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· Old Path Tarot

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Tarot of the old path- 0-The Fool

The Tarot of The Old Path, is a Tarot Deck used by some practitioners of Wicca, and is compiled by 7 Witches using the Old Craft symbols.

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In both the Thoth Deck and the Tarot of the Old Path, the familiar green man image is used. This is an ancient symbol of the expressive, active, male force of spring. The male force, is known as "electric" and is an aggressive growth force, while the feminine of Spring is "magnetic" and forms the vessel or Womb that holds the electric force so it may become living forms.

In the illustration of the Old Path Tarot, the "Green Man" is on a journey, upon a forked path, one fork of which leads to a precipice. On his shoulder is a stick with a red bundle tied to it, that represents past experiences in life that will become useful to him in future experiences.

The Card represents a beautiful, care free spring day.

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Since this is a Witches deck, herb lore is very important to the cards meaning. This is shown by the Golden rod plant in the foreground which in the language of flowers, means that care must be taken. The ability to use deception, in order to protect, is implied by the partridge who does just that when a predator is present. The young man in green is not paying attention to this warning, which implies foolishness.

Innocent without discretion, is implied by the baby crawling towards the fire, with horrified mother running to intercept. The fearlessness of the innocent is implied here. However, there is a more arcane meaning here, for the child is supposed to also represent Harpocrates , which in Egyptian would be, Heru-p-khart , the literal meaning of which is "Horus the child". He is the many titled, "child god", the "god of beginnings", "the god of Silence", the "god of the sun at its dawning", he is also Kether on the Tree of Life. The just emerged butterfly, in the upper right hand corner that is drying its wings in the Sun light, indicates the Soul that is about ready to begin its journey into life.

All of these symbols describes a cycle of existence. Young, innocent and impulsive, the Fool lacks discrimination Full of energy, open minded about the road ahead, and ready for fresh experiences, the Fool reminds us of the impulsiveness of youth, that hasn't learned discrimination.

So when this card is thrown during a Divination,

This card implies:

  • That we should value life experiences as a learning experience.
  • To be aware of potential dangers of self-deception
  • That the querent is unsure of the path to take because they may lack experience.
  • there is a need to recognize magical ability, stimulated by spiritual perception, both of which are not easily attained or acquired.
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Thoth-0-The Fool

In comparison, the Qabalistic Thoth Deck Tarot, also shows the Green Man of Spring, who is seen horned as a Trickster and god of wine, Dionysus , implying the trickery of self-deception and the intoxication of innocence. The symbol of Dionysus Zagreus also called, Bacchus Diphues-Zagreus, was a horned god who was torn apart by Titans. His death symbolized initiation. Bacchus Diphues-means-double natured was a bi-sexual god, made mad by intoxication and therefore, related to the idea of divine ecstasy.

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Symbols of the Holy Spirit, the white dove, the new soul on its journey, the butterfly are also included in this card; however, this card is Qabalistic and tends to go deeper into the Arcane that the Tarot of the Old Path.For instance the Thoth Fool also represents the "Great Fool" of the Celts who was an inspired mad man that was also seen as a savior.

Crowley called the western Percival, "rich fisher" legend, the "western form of the tradition of the Fool". Parsifal represented the child like innocence and foolishness of youth, that through its purity, achieves the Holy Grail.

The Crocodile, was an Egyptian symbol of the greatest creative energy, for the rather paradoxical reason that it was believed to not be able to propagate its own young.

In past blogs, I have pointed out that the Fool is a Path itself, called the 11th path of Aleph; Aleph meaning Ox. The Fool is called the Scintillating Intelligence, because it is the first perception of Will of the One who has the potential for activity. in other words, the first perception of Kether, as Eheieh-meaning- "I Will Be".

The Fool is an intelligence in the realm of Dark Energy of the Quantum that the Qabalists call the Ain (No-Thing), which is the nothingness that produces the potential for thought. Therefore the Thoth Deck Fool, represents that potential for thought that transcends reason.

To a Qabalist, the Fool, represents the beginning of the All as Aleph is the beginning of the alphabet.

On the Thoth illustration,The Fool is ignoring the tiger gnawing on his leg, which implies that he is not paying attention to fear or caution.The Dove of Venus, the vulture of the Goddess Maat, both refer to the God Head. All these images are linked by the triple egg-shape created by the Caduceus in motion; symbolizing the Ain Soph Aur.

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The winged Caduceus, is not only the symbol of the "seed of Spirit" but in Crowley's depiction, is also the "I" (eye) of Horus. You can read my past blog on the Fool for further Arcane meanings, but in short. The Thoth Deck Card implies all the meanings of the Tarot of the Old Path, but goes much deeper into the Arcane meanings of Gnosis, and Qabalistic Magic.

The Thoth Deck Fool Card is also designed for skrying that will send the skrier on the Path of Aleph, a path of spiritual awareness that has been explained in detail in past blogs. As you may realize both decks have similarities and both are absolutely capable of Divination.

The pursuit of deeper secrets (Arcana) is a principle of the Thoth Deck cards and that is often the only difference it has from other decks. The student must find their deck of choice and practice with it, if not daily, as often as possible.This allows a good Divination channel to be opened from body to Divine Collective Unconscious, which then produces a trustworthy accuracy.

When the Thoth-0-Fool Card is thrown during a Divination; IT IMPLIES:

  • A conscious state of no fear. 
  • Courage. 
  • The ability to give forth new ideas and pursue then from a place wonder, courage and anticipation.
  • The querent is able to complete all motion from faith.
  • Being open to what the future may bring, A feeling of protection and in it a sense that everything will work out. Trusting the Inner Spirit.
  • The Spirit in search of experience
  • Spontaneity, the carefree irrational impulse that is know as the "irresistible surge of propelling energy"
  • Folly, mania, extravagance and negligence., as supported by accompanying cards.
  • Suggest the unenlightened person beginning the journey towards enlightenment..

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