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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path- four of pentacles

The Thoth Tarot suit of Disks is the Pentacles or Coins in other more traditional decks.

The Tarot of the Old Path, illustrates a mature man with miserly expression, clamping two large Pentacles to his chest. He is dressed in the Green of the Earth element that represents this card. He is seen to be looking over his shoulder as if suspicious of another's greed and is hiding two smaller pentacles under his be-ringed left hand.

His finger rings suggest wealth and his headdress is covering his ears, suggesting his sense of his surroundings is impaired. His focus is only on his possessions.

The primary meaning of this card seems to be that of a miserly person whose preoccupation with monetary affairs precludes involvement in other areas.

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thoth-4 of disks-power

Blog followers know by now that Chesed, the 4th Sephiroth-Mercy, is the architect of the Supernal (upper triangle on the Tree of Life) whose intelligence externalizes the combined potencies of the upper Trinity. Chesed is the administrator of manifestation and the laws there of; Hence, Chesed sets measurement.

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The 4 of Disks (Pentacles in Ryder-Waite and Tarot of the Old Path decks) is the most complete expression of the grounded Chesed forces. This card shows the influence of Chesed in the material world, or the World of Assiah as our material world is called in the Qabalah.

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The 4 of Disks -Power, is also called the Lord of Earthly Power. The Angels of the Decan are Keveqiah and Mendial.

The planet is the Sun and here it is in Capricorn.

The illustration of the 4 of Disks suggests a fortress implying law and order maintained by undaunted vigilance. Power, in itself, is the ability to do work and in this case, it is the ability to do work with the 4 mystical elements.

The Disks themselves, are square implying that revolving or motion, is opposite to this card; However, another form of Chesed is in the Key 13 card of the Major Arcana, and it is the Death of stability, so that revolution can continue, 1+3=4, so the number of Chesed lays hidden in Gematria. The Engineer of manifestation, has the power to reorganize matter through a process we call Death. Hence, the walls of security, no matter how thick, will eventually topple. For stability in the living world is constant change.

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The 4 square disks each contain one of the symbols for the four elements and the walls are strong and seemingly immobile. Yet we have the Sun reborn in Capricorn so new powerful activity is present, and is best shown as the Dancing Skeleton of key 13. What also hints at underlying power in the 4 of disks Tarot Card, is the orange-yellow color of the card.

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Like the eye of a hurricane, The Four of Disks is the "Dead Center" of the Engineer of all manifestation. Here at the center, everything looks quite and stable, but violent activity is making it so and soon that stability will "fly to the winds". Capricorn is the center "where the Sun turns Northward." So the turning is happening in what looks to be stable.

When the 4/Four of Disks or Pentacles is thrown during a reading:.

  • the querent is owning their own personal energy, physical potency and vitality. The very act of which proceeds change.
  • There may be a feeling of holding on tightly to what one has, emotionally or physically.
  • The enfolding of Power, Here the Ability to Do Work (Power) is unfettered and the engineer is active.
  • the querent is taking solid steps towards creating material security in the physical world.
  • Here, "nothing ventured nothing gain" is the warning axiom of the Four. Holding to tightly to what you have, and not taking risks of change.
  • Blockage of creative thought due to avarice, or excessive devotion to material things.

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