of Adjustment. This card is best explained in The Book of Thoth, by Aleister Crowley, for it's mystery is deep and subtle, and justice is not often done to the deep meaning of adjustment, who much like a driver that keeps their hands on the steering wheel, constantly adjusting to the road's inconsistent shape, this keen lady, keeps our soul on the road to advancement.

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They imply:

  • Bringing something out of balance back into balance.
  • A need to keep things clear and simple.
  • What you put out, you will get back.
  • A natural process of action-reaction in which in the present situation will balance out and be passed, by the union of its opposite..
  • Karma is working in the querent,s life and things will balance out eventually.
  • Receiving what is deserved verifying a need for absolute honesty to see the truth of the situation
  • Setting things right, a laws of Nature and the relentless workings of fate.
  • Possibly an end to a lawsuit.
  • Good instinct and perceptions,
  • The Subconscious and conscious,successfully bringing order to a confused life.
  • A judicious and fair person who doesn't take advantage of others.

If ill-defined or reverse meaning:

Prejudice,false accusations, poor choices and decisions, abuse intolerance, and severity, All forms of Injustice.

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