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· Old Path Tarot

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Tarot of the old path-key 1-the magician

Faithful readers, have found that the Tarot of The Old Path, and Thoth Deck Tarot, are sometimes similar, but differ in some details.

To reiterate: The Tarot of The Old Path, is compiled by 7 Witches, or "Wise Women", and it is a delight to behold and often easier to understand than Thoth Deck Tarot, as the former is more illustrative of Earth Magic/Druid principles, while the later is based more on Hermetic- Qabalistic Arcane principles.

Both seem to have evolved from the Golden Dawn Tarot.

THE MAGICIAN KEY-1 : of the Tarot of the Old Path. Illustrates a more Shamanic type Magician than the Thoth Deck Magus, which is more of the Principles of Qabalistic Magi.

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On the Old Path Tarot, we see a Horned, animal skin covered Shaman casting runes. The Horned God or Ceraunos, the Celtic version of the Phallic-lightning god, so familiar to all cultures, is being implied by this Shaman's accoutrement. Thus, the Shaman, is a wild and powerful magician. The Sword he holds is representative of the Arcane element Air, which like the Mind flows where ever the currents decide, but here, he is in control of the Sword and has earthed it, illustrating his powerful control over the Alchemical Four elements, as a cup (Water) and Fire (Spirit) are also present in the card.

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Sylvia Gainsford, is the artist of the Tarot of The Old Path, is excellent in her old world depictions. In this card she shows the magic abilities of the Shaman as Animal forms.

  1. The Wolf for instance, is a master of transformation, turning ideas into action. Also sharp of hearing, (Clair-audience) keen eyesight,(Clairvoyance)  . The Wolf shows us that the Magician is a master opportunist, who quietly observes his surroundings, calculates, and then uses his abilities for maximum benefit.
  2. The Goddess is present as the Full Moon, The Feminine Principle symbol. For a true Magician is Husband to the Goddess, and is Keeper of Her Property(Forms) which is the Anglo-Saxon meaning of the word.
  3. The Unicorn is Purity of Spirit.
  4.  While the ancient stone circle implies old earth magic and knowledge of the Zodiac, as seen by the star splattered sky.
Mercury-by John W. Kelly

The planetary meaning of the card is Mercury.

The implications of The Magician, is that of a Messenger (Mercury) of the Gods, who with focused will is able to concentrate, thus utilizing his knowledge. Here Knowledge focused, gives birth to action and manifestation. He is the channel through which Divine Will manifests in the physical world.


  •  It implies that:
  • The querent is developing or has developed a natural craftiness, and inner wisdom.
  • The Basic Animal/ Earth or native intuition.
  • A person who is completely comfortable with the cycle of life.
  • Undaunted by obstacles and able to bend circumstances to one's will.
  • A person of inborn power, an old soul, who is not afraid to use said power to manipulate situations.
  • Inventiveness, creativity, free will,and brutal concentration, a target fixation that succeeds.
  • High self confidence with out the least hesitation of translating thought into action.Wisdom, power, organized skill.

It should be noted that the Tarot of the Old Path has a philosophy that believes in upside down cards are a negative reversal of the positive principles implied by the card. In Qabalistic belief, this is not so. Thus, if the Old Path Magician Card is thrown upside down, it would imply that someone of these character traits, is preying on the querent in some way.

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thoth- ATU 1-The Magus


is attributed to the Hebrew letter Beth, meaning -house. The planet is Mercury.

The meaning of this card is somewhat complicated.

  • Mercury is often illustrated as a message of the god's bearing a wand or Caduceus, implying energy sent forth. Thus, this Thoth Deck Magus card, where the Magus is shown as the Caduceus itself, represents the Will, the Word, and the Logos by whom all worlds where created. In short, he is the Will-Active who is the manifested act of the Kether, who is the Eheieh or "I Will Be". Here then, the Supreme Spirit is acting on the "Will To Form"-Binah- the 3rd Sephiroth. 
  • The Monkey is, Cynocephalus, the companion of Thoth, the creator of words and represents the words themselves. This is because words, are not true meaning, and are therefore "tricky" and often misinterpreted.

Surrounding the Magus, are the floating implements of the magician.

  1. The Sword, representing air. 
  2. The Cup, with serpent, representing water and the creative force. 
  3. The Phoenix wand-representing the element of fire and a pentacle representing earth. 
  4. Above him floats a parchment, implying he is Thoth-Hermes, the communicating messenger and inventor of words.
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Here we have the male correlative to the High Priestess, and the idea of sexuality is definitely begun. He is the Male Sun to the Female Moon, as Mercury is attributed to the creative nature of the Sun. Mercury is the path, on the Tree of Life, that leads from Chokmah to Binah, thus he is the messenger of the Gods, as a Lingum force to the Goddess -Yoni.

As you can see, the Thoth Deck implies deeper meanings of magic than most other decks. Thus, the Magus-Mercury, depicts all forms and phases of action (Electric Force). Like lightning, he is the fluidized base of all transmission of willed activity and is the dynamic substance itself. Lightning being seen as the "semen of the Father". The concept of Male as Electric and Female as Magnetic , is begun here. The Magus is the Electric charge of Modern Physics, the first idea of the ring of ten identifiable ideas....known as the Sephiroth of Qabalah.

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I have explained the Magus card thoroughly in past and present blogs and am in the process of making this one long winded, so let us say that the Magus is contiguous creation and often unexpectedly so. Thus, he is both truth and falsehood, wisdom and folly. This is because the dual meaning of the word is both The Law and necessity or chance. You must read -THE BOOK OF THOTH by A.Crowley, to really begin understanding this powerful card. It is illustrated to enhance abilities by Skrying the card (meditating on it).

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The Magus card is often called the Joker in a deck because of his unexpected activities unsettles any established idea, and therefore, appearing tricky. Mercury, the Magus, is Unconscious Will, and thus, hard to understand, especially since his position on the Tree of Life is before the 3rd Sephiroth, Binah (Understanding), that has not yet been formulated. You may note, this card is about the "I am the Will, I am the Way, I am the Wealth, and I own the Day." For the Will is what established the idea that which built us, the Way is us, and the ownership of the Day, is manifesting a body made of Time/Space and a mind that is able to imagine it. Here, it is implied that the Human Being is the Fire, Water, Air and Earth combination of the Magic-Magus, and that the Human body is a manifestation of that Powerful Magic. Indeed, I have found this to be blatantly true, especially when one truly practices the Tantric Arts.


it implies:

  • The universal key to communication and timing.
  • As above so below, all things are possible;e as the Magus within, is supporting and enhancing ideas, communications for you.
  • Being in tune with the most powerful aspects of yourself.
  • The outer consciousness of self, is being used as a wand for the Inner Unconscious will. A unity of  self, that is most powerful , unique and creative.
  • The querent is discriminating between reality and fantasy.
  • Feeling the flow of the activating power that transforms one thing into another.
  • Experiencing matters of energy, The vital force that motivates action, and the ability to do.
  • Creative use of mind and imagination.
  • The Law of Talent. Showing great creative abilities. 

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