The Tarot of Eli, LLC: Tarot of The Old Path-Key 7- Mastery & The Thoth Tarot-ATU 7-The Chariot

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· Old Path Tarot

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Tarot of the old path-key 7-mastery

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The Tarot of the Old Path, names its Chariot Key 7, Mastery. In the Old Path Tarot, the Chariot is a symbol of the Universe. The drawing of the Chariot by the Four Elements in the Shapes of Horses enforces this image.

From left to right, the elements of Water, the horse of pale watery tresses; Earth is the green horse with wheat shaped mane with a pentagram displayed on its forehead all adorned with flowers; the Air elemental horse sports a windswept mane, full of stars,and a crescent moon, while the Fire elemental, is a horse of flame

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According to the Wicca doctrine, the cloak the charioteer is wearing implies dignity and since Cancer influences this card, a crab adorns his breast plate. The crown bears the symbol of the Ascended man, the pentagram. You may note that the individual reigns are the color of the element that they represent, blue- for water, green for earth,yellow for air, and red for fire. In the language of plants, the hazel wand in his right hand is a traditional image for many old religions and even for water witching and implies that this card represents the controlled perfect state of personality and the Higher Self; as they travel from Higher Self towards the lesser self of earth while implementing the higher principles of human nature. So in a Qabalistic sense, this is the journey of the Personality along the Tree of Life and with the transitory nature of the human form, that is affected by the forces of Life. The Charioteer is a Soul, using all the forces of its Spirit- Will to control these forces of Life, Success is a result of such purposefulness.

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thoth- ATU 7-The Chariot

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THE THOTH - THE CHARIOT Key -7: or Atu-7, also refers to the sign of Cancer which is the sign that the Sun moves in during the Summer solstice. The first keen onrush of Water (Consciousness) and the intelligence of emotion in the Universe is represent by the sign of Cardinal Water, which is Cancer. On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, Cancer also represents the path of Cheth which leads from the Great Dark Sea of Mother Binah, to the Red Geburah, the Severe aspect of the Great Mother; thus carrying the influence of the Supernal through the Veil of Water (blood) upon the energy of human; Hence, bringing Higher Consciousness to form.

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The night sky canopy on the Thoth Deck card, is representative of the Night-Sky- of Binah, the Wisdom of Mother. The regime of Tetragrammaton (4) is shown as the four pillars of the Universe. The Original Energy of Geburah, is shown as red wheels, this is the scarlet-"blood of Mother"- energy form that causes the revolving motion of the Universe. Instead of Horses, as in the Tarot of the Old Path, the Chariot is drawn by four Sphinxes, composed of the Kerubs (Ruling powers of the elements) , the Bull-Earth, The Lion-Fire, the Eagle-Air and the Man-Water. Crowley states that in each of the sphinx, the elements are counter-changed thus, the whole of them represents the 16 sub- elements.

The Charioteer sports amber colored armor, that is the color appropriate to Cancer as the summer solstice. Here the Thoth Deck Card Charioteer, is enthroned in the Chariot, rather than driving or conducting it. His only purpose being that of carrying the Holy Grail. He is the Guardian aspect of the Soul, and has been called the "Holy Guardian Angel" and/or "Secret Lover", of the individual.

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Ten Stars of Assiah adorn his armor, as they are the inheritance of the celestial dew from his Mother. Assiah is the Qabalistic term for the Active World (lower Triangle) which has its own Ten Sephiroth. The Crab is enforcing the application of Cancer to this card, and the visor is closed as "no man may look upon his face" and live. Jupiter is also exalted in Cancer, so the Holy Grail bears the amethyst of color, relating to the color assigned to Jupiter, but the Shape is reminiscent of the Full Moon and the Sea of Binah. Thus, once again the Thoth Deck goes into directions of deeper Mysteries of the Qaballah for the center of the Grail image is the radiant blood; inferring spiritual life, or light in the darkness. The revolving rays, imply the Jupiter influence in the symbol.


The psycho-analyst Carl Jung pointed out that dream horses usually implied our uncontrollable emotional drives. On the Thoth Deck, the Charioteer is not holding the reigns which might suggest that mankind is not in control of his/her fate, no matter how much they think they are. Here the fate belongs to the Great Mother....the revolving wheels of Geburah. Thus, implying, the three Fates of Maid, Mother and Crone, (The Moerae -Clotho the spinner, Lachesis the Measure and Atropos the Cutter) really guide the life threads of Things,


it implies:

  • Stable movement within change.
  • Having the drive necessary to proceed after goals.
  • Courage to overcome quarrels, vengeance and trouble.  
  • Triumph of will. Victory over strife.
  • A new force dissolving old forms.
  • Being in tune  with a fast-moving process or event.
  • Instinctively knowing how to act or react in order to direct or effect the movement from within.
  • The principle of Mastery through change.
  • Grounding the Higher Mind , in order to accomplish tasks on the physical plane.
  • Again, controlling a situation through the force of ones own personality.
  • Usually signifies that things are going the querent's way, more of less..

Reverse or ill dignified meanings are:

  • A lack of control
  • Failing to face reality
  • Visionary lack, causing directional uncertainty and confusion.
  • Bewilderment.

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